My dream girl

My ideal girl and the girl of your dreams

My dream girl is one whose virtue and beauty are in sync.

Ideal girl and looks
I did not have too many preconceived notions about how my girl should look like. I guess I had some physical preferences such as long dark hair, be thin, tall, I like blue or green eyes, predominate facial features (nose), round butt and long legs. OK maybe I did have preconceived notions. Normal guy stuff. This is what I find attractive on a girl.

I took a girls approach to finding a mate. This approach is ‘find someone you think is cordial and try to make it work’. Lucky for me, the person who I thought was out of this world physically was one in the same with my one and only.

dream women and the meaning of life
The one thing I was hopeful for was that my one and only was a person of faith.  Why was that important to me? Because the world is crazy now days. There is temptation to do bad things and get lost and lose yourself in this world.  I see many couples destroy their lives with arguments over money, career, having no time to de-stress, people cheating. I think the one thing that can help you is when both people are people of faith. I personally have met all kinds of women in this would and if they did not have ideals or an awareness I could not find much sweetness in them. There are many lost souls in this world and just because a girl is cordial does not mean you want to make a life with them.

Get real what is life about? We are here on this earth only for a short time. Life is about caring for our eternal souls not some superficial fleeting moment of happiness by having a trophy wife or a nice lifestyle. You do not want a woman who will weaken your faith and jeopardizes your eternal soul.

Now do not get me wrong you can marry a model looking girl. However, as long as she has her mind upward on loving God. Would someone please explain to me why guys do not consider this in the dating and mate selection process?  Why would you not want a girl with ideals about love and God and family?  It is the most important thing. Anyone explain this to me?

Humility and girls
Why do guys settle for women who are angry at men, or no humility or faith in God above? Why do women act like such prima dona’s or intimacy is nothing special. If you break up with one guy they will find a replacement in a few weeks. Why would you not want a girl who is good in her heart?

Society today is all about self-esteem.  And this is a good quality but only with self-criticism or awareness can you see your own rough spots and want to change them. I would prefer a girl who debases herself than is walking around like a puffed up and ready to prove you wrong.

Yeah that is all I want is a bunch of girls walking around encouraging each other to be ‘strong women’. Translation to try to one up men.

Women and emotions
All women have mood swings, but I have no major problem with this. It has to do with hormones. Some are worse than others, I tend to think coffee drinkers (I love coffee,for example Godiva Hazelnut Creme)  have more because of low magnesium and other micronutrients are excreted to a higher degree. In contrast, men at their worst tend towards self-destructive behavior, drinking, games of chance, cheating, sloth, pig headedness; while, women at the worst tend towards moods, vanity and control. Mood swings in woman is not a problem. It has nothing to do with anything.

But there is nothing wrong with moody girls. Moody girls are fine as long as they are aware of this. We as men should also be aware of this and just be supportive and ride out storms.  I have always said moody girls tend to be the cordialtest.

I think women are moody because their juices are flowing.  Old ladies are sweet and no not moody as they have not juice. We as men can help them with this by creating a peaceful environment and really just learn to be calm and ride it out. Girls can read books on anger control. But moody women have nothing to do with anything. I have no problem with moody girls.

Girls and money
Money and love are two different ideas. I have a master’s in Economics from Trinity and give great thought to economic issues.

You know what, wealth and money is all relative and subjective after a certain level of substance is achieved. When I lived in Poland in a 180 square foot apartment eating potatoes everyday, I was just as happy as when I was pulling over 10,000 dollars a month in income living in Beacon Hill Boston being a sushi consumer.

Some how people get ideas about money and love and intermingle them, this is sick. Money has nothing to do with love unless you are looking for a sponsor. Its called being a call girl.

I with my family live on a tropical island off the coast of Florida on the beach in a luxury condo. In this foofy paradise our fixed cost under a thousand dollars a month. We go to the Library several times a week and go fishing, surfing, biking and live a wonderful life. I am a smart guy and could spend more but life is not about that.  We live a good life.  Find a girl who has no expectations about wealth and income. She will be your best choice.

Do you need a time machine to find your ideal date?
It amazes me how many people have told me they feel as though they were born in the wrong century. They are looking for this ideal girl from someone out of the Middle Ages or Jane Austen. I hear this over and over again. Well the good news is you do not need a time machine to find such a girl. They are everywhere.

I guess my question is what is your dream girls?

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 thoughts on “My dream girl”

  1. It’s nice to hear someone say, “Find someone you think is cordial and try to make it work.”

    I hate when people say that looks don’t matter to them. Please get real, stop trying to be a hero, looks are important. Do you really want to spend your life with someone you’re not attracted to?

    1. My wife and I have both joked we married each other for our looks. I mean we thought we would not get someone better looking so why not get married, we selfishly locked the other person in. And once you are married they have to stay with you (we are both Catholic so we do not believe in leaving the other person). It was like that of course, but in jest there is always some truth.

      You do not have to be attractive for everyone or anyone, just the person who is for you. I have seen scores of people who I wonder why they are together. But you know as humans we are very specific in what we like. I could not be with just anyone. Maybe it has to do with DNA seeking out the most compatible mate and mixing up the genes.

      I know this sounds strange for a guy who writes about love and deep relationships, but I have always said looks matter. Maybe that is why dating sites and anything that have nice images on it do better than just message boards. I try to add images here from time to time as it makes things more interesting.

      Looks matter. I do not know my wife finds me attractive but I am what she wants. I think looks is not just about a classic definition of looks but rather what the person exudes and how you find them interesting. I think again nature is behind a lot of what constitutes good looks for you as nature tries to mix up the genes in way that is good for evolution. Nature does not care about you personally as much as the survival of the human race.

      I have mentioned this before, reptilian characteristics like aggression yield to people who carry genes of cooperation and communication. If this was not true the human race would destroy itself. But nature in some way knows this and is now going in another direction.

      So who we find attactive is not the same our grandparents might find attractive or the person next to you.

      In Russia big huge women and men use to be attractive as this was a sign of wealth and corpulent could survive the winter. Now this is not needed and healthy fit is in. Also macho is less attractive these days because nature believes this gene is somewhat outdated if the human race is going to continue. Therefore, I think looks is very important as it coneys information that on a conscious level we are not aware of.

      However, that being said it is very important that you do not marry the first person you see that does it for you as humans are more complex and to have children, and raise them requires more than just a nice smile.

  2. The dream girl in some ways is the girl that we have zero control over our own bodies with, they walk in the door and we become excited, if we have a headache it does not matter, of course for sure she must be more beautiful on the inside as a person but this automatic too strong attraction is part of what makes our dream girl our dream girl, maybe not to any other man but who cares as she is for us I, can only say each and every long term relationship I had was with a woman like this, and for sure the above post about looks being important, 100 % correct. I mean why else would or could you smile at someone if you were not attracted to them, any other variant of this makes the man or the woman a ‘using parasite or working girl’ sleeping with someone for some not pure reason.

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