How to find a wife

The purpose of this post is to recommend how to find a wife. That means literally what countries I recommend for finding a lady friend and those I do not.  However, the more important part of this post on how to find a lady friend is about how to find the qualities in a gal what would make a good wife for you.  Yes you want a nice little wife who will make me happy. If you are shocked by the truth or faint of heart, proceed with caution in reading.

Search for your betrothed

Who is this post for? Primarily single men looking for a wife. However, girls married men etc, I invite feedback.  If you combine the questions what and where, this will get you to how to find a wife. You need to be a chooser.  That is make  conscious choices to avoid women who are troubled my their own inflated ego and pride. These are no princesses.

Take your time please and read this post and consider that I say.  Review the different pages of my website.  If you do not have time, book mark the site and come back and explore these two parts of my post.

I really sincerely want you to find the wife of your dreams as she will truly make your life beyond what you could have ever imagined.

If you want to know about me?  Yes I am very happily married to the women of my dreams.

Finding a lady friend – the only way

I will tell you what others do not tell you about “how to get a wife”. I am not going to be politically correct nor chauvinist. I do not sell anything.  I will tell you from a practical stand point the qualities in a women that will make you happy.

I am doing this because I want you do be happy with your life.  Your lady friend will be you happiness or your hearts discontent more than anything else in your life.  Your wife will make you happy or cause misery in your life.  So make sure your marriage partner with wisdom as your guide.

Why not listen to other advice about how to find a lady friend?

If you follow what current society leads you to then you will most likely be unhappy. A lot of what is written about love and dating today are by women or the politically correct.

My purpose is not to offend anyone, rather help those are want to find a lady friend.  I just want to convey in an honest way what my experience in life has led to in terms of finding a your other half.

If you listen to others, new wave people, you will have a hard life, I promise.  In fact, instead of following conventional wisdom and find a liberal professional American girl to marry for example, why not just find someone you despise, give them your house and half your money and save yourself all the trouble of marriage.

How to find a wife – Why I have perspective?

I have traveled the world  many times and have a personal interest in language and cultures. I have lived in many place,  I live in Europe currently. I simply want to help you filter out the mixed messages you receive from the media and popular culture.

I am happily married as are my brothers and father. Their whole life they have been very happy.  I choose my spouse based on high ideals.  I recommend you do to. I have enough world experience to match almost anyone so it gives me perspective. If you disagree let me know. But to find a wife you need to know what to look for.  Trust me, not the media or popular culture.

What a good wife must have to be a good lady friend or you must walk away and forget her without looking back

  • Faith in God
  • Forgiveness – a good wife might say I am sorry all the time.  I do.
  • Believes in fairy-tales – someone who is idealistic about life, if you want a princess you need someone who believes in fairy-tales not some trashy post modern girl. I still read romantic books. If your girlfriend has never read romantic books, I would get a new girlfriend.
  • Is irresistibly attractive for you. Find someone who is cordial for you and you are cordial for.  It is biology. You do not to be an alpha guy, those guys are very primitive.  Better is having charm, this is attractive no matter what you look like.
  • Believes in you. Is totally impressed by you and your are her one and only hero. Find a lady friend that is looking for a prince or hero to rescue her.
  • Believes in being humble and submissive. I will raise some eye brows with this, but it is the truth.  Find a wife who is humble. Love means you submit your ego to your beloved and will to bear all hard things. Anyone who does not humble themselves is not worthy to be called a ‘lover’.
  • Find a wife who knows how to cook and clean. A good wife wants to keep her husband happy, what is wrong with this?
  • Will be a good mother. More important than any good employee for her boss in her profession is a good mother to her children. Being a mother and a wife is the most important job on the planet. Women lawyers are perhaps the worst choice in finding a good wife for example as they try to balance career and family. Ha ha. Do you not know, family is almost the most important thing? Forget balancing or juggling in most cases these two things.  I would rather live in a 300 sq foot flat with my family than make work my priority.  I live in Poland, people are happy in their family lives with little money and in the USA I see many people who are unhappy with a lot of money.  Make sure your wife puts family first, as you do.
  • Is not a spender
  • Find a lady friend that does not want to change you. Does not hassle you. Love does not alter which it finds. The worst women is one that says he won’t change.  This is a nightmare twisted woman, get away from this type.
  • Believes there is no reason to leave a marriage. Divorce is not an option.  Either you are in forever and swear this before God or you are not.  Marriage is sacred.
  • Loves you with all her heart and will all the days of your life.

I think being humble sums all the above up.  She should be grateful to be with you and will spend the rest of her life showing you her gratitude. This is what you look for to find a good partner.

Are you offended by this? I do not care it is the truth if you want to find a wife.

Further as a man it is your responsibility to win her heart and devote your life to love her.  This is love without limits. I expect nothing less from myself than total devotion to my wife.

How to find a lady friend? – Be a prince and your will get your princess

How to find a good wife – materialistic or fairy-tale it is your choice

Does this sound old fashion? It is not. I have the above qualities so why not look for someone who is similar, when looking for a wife.  If you want to find a princess than be a prince. I think if your reading this post you believe in the above but afraid to get it in your life. You might be afraid to speak it because of political correctness and materialistic screaming at you. Men in American movies are always portrayed as bad and good for nothing, but if you are reading this you know that is not true.  Only in extreme examples are men as bad a portrayed, most of my friends are loving sensitive caring men.

You can have a screaming materialistic or a fairy-tale princess.  It is your choice.

I know many women like this.  Further, they are happy to be this way.
If you are a very loving caring idealistic guy, why do I not deserve the someone who is the same.  I am sensitive and idealistic and chances are so are you.  Do not settle for some corpulent American or UK girl with a tattoo and an attitude.

Which country to find a girl?

What countries are best for long term relationships?

  1. Eastern Europe Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania. (I do not recommend Czech girls or Hungarian girls.)
  2. Latin America  girls, all of them.
  3. Mediterranean countries, Italy, Spain, Greece
  4. Middle Eastern girls,  consider countries like Morocco.
  5. Asian girls It is another topic and it depends on their culture.  I would say Indian girls are the best for finding your lady friend for marriage.

Basically the whole world besides the USA and the UK. But really, guys take this seriously. Do not just read this post and walk away. Believe me I have been there. I was lonely, depressed and without anyone and I thought it was me. However, it was that my other half my destiny was waiting for me on the other side of the world.

I learned what the expression ‘to dodge a bullet’ means, when I think of all the close calls with American women.

What countries are the worst to find a lady friend.

1. UK
2. USA

I  say the UK is slightly worst then American girls in terms of the worst girls to marry as they lack faith in anything but their own self confidence.  American girls you can find faithful girls, but generally they are also pumped with ego and can not recommend these American girl.  I would say stay away from American and UK girls for any reason.

Why money plays no role in love – not an issue when finding a lady friend

I have herd many ridiculous lawyers and relationship advisor’s talk about protecting your assets before marriage.  I think they are from the devil.  I am sorry.   Love is not about money.  Love is from God.

Marriage and a wife is forever – Ask for help in finding your lady friend

How to catch a lady friend

1. Ask God for a lady friend.  Really. In your dreams and imagination before you fall asleep ask the universe to lead you to a wife that will be your other half.  Do this and be patient.

Where to find a lady friend?

Read my lips, take a vacation outside your own country and go to the places where women are princesses. If you can not do this you can try the Internet.

Read my girls for love blog and explore the country posts that have that are of interest to you.  I have specific recommendations on websites to find women from these countries.

But my recommendation is travel to a country like Argentina or Russia. The best place to find a girl is to travel to various countries, rent an apartment for a week or month on vacation and just meet girls.  What if you work too much?  Quite your, job take a vacation, whatever you need to do to find your wife. Stay in a cheap apartment somewhere and go out on torus of the city and interact with normal girls.  Take ten of these vacations until your passport is filled with stamps.  Do not have the money? Sell your house and car cash in your 401k.

What is more important having a house and a horrible wife or renting a small apartment and having the women of your dreams.  I mean this.  I was a Boston professional with a top job and I moved to Krakow, Poland and had a small rented flat about 200 square feet and washed my clothes in the sink.  But I now have my princess and am doing fine.  Believe in yourself and your ability to prevail no matter where you are.  Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.

Do not stay in hotels and travel high class, travel raw budget, conserve your money.  I have hitch hiked and stayed in youth hostels and lived on French bread, its more fun.

Romantic love brings people together that should never be brought together.  Base your choices on wisdom, not pop culture.

I found my princess lady friend

Your dream and vision is a fairy-tale princess. You deserve this.  I found mine and I sometimes joke that I really died long ago and I am really in heaven and I do not know it. Why? Because my wife and I are in heaven since we meet.
Don’t you want the same in your life?

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

89 thoughts on “How to find a wife”

  1. Interesting discussion. As a 22 yr old Australian female I think the pretenses you have made about women from Western origins are a little presumptuous and harsh – “materialistic, egoistic, proud, superficial”. I think there are many, many exceptions to these rules, and I have many female friends that are. So, love can be found wherever, whenever and with someone from any background. But nevertheless I tend to agree somewhat with the crux of your argument.

    But despite my above viewpoint, after doing extensive travel through Europe and Africa, I have found that I have also (perhaps subconsciously) been deterred by the values and traits that men from the UK, US, Canada etc also hold. Men from Eastern Europe, from Spain, Italy, France know how to treat a lady better. They are less raucous, they are charming, they do not get completely wasted, they treat women like a princess, and in turn, I think these qualities are reciprocated. As you implied – it takes two to tango.

    So I too have found a lovely European man to call my own so I am very happy. So it’s true somewhat what you are saying about Western culture corrupting women, but it must be acknowledged that it corrupts both parties – Men too. There are lots of sweeties in Australia, especially in more rural areas with good values, but also a large chuck that are chauvinistic and uneducated.

    But what about celebrating some of the great qualities that empowered Western women possess – They can be fun, light-hearted, they want to enjoy life, see sights, experience new things independently – hey I enjoy cooking – but there is more to life than staying cooped inside in a kitchen, changing dirty nappies. You need a happy-medium, a woman that is worldly, open-minded, but with good, honest values – the same applies for men.

    Maybe I should contribute an article

    “How to find a loving husband”

    1. I would like to write something on how to find a loving husband. And basically the traits in a good wife apply to finding a good husband. You can substitute ‘wife’ for ‘husband’ and the same traits apply, loyalty, humility, unslefish commitment to the family.

  2. What the author says about American women mirrors my experiences. Maybe not all American women are materialist, shallow and superficial, but the overwhelming majority sure seem to be. In my experience shortly after you meet them they want to know what kind of car you drive, what you do for a living, etc. Basically the idea seems to be “What can you do for me?” I’ve just divorced my first wife who was sweet and kind before we married and then became obsessed with shopping, shoes, manicures, and getting her hair done. She claimed it was all for me but that was obviously not the case. Good riddance, I say. I may do as the author suggests and take extended vacations in russia and latin america. But they how will I know if the girls I meet are only interested in coming to America?

    1. Here’s my two cents –

      Several factors are at work here and you can called them trivial or superficial even but the Admin did say looks matter.

      Nice is not rewarded in America not often enough for you to count on it anyway.

      So men in Western Culture need to stop being overtly nice to Western women they don’t deserve it, have inflated egos as was mentioned. You know this is a problem because even the corpulent girls believe they deserve the best and as I said that is a problem. Men have a better idea where their place in life is. As the Admin suggested loose weight if you want to attract a good looking Slavic/Asian/South American girl. You can’t be the stereotypical happy but chubby American, some can get away with this, the majority can’t especially if your personality can’t overcome your girth.

      I am planning a trip to Europe, still not sure if I will go to Eastern Europe, I am looking for a wife and would mention it though as you said its sort of crass for some reason.

      1. I agree with Anthony, and have recently noticed here in a large, East Coast city, that if you get a young woman cashier or clerk to assist you in the store, she will treat you with utter contempt unless you are a cordial guy. And it does not matter if you are some little old man, or a middle-aged guy with kids, who has no interest in her. It also doesn’t matter if she is a complete wildebeest.
        In Western society, your value to women is measured by looks and money, all others are throwaways. If you do come on to an attractive woman, who thinks you are beneath her, she will be insulted that you actually thought you were “worthy” even if you are polite and charming.

  3. רהבה נבנית עם השנים ,כששני בני הזוג דואגים זה לזו,מעניקים מהעצמיות שלהם זה לזו ,ללא תנאי,גם כשקשה ואחד מבני הזוג לא עובד לפעמים,לפרק זמן מסוים ,אז השני משלים,ותומך, וההפך ,זוגות רבים היום מתגרשים ,בגלל הכסף,ממון,מה אני עושה הרבה יותר ממנו ,אז למה אני צריכה אותו ? ופה מתחילות הבעיות ,כי ,כשזוג לא מודע לכך שהם בייחד בטוב וברע ,אז פה קבור הכלב.

  4. Though India is a good place, as author mentions, there are arranged marriages in which you don’t know the woman you will be with. Her nature, her humor etc. This is problematic according to me. America, I agree with author that they are highly materialistic, and become corpulent very quickly. If I travel abroad, like Russia, how will I know if the woman is really ready to commit in marriage.

  5. We can make generalizations all day long. I am America. I am looking for an Italian wife. This does not mean she will yell and cook all the time. However, by being in the Italian culture, it is more likely (highly probable) that she will do certain things based on how she was raised. This could apply to her village, city/town, state or national identity – all being factors in how she “acts” in society.

    Compared to most modern (metropolitan) women in America you will find that they were “raised” on TV, make-up, and marketing companies that instilled in them certain values. So if your going to make a gamble, look for countries (or areas) that closely match your “social” value and less of the fast food, make-up, gold-digging and entitlement personalities.

    So, I guarantee you, if you compare a woman from New York City to one in Alabama you would see a huge difference in personality. This same contrast can apply to any country. My friends say Mila is like New York, and Sicily is like Alabama.

    But I think the key here is to know what you want out of a relationship and go get it. Men and women waste their lives caught up in what they “think” they want based on what someone else told them (superficial) and they end up unhappy.

    If we follow our hearts, fill it with self-love then we will be able to attract the right one. And of coarse, everything mentioned above should be in YOU first before you can give it to someone else.

    And for those who have a hard time choosing their wife just meet the family…especially the parents and elders in their house (or village). That will tell you how they were raised and what positive values they live by

  6. I’m from Russia and a girl. You say that like that’s a problem. In Russia live many beautiful and intelligent girls are really sincere. Who dream of getting married. Russian men do not value women to the same degree or level as Americans or Germans or Italians. Russian women want to see a happy man, positive man in her life. For us, the man is the head of the house. I’m not saying that women from Russia are not independent. We need to take care and to love.

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