Yoga girls – not the worst reason to go to yoga class

Live the life you dreamed of in your heart.  I am living my dream are you? Why not? I am no one special? Yet, I have what I want.  Let me start by saying, we all have issues in our lives that we are set up with. We all suffer and have trouble. Real life issues that seem to weigh on us more than we can handle. We do not like the way we look, our parents have no understanding of us and never will, we can not pay the bills, our job sticks and our relationships, do not even go there.  Som people have real physical illness on top of that.

Each person thinks that their problems are the hardest or others do not understand. I do.  Like that old African slave song goes ‘nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen’. Yet we all have issues, usually one major to over come in our lives. This is the human condition. Karmically it is set up this way. Yoga is like an accelerated course in learning to help you work through the issues in your life. You do not have to do it on the mat in yoga class, but it does not hurt to be in a group of people working though it, that is a yoga class. It helps.  Girls who do yoga are a usually, beautiful, easing going, and heart centered. If you are a girl consider trying yoga. If you are a guy, you have great incentives to go to a class full of yoga girls even if that is not your primary reason for showing up.

If you’re looking for hots of girls in yoga pants go here for a more detailed discussion on yoga girls.

Relationships appear out of nowhere when you do yoga

I have repeatedly recommended to do yoga if your relationship life is not up to par.  In time, the people who seemed unobtainable you will realize were people who were not for you anyway. We are all strands of energy between heaven and earth. And the cord they vibrate on were not for you. The good news is, the person for you will appear if you are the patient. In yoga class I have seen it time and time again.

If I was single and  living in the US or UK I would either date a yoga girl or take classes and see where it leads.  I am not a supernaturalists mind you. I just think that with a practice of yoga, your life will change and I do not know how to explain it.

Why date yoga girls? These girls are usually easy-going, spiritual and you have a chance for love with them.  In the States in Boston I did yoga several times a week and it was a great time for me personally.  Many of the women in the classes were not only physically flexible and  but also sincere.

On the other hand, with non yoga American girls you have huge walls to overcome, with little to no chance for love for true love. Maybe it is a certain generation of American women but they seem more bent on being right than having a husband. The exception would be is if they have some deep religious base.

I know this sounds unenlightened, but I would not date an American girl, nor recommend you do either.  I think American culture is filled wth feminism and on the surface spiritual, but in reality not too friendly or open. It is a huge generalization but I think this is what my American guy friends have said. The net result is both genders are lonely and not happy in relationships, not matter how many dates they go on. Why date a taker when you are a giver? This is what most American women are takers (except yoga girls and of course exceptions). I would recommend a Polish or Indian girls for example. Why not meet a girl at yoga boot camp?

Yoga is a serious form of opening up your life. However, compassion and heart centered energy is a major point in this practice.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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