How to Win your Girlfriend Back #1 Trick

How to get a girl back

A winning strategy for courting a girl – if things go wrong online or offline

I have one trick to win a girl back that trumps ever other self-help or psychological technique or dating tip or relationship advice out there. This comes from a pro in messing up relationships, that is me. Your humble author and relationship advisor. Yes, I am the king of making a perfectly good relationship sour.  Yet, I prevailed. I did it. I am married to the person who broke up with me multiple times. When defeat was certain I turned the tide and won her heart back.

Chase  your ex-girlfriend not with your legs but with a pen.

Ex-girlfriends long gone are not the same as fresh breakups

First, I am not a believer in winning a girl back from an old relationship gone by. I am talking about winning a girl back who you are in a relationship with and you have had a blowout or a breakup.

Partners from past relationships broke it up for a reason. Those reasons might seem small from a distance, but my goodness, think about it, if you were to jump back in, even if you were the one who was wronged, it would be disastrous in most cases.

Dating is like chess. It is the subtle moves that make the difference between a Grand Master and a C class player. The subtle things in the old relationship would drive you crazy again.

Win back the one and only love of your life

However, if you have just had a breakup, but you feel in your heart objectively this was the one, because of a deep spiritual connection for example, you can win her back. If you want to understand this more, who is the love of your life, read more on this site.

Women like the real world. They are addicted to their cell phones because they are missing something deeper.

We broke up

My wife and I broke up a score of times during the dating phase. We argued all the time. There was so much drama, however, we always came back to each other. A lot of it was the adolescent mentalities conflicting and breaking down the ego of I to become the we.

The reason, I felt my wife Kasia was the one for me, was everything. For me I was physically attractive combined with humility. She was saying she was sorry all the time. Before Kasia, I can count on my left hand, I have ever heard someone apologize to me in my life sincerely. When someone has a contrite heart, this is the person you want to as a mate. A contrite heart opens the possibility of being forgiven and forgiving, that is one of the most powerful things.

There is a power in being powerless

So how do you win your ex-girlfriend back?

There is not such thing as chasing a lady too hard. But it is how you define hard. There is not such thing as a no win situation.

Yes, pull out all stops and play to win. That means stop the online communication. Chasing a lady with a cell phone or email messages generally is not the way to go. Women will label it as stalking, even if you have been dating them. It is one of their tricks or weapons or defenses against men in general. So ditch the cell phone and pull out the wand.

Be the Wizard

Instead of going in there with a primitive frontal assault. What you need to do is, take a deep breath, and let them know you care and you are real. Real is not a text message or a Snapchat. That is not real. Real is not buying a card or a gift. Do not listen to lame advice like buy her flowers or take her to dinner, that is just buying her. That might work, but it might not and it is buying her. You always need to appeal to a higher ideal. Ideals are the realm of magic. You need to create the dream and rise above this mundane existence.

What is real to a girl?

Real is authenticity. It is honestly. Honest communication can be face to face, however, in many cases that is not possible or too dangerous. However, there is a better way.

Old school letters work magic, they always have. Women like real. Real paper, real thoughts and words.

One trick to win a girl back found mentioned nowhere else

This is hard – writing a letter and waiting for her reply.   Yes a real letter with pen and paper.  I personally did with my wife. I wrote an old fashion physical letter.  A well thought out letter by hand and sealed with wax and some rose petals contained within.  With eloquent words and poetry you can win her heart.  It needs to be on stationary. It needs to be with an ink pen, not a common pen you get at Walmart.

She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is a woman, therefore to be won

– William Shakespeare Henry VI, Part I

Romance wins over Flexing

That is called romance. This is what girls want.  That is difficult but this effort will put you in a league above others with money and looks and who are flexing whatever they think they have.

  Hard is not going in swinging and sending endless text messages, but like in chess playing to win with eloquent creative play.

One well crafted letter sent is better than 100 calls or chats.

Watch the move Kate and Leopold if you have  not. Every Harlequin romance is based on this type or courting. Remember the scene where Leopold shames her flexing boss? If you have not seen this movie I would revisit it.

I know it sounds crazy, and old fashion but when I play with Grandmasters that is how they play chess. They play it subtly and with eloquence. Not a frontal attack or obvious moves. It is the behind the scenes development that counts.

  • Make these creative patient moves on your ex-girlfriend so she can not help being mated, checkmated that is.

What about flowers?

Flowers are good.  However, it is buying the problem away to some extent. Even if it works, it does not solve the issue. The issue is not just the girl, but with you inside. (I mean that in good way, you have stuff repressed). That is why you need to write. Writing is a form of therapy.

Each word has to be reflected on. What if you can not write? I would practice and read books classic romantic literature and poetry. I would try very hard if you care about this girl.

What if you can not write?

Listen to classical music.  I like Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, the type that moves the soul, and find some dark candle lite corner of the house and perhaps try the twilight hours. Read books and take inspiration.

If you have bad handwriting go to a second hand store and buy a retro or vintage typewriter and sign it. I know this seems like work, but it is easier than impressing a girl with a million bucks, right? And she will love you for it.

When you write you express your inner soul in a way that she can relate to. Not just lofty Elizabethan English, something that she understands, about the pain of loneness, or whatever your Karmic connection is.  So she says, yes I feel this way to. This requires you to be honest.  This is real life. This is what dreams are made of. Read what others wrote in history and take inspiration.

If it takes time lad, let it take time

Mr. Scott Star Trek

Years latter she will remember your efforts

Hi, I am Sadia. You want a girl like me? You do not have to make money, you have to earn my love in a different way. You have to show authenticity. You have to be different in ways that most snapchatting, instagram, ADD guys do not think of. This means be creative and magical in your romance and courting for my love.

What you do will echo though eternity. So if you do something do it with consequence and thought and eloquence. When you are married she will recant the story of your written correspondences with others and make them jealous and you feel good. This is better than any flexing their husbands can do. You win her back and you win on the appeal to higher ideal front.

In life to win you need to always take the higher ground.

Time can play on your side.  If you write a letter every other day or one time a month, no way she would reject you if God wants you to be together.

I know, I know it sounds crazy but it worked for me.

I know you want a solution now to win your ex-girlfriend back today.  But this is a solution, that works, it just takes patience.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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