Why I love women

What I like about girls A to Z

I do not know if it is that I grew up with two wonderful sisters or my best friend  George did also. This left a positive impression on my formative years from 0 to 13. Or that I went to an all boys New England boarding school during my teen years, and only saw women in idealistic terms. However,  I love women and try to understand their special role on this earth.

I married Kasia (it is really she who saved me) the woman of my dreams and blessed with a daughter. I think the world of them. They really are the fairer gender. Life without women would be boring as they are the bearers of life itself. Here is a list from A to Z of some of the things I like about women. It is not all-inclusive and if you want to add your own ideas please do.

  • Apartments – They make apartments warm and comfortable. Hey you walk into an apartment which is decorated by a girl and has all these small touches it feels great. Guys like this stuff but rarely put it all together.
  • Beautiful – I do not think I have ever seen a woman who was not beautiful. They all young or old, fit or corpulent have a beauty. I am not talking you have to desire them, but beauty as defined by Plato, is something that gives pleasure to the sense without having to be consumed.
  • Confidence – If you are in a relationship with a girl your self-confidence soars like an eagle. Ironically this is one paradoxes of this is when you have high self-confidence other girls flock to you. When you are not in a relationship, you feel like a loser and no girls like you, unless it is the one for you. She will love you no matter what.
  • Dangerous – ‘Women are man’s most dangerous play’ – Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Eat – They like to eat and cook and it is great being married coming home to a real meal every night, not some restaurant fare. I remember I used to date women who did not cook. Hah, was I ever naïve. Girls try to tell me how important their careers were. Well if you have a child who will mother your child? On another note,  if you are in love you feel you can just eat them (not literally of course but poetically).
  • Funny – I am not talking about girl’s mind you, rather they laugh at our jokes and make us feel we are smart and funny. Like the song says ‘Girls just want to have fun’.
  • Giggles – With girls you can giggle and have ketchup fights and be silly and not feel a loss of your masculinity, because you are going it with a girl. And anything you do with a girl is cool.
  • Health – If you are married you will live longer and be healthier. If you stare at a woman’s chest your blood pressure immediately drops. So if you are stressed out you know what to do.
  • India – Imagination, exotic warm and colorful like India is the female Jungian psyche Animus.
  • Jealous – If your girl is not a little jealous then why are you with her, Want a girl to be jealous, it means she cares. Anyone who is ‘whatever’ in a relationship either is at a higher spiritual plane “OMM” or does not care. To date I have not yet meet someone on this earth who is that evolved.
  • Kangaroos – Girls have proportionally long powerful legs, wide hips and big butts much like  kangaroos. This asymmetry is because they are made for reproduction. Nietzsche quote is ‘ a woman’s whole goal is pregnancy’.  This is not a bad thing at all.
  • Love – Women are all about love and love is the energy that governs the universe.
  • Mothers – They become mothers and who does not love their mother. They take care of the world. They hand culture to the next generation and civilize men.
  • Non Judgmental – Women do not cast stones like men. Men by our nature like rules and things to be black and white. Women are more holistic and do not see things in terms of right and wrong. But more colors or at least shades of grey. Men mostly start the wars and march to drums. Women are more about healing, communication and compromise. Sometimes you meet women who like to abuse power like men but no usually.
  • Omega – Every Alpha man needs their omega. Alpha men go out and find your Omega point and stop wallowing in unfulfilling self-love.
  • Psychologists – I am not a big believer in having your girlfriend be your psychologist (not a big believer in this field as that what friends are for.  But golly ghee it is so nice to have a wife listen when life beats you down. Women are supportive or at least good ones are.
  • Quest –  Every knight has a mission or else he is nothing more than a silly man with heavy clothes. He must win a girl.
  • Replication – Self replication is impossible without women. Unless you want your seed wiped from this earth, find a woman.
  • Sensual – when you stop caring about this aspect of love you are all dried up and just a puff of dust will fire from you cannon. Sensuality is what keeps you full of vitality and life and a sparkle in your eye. Find a woman you are attracted to physically. S- Smile – with a woman’s smile your feel great.
  • Trust – In a foreigner country if you need directions or help as a woman. Often guys will try to scam you. Not common in women unless they are really twisted.
  • Under estimated – Women can do anything they set their minds to.
  • Vessel of culture – It is women who transmit culture from one generation to the next. This includes religion and values. This is why it is so important you marry a girl with strong ideals or they will transmit tattoos and promiscuity to your offspring.
  • Weak – Girls are like this. The create a castle to hide in an defend. They give guys such hard times during the dating process. But once a guy can rescue the girl after storming their castle and fighting off their legions of trolls they send after you, they surrender.  Weaknesses and giving into the basic drives is what makes life so fun. Sure they put up great resistance but like Shakespeare said ‘ because she is a woman she can be won’. Women are weak and give into pleasure and desire. Is that not great? However, society also has a responsibility to protect girls before marriage. This is why there were chastity belts and strict religious laws to protect a girls. You might think this sounds medieval (and it is hard) but young women must be guided and protected as there are so many bad guys out there today ready to influence and corrupt angels of goodness (women).
  • X-ray – They make you order the x-ray vision glasses out of the back of a superman comic book.
  • Yell – they have emotions. Thy yell and scream and cry and laugh. It adds a little spice to or left brain lives.
  • Zoo – They like to do things like go to the zoo and hold hand. Guys alone would not do such things. Holding hands at the zoo with your sweetheart is one of the best things there is in life.Let me know why you love women. This was a little lighthearted and really man’s relationship with woman is divine and spiritual, however, I had to start somewhere. Please add to this list with a comment below.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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