Why girls like bad boys

Why do good girls like bad boys?

This is total horse hockey. Good girls do not like bad boys. I do not care what you think, it is wrong. I am a good boy and I never had any trouble getting girls interested in me. Girls do not like bad boys and the ones that go for them are disgusting and lost souls.

Let me explain why this ridiculous myth exists. Further, why people in the men’s and women’s magazines like to perpetuate it. In one simple sentence:

People look to the example and not the rule.

I know scores of relationships between normal girls and good guys. But if one freak is dating a pretty little dolly, then everyone looks at them and says ‘see’.  People remember exceptions and ignore the norm.

The truth is neither found in the beginning or the end but always the whole – Hegal

That is, people look at a flash in time and extrapolate this to be the grand reality. Remember the opera is never over until the corpulent lady sings.

  • Marriages between two good people are the only ones that work and are worth it.

If you think girls like bad guys, go to another country that does not have such disproportional number of hyper materialistic egocentric women. You will get educated real fast about women. You will have very nice decent ladies, real ladies flocking to you. I think in the USA there is a higher percentage of women that go for bad guys (and sometimes girls) than in normal dating havens like Poland or Argentina for example. I have written here about how to find a good wife.

If you are a girl reading this post and you go for the bad guy, leave a comment and tell me what your experience with this is. But I doubt any women would, because good girls do not go for bad guys, except in articles by pop pseudo psychology of the popular press.

Why do girls not like me?

Two basic reasons why girls do not go for you, either you are not easy-going and charming or you are not romantic or both.

Easy going light and breezy gets girls – This is one of the most important characteristic for a guy that wants to date. If a guy is easy and light and no stress, he is cool. If he is charming even better. Charm is getting what you want without having to ask. Charm and easygoing will melt hearts.

A guy may or may not need to be good-looking. I am a good guy who is easy-going. I am also a choir boy by some comparisons. But when it comes to real life and interacting with people, I am like a Hawaiian suffer dude on the beach.

If you want to get girls be easy and flexible and non-judgmental. Like the Beatles’s song says:

if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you are not going to make it with anyone anyhow

This means do not go trying to make yourself right by engaging women in a discussion about some abstract ideology (girls rarely thing this way) when you could be tell her how her beauty is from a midnight summers dream.

It is a common phenomenon that just the prettiest girls find it so difficult to get a man. – Heinrich Heine

Dreamy and romantic – Forget women that go for money and primitive manifestations of power (numbers of digits in your bank account, car price tag or senior manager or directors and up). Live your ideal and you will have a cornucopia of girls to chose from for mating and marriage. When I was poor I got just as many women to date me as when I was rich.

If you have no charm or imagination read some romantic poets to her like Heinrich Heine:

I love your pale and slender body,
Your limbs answer love’s caresses,
Passionate eyes, and forehead covered
With heavy waves of thick, black tresses.

You are the one. You are the one. I have always searched for
In foreign lands, in every weather.
You are my sort; you understand me;
As equals we can talk together.

Be romantic and read it with all the sincerity as you look into her eyes and in a foreign language even better.  Whisper sweet nothings in her ears and make the moon appear in the sky and the stars shine at night for her. Or at least a sincere complement about her shoes, you know women put a lot of thought into their shoes.

To get girls tell them about your romantic fantasies and stories of your adventures in life and youth. Your words should be borderline erotica, but never cross the line. They love this stuff. It gets their blood going. If you do not have a countless stories to tell girls, start living a bit more.

What women do not like:

  • Meaty guys – These guys are actually harmless but ridiculous, the male equivalent of insecure clubbing girls. If a guy is really secure and confident about himself he does not need to put energy into a tough persona. When I was pumping iron, I realized I was like a neurotic teenager who got his self worthy defined by his image. Once I lived my life on my own terms, I could easily have stolen girlfriends from macho guys, but had no desire to.
  • Rich guys – Girls that factor money and success into the equation of love are (insert bad word in the plural). I love it when girls say I want love and money. I immediately think  (insert bad word in the singular). When I was rich I got the strangest girls (reptilian) in Boston’s Beacon Hill to date me. For many gals to take me seriously in Boston, I had to be at a reasonable level in my career, then they would consider me. They would prefer Doctors, Harvard grads or Vps. They expect things from men and have standards way above their own level of beauty. What nut jobs these girls were. They would go on and on about the most meaningless things. I wonder if they are married today and if they are good luck. f you are relaying on your money to attract women you will run in trouble somewhere, lets home it is not after you get married and are waiting for the sweet kiss of death to set you free.
  • Bad guys – Basically guys who either are slaves to their appetitive limbic desires or untrustworthy. Either definition in my books spells weakness. Yeah every lady dreams of a guy that will cheat on them. Bad guys are really just mamma’s boys. Their mothers took care of them and now some poor girlfriend must be their mommy.

So if you wonder why girls like bad men, think again.They don’t. Girls go for easy-going charming romantic guys, it just so happens some bad guys have these qualities. But good guys also have these qualities.

Power, including allure and attraction is independent of your moral alignment in the universe, darkness or light. But in the end good always wins over evil. Good knights (even if their mettle is tested in the purgatory of loneliness) get their princess and live happily ever after. Bad guys lose in life’s unseen battle between good and evil.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Hi, I am a lonely girl in the US. I am from India and I have been in several relationships. I don’t have any issues attracting handsome American men and dating but my real issue is that they do not wish to commit or get married. Just as you have made some observations about American women (PS. I am not American but an immigrant from India), I have noticed that several American men (at least in my experience) are commitment phobic and scared of marriage. I am starting to tire of trying to find my mate. I feel the whole relationships structure in the US is messed up, it is no wonder divorce rate is through the roof and so many people never marry. I am also fed up of femin_zi American women who scare men with their mood swings and outrageous demands and I feel so many men are scarred by this that most of them don’t trust any women including me. Honestly I would love to find my mate and be a good house wife. I am not a moody diva, I am not corpulent, I take good care of myself, I am not demanding, and I want to get married and take care of my husband yet men are scared of me as a result of their experiences with other women.

    Where can I find a man who will not be afraid to marry me?

    I am really glad I chanced upon your website. I love all the articles you have written. Especially the ones on how to be attractive. I wanted to request you to please write more articles geared towards girls with tips on how to find a loving, caring man. I have given up trying to find a man to marry in the U.S.

    Could you please reply back?

    I would like to keep in touch with you as I feel you are living the type of life I wish to live. Good for you!

    Hope to hear from you!

  2. Roxanne, I wish more women in the US were like you. I can tell you the truth about us guys concerning fear of marriage from a male perspective. It isn’t the marriage or commitment that we fear. But rather it’s the unfair legislation that has been imposed by the corrupt feminazi’s after the materialistic movement that scares us. Also, for us that are single, we take a look around at like 85% of married American women that file for the 60%+ divorce rate in this country. We see those men involved go through emotional and financial ruin and we say no to marriage. Not if it’s going to end like that! That is really where the fear comes from. The fear of being taken advantage of because the system is set in place to essentially hurt us.

    Good guys do indeed finish last in this country and other western countries as well. That is why I spend my days going through college and my free time in front of a playstation. There is no point in trying with American girls. Mark, the admin, talks about good guys that don’t finish last in this article but I’m pretty sure he is referring to the Eastern European countries for that. Also, Roxanne, you can email him directly if you have questions. Down at the bottom of the page click on contact. I have personally found him to be very helpful and responsive to my emails and he is a good guy overall. 🙂

  3. Hi Guyver,

    Thank you so much for your sincere and well written response. I am sorry to hear that you and most men here feel this way :’( but of course, I do understand.

    I agree with everything you have said. I have been living in the U.S. for several years now but my Indian culture has been so deeply instilled in me from a young age, I couldn’t shake it if I tried. I feel perhaps this is what scares American men away :’(.
    When I first came here, I instantly made the observations about how different the social expectations here are than in India and other Eastern countries. In most cases American men just give, give, give, bend over backwards for their girlfriends and get absolutely nothing in return. It’s such a shame because most of them are so handsome, so intelligent, honest, and sincere. They deserve so much better than what they get. When I see a girl mistreating or neglecting her loving husband, it makes me cringe. If that were MY boyfriend/husband, I would never treat him like that. I would love him and treat him with the respect he deserves. I would go above and beyond to please him and try hard to never disappoint him. Yet, nature has a weird way of blessing the most undeserving angry, man-hating materialistics with the sweetest men who would do anything for them.
    In my experience most women in the West don’t do enough for their husbands. For example, in most countries, including India, a typical girl dream about getting married, cooking for her husband, having a family, doing nice things for her husband and family, taking pride in her appearance so her husband can be proud of her. But when I express these views here, I am quickly dismissed as “submissive” and a “bimbo.” However, I am in college and definitely aim to pursue higher studies and have a career. But must being a good wife and also a career woman be mutually exclusive? And IF a woman chooses to stay home and care for her children, does that make her useless to society? I feel not only do these ubermaterialistic women hate men, they also hate other women. They have made marriage and housekeeping four letter words. Deny it all you want, if you are a woman, you are biologically programmed to want marriage, a family, children, and to nurture others. I don’t understand why some Western women are so ashamed of this natural longing.
    In addition, you bring up a good point about legislation being partial to women. I know personally many men who divorced and lost everything, including their homes to their ex wives. This can traumatize anyone and with 1 out of 2 American marriages ending in divorce, you have every right to be especially wary. It’s a shame, however, that the remaining of us are also not trusted because of this pervasive culture of women taking advantage of men.
    Poor men are so confused and scared to do anything because some radical materialistic will be offended. For example, I have a male friend and going out on dates is a really uncomfortable experience for him. He doesn’t know whether or not to pay for the girl’s dinner because in both cases, there are inevitably women who are offended.
    Feminism may have begun as a movement to push for more rights and opportunities for females but the feminism of today is anything but. I feel for the most part it is an angry mob of females who resent men and don’t enjoy being women and are determined to convert the rest of us to their school of thinking. They want to enslave men and use them to their advantage with the law on their side (and these are the very people who complain about male chauvinism?!) Of course this is all my opinion based on my experiences (before any materialistics respond with a long tirade). There are exceptions, I am sure, but I have yet to meet one.
    Thank you for bringing the contact link to my attention, Guyver!
    I am really glad to have found this unique, unconventional blog and enjoy reading it very much!

  4. Hi Roxanne, which planet are you from? I want to go there and ask “can I stay?” I seriously thought that women like you only existed in fairy tales. That is until I came across websites like this and started learning the truth.

    I don’t think American men are scared away because of where you come from, but rather we can get very confused when we meet a woman who actually treats us with kindness. Once we reach a certain age and we see that the chivalry that our parents taught us at a young age doesn’t work, then we get very confused and we won’t have any idea how to respond to you for fear of maybe doing something wrong or hurting your feelings. My generation of men of the post-materialistic movement have still been taught by our parents to be kind and chivalrous to women as we grew up. They say things like “open the door for her,” but then feminism comes in with the opposite and says “no don’t open the door for her, she can take care of herself.” That kind of thing leaves guys like me utterly confused and asking “well what the hell am I supposed to do then? close the door in her face?” That would be so messed up. In my experience, if I were to open the door for like 20 women in this country, I would be lucky if maybe 2 of them genuinely appreciated the gesture. The other 18 would shun me and treat me like crap.

    Roxanne, don’t listen to anyone who might label you as a “bimbo.” Those are exactly the kinds of people that fail in marriage and have no clue about family values because of their own stupidity. If a woman wants to stay home with her children if possible, then I call that super strength. Strong families are the bread and butter of societies and without those, then you have no society. I wish American women would get that in their heads. I agree with everything you say, Roxanne.

  5. Hi Guyver! Thanks for the compliments! I am definitely of this world. lol. Furthermore, there are many girls out there like me but the feminazis have shamed us traditional women into silence.

    Thank God chivalry isn’t dead. I am so glad to hear that. I am a really old fashioned type of girl so when a man holds the door open for me or pulls out my chair for me or pays for dinner, it always makes me gush. I can’t imagine why any girl would be offended by this? It shows that the man cares about me and is attentive to my needs. I think it is very sweet.

    It is difficult for women in our American culture to behave like women because feminism has forced all women, even those who don’t subscribe to it, to become angry, competitive career women who work all the time and make relationships and marriage a low priority, if at all. Furthermore, they live to prove men wrong and belittle all their efforts by proving even a woman can do it. I have friends and relatives who are stay-at-home moms and they frequently receive inquiries about when they plan to get a job or support themselves. Other women are especially snarky to them. It’s very tough to stay in touch with one’s feminine side when society expects us to act and behave like men. Trust me, many of us nonmaterialistic women hate it too but we are forced by this revolution to take on roles we don’t care want. From the time girls are young in the U.S., they are taught that they must do the same things as men to prove they are equal to them. Their minds are socially conditioned to compete with men and to “prove” to them that they are equal to them.

    I’m about to say something incredibly controversial: I don’t think men and women are equals. To make myself clear, I do think both friendshipes deserve respect and love but we aren’t equal. Men and women have different roles in society and both roles are very important but different. Even if we women aren’t physically as strong, we have other traits that make us special and important. The reason so many women (despite their freedom and cushy incomes) are divorced, depressed, and generally unhappy and frustrated with their lives is because they are rejecting their true natural roles to be something they are not: men. It’s tragic to see that millions of American women CHOOSE to be unhappy by buying into the illusion of becoming men rather than accepting our femininity and enjoying our God-given roles. We females shouldn’t be ashamed of our fragility, our emotional side, our need for comfort and protection. It’s how we naturally are and the feminazis have ironically made being female a taboo :'(.

    I hope my views do not offend anyone for that is not my intention.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Mark, is there any hope for a meaty guy like me??? I cannot help have fast I gain muscle. I know women want tall skinny guys, but I just wasn’t blessed with that frame. LOLOL .. I really love pumping iron, gaining muscle.. Weightlifting and calisthenics for me is a meditation and just a way to feel good. I eat well and take lots of herbs/natural supplements and I get bulky as a result.

    Also, I like being big and strong, not to impress women, but just because I feel better and have more energy. I am a virgin of 32 years, so its not like I go showing off my muscles to all the girls. LOLOL.. I know that my inner-being is the most important virtue of attraction.

    Of course, Mark, when you are short, having muscle helps a bit. When you are tall, you don’t have to worry about it, because you are already big. Not that it should matter, but short skinny guys have hard time attracting with women.

    Sorry, I haven’t read all the comments here, I will read them and maybe respond.. I just had to respond to the article.

    1. I do not think girls like tall skinny guys or not always. I think many girls love meaty guys too, and guys that are not tall. Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise etc are not super tall. I know some girls that love blond guys and others that will not date them. I know some girls that love ultra grunge gothic guys and others go for the squeeky clean southern baptist look.

      Girl are funny and more complex when it comes to mate selection. Men we like something more universal. Girls they are really specific and one will find one really obscure feature about you and fall in love. It will most likely be the feature you do not like the most in yourself, ironically. I am not joking about this. It is nature balancing out the features of the world.
      Did you see the movie Mary and Max? What matters when it comes to girls is what is in a persons heart. If you feel otherwise it is because you live in an area of the USA where girls are generally so far remove from this nature. They have started to make you believe you are the wrong one. You are not, not in looks or ideals or anything.
      In Eastern Europe you would feel normal.

  7. Hi Roxanne, chivalry isn’t completely dead. Rather, it is in hiding and licking it’s wounds caused by modern day feminism. You should seriously open a school for the women of this country and teach them how to be REAL women through their natural femininity.

    I understand that it’s tough for the women that actually want to behave like women but can’t because of this flawed culture. Ideally, I would like to see all of the feminazi’s arrested, put on trial, and thrown in jail for committing treason against this country. Alas, I don’t think that will happen. So it forces both us men and women to hide many of our characteristics that demonstrates male and female. I bet those women that are snarky to your friends and family probably lead self-inflicted lonely false lives. You seem to be already taking all of the words out of my mouth, Roxanne.

    Queen Victoria once said it best in 1870 “Were women to ‘unfriendship’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection.” It looks like she wasn’t kidding and was completely correct. We see this all the time in the women that constantly try to behave like men and prove themselves and whatever. Seems like these women tend to fail the most. No two people are ever completely equal in the gifts that God has given to them, whether it be man or woman. Those gifts will always be different and vary from talent to talent.

    When you said “From the time girls are young in the U.S., they are taught that they must do the same things as men to prove they are equal to them. Their minds are socially conditioned to compete with men and to “prove” to them that they are equal to them,” I think you are right and I also think this is one of the main causes as to why so many American women go for bad guys. They enjoy the temporary competitive edge they bring with them when they approach a female. This is just sad and leads to a myriad of other problems.

  8. I work out, because I believe anaerobic exercise is good for the body, mind and soul. Aerobic exercise is also good, but I feel from my own research, anaerobic is more beneficial.

    Yes, I get bulky, but I do strength-training and combat style training. I am not a pretty boy, bodybuilder who tries to do weightlifting to show off all the different muscle groups of my body.

    However, I still am bulky. Its an inevitable part of anaerobic training.

    Anyhow.. Your last comment was great Mark. I found it quite intriguing. Well, I do believe good women who are grounded in faith will seek a man based on his soul and virtue rather than the size of his legs or how big his biceps are. I, always said to myself, if I was crippled and scarred and had a woman to love me, even in this state, I have found true love. People always gravitate towards a beautiful person, but when the beauty goes so do the frauds.

    I do believe love is complex and that many men also seek out something deeper than just long legs and round curves in a wife. Perhaps, men will fool around with the s_xy and lustful girl, but they usually will settle down with a girl they feel will care and nurture them.

    I am absolutely appalled by the masculine, self-absorbed, femin_zi, new-age American she-men harlots. Disconnected, they are for sure! Of course American women are some of the most superficial and marrying a man is like a business contract and he need not even apply in person, just fax the woman his resume/profile, including physical statistics, salary information , etc.

    Traditional girls in this world are raised to desire a husband. All they care about is finding a man they can love and to follow as their leader. They dream of making a nice home.

    American girls are raised to make a name for themselves. They are raised in a way that incriminates men and are taught that success is to have power over a man in every way. Most American women believe a husband and family is a sign of weakness. Rather, they dream of proving to the world how independent and great they are and how they can carouse with men and remain financially liberated.

    Essentially, America has spawned a brood of women vipers. American men are left in the cold poisoned from the venom injected into them from these snake women.

  9. Roxanne.. I read your first comment. You do sound like a great woman. I think if a woman like you is having a hard time marrying, it is because you are looking in the wrong places. Many American men, like myself, dream of a woman of your caliber. Seriously, you need to spend your time finding a traditional man in a place where traditional men frequent. Avoid sporting events, bars, concerts or any of the new-age places. If you want a good and sincere American man, then you should attend a church or synagogue.

    You are Indian, so I know there are many traditional Indian men who attend Hindu Temples. There is a very large Indian community where I live and there are HIndu Temples everywhere. There is even a Malayalam Indian church not far from where I live. To say there is no traditional men I think is far-fetched.

    I am sure I am not the only 30+ virgin man left in this God forsaken place.

    I will need to read the rest of comments here when I get time.. They look interesting.

    Namaste…Namaskaram. Vanandalu.. Vanakkum.
    Kyaa Aap Hindi Bat Kar Saktey Hein?
    Aapse Milikar Khusee Hui

  10. Roxanne’s comments are right on the money. I feel cheated by feminism. I hate it, very much. We are not equals – we are complementary opposites who need each other to make the whole. Night and day, left and right, up and down…man and woman.

  11. …and this whole thing about raising women to be like men…and competing in relationships – this is my whole dating experience in a nutshell. i have been emotionally battered and bruised by this. it sounds corpulentalistic but i don’t think this social circumstance is repairable in our lifetime.

    i have resigned myself to taking drastic measures via travelling around the world to find love, like some crazy male penguin who treks thousands of miles in brutal cold and hostile environments to find his mate. my daily spiritual practice is to forgive and let go of how things have went and continue to be, while i suffer lovelessness and isolation.

    yet i see affectionate couples in love here in america all the time – it is hard to not turn back towards myself and ask is something wrong with me??

  12. I’m with you on this one, Drew. I like the analogy you made about the penguin. It just seems like that is what us American guys have to do these days in order to find that special someone that we can share our lives with. The few good ones left here in the US are always taken so what is the point of looking here? We need to travel abroad and make that the priority.

    I too see what appears to be affectionate couples all around me when I go out. However, the first question that pops into my mind is “what kind of relationship do they have behind the scenes?” If it’s anything like the typical American relationship among young couples these days, then it probably has a lifespan of about 2-4 years and then they split and repeat the cycle. So what may appear to be good may actually be something else. I remind myself of this and it no longer bothers me when I see these couples together.

  13. Hello all! I am impressed by all the mature, intelligent men who are in agreement with me. My views are very politically incorrect and this is a rare opportunity where I can talk about my true feelings about feminism without getting bashed.

    I am a traditional Indian woman but I am open to men of other ethnicities and religions. I have tried for many years to date an Indian man but truth be told, there are many complications in making a relationship work with an Indian man. Factors such as income, caste, education, and especially skin color are very important to them and I am about average in all of these so my luck with them hasn’t been particularly good. Also, I find Caucasian men very attractive (I always feel guilty admitting this; I feel like a sellout). I love everything about them and Western men have always intrigued me :). I think they are the sweetest men on the planet, yet they get the worst treatment from women, IMO. In another country, no way would a man tolerate so much mistreatment from his gf/wife. Why do bad things happen to good people? :-/

    I am thinking about considering a quality online dating site to meet people. I am also looking into traveling to other countries to meet my future husband because my luck with American men hasn’t been too great. I’m sure they are out there. All the good ones are taken and those that aren’t are too scared and scarred by previous relationships to commit, it seems, but I hope I am wrong. I am not looking to “hook-up” so that alone eliminates my chances by a huge margin. I am looking for a long term, committed relationship and I don’t want divorce as an option at all. Hopefully I can find someone in the States as I do like American men so much.
    And yes, I do speak Hindi, Yonathan. It is nice meeting you as well! I am impressed by your grasp of the Hindi language. 🙂

    I am so glad to see you catch my drift. Many people are offended when I say men and women are not equal. You put it perfectly: we complement each other. I don’t understand why any man would find an emasculating woman attractive. From a woman’s perspective, if men started a movement of becoming more feminine, it would make me sick as this is very unattractive to me. I want a man to behave and appear as a man. So it makes perfect sense to me why a feminazi is not attractive to men.
    Ironically, I feel exactly as you do, Drew. I feel like I have tried so hard to find my dream man, other complementary half. I am not demanding; I don’t care about a guy’s income. I just want someone I am attracted to and in love with and with whom I can reproduce. And when I find him, I WANT to cook and clean for him, and to take care of his children, and appreciate the things he does for me, as well. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to make him happy and to obey his wishes. After all, no reasonable woman would find satisfaction in mistreating or belittling the man she loves. Why this is weird or politically incorrect or weird, I shall never know. My demands are reasonable but I am not looking for flings and my desire for a long term commitment seems to scare men away.
    Those couples you refer to Drew, usually don’t last, unfortunately. I used to feel the same way. I would wonder (and sometimes still do) if there is something wrong with me. As long as the female half of the relationship is a feminazi, the relationship doesn’t last, UNLESS the male half is a doormat (and that’s not a relationship but slavery). This is why most relationships and marriages do not last: the women are usually bullies and any dignified man would not tolerate such disrespect for the rest of his life. In fact, I am convinced that in most relationships the men cheat for this very reason: the lady or mistress makes them feel more important and appreciated than their own wives do. That is extremely sad.
    The relationships that do last consist of a man and woman, not a man and a feminazi (who is a confused, delusional woman). As you said, the relationship works when the two genders complement and complete each other not compete with each other.
    Where are you hiding? You must be my dream guy. Lol. Never have I met someone I agreed with so much on this topic. I love that quote by Queen Victoria and right she was! What a clever woman. She understood that true power lies in embracing femininity, not fighting it. Feminism is the curse of all womanhood. The sooner we wake up, the sooner we can reverse the damage, although, as Drew pointed out, it will not be undone in a generation. It is a social conditioning that is powerfully engrained into the minds of both men and women of our generation. If I ever have children, I shall be sure to teach BOTH my son and my daughter not to mistreat the opposite friendship and to practice humility. Women’s arrogance in my generation is through the roof. Very often we forget that just as men can mistreat women, women can (and often do) mistreat men, except more likely than not, women get away with their bad deeds.
    I think only an insecure woman is a materialistic. She has no confidence in her abilities as a female, which is why she has to berate men to feel good about herself. She is a bully like any other, except society has made her behavior acceptable. I am glad I didn’t drink the feminism Koolaid. I would never want to be rude or egotistical. These traits are extremely unattractive on either friendship.
    Yonathan, Drew, Guyver:
    Please remain the men that God made you. Please don’t adapt feminine characteristics to complement the she-men of our society nor tolerate their disrespect. It is they who are wrong and disrespectful. Do not compromise. Find a real, traditional woman who will make you happy and treat you like the men that you are. 🙂

  14. And Guyver, yes you are right. The women who make rude comments to stay-at-home moms are usually unmarried, lonely, overworked “career women” (as they boastfully refer to themselves). They haven’t time for men, marriage, and children. These women claim to have the answers to everything yet they can’t even keep the same man around for more than a few months. Their egos and wallets are pumped but I am certain most of these women go to a cold, lonely bed at night and cry themselves to sleep.

    It is a self inflicted life of denying what they really want for what is in vogue or politically correct. I feel sorry for them. I really do.


  15. Ok you seem slightly miss informed lots of girls Like bad boys heck I’m one of them totally good straight A’s all smiles I’ve never been In trouble the most dateing thing I did in public was spit my gum out and ove the rail to the first floor of the mall. I totally fell for this bad boy that has gotten in trouble for stealing and ( as my mom says taking drugs and crashing his mercades). So I think you have problems for thinking otherwise. I also think that you had a bad boy steal the girl you liked before and this is your way of Exspresing your anger.

    1. First, you are in high school and wisdom is not abound in the heads of high school girls. But if you like some druggy who is spoiled good luck.
      Second, I do not think getting A’s makes you a good girl. Why do you think you are good? Good girls often wait until they are married to start dating, and only their husband.
      I prefer girls who focus on their spiritual life and are not drawn to flashy immature guys.

  16. Bahut Dhanyavad Roxanne.. Meri Hindi Kuch Khaas Nahi Hai. Maim eka paramparika Bharatiya mahila se shaadi khusi hogi.

    Hindustan Zindabad. 😀 😀

    At Mevina Ivrit? Do you speak Hebrew? That is the language of my heritage. Although I am interested in Indian culture and its languages.

    Wow.. you do sound like my other half. Amazing that you touched every basis and expressed every thought that has been trapped in me for years in your posts. Look through my posts on this board and you will see that what both of us have said coincide.

    I wish I had more time to respond to you, but sadly, I am too busy with my work. But, I encourage you to look through some of my posts and see that mine and many other men here on this forum share these views very deeply that you express.

    You do sound like the perfect wife that any man here would love to have a Shaadi with. Please, tread carefully, you don’t want me, Drew and Guvyer to fight over who marries you.. 😀 😀

    By the way, I love many things about Indian culture. Indian food is some of my favorite. So, you are always welcomed to come and cook at my house.. 😀 Let me think, some of my favorite dishes are: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Biryani, Lamb Vindaloo, Chana Masala, Lamb Saag, Punjabi Chole. Also, I love the Puri and naan breads a lot. Like the Indian, I will eat the dish with the naan, not fork or knife.

    Sorry, if your a vegetarian, I know many Hindus are.. I like many vegetarian Indian dishes, as well.

    Oh yes, I am writing this as I am sipping my Tulsi Tea. I drink Tulsi tea everyday. Being Indian, I think you know what that is.. I hear in India that every house has a Tulsi plant growing, as it is considered very sacred.

    Namaste Doost.. Shalom Chaver Sheli.

  17. my last comments on the matter – as roxanne said above you gotta be doormat to get along…sadly my own dad and one brother are yes men who do everything they are told by their wives – i cannot ignore this.

    1. I do not think you have to be a doormat at all. Marriage is a partnership and decisions are made together. But when the man shows leadership, I think most girls like this.

  18. Man is the head of the house. HE should always hear what his wife has to say and respect her opinion. However, since man is the leader, he will make the final decision and no one should question his authority. If a man is to lead the house, he must be a king and accept nothing less. Too many cowardly men will submit to the authority of dominating women who berate and belittle them. These type of women result in a house of chaos and are looking for shear power, rather than order. An honorable and noble woman will give way to her husband. A woman of The Lord will respect him, even when he makes faults at time. Too many women today expect their men to be perfect and disparage him when he faults, dismissing their own shortcomings and laying the blame on their husband; who always falls shorts of their preposterous demands and unrealistic expectations.

  19. Here you can see the result of what the feminism has done to us. Also, too many people don’t have an own thinking. They are fully influenced by the medias.
    Most people just believe what they see with their own eyes. And what is it many of us do hours of a day? Right, watching television.
    There are too many people nowadays who think like the t.v., they speak like the t.v., they wear the fashion what the t.v. tells them. They also eat and use medicin the t.v. tells them. And the news tell them how to think generally and the magazins tell them how to treat other people..
    The women Roxanne is talking about about are this souless people without any own opinion.
    Since I am alone again, I met a number of woman, but all of them were more or less that kind of Roxanne mentioned. But – they are not my cup of tea. I want to talk to a person with a great personality and who has interesting ideas and who just fascinate me. I don’t want to talk to a “t.v.-monkey”. And too many are just influenced by the pressure of consuption. Money, money, money, they don’t even know what is money…
    Someone like Roxanne sounds good to me… But is so hard to find.

  20. Men and Women are equal. They are not similar.

  21. Sadly it’s true that women like bad boys and I have noticed that this applies to American women especially. I know several good American guys who have been single for a few years or are getting dumped every month. And they are all perfect boyfriend and marriage material, have jobs, never cheated on anyone and are not locked up in jail either. They wonder what is wrong with them. In contrast, the guys that party all the time, drink and lie can get every girl they want.

    I do not understand why that could be. Why would you want to seek bad treatment and ask for trouble? Those girls say that good guys are boring and how can you be crazy about someone if they are boring. Apparently there is something exciting about feeling insecure in a relationship and wondering what kind of bad thing he is up to every time he goes out with friends. As long as you are not too serious about it then I guess it’s ok to be with a bad guy if you want one so badly, though it will not get you anywhere. But getting married to someone who will cheat on you or eventually even beat you and your kids, and then complaining about your sad life just doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe this the reason why the divorce rate in the USA is so high. Girls go for men who do not have respect for them and after a couple of months they realize that it is not the kind of life they wanted. Yet when they get remarried at 25 they make the very same mistake. If you want your marriage to work and last, you have to marry a good person, it’s as simple as that. And do not be naive and hope he will change once you get married. He will not.

    Real relationships and married life are about steadiness and usual everyday things done together. If you need your boyfriend to do bad things to spice up the relationship then I think you are either a girl in high school or have the mentality of one.

    So I say all you lonely penguins come to Europe and you will find someone who will appreciate the good guy that you are. I am a big believer in changing your place of residence if your home one is not gracious to you. There is nothing wrong with looking for your soulmate in a different country. You only have one life.

    1. “Why would you want to seek bad treatment and ask for trouble?”

      MariaElena, I have a theory for that. It is probably because many of these American girls grew up without good fathers or abusive fathers in their lives, and now psychologically, they seek the same in a mate. That is only one possibility because I have heard it before. American girls don’t want a good man, they want superman. If they get involved with a bad boy, then many of them have the delusion that they can change and mold him into what they want. Reality smacks them in the face when they realize that isn’t possible later on in their relationships.

      As for the divorce rate in the USA being so high, that is because of many reasons. I will name the top five:

      1) Infidelity
      2) Lack of Communication
      3) Unrealistic Expectations
      4) Disagreements about Money
      5) Addictions

      Also, the U.S. government is very anti-family with it’s no-fault divorce laws among other things. Just some things to contemplate.

      “So I say all you lonely penguins come to Europe and you will find someone who will appreciate the good guy that you are.” That sounds like a fairy tale, but then again I have never been to Europe, so who knows.

      1. Guyver, I would have to agree with you, that:
        1) the government does support a policy of divorce and single parents. This is an old story. Every country that does this from Sweden to the liberal parts of the USA saw a decline in the family and yields many messed up girls looking for I do not know what in relationships.
        2) American fathers are or were often distant and thought the only thing they had to do is be ‘the provider’. This is an easy way to mess kids up, that is replace love (time spend with them one on one) with money. Girls I know that are balanced and normal usually had a father that more kind and loving and spend a great deal of time with them. Basically just hung out with them. They did not have to be the richest father on the block but just a ‘family man’.

  22. I have hundreds of the best Romanian love poetry [our poets are very good at this], but because this is an English language blog, I will post an English poem for the romantic women:

    “May all your dreams come true..”

    1. Sorry Bogdan, I had to edit it out, it is just when things are duplicated on the web the powers that be (Google) does not like it too much. The poem was very nice and I love romantic poetry. When I was a boy, before there was the Internet and cable TV there was nothing to do but read. I would read romantic poetry and dream of my princess somewhere in the world. I am thankful I found her.

  23. They dont like bad boys.

    They love drama. Bad boys provide that drama.

    It saves the western “women” the effort of making up their own dramas out of thin air.

    They deserve each other.

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