Praying for love – God get me a date

It baffles me. Why when we have this great infinite power to help us in our lives, people do not ask for help? If you are single I recommend you pray for love. The purpose of this post is to give you practical tips on how to make destiny unfold and usher you to the courtship and marriage.

If you do not ask for help, you are swindling yourself out of you own life. If you lack faith, get over yourself and try. This is your life, your one and only and do not let true love pass you by.

Frankly, I find it distasteful when people talk publicly about religion, I jokingly say ‘keep it in church’. Yet on the other hand, prayer will lead you to the love of your life. It lead me.  I feel It would be an injustice if I did not convey this message.

When you sense your aloneness on this earth at the same time this is an opportunity to connect to the Divine.

Prayer or meditation for enchanting attraction

Look I am with you if you are into contemplative prayer, meditation or anything mystical (which means ‘to close lips’). I have practiced this in my life on and off.  Yet, life is so fast paced. I find mediation too mentally strenuous to keep going for any length of time. I will do it for a day or two, but then life accelerates again. This is why I prefer simple prayer. Do it with a sincere heart and simplicity like Jesus taught.

A few maybe nots with talking to God for a mate

  1. Loading your Cell phone – Do not pray while waiting for your computer to boot Windows, or your waiting for your mobile device to start.
  2. In bed – Consider not praying while under the covers before you really wake up. I guess this is OK, you are still in a twilight state, I do it, but it is like doing isometrics under the blanket, is it optimal?
  3. Driving in your car – Similar to the above point. A lot of people say the Rosary for example on their commute and I think this is good, but for asking for something like love you want to prepare yourself for something great. Make a ritual that can open up your heart.

See prayer is not just about asking, but also preparing your mind to open and transform. If you pray in less optimal situations, our Divine master hears you, but when he sends what you need your way you might not be ready to deal with it. Just be prepared, wild things will happen in your life when you pray.

It does not matter the language of expression of your religious experience when asking.

How to pray for love

Much of my advice is more Jungian than connected with having the Absolute hear our pleas for love and connection to our soul mate. However, because we are human, hence, multidimensional ideas like position and direction and general atmosphere are important.

  1. Positional prayer – Best is to wash your face and brush your teeth or whatever, when you get up or before you go to bed. Make your environment appropriate. You can burn incense but I think that is not needed. Then find a position or posture that works. For example, St. Ignatius preferred to pray on his back. He also felt praying in the direction of Jerusalem was more effective. Muslims might pray towards Mecca. If you say the ‘Our Father’ many like to extend their hand out and palms open to heaven as if to receive God’s healing energy from above. It seems charismatic but who does not feel this energy.
  2. Wish good things on those who have hurt you –  This is clearing your heart. Ask God to forgive or even bless your enemies and wish well on them. Even if you can not have the intention of this. Negativity attaches itself to you. It is like an entity. Ask God to free you from these forgiveness and you can ask this out loud so if these things are real and not just imaginary, they will hear. If a negative thought comes to your brain, mentally say ‘cancel, cancel’.
  3. The root of your blockage from true love – Ask God forgiveness for your sins – This is simple. When I was a bad boy I realized I was blocking out my own happiness. The more I did bad things the further it lead me from my true love. What is your vice? Pride is bad for me. It is the worst as it distances us from God, when we start to self individualize pride often takes over, when we have insecurities. I also had lust, which is actually the least offensive as it is only misdirected or inordinate love. If you are on the web for example looking hours a day of risqué movies, or visiting houses with ‘working girls’ or are a meet artist, this will dissipate your ability to attract real love. On the other hand, if you are too good and do not have a little perverse thoughts you might be perceived by others as too boring. So you do not want to dry the well, just make sure you are using these drives in the right way.
  4. Create atmosphere – If you can, make your own sanctuary in your apartment, life will seem clearer. Some believe scents dissipate negative energies, like Frankincense oil that is blessed and anointed or incense for example.
  5. Deploy holy objects – Icons or Crosses from special places on your body or in your room. If you are Hindu or from India you will have your own set up symbols and objects that not only trigger whistles and bells in your subconscious that are different from Western European but also ones that will also have real tangible effects.
  6. Keep your goodness in secret –  You do not need to get a bumper sticker that says “God powered vehicle” or a t-shirt that says “Yoga” on it. Minimize outward signs of your spirituality. Do not broadcast the fact you do this to your friends you pray like it is the latest fad on Dr. oz you are trying.. Pray in private and close the door. What God sees, when others do not, you will be rewarded.
  7. Beauty, charm and grace – Maybe this is extreme but have style like you are going to an Ibiza disco, but have the patience and calm and humility like you are monk or in the convent. Let people find your through your outward beauty, then you screen them based on their ideals. When I was first courting my wife, I thought she was just some super cordial lady with good style and long legs. Then one day I see her in church. It was a revelation. God would allow me to have someone I was physically attracted to and spiritual. I did not need to compromise in love. I got to know her first because of her beauty, but then wow, she was the girl of my dreams.

You need to wait until the answer reveals itself. This takes patience. The answer will reveal itself to you. However, be watchful against interrupting everything as a sign from above or every person as the great answer to your loneliness. If you do this you will fall prey to players. What you need to do is pray. You do not have to over pray, just ask and live your life and forget about this whole destiny thing for a while (yeah right how can you do this). Just trust in the design of the Divine plan.

  • Above all if you can, go for someone with ideals. I believe having this spiritual element, this component of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs being worked on is perhaps the most important part of being human. I can not imagine my parents who have been married over 65 years together if they did not have a spiritual foundation.
One day, when you least expect it – Love will shine forth like sunshine after rain. This is my promise to you.

Other more tangible ideas about dating an Angel or Godsend

  1. Catholic or Christian dating or Hindu dating or Muslim dating websites – They have the highest percentages of successful marriages. Maybe it is that like-minded people flock together, or something else. Learn from Indian marriages. People can scuff at the traditional Hindu selection process, but with a 99% success rate, I wonder if their consideration of spiritual elements have anything to do with it?
  2. Go to Church, Temple, Mosque, Yoga class – There are a lot of cordial looking normal people in Church. It is not a place to meet girls but rather if you go, when you meet them in the supermarket, you have something to connect about.
  3. Do not give up as God never gives up on you – Just let potential suitors who are not worthy of your hand in marriage drift away. Say that is OK and let them go. Know you will have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince or princess. But once you do you will not even remember those scoundrels.

Praying for specific people only works once there is a connection already, a spiritual connection. If you are alone keep it general. Do not get involved with people who are not idealistic. It will set you back. Screen for ideals early on. Ask probative questions about ideals, vision and values. Do not go out with people who believe in divorce or are nihilistic or cynical about the Absolute.

Awareness for finding love – What people do not know

You need transcendence not another roll in the hay. See there is a physical reality and the ultimate reality. They are interrelated. What you do on the physical plane influences your spirit. What you do on a soul level influences this reality. Like a kid who puts his hand over a flame, he is not aware that the flame can burn him initially. Yet that is the reality. Similarly people deny the influence or are not aware of the influence on the spiritual realm in their live. They get burned in relationships. It is not to say because you have had bad relationships you are doing something bad. I do not believe that. I am just saying learn to work with the laws of the Universe for a more optimal dating experience.

Some people practice the ancient disciple of awareness. you can do this but I again believe it is fine to keep it simple, and pray.

A note on Yoga

When I did Yoga I felt this was one time in my life when my life transformed and opened my heart. After doing Yoga (which means union with the Divine) at a studio, I found myself traveling the world and fearless. I saw very few single girls for long People who practice yoga seem to pair off or find a companion elsewhere. This is just an observation. I wonder to this day what role it played in my life as after years of practice my life did change. It is like an accelerated practice of development.

Does God intervene in the dating process?

God sets up the rules of the universe and does not violate them. He is not a super magician, and that is why I am not a super-naturalist or obsessed with everything being a sign or using new age metaphysical ideas to guide my life, I do not believe it.  Nor is God a Divine clockmaker and set it in motion and steps back.

Rather, the rules of the game allows for Divine intervention, even in dating. It is more like in the game there are variables that are beyond our understanding. Dice if you will.

God not only throws dice with the universe, he sometimes throws them where we are not looking

My point is God plays an active role in your relationship and marital selection process if you allow this to happen through awareness and prayer. It is not like I want this person, and abracadabra hocus pocus that person falls for you and you find yourself a lady friend or groom. Yet, there is a complex stratification of reality. There are elements of free will and concepts beyond the scope of this article, but you can research them yourself or ask my perspective.

What is it like to be alone?


I have a problematic believe in an underworld in the afterlife. I do think that being separated from love is pain. When we do things that bring us further from the Source of love we feel pain.  Eros is analogous to Agape in the sense the lack or feeling this, motivates us to action. Therefore, if you feel alone in your heart it is the Uni-verse calling your to action to connect. take action, and start with some of the ideas I recommend. Prayer and visualization being on the top of that list.

What is holding your back from amour? I keep asking this question to you because it is something. Examine in your life what is holding you back? Your job? Quit you job. I left my career for ten years to chase and marry my wife. I do not regret it for a second. Money comes and goes. Look at all the people who dedicated their lives to their career and got caught with their pants down in the Crisis of ’08 and now are underwater. I did not participate in the boom or the bust because I was too busy being in love. At the end of the decade monetarily I was no worse off for sure. So get over yourself and purse what is important in your life.

People show adulation and incorpulentuation, but what about the real thing

I understand your problem because I lived through it. I know exactly what you mean and feel. Being alone is more painful than any physical pain. And what is worst is is constant. It is not that you can not attract Someone it is that you want someone who will make the moon appear in the sky and the start shine at night.

A lot of single will be attracted to you, but they are really not your prince or princess.  Remember that 2001 film Serendipity – with Kate Beckinsale.

It is finding the right one. Some super cordial girl or guy who turns your world upside down, but has the depth and character you could admire for a lifetime is the real trick. I highly recommend a spiritual practice. It could be prayer, or yoga of visualization, but anything taken seriously will start opening up the universe to change your life.

How long will it take to tunnel out?  – The Count

Seven years – Jesuit Priest

It is too long – The Count

Do you have anything better do to? – Jesuit Priest

– The Count of Monte Cristo

If it takes time to find he love of your life, the person you will grow old with, then it takes time.I know you feel anxiety as when you are lonely problems are amplified, but trust me, once you find your darling sweetheart, time will not matter.

One last metaphor about finding love

Imagine you are entrapped in a castle of ice. You need to start to chip away at the walls and find your way out. On the other side is your prince or princesses waiting in a beautiful green meadow to ride away with you. However, the way out is for you to do the work, that is prayer. Use spiritual weapons to break though these walls. The will come down once you follow my advice. Once you have the vision, pray your way out.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 thoughts on “Praying for love – God get me a date”

  1. I pray to God almost daily for asking my future true love to find me. The answer is no since God is too busy. I do not think praying to God for finding a true love works for me even I have a strong faith in God. Someone told me to get out of the house and meet the nice girls at the church or supermarkets or anywhere except bars and clubs. These girls in my local area have terrible attitudes and are gold diggers. That means I have to move out somewhere.

    1. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way. Do not listen to the pet advice from people who have not been there.

      If you think God’s answer is no, you are wrong. The answer is not no. It is yes; harbors are safe but that is not what ships are made for.

      Many guys essentially want order a girl from above and are surprised or disappointed when like an Amazon order a girls does not appear at their door. The universe does not work like that.

      What makes you conclude local girls are for you? This is a world full of billions of young single women, yet you limit yourself based on geographical area? I have filled passports and required to get new ones.
      A geographic desirability is one of the worst determinant criteria for mate selection. Look I understand how you feel but from someone who went through what you are going through consider this:

      • Do you buy clothes made only in your hometown?
      • That cell phone and computer, was it made in your state?
      • The car you drive was it made down the street?
      • So why do you think your girl was made and located in a 25 mile geographical radius of your man cave?

      See humans over the millenniums were migrant. The Indo-European started in the Caucasus mountains and moved across Europe assimilating women from indigenous people as they moved. Then the Europeans and others came to America and mixed with all kinds of people, then moved further west and now traveling all over the world. Do you want to go against one million years of evolution?

      Where is your wunderlust?

      Do you remember in the Bible when Jesus was transfigured on the mount and the Disciples wanted to build structures there? Life is more about pitching tents than building structures spiritually. Yes of course have a home etc, but do not expect God to drop manna from heaven when you span your figures.

      What prayer does
      It is spiritual manna that will give you the energy of God to go out and find a girl around the world. Prayer for love empowers you. With confidence and courage you can take on the world. Is that not better than delivering a girl at your door?

      There is a complex stratification of reality and invoking the Spirit to transform your life romantically will bring on lessons to shape and prepare you like my article says. Sometimes it will not be fun. What are your rough edges? There might be elements in your personality you need to jettison to prepare the way for the love of your life. Examine Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and what things on this pyramid are involved in your self actualization and differentiation process.

      Is your style like a Ibiza DJ or are you looking like an American dressed at an outlet mall with 20 dollar haircut? Look when girls see you they should be intimidated by your looks, because you are so cordial. And everyone can be cordial.

      But the main thing is how many countries are on your passport? No money is not an excuse. I have bought a one way ticket to London and hitch-hiked around Europe living on French bread, skinny as anything, yet girls were hitting on me.

      My point is you can not except in the USA in this year, for women to be like it was in the 1960s. It is not. Times have change and feminism poisoned the well. Therefore, like your primordial ancestors looking for greener pastures you need to broaden your horizon.

      Start looking around the world. If you are spiritual mediate on this during your travels and search:

      Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

      God wants you do be in the game not on the sidelines. And God will be there coaching you along. If you really must try international dating sites go for it to warm you up but I recommend going to other countries to look for a girl. You can try locally but it did not work for me or really anyone I know. So go with west young man or east, but do not lose faith and tell me what you think about my dating advice.

  2. Let me first state that your beliefs are your choice, and you are free to expound on them at will. I feel that they are in fault however, and here is why. (This is not intended to ridicule your beliefs, and do not take it personally please, although I find most people who do pray and receive any contrary commentary as a result of it do take it personally).
    Telling someone to pray to God to help them find a good mate, wife, husband etc. is, in my opinion, contradictory to the belief in God to start with. It is my opinion that a God is omnipotent and all knowing. If God wanted you to have a wife or husband to start with would he/she not have already pointed you in the right direction? Do you not think that by asking for something as selfish and self centered as that that you are asking him/her to change his/her unquestionable judgement? Do you not find this request a direct attempt to thwart what He/She has planned for you?
    Is it that you think God is making a mistake in his judgement about your life and needs your subtle reminder to make your life better than it already is? Do you not think God appreciates your plight and has made plans for you and your life that you cannot possibly have considered? Can you not be content to accept what God has given you already? I cannot see that praying to God for something like this will ever come into fruition, as it is better to pray for the fortitude to do some soul searching and perhaps the wisdom to see what can make you a better person in the eyes of Him/her, rather than something for yourself.
    I may be wrong, and I apologies if it offends but selfish prayer is never a rewarding venture.
    If one is to pray, would it not be better to pray for his/her will be done rather than yours?

    I might further venture that love is never found by searching for it, it exist by grace, and happen-chance. It is never perfect, nor is it gained by purchase or begging. If found at all it is a rare opportunity to give of yourself, not get from others. It requires work to endure, compromise, and yielding of ones self interest to grow and blossom into something worth while. It must be distinguished from lust, and earned in trust and mutual respect.

  3. Last time I prayed for love to come into my life it was the most amazing thing. I never thought in my life I would meet such a gal. She truly was beautiful inside and out and I thought of her as a pure gift. She walked into my life within 2 weeks of my asking.

    Then, she played with my heart, acted desperate to marry then moved for work. She continued to ask that I move to where she is and start out life together. I went there to visit, and she was totally distant to the point of not wanting me there. All this time she had a man on the side and he sent flowers to the home to make his point known.

    Prayer, got me the worse let down of my life and I feel if there is a God, he deceived me. So much for prayer.

    1. God is not a super magician, the Divine is not a supernatural being like the Greek gods on Mount Olympus.

      Prayer is a mystery rather then a simple formula. That being said you can move mountains with prayer, I know it for a fact. This includes finding love by praying for love.

      However, I do not have enough information about your situation. There are two components, the spiritual and the humanistic. Humanistically, do you have a sense of style that would knock the socks off any girl walking down the street? If not go to the nearest strip mall near you and get and Aveda haircut and Hollister clothes. Its superficial but it works.

      More complex is what is going on in your life spiritual? Are you too ridged in your belief? Unbending and judgmental? Or do you have a view that God anthropomorphic?

      Look God will open the doors but you have to have your eyes open to the reality we live in. Just people pray does not mean you can ignore basic ideas like foreign dating sites have a percentage of scammers. I moved to Eastern Europe, left my career and life to find love. If you want love you have to take real risks.

      I did not just find a girl who says she is good or nice. Everyone will tell you that even mobsters they go to Church. But being spiritual is about walking the walk. To discern is someone is as pure as you in heart you need to spend time with them, including talking about philosophical issues.

      If you want love you need to understand the persons philosophical core and make sure they are congruent with yours. Similarly are you doing good, donating to charity or helping others to build up karmic savings so to speak.

      Build karmic wealth by avoiding things like explicit images on the web and doing good deeds or even donating a little money to a real needy charity like even one hundred dollars to Africa or something.

      Also patience is a virtue. Be patient and humble and remember in the Lords Prayer we say “thy will be done”. This is the hardest part of that prayer for me. I want things my way. But the ‘foolishness of God exceeds the wisdom of men’. What are you thoughts on this, or anyones thoughts as this is your life.

      Prayer always works sometimes the answer is try a little harder and be patient prayer continues to change my life daily.

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