Lazy dating equals no prince or princess

Harvard geneticists, George M. Church  wants to clone a Neanderthal and have a woman surrogate carry the baby. This would bring cavemen back to the earth. Maybe this is not a bad thing. Think about how lazy we have become in our dating process. Men and women in the 21st century hide in their apartment caves except for excursions to work,their local Wholefoods and yoga/Pilates class and an occasional guy or girls night out and a random hook up from a dating site. My question to you is where is your courage man (girl)? What is happening here, are we all becoming like Morlocks from H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’?

Another valentine alone – here is why

Most guys (and girls) looking for a mate are lazy as a sloth. After putting in their grinding ten hours a day at the office, being a super hero and dancing around their boss’ every whim; when it comes to finding a mate, someone you will spend the rest of your life with, they take the path of least resistance.

The average single comes home, puts on their comfortable baggy sweatpants and slippers, starts dinner and surfs the web, checking Facebook, LinkedIn (yes people flirt with LinkedIn) and their dating site of choice, lets say for example.

I do not care if you have no money – you can travel the world – a a true woman is won by authenticity.

Geographically desirable dating is for losers

They turn on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone and search dating sites for girls they would not have to drive to far to meet. Geographically desirable dating is one of the lamest ways to find your other half. Get a life. You are searching and dreaming of the person you are going to spend eternity with. Why limit yourself to the girl or guy next door? Why not find your true one and only with courage? If you are such a super star in your career, working nights and weekends, why not go the extra mile to find your destiny?

For example, the girls that are my neighbors are, two obese college students addicted to their cell phones and two middle age divorced ladies who smoke. If I extend this net out beyond my condo complex it does not get much better.

Look beyond the ordinary and start to dream – then take concrete steps to find what you are looking for.

What about speed dating?

Singles are desperate and impatient, they do speed-dating and hope to find a lifelong partner in minutes. Speed-dating is another form of people who are lazy and opting for geographically desirable partners over the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend.

My solution for finding enchantment

If you are lonely search the world for your love. Pull out all stops and surrender your ego and admit you want to find love and take action proportional to your desire. If you have weak desire and a limp lets say, ‘libido’, the plain Jane next door will do. If you want to find your Helen of Troy, then launch a thousand ships and take up arms against your sea of troubles and find her.

Weak hormone strategy of mating vs. strong hormone play

If you have a strong limbic urges, search the world. If you have a weak hormone level, than maybe the girl or guy in a ten-mile radius will do. The Bible says ‘seek and you will find’. Try to understand your search for love, not as something that you keep on the down low, but as a badge of courage. Do not be afraid to admit you are single, rather take action without limits or boundaries, especially geographical.

The drive to find a wife or husband needs to be courageous

Hormones are the impetus for action. Do you have impetus or are you impo…? If you are healthy than these chemical messengers should motivate you to find the optimal spouse for reproduction. If you are a slothful dater, then examine if your degenerated diet plays a role. Or perhaps you have psychosocial attachment to your mother, or culturally determined mores shackle your DNA’s drive for mating. Healthy Homo sapiens have something akin to Pon farr (Alpha memory Vulcan dating reference), that will stop at nothing to find and capture their companion.

Go for what you want, instinctively, even if you have to travel the world to find the one.

Girls tool cool to date swindling themselves out of their own lives

Why are people are ashamed of admitting they are lonely? I have no idea. Somehow in American culture girls like to say ridiculous things like ‘I do not need a guy’ or ‘let’s meet but it is not a date’. In fact the word “date” is almost taboo. It has to be something else, something that will say, ‘I am so cool and independent that I do not need a guy’, while their ovaries are aching so bad each month they are neurotic about food and shopping or find some random guy in a club to have a relationship with. That is they have a psychological conflict between their real human side and culturally determined signals.

One million years of evolution vs. modern cultural messages

Girls are designed to find a guy, mate with him frequently and have babies. Why all the pretending? Everything they do from spending an inordinate amount of time on their looks and style is because they want to reproduce. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet, materialistic culture messes with their heads. Nature wants us to reproduce and so do all major religions. What is so wrong with it?

Visualize your dream, then actualize by holding nothing back and be the archetypal hero or heroine that saves the day and wins true love.

Me, I decided not to put up with all the nonsense in my own culture, where up is down and down is up, and traveled the world. Sure there are nice girls in the USA, but consider my point. You work so hard at your job, you should work a zillion times harder at finding true love. Because true love is the only thing that will bring you happiness.

What specifically to do to find your other half

Since you cannot not just order a wife, you need to think of plan B. If you have ever considered meeting a girl outside a dating site via a search for girls 18-35 within a 25 mile radius of your zip code, let me tell you what to do. Get a plane ticket and fry away and meet your mate, a foreign lady friend or groom.

Do not be scammed or pay out the wazoo for a foreign lady friend tour. Do you want to meet a lady whose beauty and virtue is intertwined? Listen up, I know what I am talking about,I lived in Eastern Europe for about a decade. I meet my wife in Eastern Europe. I did not meet her on a foreign lady friend tour. I was just a world traveler and it happened. I traveled on a shoe string and it takes no money. It just takes courage.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to travel the world and find your prince or princess.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

7 thoughts on “Lazy dating equals no prince or princess”

  1. I wasted far too much of my life chasing American women. No matter what they say they want, their hormones rule. They want looks, money and a big thinggy.
    There is simply no good side to dating American women. Its a lose/lose proposition.
    I did go out of my country, and it was the greatest adventure of my life. I married a gorgeous little lady 20 years younger, and after 11 years of marriage we have the 3 cutest little boys on earth.
    If you want a younger lady, try the Philippines. If you want a stupefyingly beautiful lady, check out Russia, and if you want a lady who is in her 40’s or 50’s and still stunning, check out the Chinese ladies.
    All of these countries are bursting with attractive women who are attracted to Western men. They treat their sweety as if they really care, not with contempt. They have traditional goals, and care about the family, not just chasing the career buck.
    Western men have been reduced to donors or stepping stools by Western women, and indeed, most men now would rather hook-up until the PMS gets them, then replace. But you CAN have a real relationship and marriage with an attractive woman who does not hate you.

  2. I notice that you put alot of emphasis on having children, but is that truly necessary in your opinion? I don’t feel like having children is right for me, I’ve never felt the wanting for children or particulary maternal. I think that because of this that I shouldn’t have any, that children should be born to parents that truly want to be parents, and that I should be involved with children without being a parent, like through volunteering or teaching. Is there a problem with my not wanting to be a parent?

    1. Hmmm, you seem ready to fight for your sterile choices.
      Certainly, choosing not to reproduce, for solid, self-honest reasons is a valid choice. But, this choice, and a number of others, are only possible in a high tech society. Not only that, but one where the majority still adhere to the normal reproduce and keep civilization viable norm.
      In our free society, you are entitled to free choice, but make no mistake, your choices are only possible because others make the self sacrifices necessary to raise kids and support all the functions that make selfish choices like yours possible. You enjoy the fruits of others labor, in addition to your own.
      Your post was interesting, your question phrased in a way so as to be non-combative, so I guess you are looking for an honest answer.
      I did not marry until age 44. No kids until age 48. I often wondered if I should have kids at me age. Now I have 3 small boys.
      Before, I indulged every interest. Now? I imitate my self-sacrificing parents, who raised 9 kids. My boys are my heart, I have no regrets.

    2. Kids are always optional in life, but why not? I can not imagine life without my family. I do everything I did when I was single and more. I life history so I took my daughter to the old fort in town and she loved it. I am a dual citizen and we travel all over with her. My single friends that feel family or children is a burden live in man caves or women cat houses and become strange.

      However, there is nothing morally wrong with not having children, especially if you dedicate your life to the humble service of others. But if you take your gifts God gives you, that is life and use it for 88 years of self gratification, I would question why?

      1. You hit it on the head with your comment about “sitting in their caves and becoming strange”
        I married late, but I had an older brother who never did. After I married and had kids, I often saw him in a totally different light. He seemed so fixated and concerned with things that seemed trivial to me now. He often came across as ‘strange’ to me, but at the same time, very much like me.
        I think if I was single, or married without children, it would be a good idea to get involved in real life, helping others, and not stupid political stuff that only benefits corrupt politicians in the end. Real humane stuff.

  3. Thank you for your response, and thank you for be honest and respectful but you seem to think that not having children is selfish, I don’t understand why, I guess I feel like having children that I’m not fully committed to having would be more selfish as I wouldn’t be able to give them the love and understanding they deserve. And as I said I would still want to be involved with children just not as a parent.
    I’m not trying to be defensive, I’m just trying to understand your opinion.

    1. I do understand where you are coming from. We are all different. Each person has a different hormonal and biological code and psychological experiences. One million years of evolution generally guides people to reproduction yet some people are not into it. I do not know why, however, in my opinion it is a different hormonal profile or experiences growing up.

      Maybe you are young like 21 years old and your mind will change. Every girl I know says this before she meets her one and only. Once she does, I have seem the strong willed set in her ways, gals change their mind 180 degrees. I would have to have more information about you but you should not feel bad about yourself.

      Accept and love yourself but ask why, be open to the possibility that maybe life could move in different ways that you imagine.

      If someone told me that my life would go as it would, I would have thought they were joking. If I could have shown my 21 year old self my life now, I think I would have not believed it.

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