Why relationships succeed

Relationships succeed for one very simple reason: The people are similar in their world view in a radical way. That is, religious or philosophical ideals that crystallizes their vision of the world and modus operandi in the world, this is  manifest in each person humbles and submits themselves to the other, this is love. Once […]

Prague girls

If you want to find Prague women read this post.  I am from the US but have lived in Eastern Europe for many years now and know Eastern European girls and where to find them if you are looking for love. In this post I will tell you the best places in Prague to meet […]

Good Ukrainian Catholic girls – Romantic and idealistic

Romanticism in Europe including Ukraine stems from a mixture of Christian ideals and a current in the collective unconsciousness of European culture.  You can say romanticism is a human universal because courtship is a culturally accepted ritualization of instinctive needs for physical relations with the opposite gender. However, from country to country how this is […]