Moody girls – Why women have mood swings?

I have two sisters, a mother, a wife and a daughter. I know a little about women and emotions. The female mind is like the ocean, it brings peace and tranquility or storms which make the strongest flee.

Why do women get angry and have moods?

I think it is connected with hormones. Hormones are nothing more than motivator. They encourage a person  to act certain ways.  A person can act on these or not based on free will.  Stress hormones which bring out latent weaknesses in a persons tendency to be depressive or confrontational can be exacerbated by coffee, sugar, lack of vitamins, alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of exercises, lack of mental stops in place etc.

  • In most cases, the moody girls I have met almost all universally consume coffee and sugar lifts daily. When women are pregnant hormones can spike also. If a girl has a genetic tendency towards depression or aggression this is manifest more easily under certain circumstances.
  • Magnesium in my personal experience calms my moods and the moods of others around me.

Women because of their sensitive natures tend to internalize and dwell in their despair while men are more easy-going. Psychologically women see he world differently and react different. I also think they tend to be more depressive.

Do I have women all figured out?

No way Jose, not even close, nor will I ever. However, with some experience accrued in my 48 turbulent years of life, I have come to realizes certain things. The most important is be courageous in your patience and compassion. Be the fool.

What about men and moods?

Men have their own problems no doubt, equal to women. We tend to be workaholics, pleasure-seeking (drink, games of chance, girls), over rational and not see the complex stratification of reality around us. But the purpose of this is to explain why women get angry and what to do about it as a man in a relationship.

Advice to men who are dating or married to a moody girl

  • It is really simple and this has to be understood.  Do not make it worse. In the heat of the argument or when there is tension in the air, even if you are 100% right and your wife or girlfriend is basically crazy in the moment, so what. Just you try to be light and breezy and try to listen and hear what she is saying. Be yin not yang.
  • Even if every strategy you have, to make this better, is not working, just be patient and understand like a storm at sea, this will also pass. The main thing is to make sure there is a not regrettable exchanges of words.
  • Buy her flowers, chocolate or a cupcake or something small to show her that you care and sincerely say you are sorry, even if it is not your fault. Being wise is about being the fool.
    If the anger storm lasts longer than an impulsive outburst, just give it time, lots of time and do other things in your life. I play chess online for example. If she is not ready to talk do not push the issue. Women operate different then men.

Women are from Venus – not

This is not another men are from Mars and women are from Venus article. I do not believe that, really. It is more an acceptance therapy post. Acceptance and how deep you can go into acceptance is probably the most important determine criteria for relationship success.
It is no coincidence that I also think this is a pillar of authentic spirituality. That is a spiritual centered on ‘being’ more than ‘believing’, on ‘acceptance’ more than ‘judgment’.

What if you’re not married and your girlfriend has no ideals?

Do not do the above with just any girl. A girl you care about should have already stood the test of time as someone whom you want to spend time with and can tolerate and accept. If you are dating some materialistic self-centered, egotistical girl, who never says she is sorry and tries to control and rule you, drop her like a bad habit and find another girl to date that same week so you do not go back.

If you are married and you think your girl is like this, most likely she is not. You would not have married such as girl. Try to think back when you two first met and how it was. Chances are you are just getting upset too often because of life stresses.

Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill

So you flipped out, so what we all do. Do not make an argument a drama series.

Life stress factors

Take a simple online stress test for life factors and determine which factors might be subconsciously affecting you.
Did you just move or is work a factor?

What was Yoda’s advice?

‘Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side’.
What are you afraid of? Loss of money, the fact you can not do it all? Analysis your fears and this is often the source of your anger. Do not go to the dark side and get all negative. Ask God to help you.

What if you are the girl?

  • Read as many books as you can on spiritual ideas, anger management, nutrients, and try to become aware of why you get so angry. I personally think it is nothing more than hormones but still, if you read books like this it helps you be aware and  float by the storms without having to make it a tragedy. Some books that are good are anything by Claire Weekes. Get a cheap used copy, she writes on nervous suffering and peace for your nerves,  but I think they are good books and at the point of anger you can use the same technique to ‘float’ past the situation.  This could be the one take away from this post, but it is a good one. Women are naturally good. It is all about keeping warm, peaceful and secure and low stress to keep your ups and down under control.
  • Try no coffee and sugar and add vitamins and minerals like magnesium. No wine at night etc. I have seen the effects of a little drink on people my whole life. Read up on vitamins and educate yourself.

Are any arguments or moods important?

I do not think any arguments are really that important. I can not think of one life situation that is really worth sticking your feet in the ground and becoming entrenched about. If anyone has one please let me know. I think most ups and downs in long terms serious relationships are about stress and hormones and people reacting to this.
Thank you for reading my post on moody girls and let me know if you have any questions.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

One thought on “Moody girls – Why women have mood swings?”

  1. Women feelings is like they on slippery surface and the surface haven’t been helpful by its changing the floor of emotions in 360 degree directions leading to different emotions. One emotions led to another, another emotions. They were trying to talking themselves to led to a particular set of emotions they want to get for stability. Bit like trying to stand up and trying to skate again after fell into the sea of uncontrollable emotions. It is the intensity of emotions they have to get through somehow.

    If woman is in hurricane, duck and sit tight and keep your ears open like a radar! Full of clues to catch. Say nothing, women don’t want solutions!
    Very important is to don’t let them led you thinking you are doing something wrong. That’s accidentally gaslighting and can make the problems worse and generating doubts in relationships. Also women love men in control and for knowing what to do with them, that’s the attraction! E.g. if women are in terror of seemly big problems, men need to show these are trivial and manageable as if nothing really has happened, just don’t panic like a gay man. they love you for it even more!

    Women love adjectives, adverbs! Men focus on verbs, nouns, just information! Women tend to follow a pattern of “this make me feel”,”this make me feel”, “this make me feel”, and on and on in term of emotional amplification to de-amplification, a sort of like riding on a rollcoaster.

    Read Gut Impact.pdf it brings visibility to men of women’s perceptions and thinkings patterns which can be translated into men’s version of thinking type. No more mysteries there. Just talk less, and say more. Just to intensify women sensitivities mainly. Like exercising women emotions like muscles at a gym which is why they say they are true to themselves when emotionally exercised like strong, well toned muscles after a long period of emotional inactive due negligence, ignorance by men or partners.

    They are freaky effective.
    Don’t believe me?
    Try to crash dummy many girls and women via chat on skype & webcams and monitoring their reactions and practice these methods as a hobby as well as making new friends:)

    Traditionally, poetic, which loved by women like romancing kind, type of writing is more of hit and miss, these pdfs are more of inbuilt “programming” language, which existing in women, is given to you and these turn your view of women into female version of Human Operating System with “shell”(e.g command prompt in windows OS) commands pop up on the desktop screen. This activating their true organs and simulate their emotions at your will as if you have cut through bloatware, erroneous illusionary, perceptions of women functionality. More importantly, you don’t get lost in the “women” languages. Clarity is increased exactly like you’ve seen a programming code for application instead of using the application itself. Bit like you can see under the car bonnet to see how it works. Another analogue, you do not know the internet traffic until you use “wireshark” application to analyse the internet traffic on your network. Effectively, you have converted from internet binary signals to some kind of structural visibility in a readable format that can be identified and to harness these use of sending and receiving signals. Similarly, words you use effectively activating women particular emotions at a certain time. This is best compared to spoken language turning from neutral, gender mixed English language into female version of English Language with precision and cutting out the male version. This provides higher impact on women sensitivities and organs and you leave nothing to chance.

    Armed with this, you can play like piano, stirring the emotions that to be intensified for the discovery of emotions that closer to their true selves and destinies. Bit more than that, in poetic is one way street, but these pdfs are two way street you’ll listen out for certain words and speaking accordingly for effective activations.

    Men are the masters of destiny and women drawn to the face of the destiny. Men have the keys that waited to be inserted.

    Happy New Year

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