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Why do guys settle for anything less than their dream woman when looking for a wife? This advice goes for women looking for a husband. I did not. Why would you? There is a simple way to get your dream wife or husband, consider looking beyond the 25-mile radius where you live. Better is to take it a step further and go to another country. Yes, try dating another culture or race other than your own. You need to break down your own mental barriers. If sassy, over-confident women in your town, who do not attend church on a regular basis yet who live next door are your only dates, then get the heck out of town.

We are all citizens of the world – One world

I would not go fishing for a mate in a place where society did not meet my ideals. I have no idea why guys look in all the wrong places for women. Perhaps sloth is why dating is confined to a geographical radius. If you want to find the mate of your dreams start looking in places where you will have a better chance. For example, American culture places an emphasis on confidence and funny and materialism and physical height.   For me, a woman who is can zing me in a joke or sarcastic remark or overconfidence, and focusing on career has nothing to do with being a good partner in marriage, someone who will raise your family and love you.

  • Do not confuse the values of society inherited by your cultural determinism as congruent with love and family.

My dating advice for guys is to look for these personality traits:

  1. Faith – Goes to church and teaches corrects your caveman moral behavior and brings your ideals to a higher level.
  2. Humility – You are her hero.
  3. Self-denial – Manifest in being thin and non-materialistic.

I am talking about finding your princess for marriage, and not just looking in America, but anywhere in the world. Yes, you can find hometown girls. But why limit yourself?

Men and women if you want a happy life find someone who has good values. Look beyond your culture if you have to.

Western culture accepts divorce, I do not

In the USA 53% of marriages end in divorce and the majority 79% are initiated by women.  If you get married to a foreign girl you have about a 13% chance of divorce.  If you pick the right one  – none.  Read my lips, do not date a girl who believes in divorce or you will find yourself years later giving her your house and half your income and you will be bitter. Instead, date a girl who will be with you no matter what.

I asked my European friend why this was, he said ‘American women are not princesses nor good wives, in general’. That is a pretty bold statement. I started to argue the point that that is not true, some American girls are nice, but he told me it does not matter, learn it yourself. I still believe there are many nice girls in the States and the UK, but I pushed the eject button and went abroad and found meet my princess weeks after getting off the plane.

Call me a fool for love. I arrived in Europe on April, 1st. But 30 days later I was chatting up my wife-to-be.

What you do today will echo though eternity – Marcus Aurelius

My personal story – how I changed my destiny and found true love

I traveled to Krakow, Poland as it has a city rich in fairy tales. Initially, when I met my wife she would not talk to me, so I decided to move to Poland for her to win her heart.  I lived in Poland. I am an American guy, but lucky for me my family came from Poland way back and I moved back to Poland to meet the girl of my dreams.

I pulled out all stops. I took destiny by the horns. I did something radical and quite my career moved to a foreign country and instead of being a corporate accounting executive making 100+k a year, I sold vegetables in the market and taught English. I do not regret it for a second. Even after moving back to the USA almost ten years later, I have trouble being an investment accountant again, it does not matter I have love.

My life is a pure joy since I am married to my other half.

In the USA there are many nice women but the culture is such that men and women do not respect each other in the same way and ideals are broken.   There may be no princess in the UK or America left except in fairy tales.  Girls want to focus on their careers more than family.  Slavic and Spanish women who appear submissive to many are actually strong but have less need to assert themselves in their relationships. It is just a cultural thing.  Rather they focus on making the home a paradise.  And they are proud of it.

Love or money is a common theme today

Date a girl who cares only about love. If a girl says she wants a career and love, run. Run so fast and have another fool marry her. You need to be a fool for love if you are to have a happy life. Money is like water it comes and goes. Not important in life. If you have brains you can always obtain some with your own wits. Not a concern. But a life partner will be the biggest determinate criteria of your happiness in life.

As an American guy, If I was living in the USA I would

  • Move to South America or Europe.
  • Try to contact women that are not from the UK or US via dating sites or normal mail servers. On my website I recommend a number of specific sites to go to.

I am a bright – good-looking – hardworking American guy.  I was not desperate. – Not at all.

It is just the world I grew up in – that is the USA  had a lot of materialistic and the culture did not agree with my ideals of prince and princess type of relationship.  I in my heart always believed one day I would meet my princess.  I moved to Poland and I did.  Nothing in the world can replace this.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 thoughts on “Dating advice – Marry the Women of Your Dreams”

  1. I am currently engaged to a beautiful woman from Kaliningrad Russia. I will tell all American men that if you ever start dating a FSU, Ukraine, or Russian woman you will never go back to dating American women. The difference between Russian women and American women is huge with Russian women being far above the American women in every category. I walked away from American women after my wife was out having affairs and divorced me. I did date over 15 American women, but I was not interested in them because they are have 2,3 and 4 divorces in their background and think nothing of divorcing the next guy in line. I moved to dating a beautiful Russian woman and I am so much happier. Many Russian women believe in traditional family values and they want children and a family, and most American women are only interested in pursuing some stupid career. American men do yourself a huge favor and start dating women from Russia and Eastern Europe.

    1. With few exceptions the culture of women the USA is in stark contrast to the culture of women of the world. There are amazing women in the US, especially in places like Appalachia or Idaho for example. Yet like the idea of the Pareto principle 80% of American women are not who I personally would marry. Only 20% of the women here are who the good men are competing for. This sounds arrogant, it is not.

      I am not better, nor the women, the 80% of the women here are bad or wrong, I am saying that these 80% are not congruent with my belief system. I believe my belief system will lead to a happy marriage life. Why? My parents are married of 65 years and happy. I have been married a long time too and as happy if not more then I first was. I know countless examples of people who have a core belief system that are thrilled with their lives like I am.

      My belief system is based on a humble, non-materialistic, homesteading ethic, centered on prayer. Kind of like the Amish with modern technology.

      I believe in using the mind for uplifting things, I play chess competitively and an Economics professor. Yet, like Thomas Kempis wrote, look at all the learned people of the past, and people of influence who society takes note of, and they are all gone and forgotten. Better is to build your house, your life, your marriage on a true foundation of love, a love that is eternal and flows from the Giver of all gifts. People build their houses on sand.

      I live in Florida on the beach and I know how this can be, both metaphorically and in reality.

      This is who I want raising my family, and the type of person I want to be. I have no room for bitterness and anger, pride (the worst), nor materialism and disloyalty in my life.

      When you go to Eastern Europe, at least in my experience, Pareto analysis works the other way. 80% of the people come closer to this ideal because of the lack of material goods or a religion that is still respected . It is not that they are better people at all, just more congruent with what I believe to be the ingredients of a happy life.

      Therefore, I recommend people open their minds to other cultures and date people from lands that are more similar to their personal belief systems, rather than walk against the crowd.

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