Rusalki Moscow girls

I want to recant my experience with a few Russian girls in Moscow a few years back. It was one of the most interesting but also humiliating conversations I have had.  However, there was a lesson behind all this.  Further, I will tell what a Rusalka is.

Only date a Russian who 100% supports Ukraine, as this is an unjust and unprovoked operation, and you do not want to date a morally questionable person.

Types of Moscow girls

The purpose of this is to convey what exactly you might run into with Russian girls who are not the sweet farmer’s daughter from the village working in marketing or the PhD student in linguistics in Siberia attending Moscow university but rather your garden variety of Moscow girl who wants to play the foreign guy and sees you as a meal ticket. It was deemed yet worth retelling.

I think if you are a guy, the point of going to Russia is not to play, but rather to meet a girl who is serious about the possibility of love and marriage.

My Moscow apartment and first evening in Moscow

I was staying in an apartment on Ozerkovskiy. Your typical tacky post Soviet Union, remodeled apartment with a cheesy dark green velvet coach.

Although I had been to Moscow before, I asked the guy who set up the apartment some recommendations where I could meet some girls in Moscow.  He told me in the back page of the classified section.  I told him not those kind of girls. He wrote down a couple of clubs – ‘discos’ as they are refereed to in Eastern Europe.

I went to a Russian kiosk, the type that at 10 pm at night sells everything you would ever need, from metro tickets to green poo-in-one cheap Russian shampoo with sparkles or DVD of movies from the 2005.

I bought a cell phone card with a number and loaded it up. I highly recommend you do the same if you are in Moscow or any foreign city on the prowl.

The first night I went to sleep as I was pretty tired. However, before this, I had a kebab near the local metro station. I wanted to scoped out to get my bearings so in the morning, I would be fresh and awake and ready for anything. I actually talked to a girl in line in Russian just to practice.  She was showed some interest but rather would not go for the first girl I meet.

Garden variety of Russian girl players

I was quite jet-lagged and was up at 4 am.  I thought of going to hit some clubs and maybe meeting some girls, but I think the quality would be low and did not want to employ the last man standing strategy as my intent was to meet some nice Moscow girls.

Latter that day about 7 pm after doing some site seeing as my apartment was close to the Moscow river and the historic district, I meet a couple of Russian girls. I meet them at the Internet cafe, rather than on the Internet.

I was doing some e-mails telling my friends I made it safe, they were on I always check to see the sites girls are on in Internet cafes so I know what they are about. Although not the most attractive girls they were dressed with such flare that when they walked into a room. They were designed to attract men.  An men are programmed to respond.

Russian girl number 1 (classic Rusalka look)
Black with some dark red, straight hair down the back
Blush to extenuate high cheek bone
subtle cat eye make up
short skirt and black leggings
Platform shoes
Pale skin with some freckles

Russian girl number 2
Blondynka hair down to the small of her back
a couple of sparkles on her face
red lipstick
T-shirt with a sassy ‘Girls can’t what?” written across the front.
Jeans that were painted on
Sun tanned

I did not want to seem to forward so after chatting them up a bit, I got their names, The dark haired one was Svetlana and the blond was Yulia (what a surprise). I gave got Svetlana’s number and told them I might be in Moscow again and if I was I would sms them.  I did not want to sound to desperate.

Where to meet Moscow girls

After about a week of being the foreigner in Moscow, I hit a number of the popular ‘diskoteks’ like Пропаганда (Bolshoi Zlatoustinskii Pereulok 15) which is good on a Thursday night but pricey. Also City Space at wissotel Krasnye Holmy, 52 Kosmodamiansky Embankment if anyone wants to know where to go. However, with a stroke of luck I bumped into the above to mentioned rusalki.

Meeting the Rusalki

What are Rusalki (plural form)?  A Rusalka is a  Russian girl from Slavic mythology. A temptresses that feeds off energy of the living, men can not resist them Rusalki usually live in forest and appear thin, pale with dark red hair and green eyes.  Once draw in, they drain men of life energy, energetic vampires if you may.  Maybe Дневной дозор by Sergei Lukyanenko is not too far off base.

One of these Москва Rusalki must have lived in the blocks close to my flat or there would have been no way I could have seen them again in such a large city. On the other hand they were not hard to spot.  They were dressed the second time I saw them was as follow:

Russian girl number 1 (Svetlana – classic Rusalka look)
Jet black with some red color, straight hair down the back
Blush to extenuate high cheek bone
suitable cat eye make up
Short skirt with white leggings
Platform shoes
White skin with a couple of freckles

Russian girl number 2 (Yulia)
Blondie hair down to the small of her back
a couple of sparkles on her face
red lipstick
T-shirt with a sassy ‘Girls can’t what?” written across the front.
Jeans that were painted on
Sun tanned

That is basically the same outfit they had last week. I do not know if it was because they were stuck on look or really were poor student types.

Moscow Rusalki women versus GQ ex-pats

I saw some ex-pat American guys, very GQ looking, but fortunately for me also more green at the Russian girl game than me.  Maybe they were living in Moscow or consultants, but they must have not assimilated too well.  I image they spend most of their time at the Irish pub or other expat hang outs watching ‘the game’ on some plasma screen TV, rather that chatting up Moscow girls and learning Russian.

They were chatting them up my Moscow girls and buying them drinks.  They thought they were making progress.  They were not, they were just buying them drinks.

When they left I left no time go right for them, as every guy in the club was waiting for their chance to go right for them like moths flying into the light.

When I got to them first, I was getting a lot of looks from the other patrons. I thought out of jealously, but maybe the locals knew something I did not about these girls.

Rusalki Moscow girls conversation

The conversation progressed as follows:
After some small talk I determined the Blondie spoke better English (Yulia) and I did not want to reveal I knew the Russian language, as I could meet the conversation between them if need be.

Yulia: My friend is very beautiful, yes?

Admin: I said yes very (I was lying of course, she was attractive but so are many girls in Moscow).

Yulia: Do you like my friend?

Admin: I do not know, your friend but would like to.

Yulia: Beautiful girls need beautiful things, yes?

Admin: I guess.

Yulia: There is women’s shoe shop down the street maybe you want to take her shopping there sometime.

Admin: Maybe, if she was my girl but first I need to get to know her.

Yulia: My friend does not get to know just any guy, she is top model.

Admin: Really? (mild sarcasm, Svetlana was pretty and tall and thin, but the top model was hard to believe, maybe a model of some sort).

Yulia: She only had one boyfriend before.  She has a boyfriend now. But she likes you.

Admin: I like Svetlana, but do not know her (I guess her tactic was to impress me and bring some sort of exclusivity into the picture).

Yulia: This is good, you can take her shopping, Yes?

Admin: Look I do not want to take your friend shopping, I just want to get to know her as a person.

Yulia: {She just gives me a sly look}

Yulia: I am engaged to man from Alabama. He paid for me to meet him in London, it cost 3000 dollars that trip.  Is that a lot of money for you?

Admin: I said not really. (I was lying again but want to start turning the tables).

Yulia: He will take me to Alabama and I will live there with him, he lives in suburbs of Mobile, Alabama.

Admin: Lucky guy and Lucky you, your just going to love the Alabama countryside, it is a lot like Moscow.

Yulia: I think  American girls will not like me as they are corpulent and will be jealous.

Admin: I think your right.

{at the point the conversation was getting ridiculous.)

Yulia: I can see you are a nice man, maybe even a prince, will you buy Svetlana some shoes now?

Admin: Look, what are you her manager?

{out of the blue Svetlana speaks, I was both shocked and delighted}

Svetlana:  Will you help me learn English?

Admin: Sure.

Svetlana: English lessons cost 50 dollars a lesson in Moscow.

Admin: I can help you learn English, as I am an English teacher, but I am not giving you money to take language lessons from someone else, comprende vous?

The conversation continued for a while after and even got worst.  I bought them drinks, which I never do with girls, but I did it on my way out and left.

We latter exchanged an SMS or two and when I got back to Boston I got this long rambling e-mail from her blond friend about how Svetlana needed money. ‘Svetlana wants 1,300 dollars to finish her university and a prince like me would surely help her. She knows that you are some kind of prince’.

She said she need the money to bribe her professors to pass her courses.  This is the way it works in Moscow and she would not pass unless she go this money.  It was an interesting and slightly plausible story, but no way, they could just be working guys all over the globe, me being one of many.

I told her if she wanted to work on some of my websites I would pay her a few dollars an hour.  I did  not get a reply as working for money would be too hard I am sure, at least that kind of work for these Moscow girls.

I replied next time I am in Moscow she can come to my apartment and we can talk about it {Of course I had no intention of dropping a dime on this one}. I also suggested, if she wanted to go on vacation with me somewhere I might flip the bill. Even that was out of the question really, I was just playing with her at this point.  I am not a player.

The irony is Svetlana looked like a nice girl and if I could of wiggled her away from her ‘manager’ friend I might have had a chance to get to determine what this girl was all about.  I think the issue was her English was not great and her friend was a player.

I am a romantic that believes in love and marriage only. I do not like men or women that are players.  Players hurt people’s feelings.  Hurting a person’s feelings is one of the worst things you can do.

However, I retold this story only because there are some valuable lessons.

Lessons from this experience pertaining to women from the CIS – that is ex Soviet girls

What is the take away from all this?

  • Moscow girls and money – Any normal Russian girl would never mix money and love together.  Girls that say I want a little of both, drop them like a bad habit. Love is all or nothing, not a mix of money and love. Not a balance of love and money. Love and only love, it makes the world go around.
  • Learn Russian for step one with a Russian lady -Learn Some Russian if you are going for Russian girls.  I know a reasonable level of Russian, I am better with Polish and it makes a huge difference between being seen as just some green ex-pat or tourist swinging through town and someone with a real interest in Russia. If you read some articles from a respected source about Moscow or Russia you will be better off checking an encyclopedia.  Russian girls love their country and do not want to be exported abroad by some Okie from Skokie.
  • Moscow women are won by imagination – Russian girls go for guys that excite their imagination, not brawn. Muscovite women (in Russian Moskvich) prefer sensibility not sense.  Don’t you? Don’t you prefer some cordial girl full of imagination and spice and life, than some rich girl who is going to live a boring life shopping in the suburbs at Ann Talyor and the Gap? You want someone who makes your heart skip a beat when they come into the room. Well here is the news, so do they and the way you do that is appeal to their imagination.
  • No fake girls – Do not go for girls who look like they just came from the solarium or work in a nail boutique. What is on the outside is often on the inside.
  • With any girls, when looking for love and marriage – Try to sift the wheat from the chaff early so you do not waste time. Only go for girls that have have a humility about them.  I used to think  if I worked on a girl I could teach her humility, it was a waste of time.  Girls either have it or they do not.  There are lambs and wolves in this world, know who you are dealing with early.

Let me know what you think about my Rusalki Moscow girl story and what your experiences are with Moscow girls. If you have any question about dating or trying to date Eastern European girls let me know.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 thoughts on “Rusalki Moscow girls”

  1. pretty good , I agree but where is the easiest way to learn russian.

    1. I am making Russian learning flashcards as well as learning Russian with music and software.

  2. I’m Russian girl. I was born in Moscow and I am standart “Moskvichka”
    I think this is typical stroy , wich foreigners face to during visit our country.
    Guys, I want to give some advice abouts finding real Russian girl. -Relax and Don’t do anything, you will never find them.
    All girls wich you can meet – will be sort of call (not on a mobile phone) girls, who are looking for easy money, using Men’s pockets.
    Don’t forget – Russia is very isolated country. And we are (girls) are very isolated too.
    In general – we don’t speak any foreign language. We are not interested in any foreign culture and we don’t care about foreign people as well.
    I”m not saying is it good or bad, but this is fact.
    Russian girl is beautiful , educated, know how to cook and take care about her men, giving huge value to family and can be perfect wife. But the thing is that – she is dreaming about real Russian men for her only and only. He must be Russian.
    Unfortunatly, there are very low chance to find in our time good husband from Russian mens. Some of us are lucky and found, they are starting to build family, who can’t find – taking anyone, who can find or giving themselves to job, hobby, art, etc. etc. But they are not starting to look for a men outside of Russia, Funny, but fact.
    Russians – mysterious and strange people (girls as well).

    1. Bravo for an insiders guide from a Moscow girl. Russia is a nation of contrasts. Russian girls want to marry a Russian guy, but can not find them. The soultion is easy for foreign men to want a dream girl, who is beautiful, edcuated takes care of the house and family, learn about Russian culture. If you learn Russian no girl will care you are a foreigner. Believe me, I am a foreigner in Eastern Europe and many of my American firends just learned a little about the language and culture and they were in like a native Moscovite. See people like what is known but they also like a foreigner who will spice up their life a bit.
      If you can be a foreigner who learns about the history and culture of Russia, I think you would have no problem.
      I myself was crazy about Russian history and know every leader from Rurik to Oleg and read more Russian literature than many Russians.

  3. Nadya, are you from Butovo?)))
    I was born in Moscow and live here all my life, but now I’m dating so nice french guy! I’m really interested in culture, I try to study french, I read books about Paris, watch films…
    One of my friends married awesome guy from Paris, the other married guy from Berlin. Nowadays men in Russia don’t appreciate what girls do for them…. so I can’t see the reason for making hundreds of trying here!
    So Nadya, you are mistaken – Russian girls are different.

    PS I have my own big flat, nice job and caring family, but I’m ready to leave Moscow for this wonderful person I’ve met.

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