Stop Gaslighting in Relationships and Get Happily Married

The purpose of this post to to give show you How to stop gaslighting in relationships so you can be happily married (like I am). The definition of ‘gaslighting in relationships’ is emotional abuse of power. It is a form of physiological manipulation. It is an idiomatic expression that has appeared in the collective unconsciousness…… Continue reading Stop Gaslighting in Relationships and Get Happily Married

Dating advice for girls

The genesis of my view on women When I was in high school I thought women were ethereal beings like angelic vessels. They were examples of virtue, goodness and gentleness on this earth. Females radiated with a light and beauty that was almost unobtainable to us mere mortal men. I had a rude awakening. However,…… Continue reading Dating advice for girls

How to stay positive when single

That’s the hardest thing of all,never to become cynical, never to lose faith, never to become indifferent.- Sergei Lukyanenko, Сумеречный Дозор When a bee is removed from the colony it can not survive. Similarly when humans do not have a critical level of social and physical interaction, life does not go as well. So the…… Continue reading How to stay positive when single

Why am I not married?

The question of “Why am I not married?” echos in the thoughts of every single who is honest. It begs another questions, where and who is the girl or guy I am suppose to be with? I have the answer to both. If you want to get married, take this advice from a hopeless romantic…… Continue reading Why am I not married?