Colors for women – what is most attractive

I am a guy and I do not care what some woman’s magazine says is the most attractive color on a girl.  I do not know even how to match hair color, skin tone with clothing colors. However, I can tell you one thing. What colors for women are the most attractive. I would say this is pretty universal so it applies if you are a blonde, red head or brunette. Why do I know? I am a guy.

I have read countless articles on the web about color and attraction. Most of these articles are recycled from Cosmopolitan magazine etc.  Most of them are pure nonsense and they are written to take up space or from a girl’s view-point when looking at girls.  Do you want to attract girls? Nope. If you want to know that guys like in terms of clothing color here it is.

Most flattering colors for women

If you disagree or do not think one color fits all think again. One palette works magic in terms of beauty and is universal in terms of matching hair and skin.

  • Red – the most attractive color for accent. Red lipstick and red shoes. Do not over do it and wear a red dress. I even question the use of a red purse. If you use red lipstick for men it goes right to the source. The best is a strong red.  It goes right into their brain’s and spells attraction. Similarly red shoes, even if you are wearing jeans you will get noticed.
  • Black – no surprises here, look at the models, they mostly wear black. It makes you look thin and attractive to any many.
  • Transparent – yes girls that know who to wear semi transparent tops will get attention and you can wear a blue bra underneath for example.
  • Earth tones this is the best color for love and attraction for women.  I am sorry with American girls that dress up everything is a bit too flashy for my taste. I remember when yellow was in a couple of years ago, ugh. Some girls wear purple pants because they read etherically it is optimal for arousing the brain of a male.  Wrong all wrong. The best colors on women are these subtle earth tones. They work like a spell. They work better than a redhead with purple lipstick. Why? They invite guys to look at you and keep looking.  Flashy striking colors give that wow for a moment, but then wear off.  Or they have the adverse effect of gaining the man approach you like a bull. Not the desired effect. However, earth tones are programmed into a man’s brain to bring peace and happiness because man evolved in the forest. This is his natural biological programming. Earth colors are attractive  colors for women and bring men to you.

Think about guys and video games. They get stimulated by all the color for a moment, but the reality is they do not want to stay there. And if they did, is that the guy you want to attract? Think about birds, the female bird used subtle or no color to attract the more flamboyant male.

Where I learned earth tones are the best color for women

I am an American living in Eastern Europe. In Eastern Europe women are really into earth colors and shades. I do not know why. Maybe it is connected with the weather, the sky being so gray or the forests and fields being so very green.  However, the effect is this. Without the flashy ‘look at me’ styles and tones of the West, a Polish girl in jeans and some earthy colored tops attract more guys than any American girl.

Why earth colors are for girls who want love

A women who attracts men with colors and clothes with earth tones convey a message. She will get guys to take her more serious as her colors are more serious. She is not eye candy, but rather someone who a guy wants to look at and get to know. This princess is a diamond in the rough because the prospective male suitor took some time to hunt for notice her.  This is all rooted in the deep-seated psychology connected the limbic part of the brain and emotions. She made him work to find her.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 thoughts on “Colors for women – what is most attractive”

  1. I agree that you can attract more by letting the guys find you, however I sometimes wear flashy things and I do get more looks with brighter colors.

  2. Oh I love red. I wear it because it is my astrological color and it gives me energy. I am blonde, so it looks fantastic. I have a lovely red military-style fine wool coat with ruffles which makes me look like something out of the seventeenth century. I am a fashion designer BTW.
    I also love cordial pink. I get a lot of attention with this color. I have a pair of patent cordial pink stilettos with mesh sides. I like having a bit of a colorful aura about me. I love flash!! 🙂
    Earth tones don’t really look so great on me – my fair colouring tends to disappear, but I like strong black/white contrasts and patterns and again, the boldness gets the attention and smiles. Strong sculptural shapes in clothes are also great, and frills, frills, frills…men absolutely love them, as they do lace or fishnet tights (the pattern has to be delicate though, geometrics are not so good). And high black knee-length boots – they work like a dream.
    I don’t like mustard, purple or green, or cobalt blue – they are colours that women wear when they think they are being “fashionable” – they don’t look so great. On the other hand – fluorescents or proper bright colors (warm rather than cold) are great.
    Always remember to keep your wardrobe “girly”, but make sure you are comfortable as well. Nothing is less attractive than a woman who isn’t comfortable in her clothes.

    1. If it works for you go for it, but in my opinion you do not want attention. You want guys to find you. Flash is great for ego, but try more subtle colors and keep your hair 100% its natural color unless maybe really gray. I think you will find you will be attracting a more interesting set of suitors trying to win your affection.
      Red can work with black especially is your go for the Soviet Union retro look. I have seen that work, but I think the objective with colors is to tone things down to let your own natural beauty shine, rather than the color on you.

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