Belarusian girls open for marriage

Belarus women are neither East nor West

Technically women from White Russia are Eastern, this is because they speak Belarusian and Russian (both Eastern Slavic languages) an Eastern Slavic language and are more Orthodox than Catholic. However, if you chat with Belarus girls they are more like Polish than Russian. They are easy-going and Western looking.

Therefore, do not be mislead, Belarus girls are not Russian girls.  Belarus girls are connected to Russia in terms of culture, are different in many ways from Russian girls. I would say Belarus girls are a cross between Russian and Western girls with any girl not from Minsk for sure more Western, than Russian.

Belarussian girls are beautiful.  They are maybe some of the blondest girls I have seen. But more important many are sweet. Sweet meaning Belarus girls care about family, church, are not materialistic. They live in a hard economic and political country so they focus on intellectual pursuits. If you want to marry a girl from Belarus you have a good chance of being happy.

Personal story of a Belarusian girl

Here is a telling personal experience with a woman from Belarus. I met Yuliya at a gym. She is a classic Slavic beauty with long blond hair and blue eyes.  She looked like the Belarus girl in the photo below. She was an accountant working as an audit slave at one of the big four accounting, KPMG. I had first met her years ago as a waitress but the issue was she was married then. What happened was, she told me she got a visa to the USA because she got a lawyer who how to the immigration law.

However, then I learned she finagled the truth a bit. I found out she was married to a Russian guy in the USA who had citizenship. I subsequently found out the marriage most likely was fake for citizenship, although she did not see it that way, she wanted one marriage. He on the other hand though it was for a green card, but did it anyway most likely for free action from a hot blond. She discovered was dating other girls.

As you can see her life was all messed up. Years later I learned he she remarried a nice accountant guy and they were deeply in love. She is a highly ethical person but because of her messed up circumstances life did not turn out as she wished in her dreams, but it did work out.  This was a 1999 story so things have changed. However, my point is to be aware you have to balance the ideals and reality of the economics when first discovering what a girl from Brest to Vitsyebsk. My recommendation is to go for a countryside girl or maybe a village girl going to school in the city.

Blonde and brunette Belarusian girls on a walk

Belarus girls need love, not to be played with, so only chat with Belarus girls if you are sincere.

How to chat with Belarus girls

These are the best resources to chat with Belarus girls.  Now you can learn Russian or Belarussian or if you do not want to learn a language yet, use translate tool.  But learning a little Russian would be a good idea, even a few phases.  The reason I give you non-English language resources is not to make you learn Russian but this is the best place you will find normal Belarussian girls for love and marriage.

  • Chat with Belarus girls with
  • Chat with Belarus girls with
  • Also consider to chat with girls from Belarus
  • – Really a Russian site with many people in Minsk
  • You can also try online dating sites in English if the language is too hard for you. This might be the simplest way to meet Belarus girls.

If you can get their mobile number then you have a good chance at marriage with correspondences.

  • For the most efficient way to get married in the shortest time I recommend using the above websites to cross reference pay for bridal sites with birth dates and names and location and chat them up and get their mobile numbers. Then you can build a rapport, fly there and take them home if there is a love connection.

I know it sounds primitive but they want to get married just like you. Why do we not all be honest about it. I do have other ideas to use to contact these Eastern Slavic gals.  Visa issues with bringing them to your country you can address latter and I can give you ideas I have have some experiencing and written a lot about bringing a foreign bride or family to the USA for example (K-3 or I-130 for a spouse). Let me know if you have any questions about these Eastern European ladies and how to travel there or contact them.


Slovakian girls – overlooked Slavic women

Slovakian girls are beautiful, similar to Polish girls and Czech girls but more country, perhaps less materialistic. Because of the proximity to Hungry, Slovakian girls have a broader darker look than say Czech girls. If you like dark hairs or blond-haired girls from the countryside often with blue eyes, then consider falling in love with a Slovakian girl.

Slovakian girls speak Slovak language of course. This is similar to Polish and Czech languages in that it belongs to the Western Slavic branch of the  Indo-European languages.  In lieu of an immediate vacation trip to Central Europe I recommend to chat with Slovakian girls is to go on a Slovakian mail server. You can use online dating of course, but try a Slovakian mail server, you will get locals trying to find the guy next door. Then you show up and you will be unique. At first this might be hard because of the language, but you can use a translate tool or simply learn a little of the Slovakian language.

Slavic blond in resort town in Slovakia.

Chat with Slovakian girls


These are Slovakian mail servers where you can sign up and chat with Slovaks for free. But only use this if you are looking for love and marriage and a Slovakian bride. Why hurt Slovakian girls hearts if you are not sincere?  Slovakian girls are romantic and idealistic, play with players not with Slovakian ladies.

Vacationland for central Europe – Where there is fun there are females

Slovakia is the playground of Central Europe. The Tatras jut high with snow whirling around mountain peaks and green mountain meadows and wild flowers in between. There are an infinite number of hiking trails and mountain pines with wooden cottages that look like from a fairy-tale here and there. I use to go to Slovakia for the thermal mountain springs in the winter. Others go there for the women.

Slovakian girls are an uncovered gem in Europe. Yet the problem with finding a Slovakian single is there are so few of them. Think about it, there are like a billion Indians and a billion Chinese, yet only 5.4 million Slovaks, which calculated to let say about a million single females in dating age. Not bad for a city, but this is a whole country and a rugged mountainous one at that, not exactly like picking up girls in clubs and on the beaches of Ibiza.

So my point is if you go looking for Slovakian wife, you have the advantage that isolation protects women from the corruption of the West (debatable). Yet, if you you have the challenges of raw numbers of finding a compatible mate and the logistics of getting to them.

Therefore, I have a few recommendations to catch a Slovenian princess

  1. Focus on the capital city Bratislava – This is always an easy play, that is going to the capital city. The downside is many guys who know about Rynaair has thought of this strategy. They take flights for less than a 100 dollars from the UK to Slovakia, even for a weekend, for stag weekends and general prowling. If you do this, focus on the university are and parks. Ibis hotel, the Dukla hotel or my personal favorite the Kijev hotel which is a retro looking no frills hotel from the communist times. If you look mature and have style, ladies will find you, if you are young and restless hit the nightlife.
  2. Village sleeping beauties – Take a biking tour through the countryside for a week. If you visit any town market on a Saturday you will see a hordes of single student age women shopping in traditional open air markets, for food and clothes with their mom’s. Village girls are mostly bored. You will stick out like so be cool. A lot of little towns that are charming. I think it is more sunny than Poland, it is brighter and the air is crisper. The roads are excellent as Slovakia got a lot of EU money and applied it to tourism like the hot springs and roads as they knew these would be an investment with annualized returns ad infinitum.
  3. Resort girls – The tourist areas like Liptovský Mikuláš and are good also. Here you will notice the broader psychosocial structure of Slovakian women in bikinis. I do not know if it is the mountains and food, but it seems these girls are more mesomorph in stature (many top models are). If you are going around Eastern Europe in general, I recommend going to Krakow, Poland a popular Easyjet destination with flight costs under 80 dollar from the UK. Then after taking in the sites there, take a bus from the main bus station, called Dworzec Główny PKS. Krakow to Liptovský Mikuláš will take about 2.5 hours. You can return that night or stay a week. I did not stay on campus at the thermal spas but always in guest houses around town. One time I missed the bus back to Poland from Slovakia it was winter and night but these nice Polish guys game me a ride back. Everything is possible with friendly Western Slavic people. The salts and sulfur is good for your skin, you can soak there for hours and it will be good for you, slides and beautiful mountains int eh background to look at.
A lot of love bird couples vacation in Slovakia

Romantic Slovakia

Slovakia is so beautiful, it is a cheaper more affordable version of Switzerland. The people are more peaceful than Germany or Poland but I think it is because they are some the countryside and nothing much is going on. It is not for obnoxious people. No reason to get stressed. The standards are good you can rent a cheap apartment, if you have tons of money you can find luxury places.

The country is not a large country and you can drive and see the whole country in a week. I can recommend it. If you have a girlfriend, Slovakian or not, it is a place to get away for romance. You see a lot of lets say lovey dovey people there.

Give your eyes and neck a rest from gawking and ride though countryside to experience natural scenery besides just women.

A note on central European history and people

Remember Slovakia is not part of the post Austo-Hungarian, communist Eastern bloc country that no longer exists. For some reason I keep meeting people who think Prague is the capital of this non-existent county. I guess to European it is like confusing Indian with Illinois, it is just out there somewhere.

This region had a lot of Celtic influence and if you do genetic testing you will see DNA R1a and R1b mixed.   Čakany, Velatice then subsequently the Lusatian culture. Then came the Huns, Slavs and the development of Moravian culture. Slovakia is an anthropological laboratory and the end result is beautiful women. You see Slovakian models like Alena Martanovicova, Michaela Hlaváčková or Andrea Lehotská walking down the street checking their cell phones everyday.


10 Czech dating sites Czech girls use

The purpose of this post is to give ten useful sites from the Czech Internet were Czech singles actually meet each other. Can you imagine if you use a translate plug-in to uncover the hidden beauties of the Czech republic without having to actually fly to Prague, Brno or Ostrava. Better than using English based websites that are intermediates for Czech women to offer for western men, is simply cut out the middle man and go right to the source. You will find more students and collect more mobile numbers of Czech girls than you will know what to do with.

I guesstimate if you sign up for a few in a week you will have the mobile numbers of about ten decent looking Czech girls. If you do not write me and we can analyze what  you are doing wrong. My advice is start with normal chat banter rather than being pegged as a Western monger.

Ten dating sites Czech singles use for meeting each other

  1. – The largest dating site in the Czech republic Rande means date in Czech
  2. – Stesi literally means happiness. Standard dating site.
  3. – Seznamka also mean like little date or rendezvous or meeting
  4. – Czech use this to connect, fine line between social networking and dating. Next think you know people will use Linkedin for dating (hint).
  5. – This is like a Czech Facebook, it has likes and pokes.
  6. – They have chat and school classmate search, easy interface
  7. – A lot of Czech girls here for some reason, even though it is a Russian site.
  8. – Znamost means acquaintances or someone you know.
  9. – Large mobile component to this site.
  10. – Goes without saying people use this more than for social networking.
A couple of cutie Czech student girls walking on the streets of Prague. Note the street performers in the background.

Using your cell phone to get a Czech girl (s)

If you want to go mobile – vodafone cost 300 Czech crowns or about 15 bucks and it comes with some free Internet and you will be completely set up to swap your sim card and have a local number.

What you want to do is type a few good text messages in the Czech langauge, the best you can and make them really romantic. When you are ready send them all across the numbers you have collected on your travels. A handful will replay and then screen then and keep weeding them out until you get a few quality women in play.

A note on Czech culture love and marriage

  1. No matter how exotic the high check boned Czech girls look, beware they are fully Western and have a high flight factor. If you think you want to get married to one, ask yourself will she be with you all the days of you life, not matter what. If not, better get a local girl from the USA. The Slavic accent might seem cute at first, but will wear on you if she takes you though the ringer.
  2. Not all Czech ladies are non-romantic money-grubbing feminists, mind you. Just make sure you screen them on morals before you start the dance and oxytocin kicks in and bonds you to a love that is not real. It could just be eros, that hormonal cocktail mother nature has been brewing for the last million years.

Find and date Serbian girls

My friend Patrick moved from the nexus of the universe in terms of women in Eastern Europe (Krakow Poland) to greener pastures, Belgrade, Serbia. A few months later he reported back the grass is actually greener on the other side of the fence. That was the last I had heard back from him. I imagine two possible scenarios, either, some Serbian girl spun her web around him and now in domestic bliss, or he is sitting in some dimly lite, poorly ventilated basement disco (anytime of day or night) gawking at a Serbian woman dancing around a pole chatting with a new expat buddy (some equivalent of me in Belgrade).

His last words for me when he disappear to la-la land were:

Mark, this place is incredible, it is like the Westernization of Eastern Europe never happened, I can chat up Serbian women on the street with the cheesiest lines, it is the land that time forgot.

Next in only what I could describe as restrained jubilation my friend said ‘I’ve got to go’.

I mean, who thinks of going to Serbia to meet women?

I can tell you: ‘geniuses’, that’s who.

Going to the Balkans gor a wife or true love

  • Croatian coast like South Dalmatia, this is the place to go (Croatia but where Serbs go on holiday) and any small towns and see the tall spruce and Tara mountains (I recommend biking the countryside) – One of my first experiences with girly magazine is when I was a teen, which way predated the Internet. I found a stash of magazines in the woods with my friend George. It featured women of the Croatian coast, and to this day these shapes and signature darker features have stuck in my mind. I am sure the women are all like in their 50s now, but the contours are still in my mind of the wide-hipped Serbians in bikinis. The cities have greater number of girls but you will find more pure in spirit girls in the countryside.

The most successful bohemian way is travel to metro areas:

  1. Belgrade – 1.2m
  2. Novi Sad 231k – Market square
  3. Niš 183k
  4. Kragujevac 151k
  5. Or the countryside

Belgrade nightlife – My guide

Every single one of these has a Facebook page in English. They all have beautiful women and good music it is really just going there. The people on the ground will have no problem directing you there, even if the Cyrillic alphabet is everywhere (I do recommend learning this before you go as it will help I did it with flashcards in a day).

  • National Museum of Serbia – The place to take a date, forget VIP relax discos cab drivers who look like operators recommend, take the high road and take her to an art museum and you will win her heart.
  • Club Slavija – Svetog Save 1 in the Slavija hotel
  • Mr.Stephen Brown – Nemanjina Street near the train station
  • Club Magacin – Karađorđeva 2-4, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bar Baltazar- Karadordeva 9
  • Scena Cafe Club – Strada Brăilei nr. 134 Galati more of a jazz club
  • Guli – Skadarska 13 a rustic resturant with traditional food and nice waitresses, I speculate picked on other attributes besides serving skills.
Dark hair and classic Slavic looks at a modern Serbian wedding in America.

Serbian dating sites – non existent – Serbians on the web

There are no Serbian dating sites worth mentioning. I have searched in the Serbian language and English and all over. They do not exist. Just go to Facebook and meet Serbs that way.

  • – Use this for communicating with sending Serbian ladies SMS messages for free. Collect some numbers of Serbian girls mobile numbers when on your trip and keep a rapport back home.
  • – News portal with an English interface, nothing but news and a few photos of pretty Serbian celebrities such as Ana Stanic, Emina Jahovic, Svetlana-Ceca Raznatovic or Dragana Mirkovic. They are worth the looking at by the way.
  • – Similar to the above but they actually have a category that talks only about lets just say ‘male-female relationships’.

The modern collective unconsciousness in Serbia with the twenty something generation

Many Serbians are a self conscious about the war twenty years ago. I mean Serbia is such a great country in terms of literature and artistic expression and Serbians feel this aggression was a blemish on their history. It is something they want to forget, the dark side of nationalism. Yes the Bosnians in the Balkans suffered and the greatest way they Serbs can heal this is with spirituality and openness of economics and cultural exchanges.

The Serbians can be proud of Otpor! The resistance movement that help bring change and the thousand years of Slavic history in the Balkans and the deep spirituality of Orthodoxy.

The older population and some Serbian guys in diaspora have a lot of ‘pride’ about being Serbian. They were part of the former Yugoslavia (Southern Slav) it was the only country to self-liberate the from the fascists in WWII. But that was like 70 years ago. Now people from Serbia are more about integrating into the EU and having a better economic future. Right now the economy has tanked all over the world, let’s be honest.

Facts about Serbia not connected with dating

  • Raspberries – The country is responsible for about 1/3 of the worlds raspberry exports (good for when you have a cold by the way or want to lose weight).
  • Cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world
  • Kalemegdan park – connected with the ancient fortress is a place to saunter with a date.
  • Danube river – Largest giver
  • Starčevo and Vinča cultures – For thousands of years dominated the Balkans.
  • Usually close relations with Russia because of Orthodoxy and Pan-Slavic.

Let me know if you have additional information about Serbia you would like to contribute and join the conversation. I am Slavic and live in Eastern Europe but this is one country that is still off the beaten path for me. Which is a good thing if you are looking for non-westernized princesses. I need to develop this section into a more robust resource for dating and girls in Serbia.


Chat with Bulgarian girls and get their numbers

Before the breakup of the Union (Soviet), Warsaw pact member Bulgaria was designated to me a nexus for computer technology, including cold war cyber black ops. The legacy of that is there are many technologically advanced Bulgarians. For such a little sleepy Balkan seaside country with goat cheese and mountain villas, they are not lagging in terms of online and now mobile communication.

Girl in Bulgaria waiting for a tram. Just do not walk by get her cell phone number.

So what does this have to do with finding a hot Bulgarian chick? Everything. Looking online and via your mobile phone is a reasonable option before you go to Eastern Europe generally. In a country like Russia I might say just go there as there are too many uncovered riches. But a country like Bulgaria with a smaller population, and single females, maybe testing the waters a little with chat and with a voice over IP  tête-à-tête is the way to go initially.

If I were to say one thing about Bulgaria is it is a place that is trying to define itself. It does not have the territory to be a regional super power nor the wealth to be Switzerland (because of communism) nor the national pride of the French for example. Rather Bulgarians are more pragmatic people on a day-to-day level thinking about how to make their way in the new realities of the new economy.

So be pragmatic like a Bulgarian and invest in a prepaid card and SIM and get local.

  • Vivatel
  • Globul
  • Mtel

Bulgarians are not as laid-back as their Mediterranean neighbors, yet not as intense and organized as say a Poland. They are somewhere in between. This is the Balkans. Smart people faced with the complexities of lingering corruptions and inefficient markets. Their wealth is not limited by the creativity of the people, they are innovative, but rather the legacy of a post communistic bureaucracy and economic players in place.

Western technological inroads in Bulgaria:

  •  ICQ
  • FB
  • Linked-in (one of my top recommendations for meeting girls)

Bulgarian girls mobile numbers

The only way you are going to collect these nuggets of gold is going there or building rapport online with patience and authenticity. Even though I have noticed Eastern European women rather easily give out their numbers and display them online in their Skype profiles, these are more for business purposes.

I mean if you wanted to really find Bulgarian girls phone numbers online all you would have to do is browse Bulgarian females business numbers on the web and collect them. I do not recommend doing that as it crosses the line between business and pleasure. Better is have them willingly cough it up after face to face flirting or at least on Skype then collecting them from a list online, a little too much for even me.

Chat with Bulgarian girls

The purpose of this post is to tell you how to chat with Bulgarian girls.  Chat with Bulgarian girls for free for love and marriage.  I am not talking about dating sites for western guys to meet Bulgarian girls.

Best way to chat with Bulgarian girls

  1. is the largest general Bulgarian mail server with chat and e-mail.  You can even get a Bulgarian e-mail.
  2. is perhaps the most popular dating site in Bulgaria is you want to meet a real Bulgarian girl
  3., now in English, set to the Bulgarian language.

Other ways include the western ones mentioned above,  and Myspace of course, but if you want to meet a real – normal Bulgarian girl try Bulgarian language mail servers and dating sites.

Let me know about if these sites help in finding Bulgarian girls for true love.

I live in Eastern Europe so I tend to know most of the Eastern European sites and places you can find girls for chat and love.


Bulgarian girls

If you are looking for a wife or bride I can recommend going to Bulgaria to look for a Bulgarian girls. These women are a cross between  Slavic girls of the Black sea and Turkish girls.  They are similar to Romanian girls in that they have some mixtures of Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the East. These girls are usually smart and educated with a high percentage with Master’s degrees because of the education system from the ex-communist bloc. So beauty and brains are combined in this mountainous seaside resort country, if you doubt me consider someone like Antoaneta Stefanova.

  • Less chance of scams with Bulgarian women – Since Bulgaria is a full EU member there are economic opportunities and therefore, less likely to be women looking for a sugar daddy.
  •  Better foreign male to female ratio in Bulgaria -With Bulgarian girls there is less brand name recognition. While everyone is seeking a nice Russian girl to marry, Bulgarian females do not have as many foreign suitors for the ratio of male/females. Therefore it is like Russia in the 1990s. You might have less competition when looking for women there. The Balkans are less fished out in terms of girls.
  • Look at photos of Bulgarian girls – They have exotic dark looks. In my book this is the look to go for not some fake bleach blond. Read more below why their mix of people make them unique.
Notice the mix of hair color and features/body types in these pretty Bulgarian students

More on Bulgarian girls features

Bulgarian girls are mostly Slavic and ancient peoples in origin, so they may share the same features as Polish girls or Russian girls or Ukrainian girls or Czech girls etc. However, Bulgarian girls are also a mix of Turkish because of the proximity to Turkey and the once Ottoman empire.

Bulgarians are about 10% Turkish and 5% Roma.

The other 85% is a mix of the Thracians, Southern Slavic and Bulgars from Asia. If you consider all these beautiful people, something like ancient Greek, Turkish, Slavic and Asian you have some hot looking girls.

Therefore, generally Bulgarian girls have dark hair and dark eyes, however, fair skin.  Many guys like this look as its close to mmediterranean  Bulgarian girls, some of them are not as Alpine or linear as the northern Slavic girls, some have a more mesomorphic body type.  So if you like the ectomorphic girls, I have noted a less tendency for this body type. Maybe I am wrong. Some do look like Desi Slava, but I prefer the more plain-looking  females.

Where to look for Bulgarian girls online

  • Go to Bulgaria is you can. It does not matter Sofia or the countryside. I think the countryside is better or a Bulgarian Studentka studying at a University from the countryside. You will always find the highest quality woman when you go the country itself. Go to Varna the Black Sea resort, hotels are cheap and there are many discos  and night clubs full of Bulgarian girls.
  • – This is based from the largest mail server in Bulgaria. This is how online dating works in Eastern Europe. You can either subscribe to an online dating service run from the west that aggregates local old fashion brick and mortar dating agencies or you can join a free one, however, you have to use translate tools, it is Cyrillic in this case.

Going to Bulgaria for meeting girls

In Bulgaria you have three options for meeting girls on vacation:

  1. Black Sea resorts
  2. Sofia
  3. Mountain ski resorts.

If you are more than a week vacationer you will always find better quality girls in the villages. That is just the truth.

In the cities and resorts you have a choice between these shady places (usually are something obvious like the “Cleopatra club”) where the doorman looks like a Chicago gangster in a black leather jacket and give you a pat on the back when you go in or just normal places for students and families are taking a break from the grind of daily life. I recommend the latter.

The Bulgarian Sea resorts are easy to find. For example, the Majestic hotel at sunny Beach or any resort in Golden Sands. I recommend you look at trip adviser as they give pretty good details.

Sandanski south in Bulgaria known for spa and health resort. In the day it was one of the main places the Eastern bloc proletariat would vacation. The main nightlife is along the Macedonia Boulevard. Every town has a pedestrian boulevard and a lot of young pretty girls in fashionable clothes are window shopping. You can do window shopping of another sort.

An example of a ski resort town I might go to to meet girls from Bulgaria is in Borovets, a crisp clean air, mountainous escape. There is a slew of places from Hotel Rila down to the Ystrabetz Gondola lift like club Pigalle, maybe too sleazy for meeting a nice girl so scratch that off your list, but some people say nice girls are there.

Mountains you can also go to mountains of Vitosha and the Rhodopes for biking and hiking in the summer.

Bansko is another hot spot I can recommend.

The real pick up action is where the people are and the Universities, that is Sofia. Here there are endless possibilities and not connected to a club where Euro fly out of your hand.

You can rent a car in Sofia and pick up girls easier. Or visit the student cafeterias in Sofia to get aquiinted that way. I recoomend two places:

  • Dream house – 1st fl, ul Alabin 50a
  • Manastirska Magernitsa – ul Han Asparuh 67

Lower price hotels have better girls to meet

I go for lower price myself. With you get more student girls on vacation. University students from all over Eastern Europe. Polish people tend to stay in 3 or hotels, Bulgarian and Ukrainian are more frugal. Remember hotel is not a Western hotel.

You meet them and flirt like normal, focusing on asking them what they study and take a sincere interest even trying to learn a few phases in Bulgarian. If you want professional girls I can not help you there.

A girl stragety for all seasons in the  Eastern Balkans

At Bulgarian Black Sea resort the weather is like coastal North Carolina or Southern France. You can go on Holiday from May to the end of September easy. I would even say the month before and after. However, the main consideration is who will be there. The students are there in the summer.

For the Winter months for skiing it is December to February, the students take their break in January.

Hit Sofia for March to May and October to January.

Let me know if any one has any questions about meeting Southern Slavic girls. I tend to have the inside story as I have lived there for so many years.


Talking to Russian girls with chat and online

Do you want to chat with Russian girls? I am an American who has lived in Eastern Europe for many years and this is my personal advice.

Forget the babble and hot air about how to pick up women. The way you meet a girl is this:

Communication rule zero: Charm is getting what you want without having to ask. Remember that while building rapport. Like making love you do not go right to the source. You want to dance around the issue until they need you to go further. So use your brain to woe them in courtship, rather than base expressions of lust. Do not paw and pin over a girl to get her photo, rather sweeten the dance with poetic expression or you will be shot down.

Your whole objective is not to get her photo but to win her heart and meet her in person so you have real love not some online fantasy.

Moving from single to online chats to SMS to Skype to meeting a Russian girl

Follow this sequence:

  1. Online chat in Russian – Find some good online chat sites in the local language of your the country you are targeting. If it is Russia try something like I recommend a number on my website and how to use them. Basically fumble through the language by trial and error and visual website icons until you make it to their chat section. use translate tools. The chat in English as Russians universally know English and like to practice. Russian girls want to meet guys and put it out there. This is in contrast to western girls who deny they need a guy.
  2. Move it to your mobile  -Message a few girls for about a week until you can get their mobile number, then start SMS-ing the one that is your best choice.
  3. Video chat – Move to online chat with Skype where you can see her subtle interactions and note her background. If she is a slob or does not have books in her room, dumb her like a bad habit. You want a clean and smart girl, just not a girl who looks like apop start but does not have her life in order.
  4. Mimicking is the sincerest form of flattery – Follow the basic rules of communication. Listen to them, and nod your head up and down a lot and say ‘yes’, ‘I agree’. Observe how women interface with each other. They relate to each other using largely non-verbal cues. Observe this in a coffee shop and study their non-verbal interaction until you can mimic this. Watch the TV show the Office 9th season episode called “The Whale” where Pam and Phillis try to teach Dwight (the iconic male brain) how to communicate like a woman.
  5. Contradictory nature of desire -Be flirty in your messages but not overtly suggestive. That is do not cross the line or move too fast. Girls will walk down the street with sweat pants that have the words ‘juicy’ on their rear, but if you say something suggestive they will call you a freak. Understand this is the nature of women, contradictions. They want you to chase them but be cool about it.
  • From mental mastication to true love – At some point if you are really in love with your online honey, you have to meet her or all it is is mental mastication (I mean the other word).

How to meet a Russian girl in person cheap

Traveling to Russia requires a visa but it can be done or you can meet in Ukraine or Poland a country where it is easy for a CIS girl to travel at low cost by train and easy for a western guy to connect. For example. Ukraine has transparent boarders with Russia, another CIS member and a train to Crimea or Kiev is only about 20 dollars from almost anywhere in Russia. Flights to Ukraine do not require a visa for Americans. Any questions just ask.

Verbal exchanges face to face – go to East young man

Go West young man – Mark Twain

Go East young man – Mark Biernat (admin)

Therefore, if you are an American guy and live in America and want to connect with a Russian girl for love. I will tell you the best way. And it is free.  Well actually, the best way is taking a trip to Russia.  You will see guys that would never get girls at home have women that only Brad Pitt could get in the States. I call this the ‘Hollywood effect’, Russian girls will treat you like a movie star.  Its like foreign guys in the US, they get a lot of attention.  American girls do not respect American men, they are too tough and too many head games, hyper consumptive.  Russian girls care about the soul or spirit of the person they are interested in. Of course this is a generalization.

Behind every beautiful girl is a desire to have a conversation. It is your role as a man to learn to communicate.

How to chat with Russian girls

If you live in the USA and can not just jump on a plane.  This is how you chat with Russian girls.

Go to or – These are two large Russian mail servers for Russians. Not for foreigners. This way you do not get the usual girls in Russian dating companies nor scammers, rather just normal Russian girls looking for normal guys to chat with, most of whom would not even dream of looking for a guy from the west. In fact if you do not speak Russian or do not want to learn Russian sometime, your better off using a dating service.  You do not have to learn Russian before you chat with Russian girls but it does not hurt or at least use Google translate.

How to set up a Chat account on a Russian server

Once you have an e-mail you are good to go. You can set up a Russian profile or download their chat system to your computer.  You can go into Russian chat rooms or whatever.  But I can almost promise you Russian girls will treat you better and be better looking than any girl you have ever seen or meet in the USA.

My recommendation is give chatting with Russian girls a try if you are serious about love and marriage.


Czech girls

Girls of the Czech Republic – Pitfalls in candy land

Most Czech girls are pretty liberal and non-traditional. Do you want to find them? Read my post. I have always looked for a princess, not someone to have fun on a date with, so this is my guide if you are looking for the same in Eastern Europe.

When you hit the ground in the Vaclav Havel airport and your neck is stiff, not from the flight, rather from the head turning Czech gals walking past your field of vision, remember my advice. My advice is this: candy land is magical but not all the tasty little sweets you see will result in a healthy relationship. Further, if you live on candy you will eventually feel start to get a tummy ache and experience inner decay. So guys listen up.

This girl could be a “Czech film actress”.

I have a unique perspective because I lived in Central Europe a good part of my life, yet I am from the West. I can see the culture through a lens of both inside and out.  I do not dislike Czech girls, but the issue with many Czech girls is they are fun, easy going quasi Western girls akin to the social mores you might experience in any London for example. You do not want one to spin their web around you who is not of good moral character. If a man who marries a black widow, even if she has blonde hair and big blue eyes, will live in a self-imposed purgatory of marital regret. This will bring self awareness only after the bonds of eternal matrimony have been sealed. Who needs that life lesson. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give you some ideas on how to find girls in the Czech republic, not just any young lady mind you, but a princess, an ideal.

Get Czech girls mobile number

Want a mobile numbers of Czech girl, go clubbing or try the Internet. I recommend discos. A dance club is not what it is in the US or the UK. In Czech this is where young girls go to meet real boyfriends, rather than pick ups. It is a cultural difference between the West and Central Europe. Girls go to dance and have fun but to also meet serious relationships. Further, they do not care about the alpha male macho guy, they just like some geeky guy you might see in the ‘Big Bang theory TV show’.

Any girl walking on the street in Prague or Brno could be a model or an actress.

Courtship in Europe is based on authenticity and brains.

Statistically, just by raw numbers, Czech ladies are usually from Prague, as this is the only real major metropolitan area in the Republic. Most of the people in the Czech republic live in and around the city. Prague is a rich Slavic city right between Austria and German. Therefore, it has a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures. Catholicism which is alive and well across the boarder in Poland or even Slovakia has decline in the Czech republic because of historical reasons.

For women, their hearts are won with the hears, for men our hearts are won with the eyes, at least initially.

There is no reason you can not take a trip to Prague and collect a score of cell phone numbers. I collected numbers on the street but mostly night clubs. The mobile phone is the new “little black book”. Just know where to look and a little about the history and culture.

There is no reason you do not fly to the Czech Republic and start collecting cell phone numbers of princesses.

Certain Clubs in Praga avoid like the plague – yet where most foreigners try first

I do not recommend the debauchery of clubs like Atlas or darling Cabaret, AAA, anything that says VIP or has relax in the name like  5K or a club that has a girls name in it like Karla or Anastazie.

Do not let any frothy beverage influence your judgment.

I know this is tempting but you will dissipate your energies that could be used for finding true love. Prague is like a mini Amsterdam so there will be leaflets all over the street about these clubs. Do what you want but every step you take down that road leads you away from true love and courtship.

If you are tempted think of reasons not to go like:

  1. The Bible
  2. Think what your mother would say
  3. They are rip off places in terms of money that could be spend elsewhere
  4. Girls are aging and not good looking in the clubs, wear too much make up
  5. Do you really want to be one of those guys?
Czech girls are always up for a party. OK maybe day and night but they are easygoing and know to have fun.

Nightlife I recommend in Prague

Mark’s ratings for clubs with the highest probability to get girls mobile numbers  in Prague.

  1. Zlaty Strom Bar & Music Club – 99% – Techno electric large dance floor that lights up and attracts Prague girls at the University. If you can not get girls phone number here you need a hormone patch.
  2. Nebe Kremencova Cocktail & Music Bar 83% – I love these medieval basements all over Europe. More for going with a group but a good place to go and have Czech beer (yum) and meet some nice ženy.
    Kremencova 10, New Town, Prague 1
  3. Lucerna 80s & 90s Video Club   – 77% – Thematic ideas and girls dress in outfits and dresses that are short.
    Vodickova 36, New Town, Prague 1
  4. YES Club – 69% – Hit or miss during the week, Thursday through Saturday it is pack with a good female to male ratio
    Skretova 1, New Town, Prague 2
  5. Karlova 6, Old Town, Prague 1 – 51% – Worth it in your tour. More a typical disco
  6. Lavka Bar & Club – 49% – Two floors you can look over the balcony and gawk at the pretty ladies. Novotneho Lavka 1, Old Town, Prague 1
  7. Nebe Wenceslas Square Bar – 33% – charming and worth seeing for the atmosphere, but less of a pick up place. New Town, Prague 1

Brno clubs to meet girls

Brno is a different town than Prague, more pubs and interesting places to see. Meet girls in the street or walking around shops. Here are three places I recommend, but only the first one is cool enough to really give any mention.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Pub – Jakubske namEsti 101/2
  2. Biskupská vinárna  – Biskupská 6 – Name comes from the ancient Slavic settlement of Biskupin.
  3. 7 Nebe –  Jánská 453/9 -means 7 Heaven.

The problem men seeking a traditional wife have with the Czech Republic

Every man wants a his wife to greet him at the door when he returns from work with a smoothie (the dry martini of today) and yoga pants (the Victoria Secrets of today). But issue is this, the woman must stay with you all the days of your life. That last statement is where Czech girls fall short as marriage is not forever for many of these gals.

I want to promote good values and love and marriage. Now I know there are many Czech ladies that make wonderful wives and mothers, but the culture is liberal and not like more conservative Poland or even parts of the USA. How can anyone deny the influence of culture on social relationships and interactions between genders. If you want to make an argument that this culture is not socially liberal, I am open. However, for guys looking for true love, if you are are looking for a Western Slavic girl to marry, maybe skip this liberal island in Eastern Europe.

Most Czech girls are not religious. Many have very liberal western thinking about values believing morals are relative and subjective. There are some that do have traditional values, and many of them are sweet but they are not my first recommendation for long-term relationships. I live in Eastern Europe by the way.

Czechs do like fun and travel, however, so if this is your game you might like Czech girls as many are looking to go on trips with foreign men. Many even have their profiles on dating sites and say they are open to this type of relationship.  Many of these gals have been around Europe and traveled to London.  So if you want to a take a girl on vacation take them to Greece, take them to Crimea, take them to Africa or take them to India or Asia.  Many Czech girls will travel with you if you pay for it. Again, this site is about love and marriage not this type of behavior.

Where to meet Czech girls on the Internet – Chat up a Czech for a date

  • – The largest Czech Internet dating site for chat and love.

This is the place to go to meet and date online. Think of it like the Match of Central Europe.

My wife said if she was a guy she would move to Eastern Europe and never come back. I mean come on do you see the styles and looks on the street with girls back home?

Czech ladies and money

Czech republic is a rich country now. Compare to other Eastern European counties. In fact Prague income levels are 110% of the rest of the EU. So if you are thinking of impressing Czech girls with your money, do not. It will not work. Every German has already tried.

Czech women and language

Czech is a Western Slavic language which is close to Polish and Czech. In fact Poles and Czechs can speak to each other with ease. I am an American living in Poland and have no problem talking to Czech people.  The good news is most speak some level of English.

Czech girls and looks

What do Czech girls look like.  They are usually blond and tall and strong looks.  Many of them have Germanic blood mixed in and high Slavic check bone. Blue eyes are very common as are green eyes with Czech girls.  I have no problem with the looks of Czech girls just the values.