Women of Appalachia – undiscovered and single

In my personal experience, women of Appalachia are sensitive, artistic and have sense of romanticism that transcends the hyper-consumptive cookie cutter existence many of us have subscribed to. Jettison your stereotypes and consider an undiscovered region of single girls that are marriage material in the Eastern mountains.

That being said, cultural views in this region are still predominately aligned with Americanism and Protestantism.  They could be your dream girl, if you are looking for a good wife, or not.

My recommendation is align the crucible of your fantasies with a region of the world that germinates the type of women that dance in your dreams as you drift to sleep at night. Every man dreams of women as they fall asleep. The women of these twilight dreams are the the key to you finding a wife. For example, I was fantasizing about a Princess from Eastern Europe, before I met my wife, and I am happily married countless years later.

Tell me, what does the woman of your dreams look like.

Female archetypes types in Appalachia

Perhaps you are looking for a non-materialistic thin version of Katniss Everdeen, or a nano-farming homesteader, or a faithful traditional wife who will meet you at the door in a plaid dress and dinner ready, or simply a pretty girl who wants to raise a family away from world’s preoccupations.  All these female archetypes are plentiful and waiting for you in Appalachia. They are in Appalachia specifically because of the environment of the region is still a wilderness and a land of faith in God that spawns the above female archetypes.

What is your vision, your fairy-tale?  I recommend you paint your fairy-tale on the empty canvas of  your imagination. You identify who it is in your dreams you see. If that includes nature and a degree of isolation away from others people’s agendas, and thoughts about how you should live your life, and also a loyalty to moral convictions, consider Appalachian girls.

  • Appalachia is one of the few regional sweet spots for eligible women whom I would marry in the USA and a clear alternative to foreign lady friends.
Connected to nature is often synonymous with being fit naturally.

Appalachian dating – An American alternative to foreign lady friends

If you are looking a homegrown/home team girl, consider this region of the US that is overlooked (lucky). If you are tired of communicating with Russian women on the other side of the world that  size you up based on your wallet, consider the Appalachian mountain region of the US. It is domestic (if you are in the USA), overlooked (your not competing with metro player guys),  they are Christian (good if you are a person of faith, if you are non-religious then you should off roll the dice with with modern liberated NYC career girls, good luck), and connected to nature. If this is not a winning combination for finding a loyal spouse I do not know what is. However, it is not for everyone. It is a Protestant land. However, it is specially American.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.  -John Muir

nature facilitates the transcendence of the female soul

Maybe you cannot find a wife because of something in your water

I know what you are thinking, it is just another far away place and will lead to another disappointment. So what.  Any with any hunt for a lady friend you can not just pick and choose, you have to discover, explore and conquer. You have to uncover and discover something others overlook, zig when others zag. Think about the rugged pioneers this country was literally built on. These were men. Similarly, you have to venture into the wilderness and prospect not for gold or land but for something greater. You can not except to get the girl and replicate your DNA unless you have enough testosterone to take crazy chances.

  • If you do not have the stones to take risks and do crazy things to find and pursue your wife, I would check to see if you have too much BPA and other estrogen mimicking substances in your water supply.

Appalachia is a wilderness

 A forbidding, oppressive, primeval country that was “grim and wild . . .savage and dreary,” fit only for “men nearer of kin to the rocks and wild animals than we.”  –  Henry David Thoreau

Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail recounts even the transcendental, nature loving Thoreau saw it as wild.  Yet do you not want a girl from the wild? Is that not part of the fantasy, a girl from some primordial time or place? Russia as Siberia we have Alaska ( no girls there) but also the Appalachian mountains.

Women in poverty in Appalachia

Being poor is actually a good thing, at least poor in spirit.  As long as the women is aware and curious and educated, what do you care? Yes, there are women in poverty that are uneducated or closed minded. That might be true in some cases but not universally, it is a percentage. According to the US census in 2010 there are 25 million people in the region, that translates into about 5 million single eligible girls in Appalachia, that is a lot of ladies to extend an invite to.

This might be your view of the economics of the region.

Lets talk about isolation

Generally isolation makes you beautiful and eccentric, and at the very least introspective because there are as not as many people to talk to, and you have more of a dialogue with yourself and God.

Isolation has cause a cultural fermentation around the mountains of the East coast. It is a true subculture in America. It is a combination of romanticized ruggedness, self-sufficiency and Bible based Christian values.

From an economics perspective isolation causes countries, regions and villages to be on a slower economic growth trajectory, because trade and specialization pushes the production possibilities curve out. Therefore, have no illusions because of its isolation, Appalachia remains still one the the poorest areas of the US.

The Appalachian region of the United States, while abundant in natural resources and rich in potential, lags behind the rest of the Nation… its people have not shared properly in the Nation’s prosperity. – The Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965

This is what I envision

Stereotypes aside

I am not talking about marrying an uneducated unsophisticated person. I recommend someone who has benefited from the isolation the mountains afford, yet has a rich intellectual internal life. Someone who the lie of consumerism has not infected.  When you are closer to nature no matter what language of rituals you express your spirituality in, you transcend. This closeness to nature and isolationism is what make women who grow up in this region special.

You can browse this women of Appalachia site and see if there is introspection and sensitivity.

Therefore, I am not recommending your should marry some hillbilly like Elly May Clampett (from the TV show the Beverly Hillbillies) but rather more like some introspective sensitive moral beauty like Mary Ellen Walton or Erin from the TV Series the Waltons.

Is being in a cabin in the mountains boring? Not if you have a companion.

Yes, I know, I know it is still hard to find a single girl who has these traits, but in Appalachia they exists. Families stay and live in this region specifically because of the isolation and because of nature. There are women in towns like Huntsville, AL, Knoxville, TN, Greensville, SC, Morgantown WV, Asheville, NC, Roanokeo,VA, Pittsburgh, PA, Stretching it a bit, Brattleboro, VT and Augusta, Maine. The small cities and areas around these towns have statistically millions of single women living our their lives without being around the block a dozen times like their metro counterparts.

Change the the label and you have something different

What was once called ‘dirt’ or ‘substance farming’ is now called ‘homesteading’ and ‘organic’. What was once seen as ‘fundamentalism’ is now call ‘being loyal to one’s spouse and family’. What was once called ‘healing with herbs’ is now called ‘alternative medicine’. What was once call ‘isolated’ is now called ‘having some peace’ in the world of endless traffic jams.

Are not all rural girls the same?

I know what you are thinking, are there not a lot of rural areas in the USA that have country girls?  I have always felt with some elitism, that the East Coast was a little more my style. There are regional differences in every part of the USA that can not be ignored. Living in the deep forests of the East as a highlander girl, is not the same as a girl living on a Texas ranch.

Real life or virtual connections, I prefer real, because this is only a drive away for most of America

Where do you find a bluegrass doll?

I am not an expert, rather I know a lot of women from the region because I live in the South. I am in the inner circle of these women and hang out with them because I have a school age child. I personally know a score of soccer moms that are from Appalachia. I also went to school undergraduate at Wake Forest University resting at the foothills of Appalachia and I know the micro culture that exists among the educated women of this region. I was friends and roommates with people from this area and they universally had that sweet small town attitude but with sophistication enough to get into a top university. I travel there and hike the Blue ridge mountains.

The syrupy girls of Appalachia from Eastern Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Western North Catalina and Eastern Kentucky are intriguing. They are universally sweet (not cloying), religious, good mothers and loyal wives. They build you up and make you feel good with sincerity because every part of their being has been raised this way. It is an Appalachian female subculture.

None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.
― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

The core nature of females and males crystallize in the first twenty five years of life. The environmental tone you are raised in shapes this nature to no small degree. The society you are born into manifest itself in how you actualize your potential. The women of this South Eastern region, actualize and fulfill their dreams by being married, having a family and living a peaceful life.

There are two type of women that I would consider from this region

Christian women in Appalachia – These are the women that read the Bible. They are educated, conservative and not closed minded. They are not Southerners per say, remember during the Civil war, Appalachia was a Northern symbiotic region (since it did not have the cotton industry and hence, Slavery was not part of their economy), although the region sits mostly in the South. They are cultured and and open minded without prejudice and Christians who walk the walk in a non-showy way. They are Christian women who educate themselves and are not caught up in excess materialism.
Earthy women in Appalachia – Americans who migrate or immigrate to the Appalachian region who are into permaculture and are attracted to the mild climate and alternative living. The reason appeals to them because of the low local zoning restrictions that allows for freedom of lifestyle. They stand for something, usually connected with agrarianism. The lack of hype connected with the West Coast. The closed minded liberals move to Portland or California or dissipate their vital energies on smoking something in Colorado.

When I say alternative women, I do not mean the drug culture that exists in Eastern Kentucky or Asheville, NC for example which is the Sodom and Gomorrah of the wrong type of liberalism. I am talking about clean living moral believers who are ecological and earthy with some ideal or region to keep themselves clean in spirit and mind, someone who runs a urban farmer or or a permaculture homestead or at least you see at Wholefoods.

Not all women who are from Appalachia are desirable singles, mind you.  You want premium women who have some dream, ideals and who just happen to have a local dialect and body like Katniss Everdeen of district 12 (yes a little thinner).

  • Read my lips you want educated. You want some girl who studies literature or theater. You want a woman that likes to go to fine art museums, not a country music junkie.

They need to have gone to Universities like:

  • Appalachian State University
  • East Tennessee state University
  • West Virginia University
  • University of Tennessee

For example, educated  acquaintance I know has three kids and runs a community garden, as her job, and they are remodeling their 1930s house to look HGTV with little money. Their kids run barefoot and are half-home schooled. She will always be loyal to her husband who scrapes by with some on-line business. They are in love and live outside of Asheville and all around the are for the last nineteen years.

Another, lady I know has four kids, grow up in Kentucky but has four kids and teaches college, and is a Christian.

What is wrong with that? I would say these educated women from the country side are wives men aspire and dream of having.

What would Plato say?

The marriage material from Appalachia are either educated Christians or idealist educated perma culture hipsters. The best would be a combination of both.  Lets be honest, it is about a girl who is pursuing wisdom. Did not Plato say that wisdom as the ultimate good, the one good you can never have too much of, the good that is required for a happy life? You need a mate that is almost obsessed with virtue and wisdom, she can be super cordial mind you, but none of these good looking girls who have no substance.  Its building your house on sand man. First category 4 or 5 storm, it will fall and until that time you will find yourself in an unequally yoked relationship.

These mountains are not for everyone

  • If you are weak or shallow or do not believe in God, skip it.
  • If you do not want to have kids, skip it.
  • If you do not like nature, skip it.
  • If your dreams area aligned with a different fantasy or archetype, make the effort to pursue that vision, but do it like you mean it.

What do you mean another vision or culture?

It is a Anglo baptists Scottish Presbyterians border country. Although these women have all the whistle and bells I would be looking for if I were single, I married a princess from Eastern Europe. Remember I am not a WASP, my family name is not Smith or Wheat or Johnson. I am American many generations but yet my subculture is Roman Catholic, Eastern European. My world has always been East of the Elbe river and I believe Catholicism largely influenced my subconscious.  However, that being said, even me, if I were single would consider Appalachia as the place in the US to find a wife.

Who might not be for these gals?

If you are a generic guy with no particulate ideals, except believe in transitory humanistic ideas like being nice etc, I would say it is a no go. The women here are sweet because they are aligned with religion. It is emanating from their core. These women are specific, so if you are a generic guy with no strong religious beliefs they would not appeal to you. Generic guys are those without any great ideals either religious or even environmental counterculture type values. What are generic guys? Rather they spend their time on Netflix or their cell phones than reading books and exploring ideas. They have this notion of finding a nice girl, but they themselves have not used their intellect and spirit to uplift themselves.

They travel through the heartland, past cold factories and drifty towns, to the old, old mountains slumbering east of Tennessee.
― Sarah Sullivan, Passing the Music Down

What do they look like and where to find them?

The looks they have, they have to have. It is so un-high to marry an unattractive girl.

Their beauty impresses because their genetic line is unique. Genetically they are in one sense like the Icelandic people,  like an heirloom fruit they have unusual features. Their faces have the distinct high cheekbones and often a broad look with fair skin and freckles.

Where specifically do you find these girls?

This is the most common question I get. My answer is, I refer you back to the water metaphor above.  That is, you need to have the spirit of adventure and risk taking, and you have to have the vision and with a little luck you will find your wife. A wife rarely is just found with a click, rather, with time and effort. Since they are domestic American women, just take a trip there. You can go online or use a dating app (Whatsapp, Tinder etc.), but nothing beats taking the time to explore the region:

It is not a bad place to live, far away from the world. You can get ten acres of land and a house for 190k. If you do not believe me write me and I will show you where.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 thoughts on “Women of Appalachia – undiscovered and single”

  1. I have no idea how I found your site. probably via a Google search years ago, but when I have the time to fully read your posts, stories, missives and advice, I have yet to be disappointed. As we’ve traveled many of the same paths, and deduced many of the same conclusions from our observations and interactions with women from around the globe. so you do not know the joy and even a sense of relief I get (and guys like “us” get) when we read articles or posts like these that identify potential hidden gold mines that do indeed exist and could possibly land you the woman of your dreams. So thank you for that, thanks for your honesty and transparency and thanks for sharing your findings and ideas on this oh so volatile topic.

    That said, as often as I agree with your findings and stories, I don’t believe I’ve ever responded or posted any comments before today. But this article hit a chord with me (almost too good to be true) but it did remind me of a great gal I met online (Christian dating site) who was from BFE W. Virginia (I think) – just flying there was like routing a trip to Mars via Saturn and back. However that said, she (at that time) was 30ish, “cute” (not smoking cordial but I’d say a 7.5 out of 10) and is 98% exactly the way you’ve explained it all above. Devout (Devout.) Christian, lived on her parents horse ranch (which IS indeed entirely different than a Texas gal who was raised on “Daddy’s ranch) (as an ex-Dallas guy, I can speak to this “difference” first hand and it’s subtle observations like those that you share, are what keep me coming back here for more hoping for the next great post or story or nugget of advice you have to offer and share – For those of us that are “good guys”, family oriented, a true southern gentleman, and possess Godly values (like me.:)

    I refuse to give up my core morals and values and beliefs to just any pretty face. for I seek someone worthy of my love, and who I’m worthy of hers as well (as I believe God does select our spouses) He’s been prepping me for her, and her for me. but in such a large world and with the barrage of technology that’s literally destroying young “innocence” and lives these days. while it’s a great tool to meet someone in a remote area that you’d never have found in a million years on your own without “technology” – it sadly also opens the doors to all the scum and sleaze that I see referenced in the Elana’s Models post about women venting their frustrations over “dirty old men looking to buy their attention” . and I understand their disgust – plus I’m sick of cleaning up the messes left by sleaze ball guys who have blazed a path of hurt and destruction before me.be that in RU, UA, CZ, or even the good old USA . so many bad guys out there destroying today’s innocent women – it’s just a shame – and after 11 years now of literally searching the entire globe – I finally threw the towel in after I thought I’d found “the one” in UA after dating for 3 years (at that time I was in London, as that’s where my work took me and was awesome to fly to UA monthly for $150 R/T and see her in just a couple of hours) – But back on track here. Your article on Appalachia. I can attest that the women he describes here do indeed exist. However you’re gonna truly have to turn over a lot of stones, to find that one diamond in the rough. Also when I first saw the topic title – I didn’t even know where Appalachia was even? It wasn’t till I read your article closer and ran it through Wiki that I got a true lay of the land and where this “mystery area” was that you so eloquently describe. Little did I know, that I knew 3 gals from there, and dated 2 of them, and outside of the WV gal (she wore a “purity ring” at age 30, attended church several times a week, lived on a massive horse farm, and was 98% the way you describe these gals). The other from eastern deep TN was pure gold too. But the WV one had some mental issues I think – as she’d cry at the drop of a hat – and confessed later that she struggled with either bi-polar or depression (been 7-8 years ago now so don’t exactly recall) but that was a deal breaker as was her insistence of either staying in that exact area (forever) which I guess I was okay with as long as I / we could travel occasionally. but the other “red flag” and ultimate deal breaker was her insistence on what kind of house and “ranch” and acreage we would own in the future. I know her heart was in the right place and she just wanted to carry on with what her family already had – but I must confess at that time, I took it as shades of a gold digger as she had it on her “deal breaker” list. Now I’ve met women 100x times worse than this and am accustomed to being asked what I do and the car I drive and position I hold at work (which helps them deduce your income) I’m not opposed to that as long as “true, unconditional love” is at the center of the relationship (along with God and Christ) which with both these gals, they were. But in thinking back now – I dumped Ms. WV b/c of the gold digger vibes and the one in E Tennessee is the one I still tell people to this day is the “good one that I let get away”. I asked for some time to deal with a family issue (legit request as I was overwhelmed at the time) and whilst she agreed with this, she took it as me dumping her. Which totally was not the case – so imagine my surprise when I rock up 6-8 weeks later and she’s already moved on (29, Christian (PK) pure, devote godly woman, friendshipy and built right in all the right places:) and man she loved me. Newsflash: at age 29, when we finally met and got around to a goodnight kiss, I was the first guy she’d ever kissed. I was 41 at the time and man – talk about an amazing woman and gift – and stupid me. I somehow let that one slip away by just trying to do the right thing for my family and by her, by offering or being straight up stating I needed to take care of this and I couldn’t travel or call as much as she’d become accustomed to. so I was being a gentleman and letting her know why we needed a slight break whilst I sorted family things (there were some other biz issues intertwined too but that was the gist of it) but I guess that just shattered her heart (which speaks to the downsides of someone who does not have relationship experience or “relationship inexperience”)

    You need a boatload of patience and understanding and to be an awesome “teacher” for you have a blank canvass in front of you and you better treat her like gold and the child of God that she is. I did my best – but in the end I guess I fumbled along the way though some of my female friends also are quick to point out some areas where she assumed incorrectly. It takes two to tango and I fell on my sword for her and in the end I def regret that. But such is life. dust yourself off and move on.

    Anyway – to land the plane here – the 2% I’m not agreeing on simply because I’ve not seen it myself (or seen the opposite) is you made some sweeping comments on education and country music and noticed Virginia Tech was not on your list of colleges or universities? Miss WV was a total horse and country gal and went to VT. And that was her life now and forever. She also taught young kids (school) and that’s pure gold guys as they’re great with kids then and have a heart or passion for children and family and teaching others. rare find these days. But she wouldn’t be caught dead in Saks 5th or anything first class – and def was not keeping up on the latest fashion trends. so if your life is one of Rolex, Armani, exotic travels and “corporate” – you’re mixing water and oil here. I just happen to come from the south raised riding rodeo – but also got an excellent education and worked my way up the corporate ladder and traveled the world before age 30 and learned much. I know what it’s like to be dead broke and what it’s like to fly in your own corporate jet. these type of gals are not gonna want anything to do with that kind of world. Also despite both being college educated and very intelligent (and book worms) thirsty for knowledge just like you’ve stated. material things are of zero interest to them – they’ll gladly take the 200 acres and a shiny new $50K Ford pickup. But the rest, if you’re accustomed to that life, it won’t be a good fit. The metro stuff you mentioned is spot on. and I’m grateful for that actually as I want a heart to heart relationship- not one based on my wallet. But you do have to be careful of “where” you’re searching as there’s a very thin line between trailer trash redneck and the Appalachian gal you describe her. Maybe C&W music and lifestyle is the determining factor? Dunno. Anyway if you could offer up some more specific areas where to find these types of women that would be greatly appreciated b/c to me, that region you state runs from S. Tennessee all the way to Maine. So I’d be interested in hearing where it is you are recommending guys look? I’ll also look which towns those universities you listed are located in. But then what? How best to connect? I’m not opposed to travel as I’ve already searched the world. So I’d actually welcome a return trip to this region – but I prefer to meet someone online first and select 3-5 “possibles” then travel out with a backup plan. Always have a backup plan guys. also adjusting to USA dating “rules” I’ll have to realign my dating age stuff as in Europe or Asia or S. America that’s never an issue for me. Only in America do they get so hung up on age – sigh – but even with those 2 mentioned before, we were fine being 10-15 years apart. Now? Bit tougher of a sell – but I work with the older guy confidence approach and are you mature enough to be part of my world? Works every time.

    Anyway thanks for the awesome articles and site you’ve put together here. I’d like to bend your ear sometime if you have time. You have my email here so drop me a note if interested as I have several EU/RU/UA/CZ trips coming up and also logged time in Gdansk and Warsaw and would like to pick your brain about that as well sometime too.



    1. One idea here is I was looking but never full force. I had tried dating sites and would talk to a lot of women, however, I would not date because within five minutes of conversation I usually knew and felt where they were coming from. Certainly my hormones as the guide also screened most women out. Therefore, I focused on my distractions: I played, chess, worked on learning the Polish language, traveling and my websites, also played the game Civilization for countless hours. Maybe I am selfish and greedy with my time, but I tried not to waste my time with girls who were not want I wanted, it is so boring to hear their nonsensical views on the world when I was seeking a humble person. I guess I was looking for this ultimate virtue of humility.

      So what I recommend, is identifying the ultimate virtue for your quest.

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