Attractive hairstyles for girls

Are you living in the 1950s? Then why are  you girls still, frying, dying  and cutting their hair? Don’t you want to look good and attract the guy of your dreams? Then stop reading magazines by women or male hairstylist that are attracted to men. The purpose of this post is to explain to girls what is the most attractive hairstyle on girls from a guy’s perspective.  You will have the definite, truth, like it or not. Here I give you real hair hots, not altered and airbrushed for a magazine, which every hairphotoout there is.

The hair style that is universally attractive no matter what your face or shape

For a woman’s physical attractiveness there are three components:

  1. A girls shape – discussed largely in my article on skinny girls.
  2. A girls face – read my article on female facial beauty.
  3. a girl’s hair

The first and last  points above, women have control over 90%, I tend to think almost 100%. The second point, facial beauty,  does not matter as all women are beautiful in their face. That is, if they know to bring it out. Genetics has refined female facial beauty over one million years of evolution. If you think you do not have a beautiful face think again.

  • Lets talk about hair, female hair – Long hair unaltered hair, preferable to the small of your back.  Natural color and shape, with money spend on natural quality or homemade hair conditioners, if you do not have the money to shop at Wholefoods. This long natural even untamed hair will drive men wild.

Why hair is important in dating and mating

Hair is a secondary friendship characteristic. It is your crowing glory and conveys a message of vitality and health. Healthy hair means a fertile female ready to reproduce.  Nature has excess health and protein to divert it to something, not vital to the survival of the organism like hair growth. So if someone has nice hair they must be healthy and ready to mate,  is what the signal beautiful hair conveys.

Why long hair appeals to men at a subconscious level

Some people say that long hair is a sign of submissiveness in females (yes it is true, guys love humble submissive women or at least the appearance of this) and materialistics like to cut their hair short or career women can not be bothered. Use the power of evolution and psychology to attract men with long hair.

Look I am telling you the way it is from a guy’s perspective, long hair is where it is at, unless you just had a baby or something.  Remember, no guy likes a fighter for a wife.  Men want a girl who will not hassle him too much, and want to be attractive for him, not a troubled woman. And frayed or frazzled hair is not reason to chop it (you can trim it with out a full fledged hair-cut), find a long-term solution and the root cause of the problem.

Guys fantasizes about women wrapping their hair and all the things hair does in the moments of intimacy. Girl with long hair can look like a princess and put their hair up and in the right moment let it down. What guy does not dream of this?

No guy wants a short-haired feisty headache after a long day at work to come home to. He would rather be greeted at the door calmly with his long-haired wife with a nice outfit and drink in her hand and a smile.  So girls if you’re dating relathionships are  not working,  maybe it is you are sending signals that you will be a rebellious wife, by cutting your hair too short (with the exception of pregnancy or post birthing hair of course).

For girls who need to take care of a little one, short hair is very OK.

Girls who color their hair with dyes and chemicals

Just do not do it. Walk away from the idea that chemicals will make you beautiful (do the research it can make you ill).  Every girl and most guys can tell artificial hair color. If you want to play arround with hair color and you are young sure why not, but as a modus operandi for being beautiful and attracting the right guy, I recommend natural colors. Henna, Surya or Ecocolors look pretty good if you want to alter your shade or tone. Or better yet focus on other aspects of your life than hair shade, just let nature do its work.

A vacation at the beach does wonders for hair highlights or even lemmon juice in the sun, and salt water puts waves into one’s hair. This “hair vacation” is a much better investment than a series of high-priced salon trips. Hair dressers often have tacky hair if you have noticed, and they are the ones giving advice mind you.

If you want to alter the look of your mane, you can put it in braids or pig-tails and this will get guys flocking to you. It gives the idea of something primitive and rustic in the case of braids or youthful in the case of pig tails.

Look at the picture below, you can tell it is not a natural hair tone. The girls look nice because of their long hair but coloring your hair is a tricky and dangerous business, one shade or tone off and it looks less then optimal. In contrast rarely does a natural color look wrong.

What if you are losing hair as a girl?

Do not worry in the near future they will have a cure for female hair lose. Alopecia will be cured with genetic stem cell type treatment. Men have problems because of  the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase forming DHT and acting on the male hormone testosterone. Women have this hormone too (thankfully as it increases libidinal drives).

Girls can wear wigs and hair attachments. Women can shave their hair off if they have illness and to be honest it is a statement that many guys like and understand in cases of illness. It pulls at guys heart-strings a little as we want to take care of women. I mean don’t you girls want to take care of men?

What short hair or a bob looks like to a guy

Imagine a real skinny guy in a black sci-fiction t-shirt with a long pony-tale. This is what short hair or even boring shoulder length hair looks like on a girl through a man’s eyes.

Why girls alter their hair style and color

I know girls have a need for various reasons to change their hair. It is mostly psychological that something is not working in their life or they need a change. They are unhappy with something. It is fun and easy to do, just get a hair fix and you are a new person. I have no problem with that. Just when you do consider what I have written.

  • Try to keep your hair natural looking
  • Try to keep your hair long
  • The money you same from going to the hairdresser invest in natural conditioners or a good multi-vitamin and diet to get all the trace minerals and nutrients feeding your hair.
  • Try the reflexology method of nail buffing, that is rubbing your nails together vigorously for about ten minutes a day to stimulate hair growth. Or massage your scalp with a good conditioner. You can make your own with rosemary or various herbal teas. Money should not be a worry when it comes to nice hair as there are many low-cost methods that beat out the pricey salon treatments.
  • Bad hair days and bed head, do not worry about.
  • Actresses with all the money they spend on hair often have lame styles, trust me. They get the wrong advice ( on just about everything and they attract the wrong guys of course).
  • I always found drinking a package of gelatin a day accelerated my hair growth. This is purely anecdotal but it seems to work for me as your hair is mostly protein (keratin).
  • Flax seed oil, greens like spinach and collard greens, eggs (sulphur) fish and nuts all are nutrient dense, I like taking vitamins as to make sure calories do not get excessive.
  • Do not worry about waves or curls too much unless you want to go all out. It is better for you let your hair retain its natural shape.
  • Hair drying and heat will damage your hair. I dry mine well with a towel. You do not have to wash it that often in fact. It will allow your hair to retain some of its natural oils.
  • Go to an Indian store. There are many Ayurveda hair treatments that work and are dirt cheap. I think Indian hair treatments are better than Chinese, although they are geared to darker hair colors.

If you have questions about hair and beauty just ask.  I invite, close minded skeptics to rebut and comment on what I have written or agreeing comments or questions for more detail. Remember I am a guy and have no reason to tell you anything but the way it is and can speak on authority as I have been into health and hair my whole life. I want to be positive and help women with beauty. Consider the three aspects of physical beauty, shape, face and hair. If you are thin and have long natural hair you will get dates.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

20 thoughts on “Attractive hairstyles for girls”

  1. Um, I’m sorry, but that picture you painted, “picture a real skinny guy in a black sci-fi t-shirt with a long ponytail” . . . that made my skin crawl. That would be an eyesore.

    I cut my hair short recently, and I am absolutely regretting it. I’m entering my 8th month, and I thought cutting my hair would be good so the boys wouldn’t be tugging at it when they’re born. It occurs to me now that I could have just put it in a ponytail, which is how I’ve been wearing my hair non-stop now since I hate the look of my new haircut. Lucky for me, my hair grows fast, so I’m expecting it to be past my shoulders within a year’s time.

    I can tell my husband misses my long hair too, although he won’t say it for fear of hurting my feelings. In short, I know you’re right when you say that guys like long hair. It’s just feminine and beautiful.

    1. Yes but if you notice a reasonable part of the article I made the point that for children and family cutting hair is fine as it is a different time in your life. Hair is one of the best things because it grows and I think sometimes cutting it and starting new is not a bad thing now and then.

      I am watching a funny alternative movie on netflix called “Outsourced” about a guy who goes to India. He questions why the Indians give respect to the god of destruction. The Indian girl reply is that though destruction we can begin a new cycle in our life. And so it is with hair. You simply karmically made way for the next cycle and your hair will grow back and maybe even more healthy.

  2. This article is a load of rubbish. Not every guy will agree with what your saying, if insecure girls read this they will change themselves because of it. If a girl likes the way she looks then she shouldn’t change herself for some guy to look ‘natural’. If the right guy comes along for a girl then he will like the girl for being natural or not.

    1. Regarding hair and beauty – Don’t you know the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Hans Christian Andersen? Surely you know this story. This story is what girls like you do not understand. Yes you are right if you find the right guy he will love you not matter what. Yes you are right one size does not fit all for a prescription for beauty. However, why not look good and spend less and be healthier?

      I have lived a lot of life and been around the world. After being connoisseur of beauty of sorts, I can tell you, some guys like cheap Boones Farm wine and others like plastic flowers and plants in their homes. I do not.

      Similarly I do not like pressed particle board instead of real oak or solid cherry wood furniture. I do not like Ramen noodles from Wal-Mart, when I could be eating authentic Indian food.
      I like fresh hand ground coffee to cheap instant with artificial sweeteners.

      I do not prefer chlorinated swimming pools to the ocean (I live on a tropical island).

      Once you have live a little and understand that life is an art and not a science and that few things can replace the miracle of nature, then you will not consider something artificially altered. This includes women’s hair. I was just in a hair salon today and my wife was going to get a cut. We ran out as all the women there had scary hair, the ones that worked there mind you. I will trim and condition her hair later this evening.

      I would rank hair on the following:
      1) Health of the hair – Does matter a lot. You can perfume it out with sprays and gels and strip the color from it, or not eat right, there are a lot of ways to destroy hair, but is it not better to be honest. Healthy hair is friendshipy is it not?
      2) Length of the hair – Does not matter that much as long as it is healthy, but I think most guys prefer longer to shorter.

      There is no way, a guy who is aware and conscious would prefer a dyed and fried hair to real healthy natural hair supported by a good diet, vitamins and quality conditioners.

      You want to treat yourself do not pay $200 for a scalp conditioning rescue treatment at a spa, order some natural conditioners for less than $30 and get your boyfriend to massage it into your scalp for about 25 minutes while you listen to the music of your choice. A relaxing scalp massage by your guy will go a long way in terms of making him feel like he is doing something good and you receiving. No spa dye job (yes hairdressers have the some of the shortest lifespans of any professions, maybe it is the chemicals they use and that is going to your scap and brain) can replace that, I am sorry.

      So get off your high horse and stop misconveying information to girls who need guidance or at least ideas. I wish life did not take so long to figure out, as it is often wasted on the young, so the expression goes. It takes a lifetime to understand how to life and this is some good advice.

      You are just not going to convince me. I am a guy. I have no reason to lie or be politically correct about this. To feel real healthy soft female hair, is much nicer than feeling hair that feels like straw and looks a little strange or artificial in terms of color.

      If women want to be attractive listen to my advice. I am a man with an understand of beauty and style.

  3. I have to say I agree basically with what the Admin writes about girl’s hair, however, the best parts of this article are the metaphors which he uses to get his point across, which a pretty funny.

    The skinny sci-fi fantasy guy with long hair and a pony-tail in a black t-shirt really painted the picture nice. If you imagine girls are somewhat physical opposites of guy’s than this funny hair metaphor hit home.

    Yes I am sure those skinny pony-tailed fantasy black-shirt guy’s are cooler than I ever will be, and some girls like these guys, an I understand why, they are brainy. But as a general recommendation for a guy to look good for a girl, I would not recommend this style, including the hair.

    Therefore, if Admin puts forth a style from a guys point of view that is attractive on girl’s hair, he has a point. I have noticed in Russia a disproportional number of girls go for long hair which is universally more feminine.

    But I noticed he wrote in his comment the length is not as important as the quality and texture of the hair. Hair is something that you can not fake. It is either dry and damaged and has split ends or it is healthy. Short hair that is healthy is much better than long hair that is not.

    Girls often go though a magazine and say, yes I like this hair style or I would love to have hair like that. They go to a hairdresser with an idea in mind and go for it. I would do it myself but I do not have the money and maybe I am better off as I have no lack of attention from guys with my hair long and not colored. I do something wear a scarf or often a hat as it is cold here in Russia and this is striking.

    I mean how many American girls would wear one of these traditional head scarfs you see in Russia. I bet if they did it would get more looks than a shoulder length Hilary Clinton hair cut.

    Compare Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Yymoshenko hair to Hilary’s hair and there is your answer of what looks better for girls. That is my metaphor or at least picture I want to paint here.

    Even though Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina colors her hair, her length still goes a long way in terms of International attention for attraction. I used these women as examples because I think women can be smart, strong, powerful and friendshipy and nice.

    I also thought the Admin’s imagine is pretty good when you describe how to greet your man with a present smile at the door with a drink, and a ‘nice outfit’. Maybe you should dabble in another form a writing. Anyway, keep up the good work, I will be waiting for the next post about women and attraction and humour.

  4. Shoulder length hair is okay for me, as in two or three inches below the shoulder. If by shoulder length you mean right at the shoulder or resting on the shoulders, then no, that’s not attractive. My favorite hairstyle for girls is a ponytail. I love a girl with a messy ponytail, no makeup, and jeans and a nice tshirt. This is what is gorgeous to me and I think most men, not some glamorous model on the cover of a magazine or some actress in a blockbuster movie.

  5. I have been fighting with my grey hairs for years. Because of my genes, they have started to turn grey almost when I was twenties. I have been preferring to dye them in to my natural tones but sometimes changed color due to what fashion was. Frankly, I am exhausted to dye them every month because the chemicals caused my hair to reduce and I am afraid of losing all. So I cut them short and trying to make them healthier. But sometimes I think that will not be possible because I am 40 now, and little bit older for my hair for being more alive and healthy.

    1. This is a minor issue with aging. Consider yourself lucky most people have real serious medical issues in their lives, so do not sweat grey hair. I know you know this, but to put it in perspective. If your hair if grey you know your options. The first is you can kep it grey and natural. I tend to think this is not the best option. I think some color looks better than none. But if you want, you can go grey and with a cool hair cut it would look good. I knew this woman who cut it short and grey and the rest of her was fit and stylish and it she looked good.

      However, I think the best is finding a good natural color treatment. At this juncture henna might not work. But if it does use henna. I think you will need something more like a natural dye like ecocolor or something. Something that does not destroy and strip your hair. If you research it hard enough, you will find it. Read people’s reviews about each one. I think start with henna and then take it up a notch. Go for things that will add to your hair not destroy it. My wife has a few grey hairs and Henna works fine. But if you like my friend, have gone mostly grey you need something more hard-core.

      I do believe in good conditioners for general health, but they do not have to be expensive, in fact I am trying to save money and make some at home or go to an Indian shop and buy them cheap, as long as they are not too oily as they are heavy on coconut oil.

      I wish I could say vitamins like B vitamins would help, I think they do in some cases but you have a genetic program and it is not stress related. There is also nail buffing, a reflexology trick for hair but I think this is again for those under stress not a major thing like genetics. Zinc, Biotin, and generally a multi vitamin with iodine and silica and even L-Cysteine, also apple procyanidin is suppose to help a lot. And if you want to get crazy nettle and seaweed helps as well as wheatgrass as it is nutrient dense or a cheaper alternative is alfalfa. I grow wheatgrass on my balcony.

      I do think anti-oxidants like reversitol in the right dose like over a gram a day does help slow aging. I will have to write a post on aging and beauty. I have a lot of specific ideas.

      But the bottom line is with your hair you have a genetic program for whatever reason. I see this often in Irish people but also women, starting in their 20s to go grey fast. Right now there is nothing to over ride this. In the future there will be stem cells of course, which they are experimenting with.

      If I had a lot of money I would try all these natural things first. It takes one month for every six months you have had the condition. So if you have had it for 6 years about one years of supplementation will start to heal your condition. But again I think it is a genetic program that would be difficult to reverse right now.

      Right now, I would use ecocolors. Not things that say natural but really read the label and study what it is and experiment until you find a natural hair color that adds life to your hair and nutrients and you can feel good about. Something that when you feel your hair it feels soft and while using it does not feel toxic. Something that comes part of your routine like conditioning your hair is.

      If you want to try something again Ayurvedic, you roast garlic until it is black and mix the crushed ash with olive oil and put it in your refrigerator for a week and try this. It is an Ayurvedic way to get black hair. Read up on it as I have never done this, just heard about it.

      I personally think garlic can cure almost anything, but you will not be making too many new friends.

      I know it sounds crazy but when I was living in Europe and had no money I would condition my hair only once a month. I used soap to wash it and conditioner really rarely and all the girls would ask me what I did for such silky and shiny hair, and I said nothing, just do not wash it that often. I did eat well and drank a lot of carrot juice, so maybe that was why. My point is nothing beats nature, so with beauty modifications try to stay natural as possible. Dye your hair with something Ayurvedic or natural.

  6. wow Mark,

    You must be the fastest admin of the west. Thanks for all advice. I will start from this “roasted garlic-olive oil” couple. My greys, unfortunately, are in the frame of face area, so it makes me worry about how I look. Because, you know, I am giving lectures, sometimes it seems that all youngsters have a look on those grey hairs of mine and I feel bad, actually. I am not a shallow one but you know, I do not want to feel that way.

    Anyway, you are the one who I can ask those types of things without hesitation. Thanks a lot.

    1. I work online so I read all comments and reply. Read up more on the specifics of how to do it. But you know henna is very cheap too. Let me know how it works, I will get my wife to try it, we are always experimenting and most work well. I made my own massage oil and anti-inflammatory cream, we made amazing perfume. She worked in a lab mind you for ten years so she is good with beakers and test tubes.
      By the way, I love Turkey and the whole Eastern Mediterranean.

      1. These home made perfume and message oil draw my attention. I am very keen on organic, natural home-made stuff. But, have no time to search for or try to make some. Besides, i guess, it is a different profession. If you were still in Poland, i would find a way to buy your products, at least i would try.

        Here, there are lots of Ayurvedic product sellers, i will try to find out the best product i need. But, i admit that I have been using some B vitamins, and believe that it is really helping for my good mood.

        Keep in touch my friend, have a good day.

        1. Thank you for your kind words. Well we do not make anything for sale, yet at least but it is a lot of fun playing with it and it came out amazing. We were inspired by that movie/book about scent. My friends thought it was some expensive perfume and I thought it had a better scent because it was natural not heavy chemical smell and not oily, it was really a perfect balance. It had a light orange scent with some base. My wife is really good with these things. Maybe I will write a post on how to stay young as I have some pretty good information to share.

          Oh also tea or various types of teas can work with altering the color to your hair. I would try cheap henna first, or the garlic method. It is all about tannins and natural dyes that were used for centuries.

  7. About washing your hair with soap- there really must be something about it that makes hair look good. Everytime I unexpectedly ran out of shampoo and used soap or shower gel instead I got tons of compliments about how shiny my hair was. Some of my friends even thought I dyed it and just wouldn’t admit. Which makes me think all the silicone and parabens in shampoo that are suppossed to make it look good actually do the opposite. Unfortunately, using soap for your hair on a daily basis doesn’t work either, as it dries your scalp too much. I think baby shampoo is the best choice here.

    1. Baby shampoo is excellent. Some people say natural soap is also good. The thing about commercial shampoos and conditioners is they are expensive and they get you hooked. Once you use them your scalp adjusts in terms of oil production, not 100% but partly. I think use my daughter’s baby shampoo and it works so far the best.

  8. This article annoyed me. As a man, you may find short hair unattractive, and thats fine thank you for sharing your opinion, but that doesn’t mean that a girl with short hair is ugly or a materialistic. Short hair does not equal rebellion. I think its a bit judgemental for you to assume that. Also, women don’t dress for men, no matter what you would like to think. Women dress for themselves and for other women. Also, your ideal of natural beauty is a tad bit shallow. Who are you to say that someone should not dye their hair? Is there anything wrong with dying hair? If it makes a woman happy to be able to have control over one aspect of her life, shouldn’t she be able to control that? Its her body and her hair.

    1. I know it sounds crazy from what I write but I have an infinite respect for women and really truly and a sweetheart of a guy in real life. However, it is because I respect females I do not want to sugar coat the truth. Since this is the web I be straightforward and not have smile and say things that are not true. Did you not ever read the fairy-tale Kings new clothes? I do not want to be like the villagers in that story that say things to seek approval but the greatest way I can contribute is tell the truth.

      The truth is generally from my perspective (not a universal truth) what I think guys like to see in girls. It is not written to be a Oprah show where girls are sitting in a circle and affirming each other, but not getting anywhere.

      This is my perspective and not an universal. It is not something written in stone.

      I think what is beautiful on women is a simple natural style, not dye and colored but nourished with vitamins and healthy diet and natural conditioners. If girls did this they would not need to destroy their hair with commercial coloring treatments that are really just for companies to make money off of women, taking advantage of their insecurities.

      If a woman wants to look good for a guy then keep it real and natural and nourish hair from the inside out. Guys can not stand fake over treated hair at shoulder length.

      A girl can have short hair if it is really short and she is young but generally long hair looks better.

      My wife has really short hair and looks great. These are general guidelines.

      As a guy I appreciate when girls including my wife or daughter even tells me what they like to see me wearing. I am a guy, I do not know. I put on a shirt and my wife looks at me, ‘are you going to wear that shirt’? I really do not see it. But since she has helped me then I understand male style better. I need a woman’s perspective (Gay men are notoriously good also with men’s style).

      So this blog has a lot of ideas from a Man on what is attractive on a woman. It is also to let guys know they do not need to settle. Too many guys settle because girls will ram down their throats ideas that make no sense. Like shoulder length hair and being a size 14 is friendshipy. It is not. Men be a chooser in life and if a girl does not want to make an effort to be your dream princess, find someone who will be, before you are married.

  9. Your article perpetuates many friendshipist notions and body policing. What is so wrong if someone is a size 14 and has short hair? Just that it doesn’t suit you? Well listen up, as a woman, I will tell you that few women I know will willingly alter their appearance for the sake of a man. You talk a lot about respecting women and about how women are meant to be loved, but the real message is only if they’re a size 0, model and are willing to lick your feet. Maybe you should consider editing your site to include that important detail so as not to mislead people? I see that most of the things you write are your personal opinions, yet you act as if they apply to everyone, or at least should. When you write things such as “this is what men want from a woman” it is a very skewed and biased view, have you personally interviewed all men in the world and concluded that at least most, if not all (like you seem to claim) in fact like the same things you do? I understand this is your opinion, but it is bigoted to write that it is somehow also the opinion of all other men on the planet.

    I’m wondering if your blog is more geared towards a male or a female demographic, because from what I have seen, the majority of this site seems to be aimed at men for the purpose of getting them dates (which I may say, is set up like a meat market, as if you have personally taste-tested every kind of woman and are marketing them for sale as objects by lumping them into groups and using stereotypes to propagate your opinion). However, the ‘how to be attractive’ section of your blog is geared towards women. I have read that you have many articles debating why “[all] men” like (of at least should like) skinny girls who look like models, which I am guessing is your personal type. You write that men will be happy if they have a good-looking wife, yet seem to have no concern for the appearance of said men. Does it only matter that the husband is happy? If so the relationship will fall apart. What you are saying is that it does not matter what a man looks like, only women should live up to beauty standards and maintain themselves to please men? A woman who is confident and happy in her own appearance is far happier than one who is only altering herself for the sake of a man. It is the best relationship when two people with similar standards of beauty are together because they can be attracted to one another and find themselves beautiful without having to sacrifice one of those things. However, you do not address things as such, only saying that someone should look a certain way to please “most men.”

    All in all, I do not see love for women anywhere in this blog, I see filthy lust and body policing. It would be fair to include a few articles on the appearance of males that “suit most women” in that case, using the opinions and preferences of women, if you would like to help men find women for themselves. I do not see any way that this blog can be beneficial to anyone, only for giving “all men” false hopes and expectations on the kind of women that live in this world, and the fact that most of them will behave how you want them to.

    1. When you wrote :

      few women I know will willingly alter their appearance for the sake of a man

      My point to men is find a woman who wants to be attractive for you. For example, at work, I sit next to women, in a matter of five years, I have seen women that were naturally attractive in their 20s self-inflate right before my eyes. They go down the hill. They were cute and sassy in their 20s and now just angry and obese. Why? Because they are always the first in line (almost nudging others out with excitement on their faces) at the almost daily cake celebrations (Its always someone birthday or something). In contrast, other women care about their health and appearance and stay beautiful their whole lives. Its easy to find, just not in the good old US of A. Its like up is down and down is up here. In foreign lands up is up and down is down.

      Similarly with hair, what is so bad about men liking women with long hair? I think it is a subconscious sign that they are healthy, as hair is a secondary friendship characteristic (similar to antlers on a male deer). Psychologically long hair might even be a sign of submissiveness, which men like. Submissiveness is seen as a positive thing for women in mating. I can not imagine too many men wanting to marry and aggressive or angry woman. Men like women want to be slim beautiful and make their husband happy. I want to make my wife happy, what is wrong with that?

      My point to women is all women are beauty, it takes a little (not much) awareness and trying to align yourself with a natural harmony. I do not like over processed women or augmentations of their pillow case. I like simply a woman who cares enough about her life to exercise and eat right and develop the higher ideals of her mind. If someone is size 14 and tattooed pierced up an, it tells me this person is screaming for attention. Attention in a way not though self actualization based on hard work (learning a language or a musical instrument) but chosen to self-individualize in a rebellious way potentially self-destructive way. That is your right and choice. But men though one millions years of evolution will only choose this in a mate if they are on this same path or they do not think they can do better.

      This sums it up. My point is 1 million years of human evolution has taught the limbic area of our brain that we should care about appearance to attract a mate and perpetuate our genes. This is manifest in every magazine or cosmetic ad right or wrong. I did not make up the rules of nature and mating. However, once you know the rules then you are empowered to work with the ideas to optimizes your life happiness.

      I think the ideas behind beauty strangely closely parallel health. That is if someone is overweight or obese or have high ‘waist to hip ratio’, by any medical understanding puts them selves at greater risk for an array of medical problems. This is because nature sees mating as serious business. The responsibility of raising a family is no light matter.

      Similarly, men seem oddly attracted to women than are slim, health and take care of their appearance.

      On the other hand, we are not just animals and have more complex brains so there are a multidimensional aspect to attraction. Further, all women are attractive. It just helps if they learn to work with nature and health.

      My question to you is who are you competing with? Why do you care if men go for healthy women?

  10. Thank you for your insightful article and, notably, for responding to commenters in such a thoughtful way. I would like to ask your opinion-
    I am 28 and I have never had hair longer than past my shoulderblades. My hair is very fine, not abundant and slightly way/even frizzy. This is despite the fact that I eat healthy natural foods, treat my hair well and take vitamins. I am European and I live in Germany, by the way. I have decided lately to focus on my hair, since I agree it’s extremely important: paying even more attention to eat sufficient protein and good corpulents (like olive oil) and switch to hair-specific vitamins, as well as using some drops of olive oil on the tips of my hair (coconut oil does not work for me). However, for any improvements to happen it will take time.
    What can I do in the meantime? Put my hair up? Use clip-in extensions? Cut it shorter so that it looks thicker and healthier? I would appreciate your advice.

    1. Everything you are doing is correct. Maybe genetics plays a role in your hair, that is the number of follicles that you have. However, it should not be the end all.

      I would stress Biotin for hair. I think you need to take a lot. Also the other B vitamins in a multi that contains at least 25 mg for most of the spectrum. There are a hundred other herbs and vitamins that help and you do not have to spend a fortune on them. You can buy herbs in bulk or in the USA many people buy these wholefoods powders, they are pretty cheap and task good, they you make them in a smoothie. If I should like a hippie I am not, I was working for a larger German investment bank, at a high level, you can guess which one. A lot of guys at work drink stuff like this as there is little time to eat sometimes. So there is a cool factor, and you do not need to overwhelm your body with the whole kitchen sink of supplements. You take a good multi maybe extra hair stuff and a powdered smoothie with all these living green stuff that tastes good.

      After like four months you do not see any improvement try self scalp massage and check other things like Thyroid or Iron. If that does not work, keep looking but do not obsess.

      My wife who will be 39 has the best hair of her life since she stopped messing with it, it i.e. coloring it. She cut the areas that were damaged and just grows it out now. It looks wonderful. I believe diet and lifestyle etc can override genetics.

      I have seen people change their hair just by lifestyle changes. So do not give up and keep looking, but you are on the right track.

      Stem Cells from your own body corpulent can be used for hair growth as can PRP. If you want you can look into this. I got stem cells for a back issue, and since they come from your own body they are ethical and they work miracles and I have read they help for hair loss. This is not pseudoscience or alternative but real mainstream science. But only if it is only if it is medical condition.

      If you want pseudoscience, try nail buffing. You can look this up or I can tell you how to do this. It is not what you think it is a reflexology technique. It is free.

      There are better and better conditioners in

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