How to be a beautuful girl – or marry one

The purpose of this post is to teach women how to be beautiful with a simple formula. Also for guys, to raise their awareness regarding what attractiveness beyond that Maxim displays on their list of Attractive girls of the month. Rather female has qualities you want in the dating and marriage process.

What is beautiful and how does this relate to women?
Beauty is something that gives pleasure without being consumed. This is a classical philosophical aesthetics conception of beauty which was articulated by Thomas Aquarius. Upon being seen it gives pleasure.

Something that it if you acquire or indulge then consume it, it is gone, it is merely a transitory saturation the senses. However, a piece of art you go not have to posses or use, rather it just radiates to your sense and stimulates your brain to give you happiness as long as you experience it. This is beauty.

A distinction between enjoyable and admirable beauty can be made when talking about women. Both ladies give pleasure to the sense upon being seen. Enjoyable beauty is more connected with sensual and admirable beauty connected to intellectual or spiritual pleasure. I believe for a girl to be beautiful only the latter really matters.

Girls listen up, your bodies and equipment are all basically the same with slight variations. In a man’s eyes you need to refine virtue to attract love and be loveliness incarnate.

This is because all women have the same basic equipment. If you do not believe me. Go to the beach. This is a laboratory of beauty. All girls are wearing the same basic bikini and look similar with their stuff hanging imprudently out. Some are a little slimmer or rounder than others, but the equipment is the same. Certainly in the moment of truth to a guy, it all feels the same not matter if your with this one or that.

Or does it? If you are a human with any sense of awareness, from a spiritual standpoint it does matter.

If you go beyond the surface there is a deeper reality that does make a different. While one woman on the beach is smoking and swearing, and another girl is reading some deeply romantic and philosophically complex novel about love and human psychosocial relations that makes you see your own life in a different way. Which will give you more pleasure to you over your lifetime? Which is the most beautiful girl?

Beauty and virtue in one
So the question is can a woman be beautiful or simple alluring, sensual and attractive in an urge to mate with sense? Or does she need to have virtue?

The answer is obvious, if you understand what I wrote above. I recommend women be aware that to be attractive beauty and virtue is synonymous.

  • After a time we are all responsible for the lines on our face. You do not want your life morphogenesis to be like Madame Bijoux in the Titanic who goes to the bar and wears her jewelry waiting for her long-lost love return. The key to finding a good husband and being beautiful is not to be socially trendy but aspire to ideals that men can be chivalrous and write poetry to.

Can you find beauty and virtue in one in America dating any more?

You can, but the cultural tide is so strong that it has swept many American women into the rip current and they are lost at sea in materialistic lies. They have been lost for a while and wonder why I am so lonely.

They wake up in their 30s as spinsters jockeying a career that has no real meaning, as no one really cares about titles and positions any more. The wanton carnal experimental discovery journey that they were playing in their 20s seems to have robbed them of their understanding of repentance and they try to rationalizes it.

Their scores of lovers are only memories and they are alone. When this happens virtue (which is not synonymous with purity) is gone. The best they have to hope for is finding that last hope guy on who will fit their lifestyle of career and girls nights out with kids in daycare ASAP. Yet this will not lead to happiness nor beauty.

How can a girl be beautiful?

Life is about forgiveness, repentance and grace will follow. The key is sincere repentance and transforming your life into a model of virtue in the romantic and classical sense. If you understand that then you can have beauty. The allure that will attract the man of your dreams and make the next fifty years of your life a dream you would only read about in Harlequin romance.

You want to find the one for you and I recommend a commingling of beauty and virtue.

I am an American living in Eastern Europe.  I am married to the most beautiful girl in the world, my girl, not some culturally determine distortion of fascination from disgusting Hollywood star.  If you are an American and want true love, I would highly recommend to keep your mind open to the whole world. Also comment what you think of the prettiest girl in the world.

What is beauty? What makes someone really attractive?

Read what makes real beauty and how to be attractive. What is your conception of allure on a woman? Who do you think is the most appealing lady in the world?

Being superficial here is a list of physical characteristics men universally find attractive on women:

  1. Skinny or at least thin –  Even with me I stay in shape and you can play a xylophone on my ribs, even though I am married. If you are in shape you will command a lot of power in the dating arena. Things like chest face does not really matter. All women are made through a million years of evolution to be beautiful. You just have to control you eating with moderation and you will be.
  2. A nice sense of style – This can include simply tight jeans, a designer t-shirt, and long hair. This takes little to no money. It is a winning formula for looks. All this can be bought at Wal-Mart. What can not be purchased is the body. You have it you need to practice self-denial for it to manifest itself.
  3. Healthy glow from diet – Anti-oxidants either through diet or vitamins or both. By your 20s you should have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the role of nutrients plays in your looks. This is by default via the media bombardment. Well you can ignore all that and follow a simple formula like, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, take a good multi-mineral supplement and eat things like fresh ladyen and fish. Do not be too extreme and avoid instant meals and anything processed.

Virtuous ways to be beautiful for men

  1. Making reading your obsession – If you do not live at the height of your culture you are swindling yourself out of your own life. Study art, literature, languages and music or chess in-depth.
  2. Pray – I am not talking about having new age candles around your bed and quasi-spiritual books that tell you all ethics are subjective and relative. They are not. Develop a mainstream spiritual disciple. If you are catholic say the Rosary, if you are Protestant or Muslim read your holy book and all pray. If you are Buddhist mediate for an hour a day. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins on a regular basis.
  3. Feel the pain of loneliness – This pain is only a calling for your soul to find your soul mate. Be patient, chaste, humble and your beauty will shine and you will outshine all the girls you thought were attractive you will see often become burnt out train wrecks. Feel the pain of your aloneness and let it be the magic that transform you into Cinderella.

Let me know what you think of my romantic and classical concept of beauty as it relates to women.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 thoughts on “How to be a beautuful girl – or marry one”

  1. Wow she is really beautiful. Not many hers in America look like her. The ones that win beauty pagents today would look ugly next to this woman. Some Americans are really beautiful but I find that Euro women just look different, or maybe carry themselves differently. What is this whole hip ratio thing? How can I find mine? Ive never heard of this. I am american and I dont want a pretty boy, or a bad boy. Just a nice guy who I can share life with and have him as my travel partner, friend and husband. I dont care if he is poor but it would help if he had some money so we could travel the world together and afford to have kids.

  2. I don’t find her that attractive. Miss World? hmm, not for me.
    I have been with Russian girls, Latin American girls, American/Canadian girls, European girls and of course – Israeli girls. (I am Israeli). So I had experience, even though I’m missing Asian and African girls.

    The point is it is all in the eye of the beholder, in the end.

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