How to find a loving wife

How to find a loving wife

If you are looking to find a loving wife, I will tell you the secret of finding your lady friend. This blog is my personal blog so it is not politically correct. Further I am not writing something you might read on cookie cutter relationship advice pages that float around the web for the benefit of some paid online dating site.  My advice to find a wife will work.  No guarantees with people, but generally it will work.

Where to find a loving wife

Do not look in the USA or the UK unless your values are materialistic leaning. Then it is OK and you will be happy.  Sorry, however, the chances you will be happy with an American girl, pretty low if she does not math you interms of values.  American women tend to be liberal and American men conservative.  I think most guys want a conservative traditional wife.  I am sorry but this is the truth.  So in America we have many mis matches in terms of relationships and people are no aware why. Many marriages fail as they ideal of love is not share in the same way.

Latin America and Eastern Europe are the best places, also India if you are looking for a more tradictional wife, generally.  China I do not have enough information on. If you are a conservative guy do not marry a liberal girl, this will be trouble as somewhere your relationship might start to become a political social arena. I recommend look in Russian and Poland and Ukraine. The women there as women are generally more traditional.

If you look for a loving wife in the USA make sure you fin one who will not try to boss you and tell you how wrong you are. Some guys react to this by trying to counter that with trying to be macho. However, paying macho games will not work either as women in the long run will resent it.   Too much energy.  You want to just be yourself and have your wife adore you for it. Therefore, I recommend, finding a wife who will be good for you. Cook you dinner, and take care of the family and not be a critic of you, especially to her friends.

Qualities to look for in a loving wife

I have had many American women say something to the effect,  ‘I do not cook but make up for it in other ways’, ‘wink wink’. Translation they do not cook and have slept around a lot.  This is not a girl you want to marry in most cases. There are many wonderful American women, just becareful who you choose. Leap with your head as well as your heart.

You want a normal girl.  A girl who says I will cook for you, who is humble and says their sorry a lot.  Why?  I would do this for them. Being a husband or wife is about giving 100% to the other person with no limits. Really. Saying your sorry and being humble and saying ‘I am nothing special’ is a great quality.  Humble people are sweet, arrogant people are weak and will make other people unhappy.  So if you have a wife who is a career woman and does not say she is sorry and does not cook much.  You’re in trouble.  Why not go for a submissive humble wife who believes in no limits and believes love and relationships are forever no matter what.  Then you will have magic in your life.

How you should be towards your wife

If you want a princess you need to be a prince.  Do not even thing of cheating. Take care of your wife and be there 100% of the time even if if means quitting your job or taking some lame low paying job instead of your career.  Family is most important.

Where to find love

I found love by accident on a trip to Poland, my family was Polish.   But if you can not have destiny smile so easy, try the internet. Free online dating for example.  But I would recommend traveling first and do not try to impress women, just be your self and have a sincere interest in the places you travel.  This is how to find a loving wife.


How to be a beautuful girl – or marry one

The purpose of this post is to teach women how to be beautiful with a simple formula. Also for guys, to raise their awareness regarding what attractiveness beyond that Maxim displays on their list of Attractive girls of the month. Rather female has qualities you want in the dating and marriage process.

What is beautiful and how does this relate to women?
Beauty is something that gives pleasure without being consumed. This is a classical philosophical aesthetics conception of beauty which was articulated by Thomas Aquarius. Upon being seen it gives pleasure.

Something that it if you acquire or indulge then consume it, it is gone, it is merely a transitory saturation the senses. However, a piece of art you go not have to posses or use, rather it just radiates to your sense and stimulates your brain to give you happiness as long as you experience it. This is beauty.

A distinction between enjoyable and admirable beauty can be made when talking about women. Both ladies give pleasure to the sense upon being seen. Enjoyable beauty is more connected with sensual and admirable beauty connected to intellectual or spiritual pleasure. I believe for a girl to be beautiful only the latter really matters.

Girls listen up, your bodies and equipment are all basically the same with slight variations. In a man’s eyes you need to refine virtue to attract love and be loveliness incarnate.

This is because all women have the same basic equipment. If you do not believe me. Go to the beach. This is a laboratory of beauty. All girls are wearing the same basic bikini and look similar with their stuff hanging imprudently out. Some are a little slimmer or rounder than others, but the equipment is the same. Certainly in the moment of truth to a guy, it all feels the same not matter if your with this one or that.

Or does it? If you are a human with any sense of awareness, from a spiritual standpoint it does matter.

If you go beyond the surface there is a deeper reality that does make a different. While one woman on the beach is smoking and swearing, and another girl is reading some deeply romantic and philosophically complex novel about love and human psychosocial relations that makes you see your own life in a different way. Which will give you more pleasure to you over your lifetime? Which is the most beautiful girl?

Beauty and virtue in one
So the question is can a woman be beautiful or simple alluring, sensual and attractive in an urge to mate with sense? Or does she need to have virtue?

The answer is obvious, if you understand what I wrote above. I recommend women be aware that to be attractive beauty and virtue is synonymous.

  • After a time we are all responsible for the lines on our face. You do not want your life morphogenesis to be like Madame Bijoux in the Titanic who goes to the bar and wears her jewelry waiting for her long-lost love return. The key to finding a good husband and being beautiful is not to be socially trendy but aspire to ideals that men can be chivalrous and write poetry to.

Can you find beauty and virtue in one in America dating any more?

You can, but the cultural tide is so strong that it has swept many American women into the rip current and they are lost at sea in materialistic lies. They have been lost for a while and wonder why I am so lonely.

They wake up in their 30s as spinsters jockeying a career that has no real meaning, as no one really cares about titles and positions any more. The wanton carnal experimental discovery journey that they were playing in their 20s seems to have robbed them of their understanding of repentance and they try to rationalizes it.

Their scores of lovers are only memories and they are alone. When this happens virtue (which is not synonymous with purity) is gone. The best they have to hope for is finding that last hope guy on who will fit their lifestyle of career and girls nights out with kids in daycare ASAP. Yet this will not lead to happiness nor beauty.

How can a girl be beautiful?

Life is about forgiveness, repentance and grace will follow. The key is sincere repentance and transforming your life into a model of virtue in the romantic and classical sense. If you understand that then you can have beauty. The allure that will attract the man of your dreams and make the next fifty years of your life a dream you would only read about in Harlequin romance.

You want to find the one for you and I recommend a commingling of beauty and virtue.

I am an American living in Eastern Europe.  I am married to the most beautiful girl in the world, my girl, not some culturally determine distortion of fascination from disgusting Hollywood star.  If you are an American and want true love, I would highly recommend to keep your mind open to the whole world. Also comment what you think of the prettiest girl in the world.

What is beauty? What makes someone really attractive?

Read what makes real beauty and how to be attractive. What is your conception of allure on a woman? Who do you think is the most appealing lady in the world?

Being superficial here is a list of physical characteristics men universally find attractive on women:

  1. Skinny or at least thin –  Even with me I stay in shape and you can play a xylophone on my ribs, even though I am married. If you are in shape you will command a lot of power in the dating arena. Things like chest face does not really matter. All women are made through a million years of evolution to be beautiful. You just have to control you eating with moderation and you will be.
  2. A nice sense of style – This can include simply tight jeans, a designer t-shirt, and long hair. This takes little to no money. It is a winning formula for looks. All this can be bought at Wal-Mart. What can not be purchased is the body. You have it you need to practice self-denial for it to manifest itself.
  3. Healthy glow from diet – Anti-oxidants either through diet or vitamins or both. By your 20s you should have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the role of nutrients plays in your looks. This is by default via the media bombardment. Well you can ignore all that and follow a simple formula like, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, take a good multi-mineral supplement and eat things like fresh ladyen and fish. Do not be too extreme and avoid instant meals and anything processed.

Virtuous ways to be beautiful for men

  1. Making reading your obsession – If you do not live at the height of your culture you are swindling yourself out of your own life. Study art, literature, languages and music or chess in-depth.
  2. Pray – I am not talking about having new age candles around your bed and quasi-spiritual books that tell you all ethics are subjective and relative. They are not. Develop a mainstream spiritual disciple. If you are catholic say the Rosary, if you are Protestant or Muslim read your holy book and all pray. If you are Buddhist mediate for an hour a day. Ask God for forgiveness of your sins on a regular basis.
  3. Feel the pain of loneliness – This pain is only a calling for your soul to find your soul mate. Be patient, chaste, humble and your beauty will shine and you will outshine all the girls you thought were attractive you will see often become burnt out train wrecks. Feel the pain of your aloneness and let it be the magic that transform you into Cinderella.

Let me know what you think of my romantic and classical concept of beauty as it relates to women.


How to treat girls to get them to like you

The lie of self-confidence – why self-confidence, money and looks does not get women.

Dating websites or advice columnist will tell you universally self-confidence is where it is at. Further on dating sites girls like good-looking, tall men with a lot of hair and full of confidence to back it up. Men will tell you, you need confidence and some money to back it up. Men tell you in clubs you need to be an Alpha or a Beta with a good playbook to be in the game. Those are myths that have caused a lot of pain for men and women because it perpetuates a lie and causes loneliness.

  • I am telling your straight. You do not need self-confidence. I can not even look women in the eyes, I often mumble and talk to the ground. It gives me the advantage that I can check out woman’s feet and shoes, but little else.

You do not need money or a job. You do not need a game. You do not need to be 6’3” or look like Brad Pitt. I had and have very little confidence. I am constantly questioning myself and analyzing my life. Learned how to treat a woman and became unstoppable with getting the girls I wanted. The purpose of this post is to tell you how to treat women to get them to like you.

I can write with authority on what girls want and how to treat them to get them to like you. This applies almost universally to all girls, unless they have some psychological imbalance.

Women are waiting for you.

Why I understand women

  • Wife – I have been with my wife 24/7 for about ten years. I work from home and we do everything together and really do not feel the need to interact with too many people separately. We are basically together all the time and happy. How many people can say they live like that?
  • Family – I grew up with two sisters and observed their dating and social interactions. I have a good rapport with this to this day. My mother married over 60 years.
  • World Olympic dating – I also traveled across five contents with a series of dating misadventures and failures. Call me a monger but I have experience. I know what women do not want.
  • Monastic adolescence – I went to an all boys school during my adolescence. I did not intact with women. I had to learn about women from classic literature. My distance from women during this crucial developmental time gave me time to reflect on the meaning of male female relationships. I mean I was living like a monk. I think I went like seven years without kissing a girl. That is a lot of reflection. When I figured it out I was unsupportable.
  • Females heroines and male heroes in literature – I believe classic literature conveys well thought out details about feminine psychology crystallized into a lifetime of experience in the written word. Anna Karenina, Count of Monte Cristo or Pride and Prejudice are better than anything for understanding female desires. Lastly do not listen to women, most do not even understand themselves and are notorious at giving bad dating advice.

If you know the why in life the how is easy

Chicks are there laying around waiting for you.

What is the secrete to get women to like you and how to treat them?

Authenticity – What is authenticity? You need to know the meaning of your life. Answer the question of why you are here and what is you meaning. That is it. If you know it and live it, than nothing else matters. Read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning or take Landmark Education’s the Forum or read my blog. Just get the junk and programming of society out of you head. Understand what authenticity is and this is the next level of self-confidence. It means you can be poor, not good-looking and essentially powerless, yet powerful. Like liberation theology teaches, there is a power in being powerless.

Once you have this understanding and live it in your heart, you can jettison misconstrued ideas about dating women, playing a game, self-confidence, money and all the other lies and the false dating prophets tell you. When you understand authenticity how to treat women is answered for you. You treat them in the way you, in your own individualization understands at an instinctual level developed over a million years of evolution and a spiritual level.  Owning your own life.

Self denial, self-abasement and self-flagellation actually work better than self-confidence to prepare yourself to be a lady magnet

Now once you have authenticity you may have self-confidence, but I recommend humility to keep your ego in check. Even doing things that will humiliate yourself and make you feel bad, is good practice to keep your ego in check. Some people do penance and practice self-denial and abasement. I am not recommending self-flagellation as this can cause ego in itself. But generally try to humble yourself and stick to your dreams and not get involved in the measure and criteria of society you are born into.

With authenticity you will related to women with sincerity, humility and gentleness. You can charm it up a bit and add some style on that and you will be unstoppable. My point is you need to get the rough edges out of your personality and spots that are sharp and freak people out, or give them weird vibes. If you are authentic it will not happen and if it does you will not care.

I have been jobless and almost homeless and zero style and skinny as anything, but girls still liked me. I was real. I was passionate about literature, philosophy and life in general. I did not look them in the eyes or have any cool meet lines. Rather I just was my own self. I listened and treated girls with respect.

If it does not work, date foreign girls for a while. They respond to this authenticity. Then with that experience if you want to go back to dating American women you will exude a different aura. They will be attracted to you, but at that point you will not want them.


I love you in Polish

How to say I love you in Polish

Kocham cie, Kocham ciebie, ja Kocham cie, this is how you say I love you in Polish.

Love is an undefined thing, no question. When you are in love the feeling is as strong in Paris, as it is in Cleveland USA or Jędrzejów ( a town in Poland famous for its Clock Museum, which is on third place in the world after Chicago Planetarium and Science Museum in Oxford in terms of amount and value of its Solar clocks). How you convey this is important. That is why I wrote this post, to provide some ideas beyond the obvious.

Expressions of love in general

Ways to express your feelings are countless, it depends on you and your relationship temperature, how many of them you will discover.

Polish couples dress stylish, even the next level of compared to European counterparts. Love is still romantic in Poland. This is steampunk love.

I think style and fashion speak strongly. I mean people in love do not walk around during the courting phase in white t-shirts and sweatpants, at least not in Krakow or Warsaw.

You can show love by the way you act – write poems, give flowers, make romantic dinner, sing by the moonlight, hold hands, look each other in the eyes, send love letters , e-mails and texting.

Polish expressions for I love you

As important as all this things that show your feelings are the words you talk to your beloved.

To confess love you can simply say:

  • ‘I love you’ which in polish is ‘kocham cię’
  • and also ‘I adore you’ – ‘uwielbiam cię’
  • ‘you mean a lot to me’ –  ‘wiele dla mnie znaczysz’
  • ‘you are my whole world’ –  ‘ jesteś całym moim światem’
  • ‘you are the joy of my life’ –  ‘jesteś radością mojego życia’
  • ‘you are my other half’ – ‘jesteś moją drugą połówką’
  • ‘you are the love of my life’ – ‘jesteś miłością mojego życia’.
  • You can also say: ‘you make me happy’ – ‘dzięki tobie jestem szczęśliwy (szczęśliwa) ‘
  • ‘I feel good with you’ – ‘dobrze mi z tobą’.

When you refer to the person you love you can say:

  • ‘darling’, in polish ‘kochanie’
  • ‘sweetheart’, ‘serduszko’
  • ‘my dear’,  ‘mój drogi’ for a man and ‘moja droga’ for a women.

In one of the best Polish love songs, a popular group “Maanam” the word “kocham cię” appears 18 times.

It is one of the best love songs I know. It is very sensual and very good to listen, when you want to learn to pronounce ‘I love you’ in polish language well.

Hot topic of love in Poland

Love is probably the cordialtest topic of all times, and it doesn’t lose its strength over ages. It is something that everybody are looking for and dreaming about. Poets, writers, singers, painters – they all get inspiration from love, for some reason especially tragic.

The ordinary people fall in love and so do the great ones. Polish king John III Sobieski was not only a great chief and soldier, but also a wonderful writer and author of beautiful love letters to his wife Mary, in whose he was totally in love.

The history of the verb ‘to love’ in Polish language, which is ‘kochać’ goes back to the XV century and it had many forms:

  • ‘zakochać się’ –  ‘to fall in love’
  • ‘pokochać’ – ‘to begin or learn to love’
  • ‘odkochać się’ – ‘not to be in love anymore’
  • ‘ukochać’ – ‘ to be in lust’.

The last term has a different meaning in modern Polish and it means the same as ‘pokochać’, but it is not in use as much. You can hear it as a noun more:

  • ‘ukochany’ (male form)
  • ‘ukochana’ (female form)
  • ‘ukochane’ (neuter or plural form) quite often.
  • Originally, in Old Slavic, the word ‘kochać’ was ‘kosnąti’ meant ‘to touch, to move’.

How Polish people express love

Polish people are pretty mild with expressing they feelings, especially the older generation. They prefer to show they feelings by simply being together in good and bad days more, than talk about them. My parents and my grandparents are very conservative with their feelings. They don’t have as much problem to say ‘kocham cię’ to the grandchildren or even children as to each other. I think that it partially comes from strict polish church, which is very traditional and rather serious in approach to love and family. On the other hand, especially man in all ages, have no problem to express their  affection towards a sport team…

The whole Polish society is also generally polite but distance at the same time. My mum told me that when she was a young girl and was listening to the group “Czerwone gitary” (Red guitars), which was a polish version of “The Beatles” her mother got very upset and forbid my mum to listen to this music. In my grandma’s opinion, it was morally wrong and inappropriate. This was the voice of the generation, and it had impact on my parent’s generation.

Today the trend is totally different and it came with politic changes. You can see it in films – the great part of productions are romantic comedies, which often get ideas from American movies. In the radio 90% of songs are in English, and most of them talk about feelings and relationships.

Twenty years ago we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, now days you sure can tell the 14th of February.  Young people are more open to talk about their feelings. Love is joy and it is the most beautiful thing in life and I get great enjoy and pleasure to hear and say the words ‘kocham cię’ to my beloved every day.

If you want to now how to say I love you in Polish with an indirect approach check out my page -> Love phrases in Polish

Here is my blog about  romance and love , bookmark and follow it. There are really crazy discussions about dating and girls from Poland and Eastern Europe and the world. Let people know what your experiences are there.

If you want to learn to say I love you in Polish and in other languages check out my page -> I love you

Please let me know what you think of this Polish view of love and I love you. If you want ideas on meeting women for love try other parts of my website or ask me. I lived in Poland long enough to know about these things.


Fishing for a Russian Date

When trying to catch a Russian girl as your wife, know each bait will attract a different catch.

The Kingdom is like a net that draws all kinds of fish. When you pull it in, there will be good and bad, and you will cast the bad ones away. – Matthew 13:47-48

Hang a shiny enough bait in front of a Russian girl and you will catch her as your lady friend. American guys offer:

  • The lure of citizenship – You will pay on the way out.
  • A better economic standard – You will pay on the way in and on the way out.
  • The thrill of travel – Could go either way, generally worldly girls are wild and attractive but have a flight factor almost on par with American girls.
  • Romantic idealism – A husband that shows more of an interest in humanistic intellectual ideas – You will find true love.  19th century Czarist Russian culture was hundreds of years of Romantic idealism.  Relax on a dark lonely night and turn up some Tchaikovsky, read a little Turgenev, Lermontov or Tolstoy and this is the world Russian girls live in, try to understand it. Dostoyevsky such books should be mandatory reading for any guy searching the CIS for a lady friend.
My wife and I have been together going on like 10 years. One of the determinate criteria for success is romantic idealism based on faith, combined with humble ordinary living.

If you tempt a girl from Russia with one of the above, you will get married. Just know which bait will attract which female.

 Choose your rut (lane) carefully you will be in it for the next 10 miles – Construction sign in upstate NY.

Just remember they are trying to hook you. It is not a one way sport. It is a dangerous game you play if you do not realize that.

When you browse these tempting over hot-shopped hair and make-up girls on any Russian lady friends dating site, just know what you are going for. Just like you are tempting them, they trying to reel you in also.

 Women are man’s most dangerous plaything – Friedrich Nietzsche

The way to catch a Russian girl

You want her to catch your scent, that is it.

If you put too much bait on the hook initially you might not get a better catch, but crabs on your line (literally and figuratively). Not that crabs are bad (the metaphorical kind), just that they eat your bait and they detract you from catching the prize fish you really want.

The key is do you really want to catch her with anything other than the last point, that is romantic idealism?

My advice is this: The Russian education system is still the a legacy from the Soviet system and that is a classical liberal arts education. I firmly believe in this system. It teaches you what life is about. You study history, philosophy, psychology, art, languages, literature. Life is multidimensional and if you want self actualization you need to do more than go to a technical school or business school. Even if you get out and are working as a secretary and living in a dreary block of flats, they are living at the height of their civilization. Do not think twenty years of classical education does not influence their world view, it does.

The dizzinest girl in a Russian club, can spin circles around you linguistically and from a humanistic standpoint. Your advantage is your Americanism, not your blue passport. Americans are practical business oriented and master communicators. Use your communication skills to build rapport and prove to her that you are not some Oki from Skodkie who thinks Plato is a puddy you played with as a child.

The problem with Russian girls are not scams

 I am not superstitious. I do not believe in the stars of the horoscope nor have I defied stars in the media, sports and politics. My ideal is not a superficial patchwork of religion but a religion with a solid foundation and clear profile. Hans Kung – What I believe.

The problem with Russian girls on dating sites, lady friend sites Mamba or VK is this, they are not religious, period. They may have been baptised or go to Church on holidays or talk about spirituality or morals, but that is a world of difference from, seeing the purpose of life as building the Kingdom of God through humble submission to the will of the creator.

Hence, you will get a nice leggy blonde, but might stew in some existential malaise most of her life. Is that how you want to live you life? It will bring you down and erode your ideals.

Better is to screen the girls solely on ideals. You might even browse girls in text mode or with a browser like Dillo . Dillo is more of a minimalist browser and it will make sure you do not see images.

Russian dating worth it?

Yes. I am an American married in Eastern Europe.  Without a doubt you will not get the same stress as with an American lady friend.  You will have a 60% chance of divorce with an American lady friend. 20 % chance of divorce with a foreign lady friend living in the US and potentially none in other countries or if you find your other half. It is worth it to look for a Russian lady friend.

Best place to find Russian girlfriend – when you go cast your net out

I would go on a historic tour of Russia. Learn about the history.

Talk to them in a normal way  and please be honest. Do not try to impress them. If you try to impress them then they will have big expectations and then you will have to meet those exceptions.

What works if you are looking for Russian lady friends is sincerity.  This does not work with many American women as they are often about show. Russian lady friends are about real.

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Alexander Pushkin wrote about it in verse. It is about a fish who grants wishes. The man who caught the fish was married and happy and lived in a humble cottage by the sea. The fish asked him and he said he was happy and required no wishes. When his wife found out her wishes were endless and this brought storm and unhappiness to the marriage. The man was able to command one wish to the fish over the noise of the storm and that was to return his marriage to the way it used to be. Let this parable be a warning to men who marry greedy Russian wives.


Dating advice – Marry the Women of Your Dreams

Why do guys settle for anything less then their dream lady friend? I did not. Why would you? There is a simple way to get your dream girl, go for a foreign lady friend. If sassy, over-confident girls who do not attend church on a regular basis yet who live next door are the only game in town, then get the heck out of town.

We are all citizens of the world – One world

I would not go fishing for girls in a place where the society did not meet my ideals. I have no idea why guys look in all he wrong places for women. If you want to find the girl of your dreams start looking in places where you will have a better chance. American culture places an emphasis on confidence and funny.  For me a girl who is can zing me in a joke or sarcastic remark or over confidence has nothing to do with being a good partner in marriage, someone who will raise your family and love you.

My dating advice for guys is look for these personality traits:

  1. Faith – Goes to church and teaches corrects your caveman moral behavior and brings your ideals to a higher level.
  2. Humility – You are her hero.
  3. Self-denial – Manifest in being thin and non-materialistic.

I am talking about finding your princess for marriage, and not just looking in America, but anywhere in the world. Yes you can find hometown girls. But why limit yourself?

Western culture accepts divorce, I do not

In the USA 53% of the marriages end in divorce and the majority 79% are initiated by women.  If you get married to a foreign girl you have about 13% chance of divorce.  If you pick the right one  – none.  Read my lips, do not date a girl who believes in divorce or you will find yourself years later giving her your house and half your income and you will be bitter. Instead date a girl who will be with you no matter what.

I asked my European friend why this was, he said ‘American women are not princesses nor good wives, in general’. That is a pretty bold statement. I started to argue the point that that is not true, some American girls are nice, but he told me it does not matter, learn it yourself. I still believe there are many nice girls in the States and the UK, but I pushed the eject button and went abroad and found meet my princess weeks after getting off the plane.

Call me a fool for love. I arrived in Europe on April, 1st. But 30 days later I was chatting up my wife to be.

What you do today will echo though eternity – Marcus Aurelius

My personal story – how I changed my destiny and found true love

I traveled to Krakow, Poland as it has a city rich in fairy-tales. Initially when I met my wife she would not talk to me, so I decided to move to Poland for her to win her heart.  I lived in Poland. I am an American guy, but lucky for me my family came from Poland way back and I moved back to Poland meet the girl of my dreams.

I pulled out all stops. I took destiny by the horns. I did something radical and quite my career moved to a foreign country and instead of being a corporate accounting executive making 100+k a year, I sold vegetables in the market and taught English. I do not regret it for a second. Even after moving back to the USA almost ten years latter I have trouble being the investment accountant again, it does not matter I have love.

My life is pure joy since I am married to my other half.

In the USA there are many nice girls but the culture is such that men and women do not respect each other in the same way  and ideals are broken.   There may be no princess in the UK or America left except in fairy-tales.  Girls want to focus on their careers more than family.  Slavic and Spanish women who appear submissive to many are actually strong but have less need to assert themselves in their relationships. It is just a cultural thing.  Rather they focus on making the home a paradise.  And they are proud of it.

Love or money is a common theme today

Date a girl who cares only about love. If a girl says she wants career and love, run. Run so fast and have another fool marry her. You need to be a fool for love if you are to have a happy life. Money is like water it comes and goes. Not important in life. If you have brains you can always obtain some with your own wits. Not a concern. But a life partner will be the biggest determinate criteria of your happiness in life.

As an American guy, If I was living in the USA I would

  • Move to South America or Europe.
  • Try to contact women that are not from the UK or US via dating sites or normal mail servers. On my website I recommend a number of specific sites to go to.

I am a bright – good looking – hardworking American guy.  I was not desperate. – Not at all.

It is just the world I grew up in – that is the USA  had a lot of materialistic and the culture did not agree with my ideals of prince and princess type of relationship.  I in my heart always believed one day I would meet my princess.  I moved to Poland and I did.  Nothing in the world can replace this.


Polish real estate market

Polish real estate market

Polish real estate market is going to crash.  Why do I think real estate in the Poland and Eastern Europe will go down? Yes the Polish market will really go down! I have seen it in the US many times. People would say oh it will go down only 10%, like they said in the USA and 50% latter they are wondering what happened. In fact, my landlord in Boston, who was a plumber, is worth 30 million dollars now because he has spend his life buying on low cycles and selling on bubbles. He owns over 100 buildings in Boston all because people did not believed property could fall, so much and then developers were forced to sell when they collapsed to pay off debt. Let me explain why I think this will happen in Poland, a Real estate market collapse.  I live in Krakow, Poland.   Real estate costs 7000 pln a square meter for a flat in Krakow.   The average in the EU is 3000 pln a square meter. Poland does not have the money of other counties.

How to value Polish real estate or any other real estate

Basically the rule of thumb is this. Take the average netto income in any country you live and this is what the cost of a flat should be per square meter. If in Krakow the average is 2000 pln a month. A flat should cost 2000 pln a square meter. Poland has the biggest difference between average wages and prices of flats in the EU. The average person in in the Polish market can only afford a flat with little money down.   Speculators are pulling out of the Polish real estate market for greener pastures, i.e. rising price real estate markets, for example Bulgaria and other new land rushes. Now Poland is a cordial economy and will stay strong for many reasons, however, the real estate market is a a bubble of ridiculous proportions.

Polish real estate market | how much would you?

In the Polish real estate market, I would not pay more than 2000 pln  a square meter.  Really.   I could build a house in the countryside for that or have a beach front property in Florida for the same price, why would I pay 3.5 times the price for a flat in Krakow?

Bank role in Polish real estate market

Polish banks 1 year ago gave out 110% credit, no money down.   Now they require 30% down. Their rejection rate 1 year about was 2 in 10 people, now they reject 8 in 10 people for a loan.  I live in a flat in Krakow, Poland that I rent that is 70 meters and valued at 600000 pln.  That means I would need 200000pln cash for the down payment.

Polish real estate market liquidity

Are you telling me the average Pole who makes 1800 pln  a month has 200000  pln just laying around in cash. What about day to day expense to pay with this 1800 pln a month.  This is why I think Real Estate in Poland is going down. I think maybe over 50% of the current value. I will invest in the Polish real estate market, in 1.5 years.

Polish real estate market over supply

With the help of EU money Poland has received lots of help to build new flats.  Now those flats are being finished and will be on the market in 2009. This means in the polish real estate market supply is increasing, but where is the population growth? Poland has a flat or a negative population growth.  Based on supply and demand the Polish real estate market is going down.

Polish real estate market and Polish standards

Poland is a Western EU country. Everyday it is getting stronger. I am an American living in Krakow and can see that this country is amazing and the economy will continue to get strong. Here is the thing, many of the flats build on the Polish real estate market are 40 meters. or 50 meters. They were built by very greedy developers trying to maximizes their profit, and not caring about standard. They knew the profit point was with many small flats. Yes many new constructions are sold as luxury but they still are 45 meters. Poles are very western and now the new generation are having families, and they so not want 7 people in a 45 meter flat anymore. This is another reason why demand in the over supplied Polish real estate market will be weak. Poles I think now want more room in a house or larger flat if they want a family and will wait a little until they can pay for something bigger than 40 meters.

I am not crying for developers on the Polish real estate market

I do not know about you. But I can not get excited about 40 meters anymore with a family. Further, I am not crying at the highly leveraged Polish and British developers who now are holding empty buildings on the Polish real estate market.


Jewish property Krakow

Jewish property in Kazimierz – Krakow, Poland is a curious thing. I live in Krakow, Poland or more precisely in Podgorze in what was the Jewish ghetto during the war. Many people ask me why so many of the homes in Kazimierz, which is just across the river from me are in such a state of disrepair. It is as if no one was repaired this property in fifty years. The truth is they have not. What happened was the Germans forcibly removed the peaceful Jews of Kazimierz to Podgorze in a small ghetto. The Jewish property that was left behind by the Jews, was abandon property. After the war, Poland had a communist state, and the communist government just stuck families into tight quarters in the old Jewish houses in Kazimierz, and their they remained. Few if any Polish Jews survived in Poland, if they did they escaped. After the Poles brought down communism Poland passed a law that allowed for restitution of Jewish property in Poland and in Krakow of course.

Jewish property in Krakow – an American perspective

As an American in Krakow, I have to say the Polish government and people has extended very warm greetings to the Jews visiting and seeking restitution. Many Poles are very curious about Jewish culture and history. My perspective is the Jews lived in Poland for over 500 years, and they were Polish.

What seems to be going on now is this. Poland has an open law that Jewish owners can reclaim their property if they want to go through a lot of paperwork in the Polish courts. Many descendants of the owners have not bothered. Therefore, the situation is many Poles live in these houses still, as their families have for over 50 years, however, they have deemed it unwise to put money into a major repair of their flat, because at any moment an owner from the 1930s could appear a reclaim what in title is theirs. This has happened. People invest their hard earned savings in the property they live in and then they lose it in court.

This is neither the Jews nor the Poles fault. They both were robbed by the Germans (political movement not people) 50 plus years ago. It was caused by the German forced displacement of people during the war. This is why if you ever go through Jewish Krakow, you will see a lot of property in disrepair. If you have questions about Poland, Krakow, Jewish or Polish history, just ask. I live in the center of Krakow and this history.

It is very unfair to the Jews this happened, they brought so much to Poland and the synergy between the Poles and Jews made it a remarkable place. It was very unfair to the Poles their country was destroyed. The war made so many suffer.

I think at this juncture most of the statue of limitations have expired on that property. I am not a lawyer or an expert but I think at this point it is very hard to get real estate back. I have been looking for a lawyer I could trust to recommend people to, however, I think the only ones who win are the lawyers. I think it would cost more money in legal fees etc than the abandon parcel of land is worth. Maybe I am wrong. If anyone has any further information please let me know.


Citizenship of a baby born in a foreign country – Make your child a Citizen

What is the citizenship status of a baby born abroad to only one American – US citizen (and generally the rule for citizen’s of other counties)? Cutting to the chase and with out all the legalese, a baby born in a foreign country where one parent is an US citizen can be a US dual citizen. Therefore, if you live in Europe and are married to a European or EU citizen the baby is a US citizen. However, the following steps must be taken to register the baby.

Get your baby a Citizenship they deserve.

Steps to register a baby in a foreign country as a US citizen

1. Go to the consulate with the baby
2. Original copy of the baby’s birth certificate
3. Original copy of the parent’s certificate of marriage
4. Parent’s passports
5. $65 USD

It is that simple. See the baby is already a U.S. citizen when born, even to one parent, it’s just really registering the baby as a citizen. Can a child be a dual citizen? yes, simple in the US they go by US laws abroad they go by the laws of that county.

Baby born abroad and Citizenship

There are many reasons why a child might be born in a foreign country. Usually it is a result of a marriage or relationship from an expat working abroad or military. Occasionally you have cases where there are dual citizens living in one country and want to claim nationality of the other another.

  • In the USA the fourteenth amendment outlines the basic citizenship law.

The world is neither black nor white today, and every type of relationship conceivable exists so governments have had to interpret the generalities of the laws to a finer granularity. Further there is a lot of human judgement and case by case situations when it comes to laws connected to determining if a child or adult can achieve citizenship though confirmation or naturalization or repatriation. Even in countries which are not based on case-law, but constitutional law, the department of immigration makes judgements based on past history. The US immigration laws come from the tradition of English common law.

  • Citizenship through confirmation – When one has always been a citizen the government just has to send you a letter to acknowledge this. This results when you provide documentation such as birth certificate. I would also call this birthright citizenship and it can come from place of birth or lineage (jus soli (right of soil)  or jus sanguinis (right of blood)).
  • Citizenship through naturalization – If you like in a country legally for a time specified in the codex as a good, contributing person to the society the government will grant you citizenship through naturalization.
  • Citizenship through repatratitization – This is a combination of the two ideas.  Borders have shifted in Europe and often countries were deleted from the map.
  • Babies born out-of-wedlock – Most confusion about the citizenship of a baby comes from babies born out-of-wedlock.
  • Mother is the Citizen –  If the baby is born to the mother who is a citizen in almost all cases the baby takes the citizenship of the mother regardless of where they are born. For example Title 8 U.S.C. § 1409 states the only requirement is the mother would have had to live in the USA for one year in her life.
  • Father is a Citizen – The father has to prove paternity and have lived in the USA for five years.  If the child grows up and reaches its 18th birthday then the father and child lose this right. This comes from many illegitimate children immigrating over with their father unaware after the age of 18. I personally find bias in the law.

Are immigration laws fair or just? – No. Humans are imperfect. Just look at history and the Dred Scott v. Sanford case.

Is the Department of immigration and Homeland security difficult? I have had mixed results. I would say most people are exceptionally nice and helpful. They are well-trained and screened. However, some of the lower level people often use poor judgement and you need to ask for a supervisor if you feel something is wrong.

Do not let a bad experience or person spoil your dream for immigration – For example, I was at the department in Jacksonville and when my three-year old daughter was walking around the bench we were sitting while waiting our turn, the security guard came over and was yelling at us (everyone was looking at him) that the situation needed to be contained and ready to remove her. The guy should be fired. I was going to issue a complaint but what is the point. I think he  was a contractor, but still he guy was buzzing, I think he could have been on something judging from his erratic behavior. I have had a lot of experience with people on substances and my layman’s evaluation is that guy should be fired. But do not let one person or situation get you off track.  These are all humans and you have to learn patience and courtesy and stay calm and smile a lot.

United States or European Union or other countries, the idea of the laws and they way they operate are similar.

My point is stay positive, do not go to the dark side. As God to remove any negative feelings you have and your visa and immigration journey will go better. We all have been wronged in life, but generally if you do the right thing and are patient good things will happen.

However, the people in the embassy are pretty nice and if you ever have questions you can set up an informational interview and the people will help answer your questions.

Do you need a lawyer to help with citizenship? – There are a lot of attorneys that will take your money. just open your wallet. In most cases all you need is to make an informational interview with Department of Homeland Security. Laws a clear and you can look up laws online and case history. If you are in a complex case, lookup.

For example, go here to look at the US law regarding immigration.

Anyone can search the Laws of any country, you do not have to be a legal professional. Most countries are democracies and the laws are clear.

  • My recommendation is if you use a lawyer abroad use one approved by the US embassy, they have a list is the lobby.
  • I also recommend using a specialist. This is someone who is not a lawyer but knows what they are doing, it is a lot cheaper. There are many expats and people who have even worked for the government that can help you and they charge less.

Travelling to the USA when you are pregnant  – Unlike European citizenship, being born in the US does pretty much guarantee citizenship for a child. However, I have heard that there is risk to the baby for air travel. You can read the statistics but it increases the chance of miscarriage. So be aware of the risk. I do not think anything is worth nonexistence.

What if you do not have the money?  The USA is all about money. I am sorry but it is true. Other countries to a lesser extent but the USA is about money. To get a visa or apply for anything it costs. You need to pay and pay more just for the application.

If you want to get a green card to the USA expect to be making about 30,000 dollar USD as shown on your income tax returns and US-based. Otherwise get a sponsor or apply for a lesser visa. Here is another resource you might want to explore.

What is an anchor baby? It is use as a pejorative term to describe infants born domestically in America and the relatives use the child’s legal status to gain access to rights and benefits.

Is it worth getting a citizenship to the USA? No always. Unless you have family ties or really have a love of the country, I think the USA is not what it was even twenty years ago. It is still a rich country and jobs are easy to get (paying $10 dollars an hour) but it is not what it once was because the global market has changed everything. You can make just as much money in Eastern Europe or India if you have skills that are in need. If you do not your, your absolute wages as an unskilled worker will be higher but not your relative wage. Sure it is a great country but there is crime and other negative social externalize you will have to pay for in non-monetary ways.

I think the great advantage is the weather is better and English is a cool language to learn. The cultural experience is positive as people generally are friendly and there is a lot of exciting things to do like go to Disney and we have good TV. But I am telling you the world is changing and if getting your child a US citizen at all costs is your idea of being a good parent, it is a misconstrued notion. Better is to spend time with them on a daily basis and show them a lot of love, when they are under 18 years old.  Trust me, a US citizenship means nothing compared to spending an hour or so one-on-one with a child everyday and taking a real interest in them.

Let me know if you have any questions about being a US citizen though foreign birth with or without American parents or though grandparents or adoption or non-conventional methods of conception.


Getting a driving license in the EU

How to drive a car legally in Europe

Rules will vary for each country, but if you want a driving license in the EU and you are a non-EU citizen here are your general options.

This is a US and EU driver’s permit on the road, beep, beep.
  • If you have a driver’s license from any EEA/EU country you can drive anywhere in Europe.
  • If you have a US license you need an International drivers license which would accompany your US driver’s permit. No exam required, only a form/permit you can get at AAA and the National Automobile Club. This will be generally valid if you are on vacation or on a tourist visa. However, generally if you live in Europe for a year or more than you need to get a local permit.
  • If you are concerned about driving on the European road I recommend you get a learners permit. You need to pass the written test or the theoretical part to get a learner’s permit. This permit is good for two years and you can drive as long as there is another licensed driver in the passenger seat.
  • You can exchange your US driving license for an EU drivers license. You can surrender your US drivers license to the driving office in that country and just pass the written exam without the road test. The written exams for EU drivers licenses are low stress and you can study with a computer program, you just need to memorizes the rules. This is great as you do not need a road test to get a driver’s license in the EU (usually). But you will have to speak the language of the country enough to take the drivers test in the language of the country you reside in.

If you are clever you can get a Ukrainian drivers license or another country with a working partnership with the EU and exchange the permit for an EU one. Many Polish guys do this as they have these schools in say Lviv where you are ‘guaranteed’ to pass and they are only we weekend. If you want more information about this method leave a comment.

You can get more information about getting a permit to drive in Europe here and here for information on UK driving license.

The EU motor vehicle exam – is it hard?

The written exams can be passed by anyone, you just have to do the practice test. Further almost all countries offer them in English. Even if not you can figure it out if you do the exam books enough. I have taken so many standardized tests I can tell you they are all the same. I took insurance exams, stockbroker, financial advisor, real estate etc. A European driving exam is no different despite the horror stories you here. Two choices you can eliminate easily and two they try to trick you, you just have to determine what they are asking. They are testing a specific point, and usually guessing is not as good as knowing what they are looking for. My recommendation is do the practice tests over and over until you get over 90%. Then take the written EU exam. You can find these exams online or in a book form. In Poland I bought a book. However, recently when I passed my Real Estate exam I did an online course.

The road exam in Europe is brutal compared to the US exam. Plus in Eastern Europe they use a manual transmission. The road exam for a EU drivers license is notoriously hard. Natives will often fail five times. You can not do one little thing wrong; and it is illegal to bribe the examiner, which was the rule maybe ten years ago in many countries.So I recommend getting a learners permit.

After a driving school go here for the exam.

Getting deported for not having a Driver’s license in Europe

Most of my friends drove on their US license and played dumb when they got caught and most traffic police do not want to deal with an international incident (not really, it is more about paperwork) of giving a US citizen a ticket.  However, now the police are cracking down on foreigners driving in sincere there are a flood of people coming to Europe for a better economic life, many illegally and they will check your visa if caught.

Do not think you will not be stopped. You will eventually. I am an excellent driver and I was going a little over the limit and the police stopped me. They gave me a warning, thank God, but got me on something else, my insurance was expired. I had to go to DMV to prove it was not. This happened less than a Kilometer from my home. They will eventually stop you. So my warning is get a driver’s license, even if you do not have a perfect visa, figure out a way to get a driver’s permit, in some ways it is more important.

They will not deport you for not having a license but if your documents are not in order for a visa, they will, and this is one way Police and immigration will discover this. One American girl I know was deported when on a routine check they discovered she was there with no visa.

Our situation, is in Europe I studied for my Polish drivers test. In the US my wife who is from Poland does not have a US driver’s licenses yet although she has her EU one. We were thinking of getting her a learners permit which means she can drive anywhere as long as I am in the car.  After two years she will have no problem with the road exam. She can drive now but it is always stressful in a new country.  It is cheaper than taking a drivers school course.

EU driver’s license get a new look

There were over 100 variations in Europe for the actual drivers card. The European drivers licensees are now replacing the old style in Europe, because of uniformity. They have the EU flag in the upper left hand corner and the initial of the country. These now have microchips and 3D text, which are designed to counteract people who buy a fake EU drivers license. The European Economic Area has 300 million drivers and a lot of diversity even now there is a good risk of fraud with people who are looking to get a fake EU drivers license.

European nations have harmonized the laws regarding drivers regulations and testing. There are variances but they are going to make everything look the same.

A driving course to get a driver’s license in the EU is about 700 dollars and well worth the investment if you are going to hang around the EU. You can even get it in English, for a 20% premium.