Meeting and dating a Russian girls for love

This is the only guide to meeting a Russian girl you will ever need for American or Western European men. Newsflash: The heady days right after the break up of the Soviet Union are over. In the 1990s you could fly to Eastern Europe wearing cargo shorts and American t-shirt, not speak a word of Russian and a big innocent American smile on your face and women would flock to you like you are a movie star.

However, times have changed. If you want to chat up a Russian girl you need to know what you are doing. You do not need money that is for sure. I outlined in my other post about women and money, cash might get some girls excited, but does not create magic for the type of girls I recommend. If you want to win a Russian girls heart for love you need to enchant them, put a spell on them and spin them around.

Russian girls models

Dramatic looking Russian girls who could be models or at least actresses, but most likely just having some fun.

Basics for charming a Russian lady

  • Have a purpose other than picking up woman in Russia – Men are too direct and straight, too much cream not enough milk.  Everything about woman is about the dance. If you are going to Russia you can not tell the girls, I am here to meet a wife. It might work, but I think would turn more women off than it would work on. The ones it might work on are desperate for some reason. Nobody wants to join a club that would have them as a member that easy. Think about it. Therefore, have a secondary purpose that will shine as your primary purpose for traveling to Russia. Your purpose might be to learn some Russian for a couple of weeks. It might be a cultural interest in the country. You could go to Russia as you love Russian caviar, going to a chess camp, visit Russian churches or simply just a tourist. I think  learning the Russian language, even at the basic level is a very good reason. You do not even need to enroll in a school, just learn a few phases before you go and practice on the street. This is how I did and do it.
  • Learn Russian – a few words– At this point, everyone is usually rolling their eyes and telling me they are bad with languages. They have not the gift for languages is what I hear ad nauseum.   I have taught 100s and 100s of  students languages and they all say they stink with languages. Further they will tell me some fable about someone they  know who is a language genius, that just picked up Russian or English because it was in the air. This is a myth. I teach and learn languages in Europe. I only know people who learned Russian or any languages because they did one step at a time. Learn a few verbs and phrases and then practice them with some pretty Russian Studentka. They will be happy to help you in all cases. I have never been turned down that I can remember. When it comes to languages Eastern European girls are really helpful and will want to practice their English with you. Remember Russian girls and Eastern European girls have a lot of intellectual curiosity, especially in high-minded things like languages, culture, music and literature. This is not Anytown, USA.
  • Try a different style to catch the eye of a Russian girl – I am not saying wearing a suit to a disco, which would be interesting and attract girls, but dress well. Americans, which I am one, tend to dress with less style.  A crew cut and sneakers will not turn heads in Moscow.  Further, the American treehugger look will not fly with a devetchka from Moskva. You can wear sneakers if they are cool and clean. But do not be the average Johnny. Have a nice stylish hair cut.  Americans cut their hair close their head. Remember hair is a secondary sex characteristic and an expression, if you have it, flaunt it. I spike my hear up a little. Wear a nice white designer t-shirt or stylish button down or one of those black mountain climbing shirts.  Lose weight. You do not have to be some guy with big arms and a tight silk shirt with white pants and skinny legs and sandals on a cell phone, but try to look cool.
  • Be Apple pie for a Russian girl to like you – Life is hard. I do have to tell you that. Everyone has family, money, health and existential issues in life that weights them down. If you can be an easy-going cool sunny American, Russian girls will love you as long as you accent it with some seriousness and intellectual curiosity. Many Russian girls see America from the movies or on some trip they took once to the USA. These were vacation memories where everything shines. Play up some of that mythology that American is the land of dreams and fun, not by talking about it but by being a light a breezy guy. Does this sound superficial? It is not. We all know life is hard but the less we dwell on life’s sores the better.
  • If you want a princess be a prince –  Class and charm will always win over money or anything base or primative. Moscow or St. Petersburg or village girls want a real prince. Read to them, kiss their hand go to church with them. Be a prince.

    Russian girl princess

    Princesses are everywhere on the streets of Russian waiting to be rescued.

If all else fails trick a Russian girl

This comes under the category of all is fair in love and war. My story of my Moscow adventure started like this. When I first went to Moscow my world (after I did all the sight-seeing) consisted of McDonald’s (food), Starbucks (checking e-mails) and the Metro (getting from point A to B).  Now I was riding the metro in Moscow and not married and I noticed that girls where not checking me out. There were 40 something devetchki looking down but not at me. I was like what is going on here. Even in anti-male Boston on the red line though Cambridge I might get a glance. I am not a movie star just an average guy, but this is nature forces more powerful are at work. I meditated on the situation.

I realised that I was not marriage material for these leggy Russian girls. I was just another tourist passing though or some business consultant on a gig that would be gone in a week or two. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Russian girls want guys for marriage and home not some guy blowing through town to break their hearts or use them.

I changed my style and attitude. I did not do the typical tourist, expat thing but rather sat on a bench and tried to read a Russian newspaper, even a few words and fed the pigeons with old bread. I went to bookshops and places that expats and tourists would not go. I ate in cafeteria style greasy spoon dinners with eating Russian borsch. I dressed less like a tourist and more like a person living here for the longer term. I paid for some day passes at a gym, not at the Sheraton hotel but a local pumping iron free weight place. I took some aerobics classes in the evening after ‘work’ when it was packed with office girls.  When I left my apartment in the morning I left at the same time and took the same train and look as if I was going to work. I also did the same around rush hour on the way back. I would get my coffee at the same shop every morning at the same time. After about two weeks of this routine, Russian girls started to notice me. I was no longer a one-off guy but someone who might live there for the longer term and with a purpose.

Zag to get girls to notice you

You do not have to go to the same extreme I did but the rule in life is when people zig you have to zag. When every guy off the plane from the land of Apple pie are doing the same thing, do the opposite.

This gets your foot in the door. That is all. The rest is you have to sell yourself.

What to talk about with a Russian woman

Anything that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the stock market, talk about it. I personally thing trading stocks are the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  If you love something classical like literature, even better. I actually do. I read Russian fairy-tales, literature and a real Russian history buff. I used to know by heart all the Russian rulers starting with Kievan Rus and the Primary chronicle in the 800s. You know stuff like that, it is better than having money in Moscow.  Smile and be a flirt. Learn some Love Phrases in Russian. Even if you never master Russian learn about Slavic language and culture in general. I have a lot of interesting things on the root of this site.

One sensitive topic – I am a religious guy. So much so my bed room use to look like a medieval church with Icons and crosses.  I also recommend a spiritual girl for a mate as if you are going for your soul mate then they have to believe in a soul. However, when you talk to girls be a flirt, do not start off with the heavy serious stuff. Be light. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Be light not heavy, if it is in your nature to be spiritual than this will come up anyway in conversation and you can talk to her about it, but do not start with this (I actually use to and it was OK but not magic).

What about Internet dating before you go to Russia?

Sure have some back up Russian girls mobile numbers  in your black book, but once you get there, more often than not, the girl working at the flower kiosk or you meet on the street will more to your liking than a girl off a Russian dating site, unless it is a real Russian dating site like from  Here is a real one:

  • Russian girls dating – I recommend you try this site or at least browse it for a specific location. For nothing else to see how different Russian ladies are than our Western gals. Use a translate tool if you need it. Or just to Top-100 to see some models who are really nothing more than the girl next door living in some block of flats and would love to meet you.
  • Look  on my website for other websites  where you can find Russian princesses,  I have mentioned them a lot, no need to duplicate anything.
Russian bride photo

Capture the bride. Go to Russia, find her, slay her dragons and fears and rescue her. Every Russian girl wants to be rescued and be a bride. Trust me they dream of it.

Women from Russian – I am your resource

My whole website is jam-packed with info so explore it and put the pieces together about CIS ladies.  The CIS is candyland if your intentions are pure and honorable. Even if you did not find everything you need in this post, then I will be your resource.  You do not have to be an American guy, peace and love I believe your other half could come from any nationality or culture.

If you have any questions about women from Eastern Europe, or how to travel there or get a visa for Russia or information that might help you I would be more than happy to reply. This site is not about picking up women for fun and to satiate your appetite for pleasure, so keep it real.  I am an American that has lived in Eastern Europe for a long while and I have a perspective on the culture of the Slavic world and dating and romance within. It is not America, that is for sure.  Ask any question you like in the comment section.  I will tell it to you straight, no sales and no alternative motives other than to get you to find your princess. I did and I live a fair-tale everyday.