How to find a loving wife

How to find a loving wife

If you are looking to find a loving wife, I will tell you the secret of finding your lady friend. This blog is my personal blog so it is not politically correct. Further, I am not writing something you might read on cookie-cutter relationship advice pages that float around the web for the benefit of some paid online dating site.  My advice to find a wife will work.  No guarantees with people, but generally, it will work.

Where to find a loving wife

Do not look in the USA or the UK unless your values are materialistic leaning. I personally am an unrepentant capitalist. I am a student of economics. I teach economics. However, the US and UK in my personal opinion stress too much materialism in our culture. Yes, we all need money, but this is not the yardstick on which we judge people. Money is like a snake and must be handled carefully. Money and love do not mix in any way. Money is to some extent the opposite of love. Dating profiles often boast 100k incomes. In contrast, I say find people who read the Bible instead.

Everyone is an individual so you can find alternative currents in every culture, but generally, Americans like to spend money on consumer goods. I do not see too many Americans growing their own food and baking their own bread. If they do that is who you want to go for. So this post is not about if Americans spend too much and put too much weight on money, but my recommendation is this, find an American or UK partner who does not, or look in another culture.

American women tend to be liberal and American men conservative.  I think most guys want a conservative traditional wife.  I am sorry but this is the truth.  So in America, we have many mismatches in terms of relationships and people are not aware of why. Many marriages fail as the ideal of love is not shared in the same way.

Go for Bible reading, church-going, gardening, women who stress education and reading, but not money. See good in all people but for marriage find someone with shared values no matters what race or culture they grew up in.

Latin America and Eastern Europe are the best places, also India if you are looking for a more traditional wife, generally.  China I do not have enough information on. If you are a conservative person do not marry a liberal person, this will be trouble as somewhere your relationship might start to become a political social arena. If you believe in God marry someone of faith. I recommend looking in Russian and Poland and Ukraine. The women there as women are generally more traditional. These are broad strokes of the brush on the canvas and are not to be taken literally. Rather there are cultural aspects in each county that are different. I respect all people and cultures. Some might simply have an affinity of values closer to your own personal views.

If you look for a loving wife in the USA make sure you find one who will not try to boss you and tell you how wrong you are. Some guys react to this by trying to counter that by trying to be macho. However, playing macho games will not work either as women, in the long run, will resent it.   Too much energy.  You want to just be yourself and have your wife adore you for it. Therefore, I recommend, finding a wife who will be good for you. Cook your dinner, and take care of the family and not be a critic of you, especially to her friends.

Qualities to look for in a loving wife

I have had many American women say something to the effect,  ‘I do not cook but make up for it in other ways, ‘wink wink’. Translation they do not cook and have slept around a lot.  This is not a girl you want to marry in most cases. There are many wonderful American women, just be careful who you choose. Leap with your head as well as your heart.

You want a normal girl.  A girl who says I will cook for you, who is humble and says their sorry a lot.  Why?  I would do this for them. Being a husband or wife is about giving 100% to the other person with no limits. Really. Saying sorry and being humble and saying ‘I am nothing special is great quality.  Humble people are sweet, arrogant people are weak and will make other people unhappy.  So if you have a wife who is a career woman and does not say she is sorry and does not cook much.  You’re in trouble.  Why not go for a submissive humble wife who believes in no limits and believes love and relationships are forever no matter what.  Then you will have magic in your life.

How you should be towards your wife

If you want a princess you need to be a prince.  Do not even think of cheating. Take care of your wife and be there 100% of the time even if it means quitting your job or taking some lame low paying job instead of your career.  Family is most important.

Where to find love

I found love by accident on a trip to Poland, my family was Polish.   But if you can not have destiny smile so easily, try the internet. Free online dating for example.  But I would recommend traveling first and do not try to impress women, just be yourself and have a sincere interest in the places you travel to.  This is how to find a loving wife.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

30 thoughts on “How to find a loving wife”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

    Thank you

  2. Dear friends marriage is a pure relationship in which we should love each other understand,co-operation,honesty, trust , never miss-understand if u have done any mistake both say sorry to each other then only stop dragging matters belive in u r self and u r partner, satisfy each others desires i all ways or mail me -even i am in search of good wife.

  3. Perdonen si mi punto de vista es muy extraño. Una esposa amorosa se logra cuando el hombre tiene una excelente capacidad para amarla físicamente. Si ustedes pueden ponerme en contacto con una mujer que entienda qué es un hombre espléndido desde el punto de vista físico, por favor infórmenle sobre mi e-mail. Muchas gracias.

  4. There have been times when I did not believe in true love. This was before I meet her. She came to be from afar and I had never dreamt that it would be like this. I am thankful with all my heart that she is in my life.

  5. I would like to describe myself as an simple, homely & independent person. enjoy reading books, listening music, would love to travel across the world. Honest And Loyal. But I Never Get The Return From Others. I Like To Stay At Home With Family. At Weekends I Also Remains With Family. That’s Where I Needs A Life Partner. You Could Be From Any Region .I want a wife who will take care of my physical needs, who will not bother me with rambling complaints about a wife’s duties always. who will take care of the details of my social life. who is sensitive to my friendshipual needs, a wife who makes love passionately and eagerly when I feel like it. A wife who will take good care of our children. that’s all!
    Rwrussia AT

  6. I find this very silly, how you say UK is the same as America. They are very different. British girls I hae seen are very different to American girls. I do think you need to meet more British girls. i do not like American girls, but I do like Britian. The people are friendly and I know a lot of beautiful, nice girls there, who are not corpulent at all. I think only the poor and angry are corpulent there. The upper classes are very strict. You must be polite and look well, and cook and be intelligent. So do not go to the slums to find corpulent British women.

    I love my country and the whole of Europe but I love Britain and I think I should tell you there is nothing wrong with it. It is a lovely country. I do admit, I am not fond of America, or aggressive American girls.

  7. I find your advice insightful and enlightening. I also think a wife should be submissive to his husband and caring about him and their children. This is contrary to mainstream culture, yet, it is the healthiest norm. Dr Henry Makov put it well: women give up her power in exchange for love.
    Family is the paramount matter of life. Women job is almost inside home, and while husband job is outside, his responsibility inside is as much as his responsibility at job. There is no excuse to not care for home because of work. Didn’t work at job is for the sake of well-being of home, at all, not just material welfare, but far beyond.

  8. wow!knowing what you want i think, is the way to go. i also agree that more traditional women make better wives. family is more traditional than not. liberalism is what has turned homes into war zones.

    1. Sure nothing wrong with a traditional girl,cooking and cleaning and being beautiful and smart. Why is that so wrong? I mean if you have a family your kids will need a mother who knows how to cook and clean or else all will be chaos.

  9. I’ve been with various types of Asian women and they make for good wives. Submissive; feminine;faithful;etc. I used to think women like these are only overseas until I realized they’re in the USA too. You just have to search for the more culturally conservative ethnic groups. That way you can get a traditional woman who has no problem marrying outside of her ethnicity.

    1. And remember, the key word is humble for a good loving wife (or husband). Humble is a choice and a virtue more than a cultural thing. But deeply related to culture as women are the guardians a people’s culture. Women are the vessels which a civilization’s culture, language and religion are transmitted from generation to generation.

  10. Ruta, it would seem you didn’t even read the blog as he never mentioned anything about “corpulent”. Apparently you have some issues with corpulent.

    As for what he said about American women, he is absolutely right. I’m 48 and have yet to find a woman that is satisfied. They don’t want to cook or be a housewife and they are very liberal. Also American women don’t have any idea of what love really is. They always claim to be looking for a nice, decent guy but then end up with an A-Hole which they like to call “bad boys” so it sounds exciting. These “bad boys” almost always end up either hitting them or cheating and the woman wonders why. Furthermore “bad boys” talk a big game but if you think they are going to take a bullet for you, forget it. On the other hand the nice decent guy will take a bullet for you without even thinking. Of course an American girl will thank the nice gu for saving their life and then go looking for another “bad boy”.

    So we now have to go to other countries to find good women.

    1. You are so right I know seems that the better you treat an American woman the worse that they treat you they are always looking for more money or another man to leave with or cheat on you with. Always seems to be one of her male friends that she says she would never have anything to do with She puts him down behind their back then praises the ground they walk on to their face. They are never satisfied with a good man that would do anything for them they want someone to beat them or treat them like junk then they seem to be happy. I do not understand it at all anyone have any suggestions I Can not afford to travel overseas any more as I am disabled and do not draw enough money to go. I have been to Russia a long time ago and I loved it there. The women were great American women could learn a lot from them

  11. I forgot to mention what “love” is to an American girl. It means Looks like Brad Pitt and rich like Bill Gates. When you start putting prerequisites on love then it’s not love anymore. Real love is unconditional.

    When my father got cancer my mother took care of him day and night for 3 years till he died. She did it because she loved him. I am like that and expect nothing less from a woman. If my wife had her breasts removed because of cancer she’d still have my undying love.

  12. Hallo! Some interesting and insightful posts here.Thank you.
    I also would take issue with RUTA.I am British and have to say that it is a fact that most British girls do not hold a candle to the charming Eastern European young ladies that I have met,and continue to meet.
    Many of them(Not all) are slovenly and frumpy,and corpulent too(Obesity is a major problem here also).They have very little dress sense either,whereas most Polish,Romanian,Russian,Lithuanian girls are chic and dress for both themselves and their man!And they hold on to their traditional values.As I mentioned on the “Romanian Girls” site recently,I stopped dating U.K. girls several years ago,and I’m glad of it!

    1. What I do not understand is why are women in the UK are mildly irritated that by the fact that their guys look elsewhere for dates. These girls often times are more stylish and take care of their men in a more feminine way. Why must someone marry the girl next door. The world is full of opportunities. My father told me this. It is true. Why not have the spirit of adventure like Earnest Hemingway or Joseph Conrad and see the world with less limits than boundaries.
      I would highly recommend guys in the UK try dating Eastern European women. Once you do, you will be able to relax and be yourself in the dating game and not feel you are tip toeing on egg shells around a woman’s preconceived notions of how the world of relationships should look like.

  13. I had to use the internet to finally met a good girl.

    Places to avoid in Latin America if you are searching for a wife might be, based on my personal experience.

    Panama at all, Bogota in Colombia, the rest of Colombia is fine, very beautiful girls. You can look in Ecuador and Peru and a bit in Venezuela.

  14. I’ve seen many affair marriages being broken away with mismatching mentality afterwards. In fact, expectations of a wife differs from the expectation and desire of her respective husband. Sometimes the inability of husband or his motto of life fiction is found quite mismatched with wife’s formula of ‘drinking and merriment’, which leads to a unhappy conjugal life. Again biological desire is often becoming a fact. As I’m a 30 year old slim, medium complexioned body and handsome male interested in marrying a slim, bright complexioned woman of 20, educated: what qualities should I seek in her for my happy conjugal life?
    I need your suggestion please.

    1. On one hand it all depends on your personal style and answer to life. For me, I always thought my other half was idealistic and humble. Someone who is loyal and whose beauty, charm and grace was exceeded by her faith in me and God.
      These are the qualities I wanted. I did not care about money or education level or superficial manifestations of attractions. I always looked for the girl who fulfilled my fairy-tale dreams of my adolescence.

  15. To admin,
    I agree with nearly everything you say, I’m from the UK, London specifically and must say that the whole mentality or shift of cultural attitudes is slowly covering western Europe anyway, not just the US or even Australia etc. Somehow Eastern Europe has a way to go before they end up like Western European girls.
    As for British women, I’ve never dated any and always thought this way from an early age, that they and Northern Europeans in general can’t cook and are not humble Enough when compared to many other parts of the world. Sadly it’s a case of women mistaking equality and now they behave pretty much like guys. Who wants that. Some do I guess. But they won’t be as humble as when compared to girls in east Asia for example why are gentle and faithful. Ironically I did not think the guys in those countries know how lucky they are. Also, from the guy above, would be good to have more knowledge on his South American travels and which were better.
    Is the Argentine girls article the only one you have on all of South America though.

    1. I get gourmet meals everyday and love and support from my wife beyond what I could have ever dreamed. She is Polish. She is a dream wife for me and I am very fortunate to have her as my life partner. I may be rich or poor in my life, but it does not matter, because I am happy in marriage.
      What good is it if a man achieves success but has a wife that nags him or is on him?
      From the other perspective most Western Guys from the UK or USA want to treat women well and find true love. I adore my wife and very much appreciate her. So I recommend here that guys from Western countries not only consider the girl next door but be open to the possibilities that the world is larger when it comes to dating and mating.

    2. The western culture already arrived in SE Asian and Asian women are bound to out run you in your expectation of the submissive, if your marrying a village girl and you can support her whole family maybe,but the average city girl has her own agenda and choices.

      I think western guys carry a myth that Asian woman are passive meek or submissive. If you get on the wrong side of an Asian woman you will find out they can fight back harder than you.

      1. Even the most submissive girls have fight in them. Being a submissive girl is not about one that just rolls over (no fantasy intended).

        But it is an attitude of humility. I the most kind, loving submissive girl will argue with you and even hope so as this is a sign they have blood in their veins. We are all human.

        There is a big difference between being humble and heart centered and being shy, quiet and calculating. A lot of girls out there are quiet yet cunning like a fox. They seem submissive but are the opposite.

        Yet there are girls that are dynamic and moody but have a real sense of humility.

        I think spiritual practice is one of the most important part of shaping a person on this earth.

        Being able to distinguish between these two human approaches are important when selecting a mate.

        If you are saying Asian women are being westernized and feminism is spreading like a plague to the beautiful exotic lands of the East then this is too bad. But if you are saying Asian women are not submissive in their nature, well I think that no woman on earth is. I would not want to be someone’s slave.

  16. I’m sorry but you guys are just being plain silly. I have friends form Europe and I am an American woman,and they think this is funny. You can not judge someone from where they live. I have two grown daughters and I raised them right, they are young ladies with moral values! They are not FAT or loudmouths or even stupid. I really wish people would stop bashing american women because they dont know all of them. Speaking of Poland, one of my friend lives in Poznan and she said it is the same there also. I will agree that some american people think big is beautiful but, it is mostly black people that feel that way. I am glad you are happy with your wife,but please, american women are getting a bad rap.

    1. I repeatedly say that there are many nice American women and further you can not judge a people as a whole. However, there are cultural trends and most American men are aware of them. That is, many American women have less than desirable traits for a wife, they sleep around, they do not believe in marriage no matter what, rather they will get divorced if things are not working out. Yes can you beleive this the majority of divorces in the USA are filed by women. American women do not cook, they are prideful, do not learn languages, musical instruments and are not too well-travelled.

      If you are an American guy, I am not saying American women are universally wrong for you, just consider the whole world beyond American materialistic culture.

      Do American women believe in taking care of their husband? I do not know. The ones I meet feel there is something wrong with taking care of your husband, it is almost shameful.

      I do know my friends that married foreign brides are happy, their wives make meals no problem, study music. art, literature languages on their own, are thin and humble. My wife says she wants to make me happy and this is her desire in life as well as taking care of our daughter. Wow can you tell me that American women dream of making their husband happy as the center of their life? Their family or child comes before their job? Or do they drop their kids in daycare? Child and husband is number one and nothing else.

      I mean I work at home and have given up a career so I can spend time with my family. In the old days or like with the Amish that is the way people lived. Now husbands and wifes are apart most of the day.

      Every guy I know that married a foreign bride is happy. In contrast every American guy I know that married an American girl is accepting his corpulente.

      This could just be the circle of friends I have. So do not universally project this to anything. However, American guys should be open-minded enough to date women from other cultures and races. What is the big deal. Why do they have to marry someone from their own culture? Who care about skin color or culture. Love is universal. If Americans realize how many beautiful Indians or Africans or Russians or Italian girls there are, I think they would not be wondering what is wrong with American dating.

      A good wife is humble and kind and loyal and will never ever leave you. I would rather be unhappy and miserable all the days of my life than leave my wife and my wife feels this way too. We know we will always be together. Once you say that, you create happiness.

      Too many people today just give up. This is not love, this is not marriage this is dating, like in high school.

      Who in their right mind would marry someone who is so flimsy with love. Marriage is a divine union. Intimacy is a divine union, while American girls think it is something you do as a teen because everyone else is doing it.

      In Poland it is not the same. I lived in Poland for 10 years and am a Polish citizen as well as US. I am married to a Polish girl. It is nothing like the USA. My wife is in shock what it is like here. It is a different culture. Girls almost universally tell me they dream of finding a husband and making him happy. I have never heard an American girls tell me that to my face, they would think it was a joke. Different culture.

      We live in a nice area in the USA, yet a disproportional number of our female neighbors are huge. These girls are not corpulent mind you, but enormous. Peace and love, but that is not good for their health and either a lack of control or a lack of awareness. But you really do not see European girls like that.

      If you are a guy be open-minded to the world and consider American girls and dating just one small part of your options.

      It is not the weight or the multi partners that upsets guys about American girls, it is their unfriendly attitude. You can not talk to them like normal people without them giving you weird vibes.

      1. My own mother, refused to cook for us, she despises my Dad since his major stroke and nags him so much that he has become a milksop. I can see the dynamics of American families in all of my relatives. I am 26 now and I thank God that I haven’t stayed with all of my American Girlfriends. All of which have been super liberal and selfish. The selfishness is a wedge that destroys families. My own sister resents and damages her own children because she cannot “woman up” and be a selfless mother. I can 100% vouch for the anti-family culture that plagues the US.

        1. Find a loving wife. You can throw the dice with an American wife, but the materialistic culture is so engrained in the fabric of our society that it is a risk. A risk with your one life you have. Better is to find a culture where your values have a greater affinity with when it comes to the ideals of love and marriage and search there. You may find a nice American girl, but the world is full of opportunities so why limit yourself. Why put yourself in a cultural straightjacket and say I will only marry from my own culture or State. It is a little crazy if you ask me. We are really one world and a global community so there is nothing wrong with finding a princess from a far off land.
          In fact, I would say that is the stuff that fairy-tales are made of.

    2. I have been outside the USA to Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Shenzhen China. There is a huge difference.
      Even the “good” Western women, (good being defined as a 3 digit IQ, not grotesquely corpulent or angry) are insulted by guys approaching them that they deem unworthy. They roll their eyes and give obviously made-up excuses, not caring if they hurt the feelings of any guy they consider beneath them, and only concerned with being able to say they were nice to the “loser”
      To American women, men are the enemy, unless of course, he is a cordial guy.
      American women don’t get it. They consider 95% of the guys they meet as unworthy throwaways, beneath contempt, but throw themselves at the 5%, who are on parole.
      These guys can literally, have any girl, and only use you until he gets bored, then grabs another idiot. But the American women, never learn. Purely hormonal.

  17. This is all very positive, affirms that there are still men out there that appreciate decent women. After reading this, I felt like I was not alone. I live in Australia, and I’ve been praying a lot, its been very difficult for me, as I would like to get married, and ive done a lot of praying that’s for sure, I’m sure though that one day I will get married to, and its nice and uplifting to read something positive by people who have a good attitude about marriage which always helps in the end.

  18. I do not want to say it, but I am an American man that has recently almost married a typical American girl described here by the OP and other posters very accurately. Unfortunately, we had a child and that is when she decided she wanted to leave me after. She is not only enormous, but is also materialistic, selfish, and lazy. I had thought that she would change over the past half decade, that I should just suck it up and suffer quietly until then but this thread has opened my mind. I will move on to a better future and hope the same for every man out there that feels as if the limited selection they have locally is all that’s available. Even my most beautiful European girlfriend has never treated me as bad as my enormous American Ex. I will always love our child, but she is not the one for me and has said or proven so many times.

    Thank you for the explaination and suggestions for direction forward. I feel as if it helped to mend my heart.

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