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Privacy Policy for Claritaslux:

Privacy is important to us and we safeguard your personal information and never sell your personal information to third parties.

Normal log files contain information about visits and statistics useful for the operation of my website. These are used only for internal purposes and deleted periodically

Like almost all websites we store cookies for example, your personal web preferences when you visit Claritaslux. These preferences might be the ability to login to some of our features or leave comments easier though our approval process.

We also use third-party advertisements on to help me run this website as operating costs for a large website is signficant. Some of these advertisers might use things like cookies and web beacons as they put advertisements on my website, these things might also be sent thought Google via the Google AdSense program.

Please consult Google Privacy policies for a more detailed explanation.

Such data as ISP, IP address, browser type you use (Firefox or Chrome or other) or if Adobe flash is installed.  This data might be used for geographical advertising or to display adverts related to topics on the website.

DoubleClick DART cookies We could also DART cookies for ad  via Google’s DoubleClick,

This does not  track personal information about you, it is only connected to adverts and further you have the option to opt-out.

I somethings get requests for people to contact others on the website. There is no way I will ever give out this information. I use WP and comments and replies on site can be made but personal information will not given out under any conditions.

I have the highest level of security on the server level and firewalls which are professional grade to guard all privacy. I actively monitor all activity on the website as to say alert to security. I believe privacy and security go hand in hand. If you ever have any concerns or questions about privacy on this website please contact me at

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