Visualization to attract a girl and make her love you

Get women with your imagination

Laying in bed and dreaming up a beautiful woman who becomes real

One of the most powerful ways to get girls is simply laying in bed and using your imagination. Wow wouldn’t that be great, to be able to simply conjure up a girlfriend. And not only a date mind you, the one who is from your dreams and the unspoken prayers of your heart?

Use visualization in a general sense, not specific to find the girl of your dreams. use my techniques outline below as tips and I can almost promise you will get results.

Does it sound like some hocus pocus? Think again. The purpose of this post is to honestly examine non-conventional techniques for attracting girls. This is based on my personal experience. It is my sincere hope, these ideas will benefit you. Before you put on your skeptical inquire hat, just consider this. I found the love of my life and she was more than I ever could have imagined.

My wife on an ordinary day, nothing fancy, just out shopping for groceries. I dreamed her and found her. I recommend you try finding your soul-mate this way if dating is not working.

You deserve to create the reality you want in your life. If you do not feel you are worthy or deserve this or feel you are beyond hope, or that stuff does not work, I invite you to read on.

Imagination is where the Divine resides – Fr. Gene

I did it. I had this fantasy about that beautiful dark hair, thin Gothic princesses from Eastern Europe in a beautiful medieval town. I created this fantasy. And now I live it.

In your pursuit of your sweetheart, I ask you to consider my ideas.

Develop a story a fairy-tale a fantasy for this girl to appear in.

The genesis of my fantasy girl and yours

I do not know exactly how my beautiful wife fantasy started. Perhaps I played too many RPG games or read too much Tolkien or escaped from the hard realities of my life throw historical fantasies of my boyhood youth. In the end, I would say that my spirituality and idealism that really shaped my image of her. This middle ages romantic princess was my fantasy girl. I just needed to find her.

You have to ask yourself, what does your fantasy wife look like? How do you see her in your imagination? Now your fantasy girl will look different based on the mythology that feed your subconscious in your youth.

The delusion of “I want a girl” vs. using “visualization to get a girlfriend”

Hey, we all want to marry a cordial girl. But see many people today are deluded that just because they want something, they will get it. Just by saying “I want a lady friend” or I want this specific girl, the universe will send it to you. It does not work that way. It is a modern New Age mythology circulating because some charlatan wrote a book on this idea.

In my experience this is analogous to saying I want a house vs. imagining a house and creating the plans, then building it. The former is just a wish. The latter uses the power of your imagination to motivate you to take concrete steps of action. However, it does one more thing, mental imagery also talks to the universe to help you in your plans.

Look, I am an armchair master of esoteric techniques. Most do not work, but some do. If you want something that will get your courting, try visualization.Look guys, you want a cordial skinny wife that does not hassle you, you have to start asking the Universe.

A note on: Technology ADD vs. the power of the imagination

Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. – Darth Vader

Before you dismiss this post as just another crackpot metaphysical laws of attraction new age idea, and go back to checking (and paying for) your cell phone for text messages from girls that never turn out to be all that, listen to my advice. Take a step back from updating your Facebook, online dating and incessant mobile phone SMS-ing and consider finding a girl the old fashion way, though the power of your imagination.

Behind the veil of this illusionary world is a real girl waiting for you. Try to discover her. It is like she is behind a wall and with the power of your imagination you find what is hidden behind the wall.

The power of technology and tools for dating, is nothing compared to your imagination and connection with the Divine. With faith you can say to the mountains. You do not even need a lot of faith, perhaps just as small as a mustard seed.

  • If you have not moved a mountain in your life with prayer, you are swindling yourself out of your own happiness on this earth.

What really works to get a girl -Try visualization and prayer

  • Nothing is more powerful on this planet than prayer and visualization.

You do not have to change your religion or do anything that violates your ideals. I do not care if you are Muslim or Born Again Christian or Hindu, or some know it all hipster wallowing in an existential malaise, it is all good. Religion is the language we express our connection to the Divine. We all have a spark of the Divine, even if we do not see it in ourselves.

I have found in my life the answers do not come analysis things incessantly, but by doing. So first commit yourself to visualization and prayer and watch your world change romantically.

Forget complex religious ideas and rules or pseudo mystical notions or even ideas like law of attraction. Do not worry too much about Karma as charity covers a multitude of sins and true awareness and a change of heart will cancel out your failings in an instant. Focus on the positive. Do not worry about your past, start living your dream today.

He understood that modeling the incoherent and vertiginous matter of which dreams are composed was the most difficult task that a man could undertake – Circular Ruins – Jorge Luis Borges (Nobel Prize winner).

The Universe will give you only as much as you are willing to give yourself.

Visualization is work, in fact thinking in general is hard work that is why so few people do it. My message to you is this, take the time to visualize and pray. Meditation is too hard for me. I am steeped in western tradition. If you can mediate, more power to you, but I recommend a simple formula of visualization and prayer.

17 visualize love tips

  1. Fairy-tale technique – As you drift to sleep visualize your dream girl. Not a girl you know, but your general outline or shape or characteristic of a girl you might love. See her in a fantasy, a castle or field or beach, or a naturalistic landscape or cityscape. Have escapes and fantasies with her where you are saving her, doing her good or acting our some positive storyline fay-tale. If your fantasy is just of a libidinous nature it will not work. You have to be engaging this girl in a high-minded storyline.
  2. Pink balloon technique – As you drift to sleep, imagine a pink balloon (represents love) and put your intentions in this balloon. Let it go and allow it to drift around the universe to collect energy and fall asleep. This is all you need do to.
  3. Verbal visualization – simply choose a word like “love” or “wife” and repeat it as your drift to sleep and with time the universe will manifest this for you.
  4. Music for inducing visualization – I recommend Loreena Mckennitt or Enya. I know these are cliché but these ladies spend a lot of time thinking about their music and its connection with the other worldly. Ironically both are single or not married; for reasons that are basically connected to they are doing a divine mission on earth.
  5. Third Eye – See the girl of your dreams, in the spot in the center of your lower forehead.
  6. Imagine streaming – This is not as much for finding your love but observing the future and clues. Ask your imagine stream, read up on this technique on Win Wenger’s website about imagine streaming and using the mind to see the future a bit.
  7. Doorway technique – You imagine your self on one side of a door. You see the door in detail and experience yourself there. You open the door and meet your other half.
  8. Stairway induction – Using going down stairs in your imagination to help you relax.
  9. Beautiful garden – I like a forest some people use a garden it could also be on an island or beach.
  10. Purifying your body – Barrie Konicov used an orange-colored liquid to imagine your body as a container filling and emptying.
  11. Imaging yourself in an ancient civilization with your girl – For example imagine you are laying on a stone table with a sheet and a girl comes out in a toga and circles around you while incense is burning with candles illuminating. Allow her to heal you.
  12. Pranic love – Pranic healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, basically using chakras to heal. Imagine the heart chakras of you and a girl meeting and connecting. Most people use pink energy some people use green. It is better to use colors that are on the lighter side or white energy if you are unsure. You could also use various chakras but start with the heart for obvious reasons.
  13. Using MP3s for love and seduction – I would recommend Kelly Howell MP3s, I have thought of making my own but for now hers are good as they use practical application or brainwaves and binaural beats combined with a sweet female voice. You can also get a lot of good ones for free off of YouTube.
  14. Create an atmosphere or temple in a room  –  Sure use candles and incense (not cheap but natural) music anything you like to help you visualize, it is all good.
  15. Your own creative visualization – Use your creativity to develop your own ways to visualize and call the love of your life. Imagine you connecting with her on a high level. Use the language and imagines that speak to you.

If you have more please add them.

Let God be a partner in choosing your mate. Instead of seeing some pretty girl and say I want this girl, as God generally. If you are not getting results examine your life and what is holding you back. I am certain that everyone can have a life partner.

For me the first three are the best, that is verbal visualization, the pink balloon and the fairy-tale princess methods are the best. You do not have to get into the quantum of mental projection. Just use simple ideas for seeing  in your mind’s eye.

With this visualization if you couple it with prayer, it does not have to be the same time, it could be another time during the day the effects are more powerful.

Books I recommend regarding transformation with your mind

Basically any of these books will tell you want I have already written, however, it is good to have a few books by your nightstand to firm up the ideas.

I like older books as they are not written with so much hype, even Ignatian exercises – the Spiritual exercises by Ignatius of Loyola from the 16th century Spain written by a musketeers and playboy whose life took an odd turn.

What I recommend is meet two books: Power of the Subconscious Mind and Creative Visualization. Although the books are a little dated the ideas are much more effective. I think the issue with remote seduction is it is too specific. It is like in Borges story Circular Ruins about a man who created a boy with his imagination, in specific detail. The subconscious mind works mostly in a metaphorical language and general not specific.

Some people like Eastern mysticism like  Vajrayana Buddhism, I am more steeped in western Gnostic tradition. That is hidden knowledge that needs to be revealed almost platonic but through mystical experience rather than rational thought.

The bottom-line is, you do not want to imagine yourself bedding some lady you like, that is nothing more than a fantasy.

Better is to deploy some general beacons to the universe.

The main idea here is as you drift to sleep, you want to either imagine in a balloon (pink seems to be effective) your heart’s desire. And let this go. There is nothing more to do. It floats around the universe collecting energy from to bring it into reality.

Is visualization new age? No. Read Norman Vincent Peale book on Positive Imagining.

When your ship sails in there is little you can do to stop it. Prepare your inner world for the transformation that will happen outside you.

Use your imagination to get a girlfriend – But first look at guys

Your goal is to capture a cordial girl and lock her down via engagement/putting a ring on her figure. Then get married, intimate have a family before she knows what hit her. But to get there you want to increase the odds by doing some simple things about your look. Everyone can be an 8 if they try.

Emulating a look – What you need to do first before we dive into the world of the metaphysical dating is something a bit more concrete and practical. Go on YouTube and watch some videos of cool guys that know about style. I am not talking about some Italiano manboy model that has no bearing to the real world. Instead consider DJs and others that know style generally, you actually might see on the street. Find stylish guys that fit your sense of fashion and try to approximate it. You can watch some pretty boy models but only use them as a conceptual framework, then bring it down to reality.

I think hair spiked up a little, a bit of well-groomed facial hair and tight-fitting shirts and accessories. However, if you are rough macho looking consider a more preppy look. Newsflash – clothes are important to girls, more important than money or job title. A clean, trendy guy will never had trouble with ladys.

What is the purpose of watching guys? – Watching and studying your own gender is basically a ladys method. It is so cliché that girls look at girls more than guys it is not worth mentioning. So learn a lesson from the ladys. But they do not know how to take it to the next level. That is fully engage the power of their imagination to bring it home.

Pray your way out of any situation to a better reality. It works for me.

You want to develop a 3D archetypical holographic image of yourself in your third eye in the center of your forehead). When you focus on this you body will start to respond (with the computer and mobile phone off).

Does remote seduction work?

God thank you for all my unanswered wishes for specific girls

Attracting a girl with remote seduction is a fantasy, real love is done with serious positive visualization.

I will lay all the cards on the table, remote seduction does not work. See remote seduction is more connected with a specific girl. Attracting a specific girl in my experience does not work. You have to charm her and get her to fall in love with you and then ask God to guide you if you should marry her. However, remote seduction using things like ‘the fireball’ technique etc, to make a girl fall in love with you is magical thinking or a cognitive illusion. It is too specific. The Universe for me has not granted be specific things, but rather guided me generally.

My early experiences with remote psychic seduction mediation nonsense

During early adolescence I had a crush on my best friends sister. Along with my other childhood friend Scott, we theorizes that we could increase the odds of having her like us, if we practiced visualization techniques, what is today called remote seduction.

If you are not romantic, start trying.

As I got more desperate with women I tried mind techniques multiple times, trying to perfect them and vary them. Nothing worked. In fact, It could have had the a slightly reverse effect. I would smile at the girl I had been targeting with remote seduction and they would giggle and walk away. Not the good giggle, like this guy is so cordial, but more this guy is such a geek giggle.

Remote seduction is about targeting the object of your affection with mental imagines in your mind’s eye. Would that not be great is this really worked? Imagine the possible. For me it never did. The universe does not work like that, for a reason.

I do not think it is magical thinking or supernatural, rather more a pseudo science half truth. But for me it seems to work.

  • What does work to get your fair maiden? Prayer and visualization.

An answer to the skeptics about using visualization to help your dating

Technology aside how does reality look for you?

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Shakespeare

I am a cohesive skeptic and love reading the skeptical inquirer and the ideas of the free thought society. I am not a super-naturalism and believe in nothing of that sort, and even believe quantum physics and Brownian motion is more about observability. Yet in my own experiences and most likely yours, ideas like Karma, Prayer and the power of the subconscious, seems to work in ways we do not understand.


God does not play dice with the universe – Einstein

God sets up the rules of the game and does not violate his constructs.


God not only plays dice with the universe, he sometimes throws them in places we are not looking.

What has been your experience in life?

For get the smoke filled single’s bars like above, and consider the real power of using dipping into the collective unconsciousness and touching your future lady friend.

I think for any aware human being the answer is obvious.

Still need some more inspiration.

What scientific proof do I have?

God is the objective operating in the subjective – Hans Kung

If you have come looking for some concrete method of imagineering that would dazzle the long-term crank and skeptic the Amazing Randi, you will not find it.


God sets up the rules of the game but does not violate them.

Just because you are not aware of all the rules of the Universe does not mean it is not valid. Further just because there are rules in the game, it does not mean there are not dice also. We are strains of energy between heaven and earth. Somewhere deep in your heart you know this. Even this most harden cynic can not answer the question about why we are something and not nothing, why is there anything at all. Maybe there is more to the universe than meets the eye. I invite anyone to counter this.

Eventually some random girl will just appear out of nowhere and she will be your destiny, not planned. There is no way you can predict or foresee these things. It will just happen.

Getting back to dating

What does this have to do wooing and coquetting with ladys? Everything.

The dating part is up to you, but to stack the odds on your side: relax and do some guided or unguided visualization and ask God to help you find the love of your life.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 thoughts on “Visualization to attract a girl and make her love you”

  1. The reason people do not believe in visualization for finding a spouse is because it boarders on so many fringe beliefs. I believe in visualization but I really do not think love spells or other silly ideas work. Maybe they do, but if I could just get a guy or date with a love spell I think it would be too easy.

    For example, I mean I was watching the film Dracula and there is a scene in the movie where he just thinks, at a passing woman, ‘look’ and she looks and notices him. Would that not be great?

    This is as you say magical thinking.The world does not work like this as much as we all wish it did. I wish my just thinking I could get someone to notice me. I would love that. I could look at an attractive guy and with ESP or whatever just have him notice me then spin my web, just joking.

    But really ESP and Vampire powers are as far out as you can get from rational thinking.

    Similarly many people are looking for answers in ancient Shamanism, which is popular in Siberia for example and exported to the metropolis of Moscow for example.

    But I do not think I will find any answers about love from some guy in an animal fur coat and claws.

    Now that being said, all ideas are based on something. I think that something is a combination of a deep unconscious wish or desire, and when you mix mating and reproduction, this is one of the deepest urges of mankind. so people will start to use love spell and magic. These again are in the realm beyond logic.

    So I do not believe in fantasy love or some movie star will be stranded with me on a tropical island, nor would I want that.

    I agree with the post that a simple formula of visualization can transform when stripped of mumbo jumbo.

    I think visualization works because it is the language of the subconscious communicating with the collective unconsciousness and fishing for the person destiny is suppose to connect you with.

    I am a single Russian girl and I am going to stay away from anything too occult because it is against my core Christian beliefs but I think prayer, meditation, visualization and even lucid dreaming are not any contradiction of my ideals. These are ways the Absolute has communicated with people through the ages and in the holy books.

  2. Why would you not include how long you visualized to receive your wife? How many months? How many hours a day?

    1. Time and duration does not matter. What matters is the purity in your heart. For example, I was doing bad things in my life and the universe did not allow me to go to the next level until I worked on cleaning up some my pride and anger for example. Once you work on things like this then visualization is more powerful. Charity covers a multitude of sins and clears a lot of negative things.

      I did visualization 5 minutes before bed for many months. It takes a long time for life to change. I mean if I was married to my job, which I was there was no way my world would have changed. If I was a player and lost all my ideals then I would not have seen the beauty of my wife.

      Your results will depend on how deep your karmic issues are and how the universe wants you to work them out. It is not like buying or bribing for a wife, it is more like learning the lessons you need and then sending the message out to the universe. You do not have to be perfect, just trying.

      Also I changed my style, it helped a lot. Brooks Brothers or Hollister, it does not matter but you need to dress like a proper gentleman and you will be unstoppable.

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