Traveling solo to meet girls

When I was single I always traveled solo on vacation. Why? There is more adventure when your single than traveling with a a pack of guys or a buddy. With your friends you will be in your comfort zone. Alone anything could happen, including meeting girls. Think about it, do you like to approach a girl when she is surrounded by a pack of her friends ready look you up and down, while you are trying to chat their friend up?  Well girls do not like it either if a group of guys come into a place and try to meet women. What happen to the traveler of old or the Hans Solo type guy.

The only advantage of traveling with a friend to meet girls is that the women see you have one friend in the world at least so many you are not totally all that bad.

Remember this is not a how to meet girls this site is about how to meet the love of your life. I have been around the world and from experience being with guys makes you do guy group male bonding things not meeting the girls of your dreams.

Better is to travel to a city you want to see for historic or tourist reasons anyway, and then while you are out and about, chat up with the ladies. I have learned a lot about traveling and history by being single and alone. I hitched hike arrounded Europe when I was 22, alone for many months sleeping under bridges and in barns. That was a good baptism by fire.

Where to meet girls when traveling alone

  • Meeting girls in cafeterias – Do not go to fancy restaurants, go to the cheap student cafes and places where real people go. For example there is a milk bar (cafeteria) on Grodzka street in Krakow. Go there for a meal. It is always over crowded and you will most likely have to sit with so stranger. This translates to me to some studentka. Ask her if you could sit at her table. She will say yes. If you speak English she will want to practice with you if you smile.
  • Meeting women in clubs on vacation – Sure you can do the pub crawl thing, but I do not drink and I do not think a club is the optimal place to meet a girl when travelling although some of my friends do. Go for clubs that locals go, not tourist traps. And do not buy girls drinks. I have never ever done this, in all my tours of duty. It makes no difference if you spend money on girls or not. Better is to talk to them about their culture or your travels and drink water. A lesson I learned from an old sailor who had a woman in every port was there is no correlation between price and quality. Do not spend money on girls, unless she has a ring, that you put on her finger.
  • Be the accidental tourist to meet women – Walk around the market square in the city you are visiting and collect girls mobile numbers by just asking them directions, the time, or how to you say a phrase in their language or whatever. Chat them up for a few minutes. next tell them you are traveling as you like the history and culture and ask them if it is OK to SMS them just for a cordial rapport. I am not Brad Pitt but if you are a little bit charming you should get about a 50% yes rate, even if the girl has a boyfriend. The good thing is the girls in Eastern Europe are so beautiful that you will eventually find a girlfriend that will make George Clooney jealous. You do not have to be a movie star, just smart about where you look for girls.
  • Hire a private female tour guide – Use some of the message boards I recommend on this site like and you will be able to find a girl to show you the town. Do not hit on her or expect anything, rather, just see a little bit of the city. Maybe a 1 hour tour. Mix it up. Hire five different girls to show you a different part of the city incase the first one is not cordial or willing to flirt. If you hire five one hour tours, you will see the city learn a lot about history and maybe one of those guide will be willing to meet you latter for coffee. Alternatively before you go chat up some women on the Internet, meet them at the local bookstore when you get there and ask them to give you a free tour.
  • Meeting girls in a foreign city is a numbers game – Being a foreigner you have a huge advantage over the local guys. Why? You are exotic. Even if you come from some suburb of a rust belt town back home and are nothing special in the eyes of the women in your town, you will go to your target country like some sort of adventurer of old. Women will think you are cool, even if you are not. At least it worked for me and I am not cool, trust me on this one. Get phone numbers. When you sms one, then work on another. Girls will take a day or so to reply. Oh believe me they are checking their cell phones every ten minutes but they always make you wait. Better to move on while waiting.
  • Gym, Yoga, dance class – Go to class, whatever it may be. Take three dance classes and there is no way you will not meet ladys. I always too yoga classes in foreign cities. Not to meet girls but because I was into it. See if you travel alone with the one and only intent of meeting a wife this is OK but better is to go with the intent of learning something about the culture or language and you will have more mobile phone numbers at the end of your trip than you will know what to do with. I came to Poland to study Polish and sure enough I meet my wife.
  • Park benches –  Girls love to read books on benches in Europe. Join them. Remember this is Europe not the USA (maybe the UK too). I think girls in the USA freak out a  large percentage of the time when a guy starts a conversation. On continental Europe there are less freaks, and girls are significantly less paranoid.

Best countries and cities to travel alone

Poland girls – Polish girls are very nice.

Crimea – Why go to Russia when you can meet Russian student girls on their summer vacations on the Black sea-coast

Lviv, Ukraine – I am not a fan of Eastern Ukraine as it not as European as western Ukraine. Western Ukraine and Poland are clearly democratic, religious and very European. Tarnopol has been called the last city in Europe.

Moscow girls – 10 million women in this city more than any other European city. I prefer St. Petersburg because of the culture but come on 10 million Russian and Eurasian girls, if you can not find one girl here you need more coaching. Wait again just close your eyes for a second and imagine ten million women.  Do this. One of my friends visited Moscow and I asked him was that before or after he got married, he lowered his eyes to the ground and said after. I do not know why he did that.

The Baltic countries – Many nice girls in these countries and such an interesting history.The one issue is if you are religious Estonia is not.

South American travel – I loved Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentine girls are a little stuck up but they are beautiful, the average is about an 8 there. Brazilian girls more easy-going but poorer country and some of the problems that come with that, such as finding one that will love you for who you are than your money.

Italian and Spanish girls – Many sweet girls in Mediterranean land and very good catholics that will make nice wives.

The bottom line is if you travel solo you can cover more ground and make a one week vacation a culturally enriching experience and an adventure. Travelling alone will build your self-confidence and your ability to think on your feet. You will meet more girls as you will not be perceived as just some blok coming through town with his football buddies, women despise this. They want to meet their future husband in a library or a church or walking though the market square. Put your best foot foward and be prepared to be rejected and move on. I recommend multiple tours of duty, rather than thinking you will find someone on your first trip.  I travelled ultimately not to find women but because I loved it and history and culture. If you have that attitude you will find yourself in a win-win situation. Write me if you have any travel question, specific or general.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I am an expatriate in Belarus. I just read this article. It completely boosted my confidence! I went to a local club last night and it was amazing 🙂 I was surrounded by beautiful women. I still feel the taste of cherry in my lips!

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