Good looking girls and attractiveness

Why girls looks are important for attracting love

If you do not like the way you look you will not be fully happy. I know. I am a man and yet, a large part of my life, even as a male I was upset I did not have GQ or look, I did not seem to be popular with women and thought there was something wrong with me. There was not.  Only in retrospect did I realizes that looks are specific.  You need looks to attract the one you love. That is it. Not to win some popularity contest.

  • You are not in competition with anyone. Your one and only reason to be attractive is to have a mate for life.

If you want it for other reason examine if this is not connected the ego of an adolescent needing self-assurance. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, we all do, but remember looks are to hook love, the one true love of your life.

If you are a girl, than you must feel even wost as society judges girls for their looks a lot harder than men. You might feel you will not attract the one you love. Wrong. You will not attract everyone, but it is for the better. Those high school local heroes that were so cordial and you could never attract, are often over the hill by age 30 and did not transmute their power to spiritual and intellectual development because they were resting on their laurels. The good-looking girls are even worse. You want to be the nerd girl who people made your feel bad, but then got the fairy-tale prince. The when you see those cruel, heartless girls that made you feel worthless in fifteen years, you can just say this:

Let me ask you a question. When did you start thinking you were smarter than me? … with your prince taking you by the arm just walk away.

Your view of your body and looks, both men and women is one of the largest determinate criteria for happiness of a person. Why? I think nature makes it this way because we want to attract a good mate for reproduction.

I get critical comments from time to time about women who say I judgemental when I write about how to optimizes your looks. You miss my point and I mean this sincerely.

Girls are too critical of their own bodies and their definition of what is attractive is a distortion of reality. It brings them unhappiness. The reality is my basic criteria for attraction is universal, a fit body and some nice style. I am not talking expensive style, more like jeans and a white t-shirt, long hair and some accessories. No matter what you think you look like this gives you enough power to knock the socks off any guy walking down the street. I know I am a guy.

What girls think is attractive but is not important

  • A pretty face. It amazes me how many fairy-tale princess like girls think they do not have an attractive face. It is because you are looking at yourself with girls eyes, not guys eyes. What is beautiful on a face is not what you think. Further, you are the product of 1 million years of evolution, nature has designed you for attraction (so has God). So get off your high horse and stop judging yourself. Start looking in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and you have a beautiful face. If you have any doubts you can write me at my contact and send me aphotoand I can give you personal suggestions if you like. But believe in yourself and read my post on facial beauty.
  • Expensive hair, nails and clothes are slightly inversely connected to attractiveness. I do not even have to comment on this. Some Poor girl from Russia or Ukraine with jeans and a t-shirt and the courage to grow her hair long will get more looks than any American girl who shops at Coach. Read my post on how to be beautiful or how to be attractive. They were written a while back so maybe I was a little dramatic or flamboyant, but you need to know, just develop your inner self and stay sit and thin and the rest will take care of itself. I have to go back and reread these and see if that was the message I conveyed, maybe it is more in the comments.

What is important for looks

  • A body that is healthy and in the normal range. I would put this below size 8 American sizes.
  • Long hair.
  • Intellectual and spiritual development
  • Wanting to be a good girlfriend or wife. – basically learn humility, read a lot of Jane Austen and develop your mind and spirit so you are a vessel of love. Your heart radiates from your heart center energy of love and forgiveness.

That combination will work anywhere and any girl can do this, so there is no excuse not to optimize your looks to attract a the man of your dreams.

One last note, if you learn to cook and do it with love you will beat 95% of the American girls out there, who always say, I do not cook but make up for it in other ways, ‘wink, wink’. Gee, most guys would prefer the former because everyone these days does the latter and it does not make you stand out. Learn to cook and you will have guys knocking at the door. But ignore anything I write here that does not sit with you and take the good and loving things if I seem a little flamboyant.  So set your expectations about attractiveness and looks based on the reason you have them, to find your one and only. Because after all, all this beauty is for nothing else but to get your prince so you can have your family and live happily ever after with them.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

4 thoughts on “Good looking girls and attractiveness”

  1. Your article was so interesting,but its so bad that you leave some girls’ hots and then call them average girl. You know if that girl see that others call her average, how much she will be depressed and sad?
    Being average for a girl is not something you should aspire to.

    1. Average is such a strong word. I mean I,nor anyone I know would like to say they have average intelligence. Or a straight ‘C’ student. Average is really like a code word for mediocre.

      However, with looks it is not. Average is beautiful and irresistable. Nature makes it this way. People who are the most ordinary in looks attract the most mates.Maybe it is because they are more approachable (how many models complain about being lonely, many).

      Average in intelligence might be an insult, as we are all special in our own ways, but with looks, guys love average.

      I think girls do too. How would you explain the Justin Timberlake phenomena. Every girl I know says, oh he is just OK, but then they go on talking about him and he dates such cordial stars and models. Maybe because average is cordial. Humble and plain is good.

      Have you ever noticed in the animal world the females are nondescript. Look at ducks, the females do not have the colors, the males do.

      Do you want to be a phenomenial girl, be fit (slim), be natural, be low matinaince and develop your spisit and mind and have a humble attitude.

  2. Hi my name is Priscilla and as a women tend to have many insecurities that I’ve had over time especially with awful experiences that i went through my teens left me with poor self-esteem. Well im barely entering into my twenties im marry and expecting a baby boy ,and I still can’t get rid of my insecurities because for some reason I feel the need to get acceptance from other people especially family. Anyways I always get jealous of my brothers girlfriend getting more compliments than me how she is so pretty when she is almost everything you said about unattractive women.What can I do to feel good about myself and feel attractive without caring of other people opinions so much so I can become a good-looking Girl for me and my husband. I’m not that bad-looking either though and not obese just a little chubby because of pregnancy and don’t require make up a lot and was actually quite thin before getting pregnant.

    1. I can tell you right now you have nothing to worry about in terms of looks. First, you are married. You have attracted someone who loves and adores you. Second you are going to have a baby. He love your so much he made you pregnant. There is nothing wrong with your looks. Girls do not see the world like guys do. Girls see the world more critically I think. They notice the imperfections and details men do not see or care about. A lot of the beauty industry is fueled by this.

      About your weight, you are exempt for worrying about it under about a year or so after giving birth, because as I have explained, men instinctively are attracted to pregnant and nursing women. Nature made it this way for obvious reasons, so we would have a soft spot in our hearts for mothers who are focusing on taking care of an innocent child. Afer that you do not need to be a super model thin, just get in shape a bit.

      I have never seen a woman who was not attractive. They all have some appeal.

      The key thing for you is to understand the message you play in your brain ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am not good looking’ is something that has nothing to do with reality. It is something that you were set up with when you were a teen and carried that with you into your 20s. It basically takes your whole 20s (at least in my case and others I know) to start to like your looks.

      But remember super models do not like their looks. It has to do more with our insecurities. If you want to send me a hot, I will not post it or anything and delete it, but I will give you objective feedback if you like.

      The main thing is know that you need some inner work and it will take time to heal the wounds of adolescents. Remember George Costanza on Seinfeld. He said something to the effect, ‘great just as I am getting over the problems of adolescents I am having the problems of old age’.

      Try to look at Louise Hays books or books like that to uderstand the reality of the world and the fact that you are beautiful, but like Cinderella just do not understand it yet.

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