Why have a wife?

Why have a wife?

I believe in love with no limits and marriage.  How come so many people ask the same questions: why get married? why have a wife? and the answers you hear are ‘don’t get married,  ‘your lady friend will make you unhappy in a few years, you will see.’

The purpose of marriage is to help your spouse get to heaven.

Why wives quit marriage and make men unhappy

(Disclaimer: some American women are wonderful people and make wonderful wives, I guess, maybe). But, most marriages do not work because American wives and husbands lack humility, which is putting the family including the husband first or wife. I expect the same from men as women.  For the ultimate virtue in a man or a woman, I would consider humility as a top candidate.  Humility comes from the strength of being able to humble yourself to ideals and including another person.  I think singles, first and foremost lack this strength called humility and therefore, give up on ideals, if they ever had any. There is your answer plain and simple of why marriages do not work. Yes, it can be the man’s fault, if he lacks humility, but this article is written for men on how to find the right wife.  We can debate this until we are blue in the face, but the reality is, often because of the culture an American wife lacks humility.

Good wives and bad wives

The good news is there are many girls in the world, and not every wife is the same. Let’s compare an American wife to a foreign or Russian or European wife. Why? If you marry an American girl, 64% chance you will get a divorce and almost 80% of the divorces are filed by women.  If you marry a foreign lady friend, you have an 18% chance of divorce, and if you marry the right one 0%.

An American wife in the in good old days

Your wife cooked cleaned and was nice and sweet to you.  Your spouse made you feel good about yourself. Your wife made you feel even better at bedtime. Your wife was also focused on making your life more peaceful. Also with an old fashion American wife, your kids loved you and stayed with you and you got to relive your childhood with them as you spend time with them.

American women now

40% of American babies are born out of wedlock, men to the American women are disposable.  American women do not cook or clean, complain and try to change you. Women that complain about their husbands are bad news.  They make you feel bad and it is totally disrespectful to you as a person.  I would not want to make anyone feel bad, let alone my spouse.  Generally, these lady friends take away your peace. With these lady, friends forget any fun in bed after marriage. Further, your lady friend can take more than 100% of your money.  All you will have to look forward to is the sweet kiss of death to set you free.

What is the solution to find a good wife?

Easy, marry, non-American women or an American woman who has humility.

Why get married?

It will make your life happier than you can ever imagine possible.  But if and only if you do not marry an American girl, that is you have a foreign lady friend.

Life is about having fun and enjoying your life, and so is marriage.   Marriage, I believe, is like love is forever. I am married to an Eastern European girl. Life and marriage for me is not only a romantic and spiritual dream come true but pure fun. If you have any questions about marriage, lady friends, or how to find a wife, just ask.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

14 thoughts on “Why have a wife?”

  1. I wish that I had found this sight before I got married. I got married young (21 y/o) and it was to an american woman. She was selfish and self centered, and a habitual liar with low self esteem and the combination of these things made my life miserable. She had no humility at all. She was materialistic and had a bad temper!
    I never knew anything other than american women seeing as I had never been out of the country.

    American women are probably the worst women in the world for marriage. Feminism has destroyed the country. Now the women here are gold digging, arrogant s. They dress like prositutes and sell themselves to the man with the most money or money making potential.

    It makes me sick to my stomach. An entire country worthless when it comes to marriage prospects. What a shame.

    1. Not every American woman is this way. There are many kind, loving intersting American women. However, read my lips, I highly recommend American guys expand their search beyond the boarders of the USA. Even when I am here back home, it irritates me to talk to most women here as they are egotisitcal and materialisticic and give such weird vibes instead of being normal and authentic.

      I highly recommend that American guys consider girls from Eastern Europe. I am so happy I found my one and only in Poland.

    2. There is a big difference between women’s liberation and the genuine liberation of women. Being a liberated woman does not mean focus on materialism and career over family. It does not mean you have right to expect a certain level of stanard of living and your man has to create this for you. It means that you are equal to men and it does mean we are all equal in God’s eyes. But not the hyper consupmtive materialism and lack of respect for the family and men that feminism has turned into.

  2. And the worst part about it is that Most american women dont even realize that they are gold digging, arrogant gals They feel like it’s their right to be this way. They call it “Women’s Rights”. We see it as gold digging arrogant s but they are deceived into thinking they are strong, independent women with ambition. And all it means is that, Strong just means “arrogant”. Independent just means “arrogant”. and Ambition just means “arrogant about money”. So back to what you said no humility at all.

  3. So as the world develops women should have to stay in place and not develop with it? Women rights. So, if you think that women shouldn’t have rights because it makes them arrogant and independent, are you saying they should have to get married, not vote, not work, etc? It is the tweny-first century. Most women in the USA do not want to just stay home and raise kids. As for me for example, I may have a temper sometimes, but who doesn’t? Everyone gets mad, even women. I can handle myself and I can take care of myself, as for living on my own. I want to get married, and I want to have children, and I want to become a surgeon. Can I not do all these things? I told myself, if I can’t become a surgeon, I want to be a mother more than anything.
    Let me use my family as an example. We’re from the south, and yes, the women can be very independent, but we want to have families. We have tempers when someone pisses us off, and we respect people when they respect us. Personally, I think southern women are more suitable and respectable than northern women. The northern US contains cities such as New York, Pittsburgh, Manhattan, etc. I think these cities are social centers and revolve around these arrogant women that you mention. The women I’ve met in the south are respectable and lovable. We are humble, and we don’t mind taking care of the men when they do it return every now and then. But we don’t live just to serve our men.

    1. Brittany, there is an old saying that goes “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I’m pretty sure what he was getting at was that when you give too many rights to women, they will abuse those rights, become arrogant and undesirable, and disrespect and treat men like lesser beings. I have zero tolerance for that, and yet I see it all around me. You definitely come off like a materialistic saying that you want it all. Family, great job as a surgeon, probably nice things for the kids, etc. Those are exactly the type of demands I would stay far away from. I value humility in a woman, and I don’t see that much state side.

      So you say you are from the south. How’s the situation down there? What are divorce rates like? What is the level of mental instability for the citizens? How many children grow up without fathers? I wonder.

  4. Guyver, you’re right. It’s a wonder women were given rights in the first place. A woman’s lot in life is to be an obedient wife and have children. If she wants anything else, she’s being selfish.

  5. Abbey, did someone drug your food today? I am not used to hearing that from a woman. Anyways, to add to what you just said, I believe that it’s a man’s role to be a responsible leader and provider for his family, and also to show lots of love and affection for his wife.

  6. You’re absolutely right! Just out of curiosity, where are you from?

    1. I am from the Northeast quadrant of the U.S. close to the border of Canada. It is about as anti-social as it gets here. To give you an example, I had to go to the store today for some gift wrap. The people there had such an uncomfortable hostile vibe that I was feeling from them. Plus, they are all so cliquish in all of their own little social groups walking around. Any attempt for a stranger like me to go up and say hi is expressly forbidden. That’s the culture here. Go figure.

  7. So it’s selfish to want to be a doctor and help people? I don’t want to be a surgeon for the money, although the pay is good. I want to be a surgeon to help people and save people’s lives. I love kids and I want kids, but I couldn’t stay home all day by myself. I couldn’t. Kudos to the people that can, but I can’t. Is it wrong for me to want a job where I help people?
    Also, I believe woman should have their rights, but even I don’t want to socialize with arrogant women. If you act like you’re better than I am, why should I want to talk to you? I don’t act arrogant. I don’t go around to guys and say, “I’m a woman, I have these rights. Do this, do that.” I’m not bossy. I don’t treat men as less than me unless they treat me like I’m not human. I don’t want to be referred as better than a man, but I don’t want to worse than him. I want to be an equal. We all are humans. Women are not lesser beings than men, and vice versa. I don’t think women should mistreat men, and vice versa. If a man is rude to me, I am bound to be rude back. If you were a woman would you want to be disrespected? The rules that apply to woman for being respectful should apply to men too.

    1. Brittany, you’re being a bit irrational here. It’s fine that you would like to go save the world at this point. You may be a “unicorn”, you seem very intelligent. What I think you should understand is that there is a lack of boundaries for women in modern America. Women typically need to have boundaries, where men typically love justice and honor. Men are equipped to be leaders, women are equipped to be the supporters. There is no more or less, this is just nature. Why do you need to question who is better or worse? Eve was created from the rib of Adam because God saw that he was lonely, sick, and tired. Then the serpent saw the weakness in Adam through Eve, and tricked her into eating the fruit whereafter she tricked Adam. Even if you don’t read the Bible, this story expresses a lot of different ideas about life, relationships, social practices, etc.

      PS. I also wanted to generally express why the materialistic agenda does not stand for equality. How can anyone think it’s OK for the laws to be stacked against men such as they are! Nothing equal about that! But this is yet one of many products of the women’s rights movement. The tone of the movement back then was very different from what the materialistics of today exhibit. Who knows if they continue on?

  8. I live in the South, too and I have to say things are a little different here. I have never met a career-obssesed person around here. Most girls are stay at home moms after they get married, because this is what they want. On the other hand, I know some of them get married just for that, that is being at home and not working, because this is their definition of a good life. And still you will see 23-year olds that have already been married and divorced twice. I’m not exaggerating. My point is, even if a girl wants to stay home and raise kids there is no guarantee that the marriage will last.

  9. I am a man and I do not see anything wrong with her wanting to be a doctor. Actually it is good. That means since she gets paid well, she will not even need to be a gold digger like other lazy uneducated woman.

    I am from Lithuania – North Europe now. I can not compare with America, but there are also lot of gold diggers here and wanting to make man life poor by complaining and telling man what he has to do and how he has to live. And they do not like that man plays computer games and so on.

    I am not even motivated that hard to find a wife because of this. I am thinking – whats the point to make my life worse than now? But I still visiting dating sites and hope that things are not as bad.

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