If you want a wife – try harder

If you want to get married,  guys you have to chase girls. The purpose of this post is to motivate you to find a wife by not giving up. You can not get discouraged as your girl is out there I promise. The main thing is you have to chase her and be willing to give everything up to get her. Can you do that?

If you think you can Snapchat your way to a good wife or find your soulmate on Tinder, read this.

There is no way, technology overrides one million years of evolution.

If it was that easy I would never have met my wife.  Yes, some people meet that way but it is like 1 in 50 for a real quality girl.  If I tried mobile dating, I would have met someone, but not my humble, modest model like girl who became my wife.

  • Imagine that “the grid” no longer exists and you now have to find a mate, because women will not have “relations” with you until you are married. If you do this, you will see your real hormones kick into gear.
If you want a wife that looks like an Instagram model – you can, you simply can not be a wimp.

You want to meet the girl who could be an Instagram model, but does not want to be,  because she is not vain. Take my advice, chase a girl basically until you are somewhere between Romeo and in modern materialistic speak a stalker. Do it in real life not in a virtual world.

  • If you are not meeting the girl of your dreams I will give you the same advice I give my students not doing well in my Economics class: ‘try harder’.

You have to step out of your comfort zones, be humiliated and made the fool. If you have not done that for love than you are an amateur.

What do girls want?

Newsflash, contrary to the media’s twisted image they try to paint or society’s materialistic minority:

  • Hot girls and super models all want love to get married.
  • They want a lot of physical intimacy because it is in their nature.
  • They ultimately,  metaphorically or literally, want to be barefoot and pregnant stirring a pot of borscht.
  • Women are by design programmed to find a mate so they can have babies and take on the most important job in the world, being a mother and wife so the next generation of human DNA continues.
Secretly every woman’s face says catch me if you can. I want you to prove your worthiness by withstanding my craziness.

Women are the ones catching you.  So if you want  your princess to love and honor you all the days of your life,  you chase and catch her and drag her back kicking and screaming to your castle until she can do nothing else but make soup.  Then you will both be in lala land.

Why?  This is what women want,  despite her air of indifference,  disdain or nonsensical ideas she might espouse, it is all about catching you for love and being locked down in marriage Yes, that super cordial lady, she wants you.

  • Their power is their coyness and look.
  • Your power is your persistence and not worrying about being made the fool.

Why settle? Get the love you desire

My goal here is not to give advice on how to find a date, anyone can do that, it is how to find the love of your life.

The proverb :

 The boy chases the girl until the girl catches the boy

is true today as it was in caveman times. However, you the man must have the motivation to catch her. You have to try.

You have to literally catch a lady friend

My wife’s advice to girls if they want to get married is “run”.  Run from the guy, and give him a little but of a hard time.  Now she did not consciously do this with me, but she did this. She broke up with me so many times and was rude, mean and hurtful without even thinking about it. You have to try harder.

It is only with persistence and determination, not looks for brains that you will get a girl.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

I was a Jason Bourne, International man of mystery traveling the world as an American guy. No one was going to lock me down. Until I met a girl that was uncatchable, my wife. Not only was she way out of my league in terms of looks, she was sweet humble and classy. I traveled the world, there is no way I was going to let her get away.

I thought it was simple, I would charm her. Wrong, every step of they way she was cordial and cold. In her own words during the whole dating process:

I do not even know if I was that nice to you. – Kasia

  • It took about nine months before we even went on real heart-to-heart walk together. It was no coincidence it was after we met coincidently during Mass that day.
  • Today people remark we are the happiest couple we know.

This is not about playing games. “A man chases a girl until she catches him”. It is simply the female method of distancing guys is really a test.   A test to see if, they have the ability to stay with them during good times and bad. Paradoxically it also sends a signal to the guy that if you want me you better show me what you are made of. You have to put more effort forth.

Everyone wants to belong to a club that would not have them as a member. – Woody Allen

How to find a cordial girl who is interested in you

Because here I am describing the marathon of dating, it does not mean you  can not find a girl who is easy to catch, that is,  just wants to date and get married. You might and she may be the perfect match for you.

However more often you have to chase them in a prolonged dramatic process . This was my personal experience.

Go for a humble girl rather than an egotistical girl

Hot girls get tons of suitors. So there is a lot of competition. Best is to find a girl who does not know she is cordial. This is usually not in the USA as American culture is all about pumping people up with self esteem. Confidence is the new virtue of this time.  Let me give you a hint, it is not.  Humility and patience and compassion are virtues, self confidence is closely connected to ego.

  • Find a cordial girl who runs away because she does not think she is worthy of you, not because she thinks she has all the options in the world.

Do not chase any girl

Chase ones that are worthy, someone what has a developed practice of virtue and purification. If could be manifest in terms of religion or reading the Bible, or some ritual and purification and self denial based on ideals.

Marrying a clever monkey vs marrying a girl not of this world

With humans there has to be some moral base, or left to our own devices the clever monkeys we are will get into trouble.  You do not want to marry a clever monkey. You want to marry someone who has the Holy Spirit (expresses in different ways and in different religions such as ruach hakodesh in Hebrew) as their compass. If you chase a girl who is not filled with the spirit of God, you will end up in divorce court latter.

What if she calls you a stalker

Are you a stalker? If no than do not worry about it, women love to use these terms.  My friend was seven years dating a girl and they broke up, he sent flowers and she called him a stalker.

This is girl speak to intimidate and get attention. It gives them something to talk about loudly with their girlfriends at work, making them feel there is a paparazzi atmosphere around them.

In contrast real stalkers are something totally different, they can not differentiate reality from some twisted idea they have in their head, but these are exceptions. More often, the word is employed when  girls try to distant guys if they feel they are not worthy.

  • So if you are called a stalker and you are not really a stalker, take it as a badge of courage.

Women are trapped in a castle

Their subconscious will throw everything in their arsenal to keep the prince away.  They will humiliate you and metaphorically dump boiling oil down the walls as you scale try to breach the walls of their defense.

Is she a princess or a someone who will cause you pain?

You know there will be a battle so why waste your precious  God given resource of  time on women that are base, swear, smoke, drink have tattoos, care about money or if you ultimately and the only real important idea is:

Do they have the love of God in their heart?

It is a simple question.

Are you worthy?

Why are you worthy?  Money has nothing to do with it. Women that care about money are reptilian base polluting their cognitive thinking.

You are worthy if you have a pure heart. If you have courage to give up your life, your job your everything for the pearl of great price.  This is what I think.

If you work her around your schedule, you are not chasing her.  If you put your job and house before your girl, you will marry someone but not the woman of your dreams.

You have to chase and try to catch her.  It can not be a halfway battle. If you stroll half-hearted into battle with a woman you will be defeated.  Battles are one by the heart and desire to win, not by the number of troops in the field. You have to fight for her to win her.

But be cool about it

If you really are committed to win, do not charge up the center of an open battle field like Pickett’s charge or into a trap like Custer’s last stand. Be cool about it.  Dress super sharp and get in top shape. Play a little hard to get.  Put it out there that you are a one of a kind good catch because of your moral fiber. Be romantic and read her poems, or learn her language if she is from a foreign country. Smile and charm her and be the person that one million years of evolution has made you, that is charming enough and smart enough to outfox her and woo her heart.

She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is a woman, therefore to be won. – William Shakespeare

In the end, there is no try either you do it and lose and fall on your face or you win the girl of your dreams. But if you do not chase her and fight the good fight, you will not get a wife you always dreamed of.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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