What is it like being married? from a married man

I believe that all happiness and unhappiness comes from the relationships.  Go back over your life. Think about your greatest sorrows and greatest joys. Are they not connected to people?  Money is like water it comes and goes. Health is something that is up and down until the end. However, relationships are what make the world go around.

For example, I am a professor and write about economics and when I do I get a few hundred views if I write something good. However, if I write about love on this website, I have thousands of views from men and women for one article.

What marriage is really like

Therefore, I wanted to tell you what marriage is really like from a married man’s perspective.

The Internet will tell you some cautionary tale or pros and cons of marriage. I am here to tell you there are no pros and cons, only pros. I mean that with all my heart as God is my witness.

I have never regretted for one day I have been with my wife. I have never wanted anything other than to be with my wife.  All the days when I was single does not equate to one day with my family.

Why I know something about a good marriage

I walk the walk. I quit my corporate job to spend more time with my family. I now teach economics, write programs at home and homestead.

With marriage there is no nagging in my house. With marriage there is no compromising and long conversations about how we can communicate better. We just live our fairy-tale.

wife who transcends
To live a fairy-tale you need a wife who transcends.

It is all the adolescent fantasies come true and the incarnation of what others want from love and search for.  Remember your fantasies? Marriage is even better.

What is the secrete to marriage?  My parents have been married over 65 years and they would say it is God as the center. I have been married 10 and  I would say God is the center.

If you see the world the same way, that is as a practice of spiritual purification and repentance, then what is the problem? No humanistic commonality or psychological spin on marriage comes close.

  • I was not born yesterday.  I have seen the world. I know when girls strive for humility and when girls strive for worldly desires.

Is marriage a partnership?

Not really, it is more like laying your life down for another person so you might have a greater life. However, this is an unconscious process. You do not feel it because you are so high on love. Love gives you so much juice that you are not thinking in terms of partnership and negotiation, but hero and princess.


Love makes all burdens light  (its true you know)

Is marriage work? Is it sacrifice?

No. For me, I have had a lot of challenges in my life, but marriage is easy and makes all challenges when you are married feel easy.  I do not feel like I am giving anything up or making sacrifices. Why?

I am living like I always have, a positive, prayerful life.

With all the nonsense and plurality of messages society gives you, why not keep it simple. Why not find someone whose life is a practice in humility and who is so super cordial?

Finding a super cordial lady who is humble is not only possible, it is probable. I think the ancient Greeks to some extent were correct that beauty and virtue are synonymous. If you have questions about this write me or comment.

What human experience about

Once you open your eyes to what this world is about, a purgatory or a school which includes commitment until graduation (the great beyond),  than it becomes easier to you meet other worldly women who were once only a dream.

  • Last I checked the cordialtest girls are in school.

Women who are not in school, are in a word ‘trashy’.  They live their life based on self interest and like a succubus or sirens (Ulysses) will drive your life into peril.

We have all been there

  1. If you have tried to date women who are arrogant, selfish, lack humility,  want money, and play their options, and you are just one of their options, I know how you feel.
  2. If you feel it will not get any better because you are painfully lonely, I know how you feel.
  3. If this cycle of rejection, loneliness and despair has lasted years, so you feel there is something wrong with you,  join the club.

You do not have bragging rights for loneliness and despair until it has been at least five years of this cycle of pain and desperation.

I know people in the 30s who have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. I know people who have been left after relationships over five years. I know people whose partners steal money and their heart.

If you are depressed and lonely and at your end, welcome the real world. The good news is there is a solution.  What is it? Marriage.

Marriage will make you normal and happy if you find your partner who is your other half. It is that simple.

My recommendation for a partner

  1. Super cordial – someone that is a model like and out of your league. The good news is, I have never met a girl who does not have potential to be super cordial. It is all about style and fitness.  One million years of evolution has taken care of the rest, as nature has honed people to be more than anything else, attractive or the genes would not continue.
  2. Striving for humility – good signs are self abasement, asking for forgiveness, a Bible or holy scripture by her bedside she reads nightly before her closing prayers. This is in start contrast to someone who proclaims themselves ‘spiritual’ which means nothing and is an empty self-proclamation to relive themselves of the responsibility of bad choice. You want the humble one who is trying to purify her soul not the the spiritual one putting her self out there as ‘enlightened’.
  3. Morally better than you – The person you bond with for life should be a person who is not necessarily nice. Nice is not the same as good. Good implies a deep level of selflessness and a striving.  You want good because who you mate with will influence your moral ideas. If you have a partner who is lukewarm about ideals you will be also.  You do not want to be trying to teach them. You want someone who as a daily prayer life and who would pray with you and encourage you to pray more.

What is marriage like?

I get up in the morning and there is this model like lady walking around my bedroom who actually loves me.  We go on road trips like we were single, weekends we go to the beach, natural spring, we have a lot of fun cooking, working in the garden and most of all spend time with our daughter. On weekends we go to church. Sunday we keep as a day of rest and try not to shop or work and just relax. We exchange ideas about life, science, the universe or philosophy.  I use Linux my wife uses a Mac and we are always helping the other with work and tech stuff.  There is a lot more. What would we argue about?  We both know why we are here, to glorify God.

We are gifts to each other for all the suffering we have gone through in our lives. Now is the time for you to find your gift.

Do you think rules and dating advice have anything to do with this place? Do you think that is air you are breathing? Awareness is almost synonymous with free will. When you are aware of the complex stratification of reality your life choices become clearer. The rules of dating and everything you have ever learned or heard about dating and marriage does not apply.

Where to meet someone

Where can you meet people like this to have this perfect harmony?  Why not Church?   I have known several people who met this way and they are happy.




Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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