Find true love

Hi – My name is Mark and I have reluctantly built this site. My philosophy is ‘I am not my brothers keeper’.  However, against all odd, I married the girl of my dreams. Therefore, if I can help others find true love, maybe I have done something good for the world. I have a unique […]

Norwegian girls – love phrases – dating sites and marriage

Norwegian girls – In this post I give you:  Marriage in Norway –  a summary of the main issue with dating and marriage in Norway Norwegian dating sites – websites where you can meet Norwegian girls Book of love phrases in the Norwegian language –  a book on Norwegian love phrases (found at the bottom of the […]

The one – a simple test to determine if you met your soulmate

Simple test to determine who is your soulmate Everyone wants to know if the person they are dating is their soulmate. Is this person the one? Online dating companies have detailed psychological and even genetic screens for matchmaking and compatibility. However, this does not definitively tell you, if this person is truly the right one. […]

Women of Appalachia – undiscovered and single

In my personal experience, women of Appalachia are sensitive, artistic and have sense of romanticism that transcends the hyper-consumptive cookie cutter existence many of us have subscribed to. Jettison your stereotypes and consider an undiscovered region of single girls that are marriage material in the Eastern mountains. That being said, cultural views in this region […]

Image your ideal girl

Plato believed that everything on this earth corresponded to a form, an ideal archetype of a concrete object on this planet. To contemplate these forms would bring a greater awareness to this life and happiness. Similarly pop culture has had a parade of self help recommendations about visualizing your ideal partner. In contrast, there are […]