The purpose of this post is to tell you where to meet Polish girls for true love.

How to meet Polish girls online

I live in Krakow, Poland.  I am an American and happily married. The reason I wrote this post is to give you some ideas about how to meet Polish girl. I give you a couple specific recommendations where to meet a Polish girl for true love and marriage.  Lets be honest if you were searching the term Polish girls you do not want to read the philosophy of dating but are looking for love and specific useful bits of information to help you find your Polish princess.

I did not meet my wife online. I meet her when I was living in Poland, and I have a Polish background so it is a bit of a different story. However, I have some ideas for you.

Polish wife

My wife Kasia, whom I met while living in Krakow, Poland.

Kasia has made my life complete.

However, for most guys that are not living in Warsaw or Gdansk or traveling through the countryside and do not have a Polish family (grandparents) like I did the first step might be online dating.

Polish girls

Polish girls

When looking for a date, make darn sure they are the right age for you.  The best Polish females are in their 20s and 30s as they are looking for a real relationship.  In my opinion students that are say 18 or 19 or 20 years old are too young and will cause you and them problems. They are not mentally complete and erratic in their emotions and have a high flight factor. Better is a 25-year-old to 27-year-old. I met my wife when she was 27 years old and she had a Master’s degree and a career going. She was living with her sister in Krakow just finishing school. I think if you are a guy in your 30s, 27 is a great age to search for.

Rule of seven for meeting your spouse. – Some people say you should take your age, divide by 2 and add seven years. I meet my wife when I was forty-one and she was twenty-seven so this is about right.

Poland is a conservative society and this should be respected. It is Catholic and the family is the center.  Just because they are smiling and friendly might just mean they are friendly people, that is it. However, it does not mean you should pick them up. Only go for real true love as life tends to karmic in this regard. The laws of Karma are in place in the realm of dating.

OK enough of all that stuff and here are some sites to meet ladies from Warsaw to Krakow and even in London and the Chicago.

Polish women on free dating sites in Poland

  • The largest free Polish dating site is This is not as user-friendly as the above mentioned site as it is in Polish.  However, the benefit of this is simply it is the largest. It has an English language interface for Polish girls in Ireland Polish girls in the UK and the USA. This site has the most people on it and most Poles use it.
  • There is also and the latter is just for dating while the former is more a social networking site which of course will lead to dates if you have the gift of gab and can chat with a Polish lady. However, it also is in the Polish language. I think they have added and English interface, it is a little more swanky in my opinion then the one above.
  • Of course you can always go to the biggest social networking sites in Poland.  That is, this is Facebook for Polish people. in the Polish language also. Nasza Klassa (our class) has lost momentum and Facebook is where Poles are. I also recommended a website I use to work at called nightlife but it non longer seems to be attracting new blood. But a lot of nice photos of Polish girls on there anyway.

Are there any scammers on these site? As much as might be on Match in the USA, they are made for Polish girls looking for Polish guys and Poland is an EU country which never had the economic crisis. They are not a Russian dating website in the 1990s.

Also please give me feedback my Polish girls post. I am trying to create a resource of real value to my readers and want to know how I might improve. For example should I give more information about the country of Poland or simply focus on the main points of the post, that is meeting these women. Is the organization set out well? Should I give more information about how to approach women and what to chat about? Do you prefer more photo and pictures or just facts and useful information. Also consider subscribing to my RSS feed on both comments and posts as I try to keep this girls for love site pretty up to date.

Polish girl on the beach in the UK

Polish girl on the beach in the UK

Now if you can take a flight to Poland, I recommend Krakow, Poland as it has about 100,000 students and one studentka (female student) might find you interesting. I recommend the clubs on the market square or the cafes of Krakow’s Kazimierz district. It is the artsy trendy area where locals hang out.

Good luck on your quest for true love with  Polish girls online.

Pages I created to help you find a Polish girl who are worth exploring about love and marriage in Poland

Again let me know if you have any questions and I am more than willing to help.