• This website is about finding the love of your life.  If you follow my advice you will find love.

I have started to write a book that is more methodical, however, this website is a good place to start.

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My name is Mark Biernat.  I am very happily married to the girl of my dreams. I am not an expert on dating or love. I do not put myself out there as that. However, if you consider my ideas,  I am confident you will find yourself happily  married with a family. In real life I am an Economics Professor. In fact, my students do not even know I have this website. So if you know someone in my college economics class, you do not have to tell them.

Why I created this site?

I created this site to show other people around the world that the world is full of possibilities. Be open to the idea that just because you live in one place in the world does not mean that your princess does not waits for you  on the other side of the world.

  • Finding your other half is the most important thing you do in your life. If you have love, nothing else matters.

Money and job and arrogance of intelligence  – I think we know now is a joke this life plays on us to distract us from our true purpose. – Mark Biernat

If you find the girl or guy of your dreams it will make your life a fairy-tale.

The fairy-tale princess from your childhood dreams and the unspoken prayers of your heart does exist. You just have to find her.  Job, money, lifestyle, does not matter. Trust me. Only love makes the world go around.

When you are gone you can not take anything with you, except love.

So please listen to my words. Find the love of your life.

True love does exist

I have a particular view on finding love you will not find elsewhere. In fact some of my ideas might see hard to take up. I never say it is easy. I only say, you have to have confidence and courage that if your quest is pure you will live a fairy-tale.

Diverse website

I love all people of the world. This community is a discussion on helping people meet from all over the world. Please be positive and do not talk down any group or individuals, just because although we are all different in culture and thoughts, I believe we are truly one world.

Honor our differences and try to see the light of God in everyone, even if they do not see it in themselves.

A note on terminology
Of course when I use the term “girl” that is to mean women over the age of 21. Girl is a sweet term applied to women (lets not be so language PC that we cheat ourselves out of the language of love) .   My 97 year old Uncle Pete’s had a Swedish girlfriend, like in her 80s. So do not get confused with terminology here. I love calling my wife “my girl” or “girlfriend” in the most innocent romantic sense.

  • If there is anything that is not G (or maybe PG rated) on this site make me aware and I can change it. I want to make this as appropriate as possible.

We all add up to 100%, our genetics and gender do not determine our worth in this world, as we are all children of God. We need to treat everyone with respect as you would a brother or sister. Our mission is to make the world a better place.

Therefore, when dating and searching for a soulmate keep this in mind. Find someone high minded and idealistic like yourself so together, whether it is in the context of starting a family, or helping those who have lost their way in life and need a hand, take the attitude of humility, compassion and non-judgment on all people.

Disclaimer. If anything I write here is contrary to law, obey the law in any country. This site can be interpreted as a work of fiction not factual advice.

If you want to connect with me, Mark Biernat you can here:

Mark Biernat email contact: mark@claritaslux.com

Or best is to leave a comment on the page about dating and relationships that you have a question about. I can help guide you to find your other half.