Genetics of Love

Find your destiny with your genes on The purpose of this post is to look at how genetics influences our romantic interactions. Further, what you can do with the knowledge of your genetics and potential spouse’s genetics, to tip the odds of destiny. As a mating strategy we all want to optimize. Below I give […]

Love phrases in French

Below is a list of French love quotes for him or her. In our collective unconsciousness the French language and love are almost synonymous. Imagine the  Even if your love is not from France or Quebec. perhaps from the Caribbean or French West Africa she will be impressed with words of love and love phrases […]

Love phrases in German

German words of love and love phrases in German are great to win the heart of someone living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond.  Think of Mozart and the Marriage of Figaro or Rilke or  Heinrich Heine, there are scores of Romantic German language writes worthy of quoting. While the Southern European countries get all […]