Marry an idealist

Marry an idealistic person

Marry an idealist. Put a ring on the finger of a girl who believes in fairy-tales.

Girls are by their nature naive when it comes to men. They are easily corruptible (hence the invention of chastity belts). That is why in history societies had such strict rules on female behavior connected to dating. Because they could not be trusted to make wise choices regarding mate selection. Do not believe me?  Then explain to me why  most kids in the USA are being raised by one parent and divorce is over 50%, 80% initiated by women? And no it is not better for the kids that the parents break up.

My wife would stay with me no matter what rustic conditions we live in. She is the quintessential idealist. and why can not find love in the USA – The issue is every social moral guidelines has now been unplugged and broken. Girls are so free and liberated friendshipually that they have swindled themselves out of their own happiness when in comes to love. Hence, it is hard to find true love in the USA, period.

Therefore, the only thing can replace old world values that protected women from scoundrels is an internally developed romantic ideal and a loyalty to their vision.  Only this will preserve her soul’s experiences for her husband, and not giving her body to every guy who has perfected his game; until there is nothing left of her except a profile that lists all the hip and cool things she has done in her life (mostly with other men mind you).

If your princess  does not live a romantic vision she has no right to the title princess and why marry her? She will divorce you, not be loyal, at least not in her mind, has been there done that with everyone else.  What is the point of sacrificing your life for some female who will become a ball and chain. In a word, you want to marry sleeping beauty.

Girls in Eastern Europe dream of their prince to find and awaken them.

Who is sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty is a romantic metaphor for latent female sensuality.  A girl lying passively beneath a sheet, waiting to be uncovered, even if it takes an eternity to find her. Sleeping beauty is a woman whose allure is a curse (and every woman has this power of attraction to begin with).

I may be punished. And when I am punished, I shall dread it, and suffer it and understand it and accept it. Beauty, when you accept you will flower in the pain, you will flower in your suffering.
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty – A.N. Roquelaure

A beauty has had the felt the depth of pain and humiliation in life, and this is part of her fascination. These experiences are inseparable from her allue. It would be like trying to extract the color red from the wax of a candle. It can only be admired and consumed.

Is loyalty the ultimate good?

There is a school of philosophy that argues that loyalty is the summum bonum. The rational is if you are not loyal to your beliefs than you do not really hold those ideals. The same can be said for marriage.

You want to marry a girl who is ‘lives in the forms’ – Plato. A lady who is high-minded and lives in the world of ideas, whether it be though a world of literature, religion or her imagination. The optimal situation would be to find a girl who is a little spacey or eccentric because he is not fully of this world,or marry a girl from Poland.

  • You want to find a girl who like in Camus’ the ‘Myth of Sisyphus’ will defy the absurdity of her corpulente and stay with you not matter what circumstance. That is an idealist.

Is a romantic idealist synonymous with a pure woman

A lot of guys, from Middle Eastern cultures have written me and want to find an Indian or Pakistani virgin lady friend. It is so ingrained in their collective unconsciousness that pure is synonymous with the ideal. Man, I am telling you, you are in trouble. There are many girls who are pure physically that will drive you to an early grave and be disloyal in their minds.  In contrast, there are many dames who spent their single years in an impure state, but will bring you marital happiness.

  • What you need to do is discern the spirit of the girl. Does she regret her promiscuity and even see it as a betrayal of you, is the question.
  • The same rule applies for infidelity in marriage. I would not divorce someone for infidelity if they understand it was wrong and genuinely do penance to purity their soul.

Why Platonic love is Romantic – Remember like Plato said this world is an illusionary shadowy world and the reality lays at a deeper level. Like Christ said, the body can not be corrupted from the outside but only from within.  So that is my answer to guys who want an Indian virgin for marriage is this:

  • It is the spirit of the law not the law that matters. And I come back to the question, is she an idealist?
  • Marry a girl for her looks. This is in contrast to everything I have written above. I am just saying marry a cordial girl who has ideals and this way you will extend your incorpulentuation your whole life.

Myers Briggs and modern psychology

What color is your parachute and INTJ vs. this or that. Modern psychology will tell you we are all different, and everything is relative for all kinds of folks. I agree but, this is no way to base a decision of marriage. For marriage you want only one type of girl and delete the others from your mobile phone like a bad habit.

  • Marry an idealistic girl – I am writing for guys that want to find a good wife that will please you physically by being an attractive girl and appeal to the highest part of the triangle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  I am tell guys forgot all recycled dating advice on the web from people who do not live a successful marriage and listen to me, marry an idealist.

Women tend to be practical as they worry about marrying a starving artist that can not provide for a nice nest for their ladys when they hatch. In fact, a lot of women pride themselves on being practical and say “I think more like a man than a woman’ or ‘I have more guy friends than girl friends’. In my opinion, this ironically is the quintessential signature of feminine thinking.

I know many a women who married practically and post crisis are in debt to the hilt. In contrast, I know women who married guys who worked in a proverbial coffee shop, did something entrepreneurial and creative and have a lifetime of security. Base marriage on ideals, end of sentence.

Eastern Europe is the philosophical opposite of the USA – In Poland for example, it is noble to be high-minded and the girls are as lonely as they are beautiful.

Why we are all the same in the same boat when it comes to matrimony  

Jettison the psychological sophism that we are all different. Yes we are, but at our core, you make choices in life. You make a choice to be loyal to your ideals or to pursue base forms of security and symbols of success. We are all lonely and in pain here on this planet and the only way to escape this existential anxiety is through transcendence. Transcend the ordinary and find a girl who talks about fairy-tales. Make the right choices in dating, marry someone who believes in the absurd notion that there is only one great love in life. The choices you make in love will echo through eternity and your children’s children will hopefully be on this world for many generations and this will change the universe. So make the right choice.

There is a place where girls pride themselves on being domestic and all they want is to be a good virtuous wife. There is a place girls are literally laying arround waiting for their husbands. Hint it is not America.

Where to find snow-white

I recommend finding a wife here:

  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine

Cold dreamy dreary  grey countries where girls still talk waiting for their fairy-tale prince.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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