Fishing for a Russian Date

Knowing each bait will attract a different catch when trying to catch a Russian female as your wife.

I would say that if a Russian does not clearly state they support Ukraine, I would not have a relationship with them.

The Kingdom is like a net that draws all kinds of fish. When you pull it in, there will be good and bad, and you will cast the bad ones away. – Matthew 13:47-48

Hang a shiny enough bait in front of a Russian girl and you will catch her like your lady friend. The main thing here is to find someone who is idealistic. You want to think like an idealist yourself. Many fish are in the sea but you do not want to date many. Whether Russian or American or whoever woman you want to date, your one and only true love.

Consider this -American guys offer – and the potential pitfalls of thinking like a non-idealist:

  • The lure of citizenship – You will pay on the way out.
  • A better economic standard – You will pay on the way in and on the way out.
  • The thrill of travel – Could go either way, generally worldly girls are wild and attractive but have a flight factor almost on par with American girls.
  • Romantic idealism – A husband showing more interest in humanistic intellectual ideas – You will find true love.  19th-century Czarist Russian culture was hundreds of years of Romantic idealism.  Relax on a dark lonely night and turn up some Tchaikovsky, read a little Turgenev, Lermontov or Tolstoy and this is the world Russian girls live in, try to understand it. Dostoyevsky such books should be mandatory reading for any guy searching the CIS for a lady friend.
  • You want not someone interested in citizenship or money or travel, but only romantic idealism.
My wife and I have been together going on about 10 years. One of the determinate criteria for success is romantic idealism based on faith, combined with humble, ordinary living.

If you tempt a girl from Russia with one of the above, you will get married. Just know which bait will attract which female.

 Choose your rut (lane) carefully you will be in it for the next 10 miles – Construction sign in upstate NY.

Just remember they are trying to hook you. It is not a one-way sport. It is a dangerous game you play if you do not realize that.

When you browse these tempting hot-shopped hair and make-up girls on any Russian lady friend’s dating site, know what you are going for. Just like you are tempting them, they also try to reel you in.

 Women are man’s most dangerous plaything – Friedrich Nietzsche

The way to catch a Russian date

You want her to catch your scent, that is it.

If you put too much bait on the hook initially, you might not get a better catch but crabs on your line (literally and figuratively). Not that carbs are bad (the metaphorical kind), just that they eat your bait and they detract you from catching the prize fish you want.

The key is do you really want to catch her with anything other than the last point, that is romantic idealism?

My advice is this: The Russian education system is still the legacy of the Soviet system and is a classical liberal arts education. I firmly believe in this system. It teaches you what life is about. You study history, philosophy, psychology, art, languages, literature. Life is multidimensional, and if you want self-actualization, you must do more than go to a technical or business school. Even if you get out and are working as a secretary and living in a dreary block of flats, they are living at the height of their civilization. Do not think twenty years of classical education does not influence their worldview; it does.

Eastern Europe has a great culture of idealism from Orthodoxy to literature and even science, go for an educated idealist woman (or man). Be open to cultures and races outside your own to find true love.

The dizziest girl in a Russian club can spin circles around you linguistically and from a humanistic standpoint. Your advantage is your Americanism, not your blue passport. Americans are practical, business-oriented, and master communicators. Use your communication skills to build rapport and prove to her that you are not some Oki from Skokie who thinks Plato is a modeling compound you played with as a child.

The problem with Russian girls is not scams.

 I am not superstitious. I do not believe in the stars of the horoscope nor have I defied stars in the media, sports and politics. My ideal is not a superficial patchwork of religion but a religion with a solid foundation and clear profile. Hans Kung – What I believe.

The problem with Russian girls on dating sites, lady friend sites Mamba or VK is this: they are not religious, period. They may have been baptized or go to Church on holidays or talk about spirituality or morals, but that is a world of difference from seeing the purpose of life as building the Kingdom of God through humble submission to the will of the creator.

Hence, you will get a nice leggy blonde but might stew in some existential malaise most of her life. Is that how you want to live your life? It will bring you down and erode your ideals.

It is to screen the girls solely on ideals. You might even browse girls in text mode or with a browser like Dillo. Dillo is more of a minimalist browser and will ensure you do not see images.

Is Russian dating worth it?

Yes. I am an American married in Eastern Europe.  Without a doubt, you will not get the same stress as with an American lady friend.  You will have a 60% chance of divorce with an American lady friend. 20 % chance of divorce with a foreign lady friend living in the US and potentially none in other countries or if you find your other half. It is worth it to look for a Russian lady friend.

Best place to find a Russian girlfriend – when you go cast your net out

I would go on a historic tour of Russia. Learn about the history.

Talk to them in a normal way and please be honest. Do not try to impress them. If you try to impress them then they will have big expectations and then you will have to meet those exceptions.

What works if you are looking for Russian lady friends is sincerity.  This does not work with many American women as they are often shown. Russian lady friends are about real.

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Alexander Pushkin wrote about it in verse. It is about a fish who grants wishes. The man caught the fish was married and happy and lived in a humble cottage by the sea. The fish asked him and he said he was happy and required no wishes. When his wife found out her wishes were endless and this brought storm and unhappiness to the marriage. The man was able to command one wish to the fish over the noise of the storm and that was to return his marriage to the way it used to be. Let this parable be a warning to men who marry greedy Russian wives.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

7 thoughts on “Fishing for a Russian Date”

  1. I married an Asian lady in 1999. She became Americanized, cheated like crazy, and we divorced when she got pregnant by her boyfriend.
    Now I am 57, divorced, retired, with 3 small boys.
    I am also pretty dang short.
    I like Russian ladies for their beauty, and the fact they are mostly Christian. I am on a Russian dating site, and I get lots of interest from spectacularly beautiful ladies in their teens and twenties. Most much taller than me.
    Is this real? or will they disappear like smoke after arrival?
    I am no stud. I am not young. I am not rich, but Ok. I just want to settle down with someone I love and trust, and live a simple, ordinary life.
    Is this realistic?

  2. Yes! Living with a mummy and cleaning after him and 3 his kids – that what every woman wants to do in her teens and twenties. especially if she is Russian. Go for it!

    1. Obviously, you are not good wife material, because you think love and kids are something awful. All you want a man for is as something to show off as just another “achievement” next to your career, car and house.
      I fail to understand why anyone as shallow thinking and selfish as you is even here on this site. You are what we turned from.
      So what do Russian women want? To use a Western man to escape her hellish life, then steal half of all he owns from him and his kids? And you think a crime of that nature is justifiable?
      Sorry, but although you twist it to make it sound bad, love, marriage and raising children are high and honorable callings in Gods eyes. Using others then discarding them like trash is simply criminal.

    2. Marina,
      I asked my question openly and honestly, so why the vicious reply?
      I get hundreds of expressions of interest from young and very beautiful ladies. My first response is to ignore them, but it makes me feel guilty, because when I reject them, I am acting in cynicism and mistrust. That’s no way to conduct a search for love.
      I consider every lady who contacts me, and I am sure you would be all over me if I smirked about rejecting ladies for being too old, too ugly, etc. Yet, rejecting them for being too young and beautiful is just as bad. Its judging on looks. Unlike you, I am very open-minded and fair.
      You heartlessly insult me as a “mummy” and attempt to describe life with me as something awful. Why? What is there inside you so ugly it causes you to attack strangers seeking advice?
      For the record, I am a great guy, very intelligent, (smarter than you) and well-bred. I am financially stable, own a home and free to travel. My sons are exceptionally good looking, whip smart, healthy and very friendly.
      You are the cynic, seeing only bad in a decent man who only seeks love. Attacking a stranger who only asks advice. Your answer seems to imply that young Russian girls cannot be trusted and only want to use me, although you twist this around too, attempting to make it look like my fault they are dishonest users. Or maybe implying I am a fool for trusting them? Yeah, I am supposed to conduct my search for love with closed mind and heart, considering every woman cynically, with mistrust. Yeah, that will work not. But you can try it and let us know.
      You display every bad trait a man can imagine in a woman, and I pity the man you fool into marrying you.

  3. Brian, I`m so sorry for telling you that, but truth hurts sometimes. let me explain you one simple thing you don`t want to accept:young pretty girl want to have a relation with a young handsome man, no matter where she lives: US, Russia or Afghanistan. Having a relation with a man who is older than her parents is just unnatural. And if a young, beautiful 20 year old woman marry a man who is almost 40 years older, there are not so many explanations for that. In your case it will be a green card,money or the girl will have a very low self confidence (what doesn`t happen so often with young, pretty ladies). That how it is. Life in Russia isn`t that miserable,so if she marries you for the money you have,as a stable middle class man with 3 kids, she has a really bad situation here, she is in poverty. Novadays,in Russia, if you don`t have serious health problems, you can make a normal living here, not as good as in US but pretty fair, so when the girl will begin to ask you for the money for food after few emails,you should understand, that it is probably a teenage guy who is collecting money for an iphone5. So, the only reason the real teenage girl can marry you it`s a possibility to move in US, and after getting her green card she will be Americanized just like your 20 years younger ex wife. Learn the lesson life gave you once,narrow your open mind a bit and try to listen to my cynical advice: look at the women 45+, better with kids and you will find a loving wife and loving mother for your boys.

    1. Its not like I have been chasing young tail on these websites, but I have received a great deal of mail from young and beautiful women, and you have to wonder after awhile, what gives?
      It seems the Russian ladies have been Weaternized to a high degree, as they plot by the hundreds to use another human being by his heart to achieve a goal. Pretty cynical if you ask me.
      Using a man to get a green card was my first thought, but I really did not want to believe people like that existed in such numbers, which prompted my question. I felt maybe I was missing something. I wanted to be fair.
      Nor did I deserve your insulting reply Marina. You seem to see love and trust as stupidity and weakness, to be used against you. You cant fall any lower than that! Nor is any of this reflect very kindly on the site owners advice about Russian/Ukraine women. Seems to be a very high percentage of schemers and thieves among them, who lack even a bad conscience about their actions.
      Why would a man go to the great lengths this site recommends, only to be used in the worst way, and thrown away?
      Given the high levels of fraud, the general lack of knowledge of their culture, and inability to speak the language, and what this site recommends is a recipe for disaster! Go to Russia! Meet girls! Watch them break your heart and destroy your life!
      Believe it or not, many couples exist with a wide age gap. I know several personally. People do not lose their value as human beings in Gods sight, simply for getting older, or having kids. I understand the thinking behind the ladies who use others, or look down in contempt at anyone not pretty enough for them. I just reject the whole idea of human worth based on beauty.
      Love is not an age, or a height, nor a weight. It is not based on circumstances, or money. When you search, you cannot know the heart and must work at it to discover the lady. But to go in ahead of time, judging others on things that do not matter, is to close doors. Close enough doors, and you end up in an empty room, alone.
      I am not naïve. I am very fair minded, and still believe in true love. Its not a weakness, nor due to stupidity, its my choice, because I feel you will not find real love if your heart is cynical. Its people like Marina who have traded trust for cynicism, love for contempt, who live ugly, bitter lives. She is the one who was fooled into trading away all her beautiful hopes, dreams and beliefs for worthless trash and an empty heart.
      I am not naïve, weak, or stupid. I have made my decisions with full knowledge, based on much experience. I choose to believe in true love, to be willing to trust. I choose to take the high road in my search, because you will not find gold in the gutters.
      You do not find love by closing doors, but by opening your heart.
      All I wanted was answers, not insults. You certainly answered my questions about Russian women, in a dramatic, and negative fashion.
      Sad to see how many have traded what is good and noble in their lives for that which is ugly and empty.

    2. My question was based on receiving hundreds of replies from young, very beautiful ladies. I am not looking at women that age, but after awhile, you start to feel guilty for glancing at their age, and deleting it, unread.
      I try to live up to my beliefs, and it bothers me to think I am rejecting them for shallow reasons. That I am doing to them what I do not want done to me. Judging them on looks/age.
      On my own, I do not search young girls, but feel compelled to give fair consideration to anyone who reaches out to me.
      When I search, I usually put in a minimum age of 35 or so. I have received expressions of interest from some pretty ladies in their 60’s, but they were all Chinese and not Christian.
      I was married to someone of a different faith, and I believe it made a big difference. That we would probably still be married if we had a mutual faith. Given that experience, it would be foolish to marry someone with no faith, or a radically different faith.
      Marina, I fully understand your point. I just choose not to think like that, and not to see others through a cynical lens. So much is lost when you think like that.
      I asked my question thinking perhaps my lack of knowledge of Russia and its people prevented me from knowing why so many gorgeous young ladies contacted me. So, you are wrong in your presumptions of me, although given the great number who contacted me, there must be a good many old men who are lonely enough to be vulnerable. Sad.
      Given that I cannot trust the young ones, what is different about the older ones, that I should trust them? Does a leopard change its spots? Seems to me, the older ones would just be older versions of the young ones. Shallow, grasping, heartless schemers.

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