How to meet a girl for a dollar

Picking up a girl for a dollar is the cheapest way to get a date, that works.  Have you ever spend cash on women? For example, taking them for dinner and it comes to nothing, because they are morally void (you did not qualify them enough for integrity before you asked to meet them for a date).  If you think buying a girl for a dollar is too much money, think about how much money you spend on Axe Cologne or Internet dating.  Here is a way to meet a girl, and screen her for morality on a basic level.

In other words, if you use this meet technique, not only do you get the phone number of the cordial lady walking down the street, you see how materialist she is on an instinctual reflex reaction level.  Think of it as a sociological laboratory experiment, as well as a way to catch a girl. It is mostly a day game technique, but can be used any time.

Get a girl to talk to you on the street with money

3 steps to buy a woman for a dollar

  1.  Dress well, but not too well – In other worlds, use your Hollister clothes set, rather than Brooks Brother as you do not want the attraction to be about money.  Look your best. Anyone with hipster glasses, a nice hair style and clothes will get women. I am surprised at the number of guys that say ‘they can not get a girl’,  and yet they do not have a brand name shirt in their wardrobe.  Think about it, there is a whole industry that employs  creative geniuses to make the unlovable look cordial, its called the fashion industry. Looks matter for guys and everyone can be at least an 8.
  2.  Walk down a street – It could be any street. The cost-effectiveness will be percentage no matter where. However, location of where you go fishing does matter. It matters what type of fish you catch. If you are going to a run-down area or what the PC crowd calls a ‘transitional area”, you will be getting one extreme.  In contrast, if you go to Town Center up scale  shopping you will get another crowd. Maybe the best is simply a place where your target pool of women reside, but you will not feel embarrassed trying to meet women on the street. For example, if you like Polish girls, Chicago or New Britain, CT. If you like Russian women, Brookline, MA or better yet just any street in a tourist or beach town near you. You need a reasonable flow of traffic. Alternatively, you could try this get a date trick when you are abroad as your confidence level is up just by virtue of you being out the oppressive environment of American women.
  3.  Drop a dollar – Drop a dollar when there is a cordial lady in the area. It should not be five dollars or ten dollars,  rather, just a one dollar bill.  Practise before you go and make it look natural. You could be in front of her as you are walking or browsing.  You can do some A/B testing to determine what converts better in terms of reaction by trying different techniques (for example walking versus window shopping).
Simple trick to meet a girl for only one dollar

Expected results

That is it.  You are done.

A. If she picks it up and pockets the money – She is selfish or materialistic. Move on, or ask her if she saw a dollar you just dropped on the street,  if you want to test her further.

B. If she ignores the money – She is not compassionate or at least not enough to over-ride her primal fears. I want someone who can do this, that is be a good Samaritan.

C. If she tries to return it –  This is the lady you want to talk to. She is socially responsible, brave and has some inklings of morality.

Always choose the latter – choice C, and strike up a conversation. Brevity is the  soul of wit, enough conversation to to get her mobile phone number or ask her to dinner as a reward for her honourable actions. You can be talking in Edwardian English if you want to sounds like a gentlemen and request the honour of her presence as a reward.

Alternatively, you could be empathic how nice that was and talk about how selfish and good people do exist.  Then build the rapport from there.  How is this different than in the classic time of courtly romance a woman would drop her handkerchief? It is all innocent romantic play if you ask me.

Why this get a date trick works?

Because, the emotions of finding money on the street are in a microcosm of a moral dilemma, and seeing money,  elicits emotion responses in women. This creates an opportunity.

What if things go wrong?

You will lose twenty bucks at most. Guys spend that on drinks at a club and do not get as much tête-à-tête face time with women. What if she calls you a scammer or freak, so what.  Yes, these are the same women that will do one-night relations with guys in bars after a few.  What if you get discovered by someone you know? You have to have thick skin to find a wife sometimes.  What if there are no cordial ladys?  Change locations. What if there is an earth quake? Anything in life could happen, but never take counsel of your fears. You have to have guts to win a girl.

Abroad women are more receptive

This meet trick works best if you are out of the USA. If you are abroad, it works like a charm. I have never tried it on domestic women.

I do not like to objectify women like  sociological study.  However, this is a trick, that you can use to meet women during the day, it is safe, non-threatening and they screened for materialism. If you can trust a person on a small scale you can trust them with larger things.

Why use a dollar as your bait to reel them in? If you are in Latin America or India or Europe still use a US dollar Bill, because George Washington has more sensual appeal then a blue five dollar Canadian Wilfrid Laurier note. Local currency does not attract attention as much as a greenback.  This is because of the universality of the dollar and nostalgia people have for American and its gilded age.

The strange relationship between money and women

What is six inches long, has an abnormally predominate head and women love it?  A one hundred dollar bill of course. There is an unusual myth going on today that money increases libidinal desires for females to men.  It is a pop culture myth.  If a single female defines a man’s worth as the summation of his assets, or even cares about money for choosing a mate, I would remove her from my circle of friends.   Maybe Jersey Shore style women, but most true females care about love and compassion and gentleness. I never hung out with women that cared about money. I had money and did not have money and I would say there was a slight inverse correlation actually between income or wealth and attractiveness.

Do you want to go for a rich career woman? I think no. Similarly, girls do not want to go for a business guy. If women introduce money into the equation, drop them that moment and never look back.

Let me put it to you this way, is Trump attractive? My starving artists friends get phone numbers of cordial women all the time. My out of shape business friends get no respect (and you do get out of shape living in a cube all day). Women go for  authenticity and interesting, including funny.  The above, trick to hook a girl is funny with imagination. You do not have to be rich just courageous as fortune sides with the brave.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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