What is attractive on a girl

What is attractive on a girl?

Who am I am why do I know about what looks good on girls. I am an American living in Europe.  I also have two sisters, a wife and a daughter.  I have a lot of respect for women.  I am also honest. I am not trying to sell you anything an not a company.  I write my own language learning software.  I am writing this because I feel a lot of women are mislead as to what is good looking and what they should buy.  Companies spend lots of money on trying to convince you what is attractive on girls.  My guy friends and I are all pretty good looking, intellectual and I think they would also agree with my views.  Some guys will disagree but beauty is subjective.  I do not dance around the issue, I tell you what I honestly think.  If you disagree please let me know.  But what I write might shock you.

Lets start with what is not attractive on a girl

Here is my list of things that are things that detract from a girls beauty.

  • Hair color changes are not attractive on girls.  Most girls hair looks fried, that is, their coloring damages their hair.  Also the hair looks fake.  I like real.  I do not like fake. Guys like real girls. Hair is big money and big business.  Give your wallet a break and try your natural color and you will see more guys will respond.  I know girls will protest, but this is true. Natural looks great. I personally have some of the most attractive shinny hair, I get girls asking me all the time what I do.  I wash it with only natural soap, but eat well and take vitamins.  A very natural diet, no caffine or junk.
  • Too much make up is not attractive on a girl.  Basically a little lipstick is all girls need.  If your skin is not perfect spend money on vitamins or something very natural that will help heal your skin not mask it. Do not be affraid of imperfections.
  • Too much grooming.  American girls have tons of cash and spend it on their looks.  Every eyebrow and part of them looks like a well manicured lawn in suburbia, nothing out of place. This is boring.  I like the wild, rustic look. Something thick eye browse look great.
  • Body hair is good except on the face. Women are have OCD about shaving everything.  They should go easy on themselves.  It is instinctive to like hair, hair on a girl is good.  Sure shave your legs but do not go crazy. Girls care more than guys.  Girls do should not feel the need to pluck everything off so they look like a girl.  Be a women, this is attractive.
  • Shoulder length hair is not attractive.  For me, shoulder length hair means,  I do not want long beautiful hair as its too much work, nor do I have the guts to do something radical like cut it real short. So I will be another boring girl with a bob.
  • Tattoos, I want a girl not a sailor.
  • Facial moles, very not cool if they are big an ugly. I do not recommend many body modifications, but mole removal is not bad if it is ugly.
  • Fat is not attractive.  I like skinny girls as most guys do. This is why I think European, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish girls are much more attractive than American girls. Argue all you want, a girl who is skinny is attractive, a size 8 is not.
  • Girls that are not humble are perhaps the biggest turn off.
  • Perfume, its just petrochemicals on your body, why not use your own pheromones, this is attractive 100%.
  • High heels look very uncomfortable to me and therefore no attractive.
  • Foul language, smoking etc.
  • Jewlery and anything in excess.

What than makes a girl look attractive?

Here is a list of thing that I think are attractive on a girl:

  • Long hair or really short hair.
  • Girls that show their face and do not cover it with hair.
  • Thin girls.
  • Glasses or not.
  • Tight jeans and a t-shirt.
  • See though shirts or tops.
  • Earth tones or spring colors.
  • Girls that keep fit.
  • If you want to drive guys crazy try not wearing a bra.
  • Girls that eat healthy are attractive.
  • Brains and humility is attractive as well as wise girls. Stupid material girls are not.

In summary what is attractive on a girl?

Girls that spend money on looks are rarely attractive.  Girls that walk a lot, and wear clothes that are not to pricey, jeans and a nice top or sweater, earth colors.  Natural hair and look and lifestyle are beautiful.  Basically do not spend money on making yourself look good.  Any girl in Eastern Europe spending little, to no money on their looks, look great. Romanian, Russian girls etc total incomes might be a few hundred dollars a month. These European girls look much better than her American counter part spending cash on herself.  If you want to really attract guys play chess, read books, do yoga, learn a language.  This for me is interesting and attractive on a girl.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Size 8 is 38 in Europe and that IS skinny, you crazy dude. I am sure you are corpulent, bold and terribly unattractive. Only losers like you search outside of the US/UK.

And, FYI, I am a good-looking Central European woman [able to spell and speak in complete sentences], and I would never date a guy like you. I lived in the States, went to college and medical school there and found out that US men are not attractive. I was even hunted by a man who wanted me for precisely the criteria that you listed and he failed miserably. In short, advice to all men reading this site: Do not travel to Eastern or central Europe [ and definitely stay away from Slovenia !] For thin girls unless you are f….ing beautiful yourself, too. Do not fool yourself that European girls would go for you just because you have a US passport [those days are gone, buddy]

Lina, thank you for your reply on my post about what is attractive in girls. However, I respectfully disagree.

In life there are two things: Fun and unfun. Dating a skinny girl is fun. Dating a corpulent girl is unfun.

You are wrong:

1. I am an EU and American citizen and live in Eastern Europe.
2. If you went to medical school as your distastefully boast, you should know studies going back to the Renaissance in Italy when two doctors did a personal test and both lived to almost 100. Today there are many studies such as: Anderson, M.; Shanmuganayagam, D.; Weindruch, R. (2009). “Caloric restriction and aging: studies in mice and monkeys”. Toxicologic pathology – that highly correlate longevity and health with caloric restriction and conversely correlates corpulent with degenerative problems. Or even in a more simplistic measure the hip to waist ratio. Fat women is nothing to laugh at or make fun of, it is a medical and psychological problem.
3. I would not flatter myself I would be worthy of your affection, but do not be so presumptuous that you are a guy magnet. In fact, size 8 on a girl for me, is corpulent and not attractive for a girl. Therefore, unfun. And when that size eight is older it will be a size 14, very unfun. I want a girl with self respect that can control herself for her health and medical reasons as well as ascetics. Being over weight is usually a sign of lack of self control. She will be the same girl that yells at you, and you will reply as always: ‘uhh, what did I do this time?” But generally skinny women have more self respect and control.
4.You make some very rude generalizations about Americans and British and even bald guys.
5. I edited your reply as you used caps, and even implied a swear, a vulgar word. I think many girls who lived in America are aggressive, swear and are angry.
6. Love sees with the heart and not with the eyes. – This is the most important point. If I fell in love with a corpulent girl or my love got corpulent then what does it matter. But we are only human and guys love skinny girls.
7. I will write a post on Slovenian girls, recommending this to Americans if I think it is post worthy, but why do you not live in Slovenia now and why did you go to school in the USA if you do not believe in your own country? I think Slovenia is a great place. But maybe in terms of ladies, Slovenia is more like Czech, a central or Western European country and the girls are more like Germans girls, materialistic.
8. I can recommend to girls that what is attractive in women is the following (and it will get you married), that humility and grace go further than aggressiveness and corpulent. True humility in is what men look for. I think women look for this in men too. Do you not want someone who will be there for you always and care for you and not thing themselves right. It is more important to be humble and say ‘I am wrong” or “I am very sorry, I was wrong”.
I can count on my left hand the number of times an American girl has ever said “I am sorry” and really meant it. Being humble is attractive in women.
I highly recommend Americans marry skinny girls from an Eastern European girls country not American or Western European countries, because generally, these ladies are ladies and have self control and grace and charm and humility. An skinny woman is fun. A obese woman is unfun.

ha oh my god, you know i agree with some of the stuff, oh i’m a girl. but ya i do think girls with longer hair just look alot prettier, and eating healthy can make you feel so good about your self, plus just drinking water makes your skin glow. it’s actually kinda cool. well anyways corpulent fun? i understand that it’s your opinion, but my mom is not skinny and she is just freaking amazing, she is funny, smart as hell, yeah she isn’t fit and ya she smokes, but her and my dad were made for each other and neither of them are corpulent. i think you have a teenagers mind, at least with the weight that,s what high school kids think. that weight is everything, so you don’t want a girl with or a butt? i have seen so many skinny girls with nothing, it’s like what the hell do you grab onto when doing it.
i’m not exactly the skinniest person, but hell i have the curves that i want, and i’m smart, real smart, i don’t spend lots of time on my looks, and i enjoy wearing jeans and a nice shirt, sometimes a dress, rarely ever heels. but i still don’t get guys, see so maybe it’s just you guys over there.
anyways i agree with some stuff and i also disagree with some stuff. then again i’m only 14 so why would my opinion matter.

Katherine, thanks for the reply. You make great points. Don’t take what I write as Gospel. What I think is attractive on a girl is humility and sincerity and smart girls. This is most important. I feel many good looking women lack humility. This is the biggest turn off for me. Me personally I like thin girls but I know other guys prefer curvy girls.
For me and I think most guys like thin, girls with long hair and natural. Not a lot of make up or even color in their hair. I have no idea why so many women care about breast. I have meet only a hand full of guys that this is important to, and believe be, these guys are not the guys you want to date. And you are right, too thin, is not good either. But basically thin and long hair and humility is what is attractive on girls. Wow, I do not understand why girls do not know this. Instead they are told to be the opposite.

Bravo! As a guy everything you said is golden. Ladies, being corpulent and sassy just means you can kick ourif we can’t feed you enough, not attractrive.

Philip, you know this is the reality. And feed enough can be defined in a broad sense, spend money, do what they want. Fat and sassy is not attractive on a girl. 10 lbs overweight girls might jump up and down and say I am a bad guy, but this this is the truth. Fat is not attractive on a girl. On the other hand, many girls have some respect for themselves and others by being thin and humble, this is what is attractive on a girl.

“Size 8 is 38 in Europe and that IS skinny, you crazy dude. I am sure you are corpulent, bold and terribly unattractive. Only losers like you search outside of the US/UK”

Oh really. Size 8 is if you combine all of Europe including the corpulent portions like Germany, UK, and Ireland. That’s why it’s Size 8. Without those parts, it would be size 6 at worst.

You must be a corpulent lady and upset that no man wants you.

“Do not travel to Eastern or central Europe [ and definitely stay away from Slovenia !] For thin girls unless you are f….ing beautiful yourself, too. Do not fool yourself that European girls would go for you just because you have a US passport [those days are gone, buddy]”

Those days are over ??. Keep dreaming. They are beginning. You must be an idiot. You are more stupid then even the admin. You make him look brilliant after reading what you wrote.

You don’t sound like someone that went into medical school, especially American one. You don’t even sound like a European for that matter. Why don’t you be a real woman, and drop the weight, and get a attitude adjustment.

Oh and I never met a doctor that says “dude”. Nice job with your “complete sentences.”

Being a female, I can agree with some of your points, for example smoking is not attractive. However I want to say that it is because of people like you, who make crude comments, so many young ladies have eating dissorders. You are very self righteous, and I think that size 8 women are gorgeous. From a man’s perspective, what you say may be fact, but I don’t know who you think you are commenting on what makes a woman attractive. From my experiance different men have different tastes in women, not every guy likes a girl who disapears when she turns to the side. I myself am not overweight, I am a size 10, and you know what I would be much happier in my nice size 10 pair of jeans, than I would if I wasn’t enjoying my life at all just to fit into a size 1 pair of jeans. On top of that, what looks good on one woman might not look good on another.

Thank you for your comment. I do not mean to be rude at all, just honest. The politically correct media in the US will have you believe what is attractive on a girl is something different than reality. This is a disservice to a girl who wants to become beautiful, because misinformation will mislead you.
What is attractive on a girl is skinny not corpulent. Fat is very unhealthy. That is honest. Most if not all people have health problems from being corpulent not skinny. Fat causes many problems.
Men and women do not see aphotoof a model and then get an eating disorder, that is untrue. The cause of that is young people feel out of control with their lives and body shape is one primitive mechanism they feel they can control.
If you can not find a balance with your weight, try yoga, yoga deals with the whole.
I am not self righteous, however, no guy I know finds corpulent attractive. Why would I lie? I am just the messenger.
The good news is I live in Eastern Europe and the women here agree with me. What is attractive on a women is a normal healthy body weight, and the sizes you mentioned are the politically correct American weight but it is not healthy.
I am American but can not believe how Americans who visit Europe look, they are way out of shape.
How to be beautiful besides weight? Well into attractiveness goes into many other things, that are not even connected with physical appearance. Attractiveness is based on many factors rarely discussed. Rather the debate gravitates towards connecting beauty with clothes and hair and fashion.
I personally do not like when women spend too much money on their looks to alter every part of their looks, it looks unnatural.
Further, in my opinion what is attractive is also very important things such as intellect, class, not swearing, kindness, not being materialistic and most of all humility and saying your sorry a lot. If a girl has a copy of Fedor Dostoevsky or Jane Austen under her arms or some fantasy book, or is taking a walk along the river after church is much more attractive then some girl whose hair and nails is all done up and she has expensive clothes.
Lucky I live in Europe and this is how the girls are, and yes they are thin. There is the reason I tell men do not marry American girls, because they will twist the truth about what is up and down. They will try to tell you up is down and down is up. But lets be honest, if you want to know how to be attractive, be thin and develop your mind and spirit.

“Slovenia is more like Czech, a central or Western European country and the girls are more like Germans girls, materialistic.”

You dummy, Slovenia is a combination of Slav, German, and Latin cultures. It’s in Central Europe, but next to Croatia and has lots of balkan influence.
I agree though Size 8 is kinda big.


Similiar to you, on this issue, I agree. I like women that are slender as well.

But I don’t like extremes. I don’t like corpulent women, and I don’t like women that are anorexic.
A woman that looks like Rosie O’Donell is ugly but so is one that looks like Kate Moss.

A woman should be slender but have a toned fit look to her, not a flabby or skeletal look.

Also a woman should not have body hair in my view. She should be youthful-looking. Hair should only be on her head, and long. Men are meant to have hair on their body.

Spatula, I agree, but you know Kate Moss takes a lot of flack. If you look at her today she is very normal and not too thin. In fact she is attractive. She made a comment that no food tastes as good as being slender and beautiful. People jumped all over her. What is attractive on a girl is normal, healthy balanced. For me that is a thin, but not skeletal girl. Thin yoga girls are attractive women if you live in American or almost any Eastern European women. Thin is great, and with hormones and latter years they balance out so you have a beautiful woman your whole life.
But I guess my point is, women are not about looks it is about attitude. Women in my experience that are corpulent are sassy and aggressive. While thin women are sweet and understanding. This is a huge generalization but what I have experienced. I do not know if anyone else has experienced this?


Kate Moss is very anorexic and ugly. She looks like she came from a camp. She did drugs before, that is not good.

A woman is suppose to be slim but she also has to be fit.

Look here, search some some pictures on what are extremes and what is good for anorexic Kate Moss, Fat Rosie Odonell, Perfect Jordana Brewster, Perfect Megyn Fox(horrible personality though).
All women in the pics are about the same height 5’5” to 5’7”to be fair and accurate.
Kate Moss is 90 pounds
Rosie Odonell is 200 pounds
Jordana Brewster is 118 pounds.
Megyn Fox is 114 pounds.

So the latter choices Brewster and Fox are clearly better than the former two.

Spatula, Thanks for the comment on “What is attractive on girls” and sorry I had to edit a couple of things.
I think Kate Moss has a pretty face and she is a size 2 not 90 lbs.
She had many problems in her life as many those stars did. In fact I know very few people that do not have problems in their life, because its hard to be human. Most famous people have problems with weight and self image. However, at size 2 that is very thin, but it depends on her bone structure and she has an ectomorphic frame.

I think the most attractive people from both genders have an ecto mesomorphic body structure. I think mesomorphic on a women is too square and masculine. Endomorphic is hard as weight is a battle but people can turn it into a positive.
This is just personal opinion but I think most guys would agree a cross between ectomorphic and mesomorphic on a girl looks the best. Thin girls are the most attractive. Especially when you consider the aging process is very unfair to women and they tend to put on weight disproportionally.
Look at a thin girl in a black dress and she will always get more looks then an athletic or rounder girl.

So for me I will maintain what is attractive on a girl is being thin. However, you can be too thin and this does not look good either, it hurts my heart to see such girls.

Admin, Kate Moss is a Size Zero in the old format, and she would be Size negative 1 based on her height and weight . So she is in fact an anorexic woman. 90 pounds for a 5 foot 7 woman is anorexic.

And her face is not good. British women have ugly faces usually. If you notice, she has no butt compared with Megan Fox and Jordana Brewster. You need something to grab onto.

And slim and athletic go hand and hand. A slim woman that works out has a toned look is the best because she will be slim and less likely to be flabby. There is a difference between slim/athletic and macho. Most women in Eastern European look have the slim/athletic look. They exercise nearly every day and of course smoking keeps them slim.

According to Wiki, which is a good source, Kate Moss is a size 2.
However, you are correct on a few points, women with no butt are not as attractive as women with shape.
Most of the Eastern European women I know, and I live here are very lazy when it comes to fitness as they do not have it in their culture that much.
However, they walk a lot. I do not have a car in Krakow myself and walk everywhere with my friends.
I think they are slim naturally because of their walking and their diet.
I do not see them chow down like American and UK women do. The Eastern European I know all want to be slim and eat a natural diet, apples, pork, pears, bread, butter in normal amounts. etc but not processed foods. American girls bring a salad to work and cry they have a genetic problem with weight, while I have often seen them inhaling cakes at every office birthday celebration.
I know maybe three women that smoke and they are all on the chunky side. Smoking is not attractive on girls and it will not keep you thin.
I agree with you too much muscles are not attractive on girls. I prefer think and a little round then masculine.
Last, I was reading about Kate Moss, she is a lost soul, she slept with her boyfriend’s brother. Poor Kate Moss all that money and no one to love her.

I am glad with you agree on the butt issue.

A slender/toned woman should have a butt is important.
As for smoking. I would not say all, but most if not, many women in Eastern Europe do smoke. I suggest you check the smoking stats on Wiki, and they give the percentages.
I am not a fan of smoking, but if I had to chose between a corpulent woman and a woman that was slender/toned but smoked, I would chose the second.

The good news is you and I do not have to choose between an unattractive smoker or an unattractive corpulent girl. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

i agree with admin. i’m five foot two and a size 1 in jeans and i get a LOT of attention from plenty of good looking guys. and i am so telling the truth. guys want a healthy girl that takes care of her body (not too much, though). women tend to say that they’re “curvy” when in fact, they’re corpulent. now, i’m not trying to be rude or mean or affensive. i’m just telling the truth. larger women say “i love my body and i would never want to be a size lower than a four in jeans and i know i look better than a women who is anorexic” when they are really unsatisfied with their body size. they just make those rude remarks to make beautiful, slim women feel bad and end up being corpulent like them. being slim or skinny is WWWWAAAAYYYY more attractive than being corpulent. but if you’re anorexic, then there’s a problem. yeah, and all of you out there that are reading this, i’m sorry but i just had to let the truth out to the world. even my dad (who is 60 years old) said that corpulent women are unattractive. their jiggly stomachs just creep him out!!! (sorry.)

You speak the truth that many people do not want to hear.

Do you remember the story of the by Hans Christian Andersen called: The Emperor’s New Clothes. This is the message. Many people do not want to speak or hear the truth, but the fact is, the truth is better.

A slim healthy women is attractive, a corpulent (unhealthy) women is not attractive.
It really is not just about corpulent, its about health and balance and attitude towards life.

I do not want to give anyone a complex, really self image is very important to happiness, but if you want to look attractive as a women, get into shape. Go to a yoga retreat for a month, quite your job and backpack the world for a year, whatever, but life is too short to be unhealthy.

Wow, where do I find some guys like you? I am very slim and not flat chested but with a small butt. I am also black and my black boyfriend likes bigger women. I don’t know why he dated me in the first place! Myis too small for him, can you believe that? I am also very pretty but that was not enough for him. Needless to say we just broke up. I have found that so many black men in America DO NOT like slender women at all and they really love big butts. This has caused me a great deal of pain because I really love this man but my smalland slender body (I m not even really skinny!)got in that way of us being together.

I know it seems painful that he broke up with you, but every time my friends broke up with someone they found someone better. When one door closes, another one opens. Its about finding someone who accepts you as you are. Why did he date you in the first place if he did not like the way you looked? I think there is more to the story. I am very sorry about your experience but do not worry, if you look like you describe you can attract almost any guy. I am very glad I am not single, as finding the right person for you is the most important thing in life perhaps and it is not easy. I guess I believe in destiny and if you as God, someday you will find your soul mate, but you have to be patient.

Good job we can learn everyday, as long as we don’t form hard opinions. defending them only makes them harden until they trap us in a finite dance of decay. life and attraction is bigger, bigger than you and you are not me. when you wake up (grow), I’m sure we (you and the rest of the world) will all laugh at how seriously we take our first childish formulations of what is happening around us. we can make the mistake of presuming being older means we grow up and gain wisdom. Someone else is attractive to you because you want them to be attracted to you, kudos my friend.

Beautiful reply but not really clear. What is attractive on a girl will vary, and each have their own subjective determinate criteria even if subconscious. However, on a collective subconscious level and an instinct level there is some things that is attractive on a girl. A humble and slender girl is a good place to start when looking for this.

What if I am on my way growing hair so they are long?? Long hair did not just long the day you want them to be due to my family does not grow hair very fast. It took me one year to get a shoulder long hair like now, I need two year more for it to be long enough on my back..what should i do with this shoulder length hair?

Hair dressers and hair color is huge money and business for women. In my opinion the best looking hair is when a girl has a natural diet and maybe even takes vitamins. She does not smoke and gets exercises. Your hair will grow not matter what your genetics is. If not try nail buffing, its connected to reflexology( rubbing your nails together vigorously for ten minutes a day on your hands, up and down until they tingle. Further spend you money on natural conditioners or make your own rather than color your hair.
There was a survey of men and between red, blond and brunettes, men preferred the women’s natural color the most. Even if it was mousy brown. As a man this is not shocking. I do not like women whose hair is fried and frazzled and over permed and colored. What is attractive on girls is healthy and natural and low maintenance and long hair.

First, Yeah slimmer is healthier, that’s a medical fact, but to Admin you are really being grossly unfair. I was a size 7 and really cordial when I was younger. I have developed a medical condition…Lupus as I have gotten older that has required high doses of steroids and other meds that caused a huge weight gain. I am the same cordial, fun loving, respectful person inside that I was many pounds ago. Your generalizations are absolutely stupid. Basically you are stating YOUR personal preference. Make sure to request a health certificate when you date these Eastern European ladies and make sure to let them know if they should get sick or injured and gain weight you will dump them because you don’t like corpulent. What a nice guy you are. Do I sound angry, yeah because of all the comments about feeding big girls and assuming they have attitude. Many of us do try but have circumstances that they can’t help. Lastly, I know of several guys that do date chunky girls that take care of themselves. One friend of mine was honest enough to say that a lot of guys prefer thin gals and the girls that are a little bit heavier are more inclined to take really good care of their men, and really appreciate being in a relationship. Sure is a different perspective from yours.

Laine, if you have a medical condition I am very sorry. Further, this post is not about you. If someone is sick or ill or though no fault of their own something happens to their body, bless them. I really mean that. I have had medical problems like everyone on this earth. Health is wealth. When you are sick your whole world is about getting better and finding healing spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a suffering or purgatory that changes you and people that do not have this suffering do not understand. Nor can you explain it to them.

However, I am not talking about that. I am talking about the girls in American and in Britain who are overweight and do not care that it affects their health and like you have the attitude ‘I can do what I want its my body’. Sure you can. But you will not find your a guy who will marry you and stay loyal and be happy unless he has resigned himself that he can do no better.

It makes me sometimes want to burn my American passport. I am lucky I have a Eu passport also. :).
I travel though Europe and I see huge American girls chowing down on food I would not have eaten when I was a rugby player in college.
I see these cruise ships dock in the Mediterranean ports of call and these American and UK girls waddle down the planks with their American partners in tow, trailing sheepishly behind them.
When I am with a group of European they look at me, and I can say nothing.
I guess everyone has to find their own solution to life, but I have been over weight and underweight and it is much better to be 5 lbs under or normal.
When you are over weight you not only do not feel attractive you are not attractive.
Why? Unhealthy weight is something that is a sign of weakness because you can not control yourself and that is not attractive on girls.
Every man and women should look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Would you not rather have a beautiful body?
The truth is unless you have a medical condition then you can.
When a girl is overweight she is tired more and develops all kind of conditions and usually hyper sensitive about her looks.
If she finds an man to ‘accept her weakness for food’ then she will rule over him.
From an man’s perspective, I would rather find someone who cares about their mind and body and spirit. I think balance in all three are attractive on girls.
Lucky I live in Poland where the women here are beautiful and educated and nice, instead of in your face and chasing the corporate cheddar.
Did you not ever read fairy-tales when you were young? Did you not want a prince? What is so wrong with a man marring a beautiful attractive princess?

I believe in fairy-tales and I always have. I believe in love and marriage. I believe it should be unconditional and fun. I am not going to stop believing just because society decides to rewrite the definition of beautiful princess and replace it with the politically correct version.

“American and UK girls waddle down the planks ”

So now you are a pirate Admin ? haha, that was funny.

Ahoy matey! All Boodti belongs to yer Captain’.

Again seriously what is attractive on a girl is simple. It is similar to what is attractive on a guy from some perspective. That is, humility, loyalty and healthy body (not overweight) and positive attitude, focus on the family not chasing the corporate cheddar over the relationship (women see relationships as a supplement to their lives, this is so unattractive).
Women look best with long hair down the small of their back.
Natural hair not permed or colored and fried.
Thin bodies if you do not have shape, excercise.
No tattoos and piercing except their ears.
Not heavy make up, better to spend your money on natural creams from some place like wholefoods and vitamins than cover up skin with makeup.
I do not like too much perfume on girls as it masks their natural scent.
A girl with a good body and tight jeans and a t-shirt with long hair will look 10 times better than any girls with fried colored permed shoulder length hair in expensive clothes.

You know, to tell you the truth, I never ever wrote anything online, I’m just not the type. And I even forgot that I wrote a comment here back in October. Just accidentally I came across it again, and saw admin’s answers. And those of someone else, too. I think Spatula’s…[ a very medical nickname; reminiscing over failed admission?]

Well, to disappoint everyone here, I am actually rather thin with a beautiful face and long hair. Very natural. Just because I defend the idea that size 8 ( 38 in EU) is NOT corpulent, it does not mean that I am corpulent and ugly.

Furthermore, I am sorry to disappoint once again with my [informed] claims that US passports are no longer desired. Try me if you don’t believe it. I spent 8 years in the States ( yes, went to an Ivy League med school, spatula) and I’ve had it. I still have great friends there, but I’d never want to raise a family there. Thin or corpulent.

I totally understand why many US citizens want to live abroad. What I find utterly distasteful, however, is American men looking for women outside of the USA and THINKING that they can make any *thin*[ hehe, I just have to laugh] woman fall head over hills for them, just because they hold an US passport. Why would I want one? So that I can get full body scanning each time at Logan Int’l Airport, so that I must defend myself against Guantanamo mistreatment accusations, so that I can VOTE in the States?? Please, get real. Perhaps you should gain some weight and with it some perspective. If you want good life, go to Israel 🙂

Lina thanks for your comments, even though it was a little off topic and rambling.
There are many points here. I do not think American men have an advantage abroad in finding a mate. Many girls from different cultures prefer men from their own culture. I think all things equal it could be a disadvantage.

My point is the world is a large and beautiful place and you do not have to fall in love with the girl next door. You do not have to accept husky, chubby women as attractive. You can find a beautiful healthy weight girls who will be nice to you.

However, there is a big difference between thinking American girls are generally rude and not loving America. Lets be honest America keeps the world safe, including your country.
For only 230 million people America is sure an interesting place with beautiful nature and many cultures.

What is this about Boston airport security? When I went to your country I got taken aside and got the 3rd degree.

Lina why must you mention you went to an Ivy league medical school? I think you are have been influenced by this American girl culture. I find it very distasteful when people boast, it is very unattractive. Every girl that goes to Harvard medical has this holier than thou attitude, this is not attractive on a girl. Medical girls at MGH are flaky. I met one who said if she could not be a doctor she would jump of the Charles river bridge.

I am a member of the high IQ society but am I going to post that with a comment on what is attractive on a girl? I find bragging very distasteful and unfun.

I have been to Israel and it is an amazing country.

I’m back with teh following idea: let’s be more precise here. We’re talking sizes, but maybe we do not mean the same thing. Size 8 in USA may not exactly correspond to size 38 in EU. Let’s talk actual numbers. let’s take me as an example.I am 173 tall and weigh 58-60 kg [varies a bit].I should also mention that I have an average muscle mass.
So, Admin, is that corpulent for you?
Would I be ‘unfun’ for you?

Lina you sound like an attractive girl, because you have long hair and are bright and even though you are full of p__s and vineger (that means spunk or even chutzpah and it is not necessarily negative at all), I think you have the potential to make some man very happy. However, that will be dependent on if you jettison the attitude and take a scordial of humility. It will depend on your moral values and loyalty to those values.
However, in all fairness I do not know you so it might be the wrong impression, it could all be for fun.
Anyway, with your weight height I do not put you in the unhealthy range at all. However, as long as you can keep it at bay, as many women will really put on weight with hormonal changes in their 30s and 40s.

However, I would not consider you as ‘fun’ nor would I be a potential suitor trying to win your hearts affection if you were next to me in downward facing dog at Baptiste yoga on Porter square.

I think what is attractive on a women is not a sizes 0 or 1 of course but not a size 8. I am sure you are ok, but there are many younger and thinner girls that are not going to tell people how they went to MHG and how bad their country is. an insult is a terrible way to say hello. What is attractive about that?

This is a very good site. It appears the administrator is well verses in Eastern European Culture. There are so much I would love to pick your brain about. I’m curious what one or two countries (1) has the best cultured women (ie good morals, beauty, low divorce) (2) is the easiest to enter (do not need a passport) and the easiest to marry a woman (dont need a return visa if possible). Please understand I’m not looking for a quick marriage but just your opinion on the women from different countries in Eastern Europe. Thanks in advance for your response.

Best women with morals are Italy, Greece, Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey (but this country is another story). Ukraine and Russia are great, but it depends on the individual girl. Maybe Spain and Ireland, but they are western.
All countries will not require a visa to visit (except Russia) but to stay for more than 3 months its is very hard. You can reset your passport after 6 months in most cases but after that you have to leave for 6 months or you will be illegal. Many Americans are illegal but some get deported. Just like the US. Countries do not hand out visas.

I am an American born and raised. However my roots were Polish and Ukrainian. I have lived in Poland for many years and have family here and my own family here. Therefore, I just did not randomly choose a country. I had been visiting Ukraine and Poland for many years. I did this for linguistic and historical reason. I was not at all looking for a wife. In fact just the opposite. However, I did meet my princess and stayed in Poland and because of my family background have a Polish passport.
Therefore, everything was really easy. My families village was about 100 miles from my wife’s families village. It was not like I just choose a country and sought out a wife. But for me it all worked out well.
If you are looking for a wife, you might have the best chance to meet one in a place you have a connection. If you are Irish, maybe Ireland. If you are Italian maybe Italy or Romania. If you are just America many generations, maybe Russia. However, you really need to understand the culture of the country you are going to.
I recommend traveling every vacation you have to a different European country and see for your self which girls are attractive for you an morally congruent with your beliefs.
Travel man, do not just think abstractly about it.
You will find much more attractive women in Europe than the USA, also more loyal and with better ideals in many cases. But do not think just because you are from the States they will respond to you. Try online of course and see what attractive girls there are.

I have heard stories and actually read on here (not sure where) that often the Russian women get married and move to the US, they soon miss their family and often move back to Russia. Has this been a problem for many American men who have married Russian women?

Thanks for your comments on what is attractive on a girl. Maybe you can move this conversation to a post about Russian girls instead of on “what is attractive on a girl”. Russia is not the place it was. Russia is not some place to escape from but a nice place to live if you can make some cash. I live in Eastern Europe and am from Boston and there is not much difference if you have an income. We have mega malls and large flat screen TVs with 1000 stations. Globalization has made much of the world the same. You just need and income. Therefore Russian girls going to America have the wow factor as it is an attraction of course and most would like to stay. However, they miss home from time to time unless they are very open. All the people from the USA came from somewhere else so of course people stay and love it.

However, do not think you can find an attractive woman and export her to the USA. No way, girls do not think like that, it all depends on how you meet and love and the relationship. I would live anywhere with my love, including the moon. If you want love you must have the same attitude and not expect it from someone else, just my opinion.


He does not know so much about Eastern Europe as you think. If you think he does, you’re an idiot as well.

Greece is not in Eastern Europe. It’s in Southern Europe.

And you don’t necessarily need a “connection”, but you need to maybe be there for year or two cause that’s the only way to get a quality woman. Admin is correct, you need to do some reading.

You will fail if you don’t know the culture. You must read some books before you go.

I know that many of the countries I mentioned were not from Eastern Europe, but I think those countries have their morals mostly intact.

So, what am I supposed to do? I’m really curvy have a larger skeletal build, like, I’m not twig thin and I couldn’t be if I tried. I’m not corpulent, bit I’m not skinny. Does this make me unattractive? I have a unique personality and a lot of people find me fun to be around. I just hope not too many people take this to heart. All these guys agreeing that they prefer thin girls. Personally, I don’t see how thighs that are the same thickness from the hip to the knee are attractive.
Most guys I’ve talked to have said that they really don’t care if a girl is corpulent or skinny. If they like the girl then they like the girl. And they like a girl who is confident and happy being herself. And somewhere else I read that just being healthy is attractive. Thick or thin, healthy is attractive.
I don’t agree about the eyebrows. Bushman eyebrows are unnerving, for me and for a lot of guys I’ve met. But I guess the point is that there are a lot of different types of women that are considered attractive. If every girl became skinny then curves would be back in style.

Sarah let me tell you, I was the opposite of you. I was the tall skinny guy. I did not like it. Therefore, I became a gym rat and looked like some bouncer at a NYC club. All the time I wasted worrying about something that did not matter. All that time wasted at the gym. I could have learned languages and traveled the world. Which I eventually did.
What is attractive on a girl? Your right healthy. Healthy spiritually first and physically last.
Maybe I have to go back and reword my post. I guess it was a reaction to the stark contrast I see between European girls and American girls (Not all American girls are bad of course). I being in Europe see so many UK and American girls that are out of control obese and still crying genetics, while their genetic cousins across the sea are slim and do not even go to the gym. I have lived on both sides of the big pond and in my mind it comes down to lifestyle and attitude.
But if you are really big boned, than do not worry about it, I think a lot of guys find this attractive. If a guy does not appreciate you, that it is his loss. You want to find someone that is attracted to your natural look rather than your gym honed distorted look.

“Therefore, I became a gym rat and looked like some bouncer at a NYC club”

But as for the gym issue. More girls NEED to go to the gym to toned their bodies. Because if they don’t they look weak. Even a slim girl must go to the gym, because if she doesn’t she will get weak and exhausted. Also exercise protects from disease.

As for American and UK girls. Most of them are corpulent. They are lazy and unwilling to take action to look like a real woman.

Spatula, you should put your Avatar on here as you are so quick to criticize.

Why go to the gym? I quit the gym years ago and just gave up my car instead. Double win, save money and be in shape.

However, I would say you are right, most American women and UK women over estimate their level of activity and under estimate how much they eat.

I do not see European women, who have the same genetics as Americans for the most part, looking anything like American women. Just something to keep in mind.

All my friends that are girls from Europe come back from the USA and say American women eat like football players. All of them. So something is not adding up.

I think there are really big women and these women need to accept themselves. However, this is a rare exception.

It’s true, American and British girls eat like football (NFL) players. Even the thin ones, and long-term it is damaging.

But other than that, women must eat healthier foods and lose corpulent in the stomach. A woman with a beer belly is not attractive. It is disgusting. Problem in America and UK is most girls are corpulent and flabby and are not making real efforts to be slim and toned.

Spatula your comments are funny and sometimes insightful but why do I edit them? I just try to delete personal attacks as it does not add value to the reader. Talking about what is attractive on a girl in the abstract sense is interesting. But to make it personal is boring. Yawn. This type of squabbling litters the Internet. One person says ‘your a jerk’ the other person says ‘your an idiot or look like this’ it is boring. I prefer to read your perspective on girls based on experience or facts or views rather put downs.


I defend you too as i insult others well. You have to accept you are wrong in the way you present information or wrong on a fact. That is the only time I call you an idiot.

As a woman I agree with most of what you have said. But what I’ve been looking for has brought me to your site. Yes women should be natural, free, healthy and respectful. I’ve never seen a size 8 I live in Canada and I’m not sure what your size 8 means. I can’t imagine it being far off though. My 9 year old is a size 6 she is tall and looks like a surfer. I have always been bigger or so I thought so in my head. I’m 5.5 and at my smallest I was sick and skeleton at 145lbs which I find weird because my apparent ideal weight should be 133. Lets say now I am more, but not happy with it and I try. I play sports, hockey, badminton, volleyball, football I own a health food store I make all my own food I’m not a body builder but I have strong lower body top half I say is proportioned but soft and I hate it. I have men waiting for my husband to pass on or for me to be unfaithful. People telling me all the time how good I look. But I don’t feel it. And then you come out with the truth men don’t like big women. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Can it be true that a bigger person can be healthy, apparently this is how I was made. God knows I’ve tried to change it short of surgery cause that is a waste of money. Any how in a weird way I liked what you had to say. I think more women need to take care of themselves and be humble and respectful. These bad attitudes that they have are not attractive at all or impressive. Thanks for your time
Take care

Some men like big women. The main thing is do not worry and be unhappy. Life is a gift and you should be happy with who you are. Really. And big women some men find this attractive.

However, most guys I know do not find this attractive on a girl. I do not. I know a big thing in American culture is like the fairy-tale – ‘The kings new clothes’, that is everyone is afraid to speak the truth.

I do not understand it. Explain this to me. I live in Europe where almost all the women are thin, and I keep getting e-mails from American girls that say they are big boned or would have to starve themselves to get to a reasonable weight. I do not see big boned women where I am from. This is basically the same genetic pool of people. Therefore, the only explanation is it is just a different lifestyle. I know vegetarians that are huge, I know people who work in health food stores are large. It has nothing to do with it.
It is connected to physical activity and caloric intake in most cases.
My first question to big women is
Do you have a car?
Sorry if I sound rude – I am not a rude person at all. I just want to be honest.
I think the most important thing is to be happy with yourself. If you want to change try weight watchers. I think it is a great organization. I do not want to make anyone unhappy. That being said I nor any of my friends would ever go out with a girl who was not thin. I do not find corpulent attractive on a woman. Some curves are ok, like on their rear, but not on their stomach. Sorry to get exact.


I agree with you but the WAY you present your info is lousy.

Let’s start:
“This is basically the same genetic pool of people”

This is quite false. White people in America are mostly of German, Irish, and English ancestry in respective order. There are other groups, but they are not top 3 in dominant people, maybe their culture and diet is different.

Germany, Ireland, and Britain, all are full of mostly curvy women. Do you see the pattern? They are of virtually same background which is why they are mostly corpulent. But Eastern Europeans like Polish, Czech, and Ukrainians are of different people which is why they are mostly thin, Maybe this is culture. I do not know.

“Do you have a car?”

I told you 100 times, that question is not useful for someone let’s say that lives in Mobile, Alabama or Denver, Colorado.

You know why ? Because most people in America live in areas of America, where they do not have proper public transportation. So they DO need a car because MOST of America does NOT have
PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY cities, EXCEPT for inner areas New York, DC, Boston, and Chicago.

IF American cities REBUILD and make European style transportation in forms of rapid-transit like trams and urban subway trains, it WILL result in people walking and less driving. Telling people to not to drive their car, when there are no alternative forms of transportation is NOT an option and makes you sound like a moron when you tell them to abandon their car.

“I do not find corpulent attractive on a woman. Some curves are ok, like on their rear, but not on their stomach.”

I agree with this 100 percent. Bar none. This is in my book as well. A woman should have a nice rear, so it gives the feminine shape on a slim body.

My personal opinion there is little genetic difference between Eastern and Western Europeans. Why do I say this? Because they all came from the the Indo-European group of people which were one about ten thousand years ago.
Look I have seen it with my own eyes in the States. Skinny smaller Arabs or Asians or Indians come to America and in one generation or two they have very tall and big children. I knew some huge Turkish, Arab and Chinese guys and Indian guys. The steroeotype is these guys are smaller. But I think there may be some genetic component but I think it is mostly lifestyle.
I think people over play the genetic side and ‘its just my body card’, find excuse and I think that has nothing to do with genetics, it is diet and lifestyle.
I have seen Russian girls come to America and pork out.
The critical age seems to be about 20. If Russian girls come to America before 20 there is a high probability they can turn American, after 20 they stay more Russian and do not beef up.
I lived in NYC and Boston without a car. I live in Krakow without a car. If you live in the areas you talk about, you are right, you need a car more than the North East.
But still I would find another way, I would not have a fridge or keep food in the house. If it sounds extreme it is not. No time? Try jumping rope for 1/2 hour once or twice a day. Join weight watchers, talk to a nutritionist, get a personal trainer at the gym. I would find a way. Why? For me, I do this not to be attractive. Because it feels great to be light and full of life. Health care insurance, that’s nice, but more important is lifestyle. Everyone gets if they are lucky their four score years on this planet, but you can choose health or sloth.

I think Americans girls are not attractive because they are very soft. Really – When I visit Ukraine some villages have no running water or heat, only wood and wells. It has been -20 degrees here for a couple of weeks here. I hear only excuses from many American girls saying they try everything. Try living in a Ukrainian village for a year and I think your perspective on life will change. I think American girls are not attractive, mostly because they see themselves as top of the food chain.

You keep saying American’s I’m Canadian and Yes I have a car because it’s an 20 min drive to a store and 1hr drive to a shopping centre. We are in farm country which is alot of hard work. Our kids place OUTSIDE not infront of a box or play game things. So that stuff is not an issue. I’m confused because I’m not a rail. My sister in-law is. We do everything together and I have more stamina and gether done then she does. I’m not rollie polly. My legs are muscle nothing I can do about that. My belly is soft but it’s not a buldge and if you say sit up not fair because I do. I tore my muscles with kids sit ups just keep me where I am. I don’t have jiggle arms I don’t have back corpulent other that stomach you can not pinch much so my question is what is your thin. You say size 8 my sister in law (here in canada) is and 8 and she has been told if she wants another child she has to gain some she’s 10lbs under. So what is your size 8 that’s so BIG?


Most Europeans are in fact Indo-Europeans. True. But within Indo-Europeans there are difference genetic stock. DIFFERENT regions of Europe were invaded by different people forever changing gene pool and culture.

Eastern Europe and Russia in general was invaded them most by Celts, Dacians, Greeks, Romans, Huns, Mongol and Turksmen and they left their gene pool.

Italy was Latin and then invaded by Germanic tribes, Celts, and then later one Some Arabs.

Fance, Portugal, and Spain were Latin, Gaul, Celts, then invaded by Arabs. Southern France was partially taken by Arabs.

Rest of Western and Northern Europe do NOT have much mixture. It’s mosly Celt, Anglo-Saxon, and some Nordics. British are not very diverse people.

That is how some parts of Europe are thin, while other are corpulent.

I seen Russian and Polish girls that came to the U.S. before they were 20 and none of them became American/corpulent. Some did, but most did not. The ones that came in their teens here did not become corpulent. The ones that came when they were really small, it’s another story.

Oh and we live in the first Polish comunity in canada and ALL the polish ladies here are FAT short and round. And 1/2 came here in their 40’s other born here. What is your theory on that?? And I’m not Polish Freach Indian.


The “Polish” that that were there for four generations are not real Polish people. So that is why they take the culture around them. They grew up over time according to the Anglo culture of Canada and became overweight based on culture and eating patterns. Same story in the U.S.

Your opinions about what is attractive on a girl are strictly your own. I have lived a long time and have had conversations about personal preferences with my male friends from every socio-economic class and ethnic background (white, hispanic, Chinese, Vietnamese, African-American, etc, etc.) and each one had their own, unique preferences. Some like thin girls with long hair and small breasts. Many others like girls with big butts. MANY others just need want a girl with big breasts (despite one of your comments). Other’s prefer short girls, other’s tall girls. Some like meek girls and others are turned on by girls “with attitude”. Some even liked obsese girls, although not too many.

The point is that your generalizations about what men like are inaccurate. Maybe within your circle of friends (white, middle- upper-middle class males of a particular ehtnic background??) your generalizations are more accurate. But to suggest that your opinion is representative of all U.S. males is grossly off the mark.

This is not an attempt to be politically correct. It’s just a statement on human nature. Each of us is unique as to what we find appealing. For example, I am an upper, middle-class male of Northern European extraction but I love short, small-breasted, petite African-American women. Do I find the type of Eastern European women you describe attractive. Sure. I appreciate beauty in all it’s forms. But I find black women incredibly sensual and beautiful in a way that no other came come close to. And I know many other men who feel the same way. All men? No, of course not. But many.

The point being, you are speaking strictly for yourself here and should make it very clear that you do not represent even a majority of male preferences.

Every person is different in preference. I think I make this comment many times. Further I say these are huge generalizations. But yes my preference on what is attractive on a girls is a thin girl with wider hips and rounder backside and long legs and long hair, without much makeup or hair color. Is my preference. But I think that most of my friends agree as do sociological studies about men and attraction to women. There seems to be some golden ratios that apply to beauty. However, there could be culturally determined.

But me. I think thin, leggy natural women are attractive, like many Russian women. But if some guys likes some head-strong girl who is 20 lbs overweight and wearing sweat pants around town. To each his own. But I nor any of my friends find that attractive on a lady.


I think you are kinda of mislead in your thinking. There is no mention saying one race is better than the other. You were the first person on this page to mention black women. And if you would know, black women also come in many shades of black and many body types.

I pretty much more or less agree with Admin’s description on how a woman should look. Some things I disagree, but most regarding attraction he is correct.

Sir, your preferences are your own, and I fully respect them, but a man who purports to lambaste vast swathes of his own species should at least be expected to be somewhat proficient in the language with which he delivers he rhetoric. Just saying.

Also, as an aside, you seem quite unaware that the USA, UK and Ireland are all entirely different countries, and that specifically in the case of Ireland, there is no way that you can have any useful information on the Irish, morally or otherwise. It is a delightful conceit on the behalf of people from many varied countries that they think that living around the corner from ‘the McCarthys’ or any other generic Irish emigrant name will give them any real insight into a tiny and little known country. 3rd generation is no indicator.

Oh my days… what the hell?
Ive just read a few random comments and from what I can gather.. your saying that ‘slim’ is Kate Moss and size uk 10 (i converted size 8) is corpulent?!
Kate Moss is anorexic and therefore.. unhealthy. Why do you want girls to read this and fricking starve themselves? Also.. some people just CANT achieve those sizes.. they have a different bone structure. Do you want them to be ashamed of their body because their hips arent size 0?
Im sorry.. but I’m 15 years old and a size 8/10(UK). Thats.. lets say the average size for most girls in my school.. and they are defenetely not corpulent!
Then you go and say that ‘corpulent’ girls have no sense of control.. you crazy? Im a girl that is rarely seen angry and is always stopping fights.. im a vegetarian ‘lets save the world and be friends’ type. Never drinks alchahol and has small meals (Sometimes skip on lunch if im busy). But still I am corpulent and out of control? Its true.. id rather be a size 6 (Uk).. but sometimes thats too skinny.

Seriously, do you really think a 10 yr old’s body is attractive? Cause thats what it seems that your asking for..

Well thats my little rant over. I hope you will wake up in the ‘real world’ and realize that a little bit of corpulent is healthy.

oh sorry.. I forgot to add. Im Italian-English-Japanese. So not american.. and as far as im aware.. the ‘european italian’ girls are exactly the same as the uk ones. Apart uk girls are smaller in height and seem weaker almost.

“European Italian’ girls are exactly the same as the UK ones”

You are really uninformed. Look at statistics. The people are nice but look at the height weight charts. UK girls are the corpulenttest women in Europe. Italian and French girls are one of the most thinnest. Italians and French look nothing like the Anglo Brits.

Kate Moss is ugly. She is anorexic. No sane man wants that. She has no butt on her. A real woman is thin/fit with some butt to her.

French women can be thin, but some are western neurotic. But this might not be the case. I am curious, I have only known a few French women, any ideas?

I don’t even now why any 1 would care for this mans opinion .. in my eyes he seems full of him self and spends to much time looking in the mirror at his shiny hair lol , and for to say that anything above a size 8 which is a European size 10 is so wrong every woman’s body shape is different some can be 14 bottom 6 top I’m a size 12 me and my boyfriend are very happy with my curves back and front lol so girls if you are happy with what u see back in the mirror stuff men like him sure no wonder he needs a blog …….

I agree with most of your points as well, less make up, natural hair are the most attractive qualities -they show you’re happy and confident with yourself and don’t need to put up any kind of front. Some of the least attractive girls/women I know feel the need to fake tan even during their break and this to me is ridiculous. I would be happier if my skin was whiter and more radiant rather than clogged up with chemicals.

I think the size issue will always be a debate. I’m 22, 5’4 and around a size 8. I really work to keep my figure, I work out 4/5 times a week, I don’t drink alcohol and I try to eat healthy -by that I mean I don’t over eat, I let myself have treats but I know my limits. Life is too short to worry too much about them kind of things.

In my opinion is that over weight is not good. It’s not attractive because it indicates a poor diet which can in turn give you poor skin and shows a lot about your lifestyle (personally I never watch tv, for instance, I would rather be at the gym than in front of Neighbors) and what you enjoy doing. It’s proven that people who exercise have more energy for life and are, generally, better spirited.
But that said I work for one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers part time and often do 4 hour shifts fitting denim as well as personal styling and I do believe everyone is different -you can be a size 12/14 and still be incredibly attractive if you are confident enough to be happy with what you see. But, if you’re the shrinking violet and hate everything about your 12/14 body then you do not come across as very attractive. Confidence is key, I say. Anything above a size 16 is generally medically overweight and so, regardless of attractiveness, probably isn’t good for you/your heart/your lungs etc.

I know I would rather be a size 6/8 than a size 14 because that is how I feel attractive (and trust me, I certainly get more male attention as a petite size 8 than a ‘curvy’ shortie). Some of it is how clothes fit and some of it is self esteem, maybe these tell size 8 women you speak of are just happier about themselves and therefore seem much more attractive..

Great reply. Size 6/8 is good. Further, you are right on about being more natural. I do not like girls that are fake baked in a sun tanning booth too many cosmetics and hair fried. I prefer natural hair and skin.
Why do you girls make life some complicated? 🙂 Do you want to look attractive? Be natural.
If you want to spend a little money here is how:
You could use light natural cosmetics something like L’Occitane, nice tight jeans on a thin or shapely body and a white designer t-shirt. And do not do anything with your hair. Let it grow and be natural. This look I do not think any guy could resist.

OK I agree with everything you said except for the size 8 part. I am big boned, seriously. I’m talking large frame (think Paris Hilton). When I fit into size 5, I was literally BONES. Now I’m a size 9 and I am still thinner than average girls who are smaller than me. If I can make a corpulent analysis and compare the results with an average small frame girl, I’d win in that I have less corpulent than most girls. But still, those girls can fit into a smaller size than me. Large frame on a girl is real. Just like large and small frame on a guy is real. An NFL basketball guy may wear a size XXL shirt, but may be thinner than an average guy in size M shirt.

So…. yeah this article is really for the guys. Why go for girls like me when you can fine the small framed (tall or short)Cinderella ones. God bless those girls who are framed like a girl should be. And bless those guys who are framed like a man should be. I am not entirely sad though, although I do sometimes feel a bit sad that I wasn’t born with at least average girl frame. If you have a big shoe size like size 8 or 9, then you definitely are large framed. And when you are this size, you have to be extra careful with your size. Just a little bit of corpulent will make you look like a truck. But then again, if you try to be thin (even in healthy natural way), you would look stick thin with bones showing and just plain not look that good (aka Paris Hilton). Being a large frame girl is like a curse. And, just because a girl is tall does not necessarily mean she is large frame… I want you admin to understand this because you were talking about how Eastern European women are tall. Girls who are short like 5 feet and have shoe size 9 due to long bones do exist. I would imagine American girls have this large frames too and big shoes due to their large frames. Yes, they are obese. But they are also more potentially large frame as compared to Eastern European girls. Just to make example, Paris Hilton who is large frame and really very thin with shoe size 9 can wear a bigger size shirt or pants than a little chubby version of your wife (not sure what your wife’s shoe size is).

So do take that into consideration when you compare Eastern European to American women when you talk about a size 8 clothes.

Sizes are all over the place for women’s clothes. Further, Europe the UK and America have different scales for measuring women’s dress sizes. If you really have a large frame, it could be true. However, I asked my wife and she said this is really rare, most women talk like that as an excuse. I guess a better measure is percentage of body corpulent. But this post was a general post on what is attractive on girls.
I in my heart of hearts think all women have beauty. I have never seen an ugly woman. I know that sounds idealistic, but I am an idealist. If you close enough you can see everyone’s humanity and this makes them beautiful. Further, there is someone for everyone, the key is to make your illusionary beauty weakness and turn it into your strength. Therefore, if you are truly big boned (I have my doubts but maybe) make that your strength some how.
That being said, my wife and I were talking about style and fashion yesterday, Her sister is in the business and that is what prompted the conversation. She made the comment which I agree with. If a woman is corpulent clothes or style does nothing. It is true.

I have seen scores of overweight American women, spend all kind of cash on cosmetics, hair, clothes and even surgery and if they are overweight, they are not attractive.

In contrast the average poor girl in Eastern Europe with no money has a beautiful body and a natural look. They might wear a simple dress, even homemade, or skin tight jeans (not designer) and a t-shirt and American and UK guys fall on their feet to try to get their attention. At the same time the American tourists girls next to them, even younger, get no attention or negative attention, despite their designer clothes and 120 dollar hair cuts, because they are a not thin.
Again, I am very happily married and have no reason to tell stories. Rather, I am just giving women hints on how to be attractive from the point of view of a guy that has no reason to tell you anything but the truth. It is just the way I see it.

It is a misconception that Eastern European girls do not take care of themselves and spend little money on grooming. Trust me, I am Romanian and I know just how much money each of us puts into appearances. When there are so many beautiful women around, being naturally pretty wont cut it. So shopping in Milan is on the to do list, even though you might have to skip dinner now and then.

Oh, and the corpulentness – thats all fast food related, it is starting to appear here as well.

I also think that all women know that they could be thinner and look more youthful. It is really hard to do, because corpulent is normally burned in times of ‘crisis’.. normally you just burn sugar…so once your normal weight is established it’s very hard to change it into a model look. I struggle with 5 kg too much…and it’s hard to loose – but I am committed – not for the guys though – but because I think it is pretty myself to have a healthy looking body. However, I think all your blog do, is make beautiful women that are not thin, unhappy with themselves…and really happiness is the biggest attraction – unless you are veeery superficial and shallow. But you appear to have sooo much depth, I’d say you are skin deep

But I agree with you – because as a woman, I also want a real youthful look in a a guy. I want that he is well built, not the skinny arms and birds chest. I don’t want a flabby stomach on him or too thin legs. Lazy guys that hang out in front of tv, watching sports not doing them….are nooot attractive. And talking about qualities, me or any of my friends have never furter dated a guy that was not shaved – everywhere. So there…!

I must say that I’m surprised to read such an article on the web.:)I always thought men don’t really pay attention to what kind of jewelry a woman is wearing or if she is overdoing it.Maybe because I’m surrounded by immature guys 🙂 You have a very elegant taste, admin!I personally hate fake-baking or wearing too much make up. Less is enough in my opinion. Oh and long healthy hair is a must, but only if it’s real. Hoping for more articles such as this to come!

Thanks for your kind words. I think guys pay attention very much, at a subconscious level. Women are more aware at a conscious level. I guess the question about what is attractive on a woman begs another question, who do you want to attract? Fake bake over done will attract some guys, but are they the guys you want? I wrote something on what colors are attractive on a girl. I am curious what you think. You might disagree, but I should take some hots of women here in Europe and you will see what I mean. They have amazing style and know how to do it without being too much.
‘The key is to get a guy to notice you and at another level, say, what was that I just say, where is she’? ‘Wow I wonder if anyone else noticed her’. This is better than classic girl in a red dress walking by construction workers. It’s effective but do you want that kind of effect?

You say in one of your posts that all women are beautiful, but yet, you constantly downgrade the American ones. I am from Mississippi and am big-boned. It s being big-boned and sometimes in this superficial world, you have to up the anty when it comes to looks. I see all of these stick-figure girls at my school and then I look at myself in the mirror and think about how the hell I can make myself look skinny without looking like nothing but a pile of bones with skin on it, and try not to gain anymore weight or else I’ll look like a friggin’ truck. I am short, 5’4, and no matter how much I exercise, I still look big. I lost a great deal of weight somewhat recently, but I still look almost the same as I did before. I do hard yard-work as a job and try to eat healthier, but find that hard to do with parents who insist on us eating corpulentty foods. x.x I do not wear make-up (unless I am playing around and making fun of movie characters) and have never dyed my hair. If I wasn’t big-boned and if I were taller, I would look a lot better, but guess what? I can’t fix that. I’m stuck as a short girl with big bones. Everytime I get to at least a size 8, I look too skinny, but if I am a size 9 or 10, I look only passable. I do not use spray-on tanning stuff, I am all naturale with the tanning thing, have quite a lovely bit of french and indian in me, but am still not attractive to guys around here. The only guys, besides my boyfriend (I still don’t know how I look good to him), I seem to attract are guys that need a quickie. x.x Luckily for me, I have never done anything of the sort with anyone. My point is though, that you shouldn’t go about comparing people from different countries to one another over body type. I see more skinny people where I am at, than corpulent people and am tired of all of these comparisons. If you really believed that all women are beautiful, then stop downgrading Americans and some Europeans. And also, most girls where I am at, are VERY concerned about how they look to a guy. They try VERY hard to look good, and most of them succeed (usually they are the ones that are more fake, or at least most of them, but not all of them) and the natural looking ones are just called plain. (Sorry for bouncing around from different points. I at keeping it all together. x.x) Anyways, its about the people, not the countries they are from.

Your point is heard. Do not belittle yourself if your body does not conform to the ideal. I do believe in my heart that all women are attractive. They all have beauty. Really.

I am not putting down American girls at all (I am American and have two sisters), it is more a call to action. I would like girls to be aware of the health and beauty consequences of eating too much junk and not exercising. It affects their health and their love life. supers size is not attractive on women.
Living Eastern Europe where the people are pretty hardy and big (when you think Russia you do not think weaklings), I just do not see almost any big-boned women. Maybe a real rarity.
Look I know where you are coming from. Body image is one of the most important things for people. I recommend accepting yourself than being unhappy and trying to force your body into a shape it was not meant to be. Self confidence is attractive.
On the other hand I do not know the specifics of your situation. For example, I try only to eat organic food my wife’s family has a farm. I walk a couple hours a day and do not have a car. We take my daughter out to the park and walk with her. As a tip, do you eat anything in a box or a package? I do not. Even if we make Pizza we make it from flour. Sometimes the crust but that is about it. I walk everywhere. Just an idea. I am not a naturalist but rather a pretty modern person as I write software and live in a major city. I think to be attractive and thin it is more a few small life style changes than something to get stressed about. But the main thing is do not worry, beauty is culturally determined and in the eye of the beholder to some extent. I still do not know why my beautiful tall leggy thin model wife is with me. 🙂

I can agree with a lot of this, but many women don’t want to admit that skinny is much prettier. When someone is skinny/fit their face stands out more than when there is corpulent all around of it. Besides having some medical condition that causes weight gain, just being overweight shows a lack of self-esteem and sometimes hygiene. As an American, I think the size of our food is ridiculous and shows a huge problem. A size small in America is like a size large in other places and adds to America’s waste. How much do we probably waste because we can’t eat it – or we make our bodies learn to eat it and gain weight. I visited Africa and was in the Amsterdam airport; in both countries, the sizes were more normal.

Although, I think a problem that isn’t pointed out is the influence of the media. There has been research that shows girls playing with barbie dolls start having body issues at 5 years old. An example of societies influence is natural hair styles. Ask many people what hair looks the best (curly, wavy, or straight) and the majority of people will say straight. Search what hair men want and the majority will say straight. As a girl who has wavy hair, I straighten it all the time because I get compliments when it is the way everyone thinks hair should look. Why don’t I keep it wavy? If I want a guy, why would I keep my hair wavy if they like straight? Every guy I have dated preferred straight, and one ex told me that I needed to straighten my hair on a day I was rushing and kept it wavy. Another problem, my hair is naturally thin, so would I love long hair? Yes! My hair touches my mid-back, but every hair stylist has told me that my hair is to fine for long hair. So, again my natural hair doesn’t match what society and men want. Then, society tells us being tall is beautiful. Another thing that you can’t change unless you go through getting growth hormone or painful surgeries. Being 21 and under 5 feet, the only way I can achieve looking taller is with heels. Otherwise, I get many comments, such as: “wow, you are really short!” So many things girls cannot change, but we are constantly being told that we don’t look good enough. I think many women get defensive because they get sick of being told that they aren’t pretty, mainly because they don’t fit the definition of beautiful.

I think, in general, you are correct with many of the things you said and they weren’t shallow like some of the comments stated. We are all humans and visual creatures, we can’t deny that.

That is amazing about your hair, really. You know, it’s not the same but I have blond hair. All the girls told me they are only attracted to the dark-haired Italian look (I found that ridiculous). In retrospect I am so happy I did not marry those girls. My wife likes my blond hair. She is the only one for me. Maybe this is nature trying to help in the selection process.
If guys for not like your for your hair color or hair style or shade, forget them. If you have curly hair your other half is out there looking for the girl of his dreams who has curly hair and he might miss you. Really. The only modifications girls really need to do is get their body in shape. Of course you can have style and cool red shoes or a little lipstick, but girls make way too much about hair and nails etc. Some much money and effort put into that.

I live in Poland and it is not as rich as the USA and I rarely see girls do their nails, and I see they have no lack of attention from potential male suitors. They are just moderate in their eating, that is it. Many of them wear the same clothes everyday as it is not totally rich here. They do nothing with their hair and wash it with basic stuff. Nothing else. Guys flock to them. Do you wonder why? They did not buy into this materialism and nonsense of western beauty culture.

Do not take anything I said as anything against women. I have two sisters a wife and a daughter. I am very pro-women. I am just against the distortion of the truth that TV and films convey is attractive on a girl.

My only controversal point is a corpulent body conveys the message of an unhealthy body. It does not convey anything else. It does not say that this is a good person or bad in God’s eyes. However, for man and mating it conveys the message of an unhealthy or short-lived body. Nature and reproduction is deep in our genes. I married a thin beautiful model looking girl. I could not help it. There was nothing I could do about it. I was and am hopelessly attracted to her. I think natural is the most attractive thing on women with some accents and then get in shape.

Thank you for replying to me! I know what you mean about finding someone who likes you for who you are. There is a reason that guy is my ex 😉 I have to agree that it is ridiculous that people think only a certain look will work for them (i.e., dark-haired Italian). I don’t know if it is just me, but I don’t have a “type” of guy. I am attracted to all hair types and colors because I would rather get to know the guy. I’m not dating a hair color, but a person. So many girls spend a fortune dying their hair certain colors and ruining it in the process. I also think many of the readers are missing a big point in your article, which is that you should be comfortable in how you look naturally and be healthy (by being fit).

I mean many women say they want a man with a good body, but these women can’t bother working out themselves. Maybe it is just me, but American women seem to have such high expectations of men and at the same time get angry when men expect something. I don’t understand how American girls can treat some guys poorly because they can’t communicate themselves and expect guys to know what they are thinking. Maybe it is a sense of immaturity that many American women have (withholding friendship because they are angry? – childlike). I don’t know what European girls are like, but I can imagine if they have the confidence and maturity many American women lack, then why wouldn’t men want to be with them? Do you think American women have different attitudes than European women? I feel like this can have an impact on a girl’s attractiveness.

How boring life would be if everyone were skinny, had blond hair, blue eyes, perfect skin and everything perfect . This goes for everyone being corpulent, wavy hair etc . What is attractive on a girl is her personality. If she truly loves you and vice versa you would see past all those superficial things. If she is slim, has perfect teeth and skin and is brain dead or snooty what a waste! The same goes for persons of every other country in the world whether it be Japan or America. What is inside of that woman counts . Amazing how we can cover most of our external flaws but the way a person thinks, reacts to situations and behaves in general to other humans cannot betray who they are.

I agree with everything you said almost, but again what is attractive on girl for a guy usually is thin not corpulent. Love sees with the heart and not with the eyes.

ok I’m 5.8 and im size 27/28 (not really big boned, more of a bubble butt, and larger chest) my hip to belly ratio is 0.76, but you claim im corpulent! well thanks for the reality flash, I’m 21 and always had much attention, better never move!
btw I’m from Canada, and active is my only life style; while owning car.

Is not Kim Kardashian a 27? So I would have to see a picture to tell. I think with a waist to hip ratio of .76 you are very OK. I prefer thin girls but as you do not have age related weight gain as you are only 21 you are OK now if you stay healthy and active. But for me I like tall lithe girls.

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