Dating websites to find Italian girls

Italian dating websites for finding Italian girls and a mediation on Italian female beauty

“Ugly Italian”, I have never heard anyone say such a thing. Why? You know why, Italy is a land of beautiful people. I do not know if it the mild climate, that gives Italian girls the right pigmentation hue or the natural diet of rich in the antioxidants of rosemary, garlic, and oregano or simply they are a nice combination of Etruscan, Elymians and Sicani under the layer of Latin, Greek and Celtic Indo-European. In Western culture, Italy is synonymous with love, romance and fashion. If you are looking for an Italian girls mobile number or online for a dating profile, I do not blame you. The purpose of this writing is to give guys looking for true love with an Italian princess a starting point.

A curvaceous Italian lady in a t-shirt. Note the fair-hair, which is common in Northern Italy.  If I was there I would just chat her up and get her mobile number, would you?

 Beautiful Italian women portrayed in classical art

I am a lifelong connoisseur of art. If you could judge the beauty of females just based on art, I think Italy would rank at the top of the reviews. Below is my favorite art, I have actually seen.

  • Frescoes in Pompeii and Herculaneum painters lost in the history – features such shapely Latin women. I went there and was amazed how eros roamed the streets. Women were barely dresses, I have even heard that women walked down the street with no clothes.
  • Abduction of the Sabine women by Nicolas Poussin – Semi-mythological based on fact. The painting temps the imagination of every man and woman. I am a peaceful guy, but show me a human on earth male or female that has not had a fantasy like this, that is to skip the dating phase and just carry the woman of your choice away and make her your wife. Even women think this way deep down, that is to be swept off their feet. The painting is in the Met in NYC if you want to see it for yourself and meditate on the subconscious of human fantasy which modern society has painted over. I mean look at all the Vampire chronicles, the idea of being overpowered by someone beautiful.
  • Venus of Urbino – By Titan – A lady laying across a day-bed exposed and waiting. However, the beauty is in her face and the colors. It is a medication on feminine beauty. You know I write a lot about skinny girls but this is an exception.
  • The Birth of Venus or La Primavera by Botticelli – He must have based these images of adoration on someone in Venice or Florence and their descendents not doubt live there today. I mean how could these genes not reproduce, with such exquisite pulchritude of Italian female form.

7 free Italian dating websites for single Italian girls

These are dating websites actually used in Italy by Italians. They are not some Americanized localized dating sites. Personal in Italy are used, but not in the same way as the States. The family structure is intact and women are more inclined to date respectable chivalrous men rather than speed dating or three times a charm type relationships. My recommendation is set up a profile, take your time to present honest robust information about what you are seeking and what you are about in an authentic way. Most dating site profiles are too generic. You need to bring in unique elements, whether it is an artisticphotoor romantic love phrases combined with painting a picture about your life story.

  • – Browse profile and read announcements. Libero is the center for Italy.
  • – More for chatting off the same popular Italian portal above.
  • – I would use this, it has a clean interface and a trustworthy website. This is my top recommendation of this review because it mirrors the English language website, hence makes navigation intuitive even without a translate tool.
  • International social site with a strong Italian following, of course FB ranks high.
  • – More for English language people
  • – Not a dating site but rather the Craiglist or Gumtree of Italy, I only put it here as a resource of you are trying to relocate to Italy or go on vacation. So indirectly it could help your search for love.

Considerations when looking for love in Italia

Italy has a similar North South divide like the USA. The North is industrial and organized and the South is more laid-back. Weather influences people. There is not optimal range which ripens the fruits as different climate produce different nectar. I am partial to the south of Italy which is Naples and below because the people are poorer, more religious and friendlier. I know these are clichés, but consider how nice it would be to marry a humble Italian girl from the village.

What you get with a Southern Italian wife? A lifetime of good cooking, faithful allegiance and a warm family. Even if you have to leave your own country and live in Italy on a visa or to get an Italian citizenship through marriage would that be all that bad?

Central Romans are also nice as is the North even if it is a but Westernized and more materialistic. Some of the richest regions in the world are in the Po River valley. When I was in high school we had an assignment in history class as to the ideal place to live on earth if we were settlers. I choose Northern Italy between the Alps and the Adriatic. My point is if you can find a nice moglie Italiana or marita than worse case you have a relaxed life.

  • Dialects of Italy –  Remember Proper Italian is the language of the country and pretty easy to learn but at home. Just a point to consider. If you really want to win the heart of an Italian girl learn some dialect. Can you imagine if you learn the Neapolitan dialect and take a girl on the Amalfi coastline for a drive?

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I think prejudices are useful to get an idea but they are not the truth at all. I am a 23 years old Italian girl and I traveled in many countries, I had a wonderful exchange with Australia, a study holiday both in Ireland and Oklahoma all of which were in home families, I met wonderful people and in Oklahoma a nice and good looking guy asked me to stay with him and then marry him but I said no because, at that time, I wanted to stay with an Italian guy, now, after 3 years I am not with him anymore because of some incomprehension, I don’t look at how you’re dressed at all and in my love stories I’ve always followed my heart. I search a good looking guy, with personality, who is sweet, brave, not afraid of distance and supportive, every guy tell me I am good looking, sweet and honest and I don’t feel to be like those Italian es you described at all, actually I don’t feel 100% Italian because I am much more open minded and not a . I would love to have an American guy because of the language (I love) and mentality and maybe live in the USA only if I think he could be my true love. Or let him live here and then decide what we want to do.

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