How to Get Married in Poland

How to get married in Poland and have a Polish wedding

Finding a Polish lady friend might not be as hard as jumping through the maze at the Polish government offices to actually make your marriage legal.

How to marry a Polish citizen

There are two types of Polish marriages, Polish civil marriage, and Church marriage. If you have a Polish church wedding this is legal. I will explain the Church wedding, as this is more common in Poland.
As with any official or significant event in your life you need to learn to be patient and collect paper. All church documents must be up to date in the last 6 months. All Polish government documents must be up to date in the last 3 months.

Polish Government

1) You need a letter from you Embassy, saying you can get married or they do not have the information regarding this. This is free.

2) You need your birth certificate translated into Polish. You can order a copy of your birth certificate from the Internet. Then you have to go to an official Polish language translator and translate this into Polish. This is about 100 Polish zloty. Or better if you have a Polish Akt Urodzenia then the process goes much easier, and its only 20 Polish zloty. You get his from Urzad Stanu Cywilnego in Polish

3)Then you go to a Polish court with your future wife/husband and partition them to marry a Polish citizen . This will cost about 100 Polish zloty. You will need an official Polish translator if you do not speak the Polish language. This will take about a few months or more in a city and much quicker if you do it in the Polish countryside.

4)At the end of this, you get a piece of paper from the Polish court that says you can marry a Polish citizen. And you take this to the priests. (After you are married by the priest you take another Piece of Paper and bring it to Urzad Stanu Cywilnego, this is some Polish office where you simply register your church marriage. Urzad in Polish is a Polish government office.)

The Catholic Church marriage

1) You need to go to classes over four weeks, these classes are kind of interesting and in Polish, so if you are learning or want to learn Polish, here is your chance and the classes are fun. Your there with a bunch of other Polish couples.

Then you have to meet together as a couple twice with a layperson from the church and each individually once.  After this process, you will get a piece of paper with 7 stamps. You each need this. I think this only cost about 30 Polish złoty and the counseling is actually solid advice, not this crazy media pop psychology you might get in the west.
2) You need your birth certificate and your baptism certificate, you need your confirmation certificate or a letter from your priest back home that says you were confirmed (This is the only document that does not need to be to update).
3) You make an appointment with the main church office in your town with all your papers. They check it.
5)Your future wife’s priest and your priest will need to announce, in her and your church, that you will be married. These announcements occur on three Sundays.
That is it.You are all set for your Polish wedding.
How long does this take? It depends on you. I would say 6 months is good but if you wan to do it in 3 months I think this can be done.

Can you pay anyone to make this go faster? No.
Can I get married in the church without the government paper? Technically yes. But it would not be a legal Polish wedding and I do not know if this done. But in the eyes of the Church, you are married happily ever after.

So what do I need again to get married in Poland?

1) A court decision that says you can marry a Polish person

2) Birth certificate

3) Baptismal certificate

4) Church wedding preparation certificate

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I do not have perfect information about marriage and wedding’s in Poland or to a Polish citizen, but, this is a start.

trying to get marry to a polish girl this summer in a civil way.what papper do i need?

First, you are a lucky person, Polish people are cultured, bright and of course beautiful.
Are you an EU citizen or American or other? Generally you will need your 1) an original birth certificate (can be ordered via the internet for about 20 dollars), translated into Polish by an official translator 2) copy of your passport. 3) Fill out a form at the court to explain WHY you want to get married. 4) You need a statement from you embassy that says you are free to marry or they have no information on this matter, which is the usual case. Good news this is free, just go to your embassy they will know what this paper is. 5) The more paper the better, perhaps work contracts etc are not needed but good. Then you will have to go to court with your sweetheart and before a judge explain your reasons for marriage. If you do not speak Polish you will need an to get an offical court translator. Once you get the ok from the Judge to marry a Polish citizen, the paper with the stamp and signature from the judge goes to the black hole called Warsaw for further stamps, then you are all set. This will take a few months. I see no reason to get a laywer involved, its just getting your documents in order.

If you are not getting married in Poland the country where you are getting married will determine the law, but it will not be valid in Poland until you go to a Polish office and get stamps etc.

Its really only about a day of running arround and collecting paper, and its worth it as Polish women will are amazing.

The paperwork applies to the country you will be married in. If you are married in the USA, then you are married in Poland and India also. In fact you can not legally then go to Poland or India and get married again unless its a religious marriage rather than civil. In the USA it depends on the state. Nevada all you need is a passport for example, basically. Generally, a form that states you are not married now, not related and a birth certificate.

Hi I am an Indian marrying a polish girl. I live and work in USA. Do you have an idea what type of paper I need from Indian and what should be written on that. I know I need Birth certificate and a paper but I have no idea oh what is criterion for this paper i.e whats the requirement for the Polish court or law suite. I am going to be with her in October to file papers for marriage later on, though I need it earliest but I am not sure how long will it take. Please guide me I would definately heartily appreciate your kind help. I would like to add Polish girls are amazing, really beautiful and really nice and loving. You can know only if you are one lucky man to have one.



Hi, Thanks for shedding some light on this quite hectic activity.I am an African International student studying in Poland and I dont quite fancy the idea of having a baby while still unmarried to my charming and intelligent Polish girlfriend To whom owns all the love and respect I can give. I reside in Poland by the way and
I would like to know if
(1)Marriages to african origin international students is frowned upon in Poland.
(2)What are the criterion we have to pass through to get married legally, considering the fact that I do not come from a Catholic background and do not have any such document as a Baptismal Certificate.
(3)Is it ok if we complete the court marriage procedure and stop there without going through the church marriage part.(Can she be known legally as my wife at this stage?)
Thanks in anticipation of your response to my questions.

hi im an irish man and im getting married in poland in aug, and just wondering what i need to have its going to be in a registry office over there , as my future wife is divorced . thanks, deeds

@deeds, Where will you live? Where will you be married? If you are both Catholic I would not rule out a Church wedding even though one person is divorced.
If you do the marriage in Poland there is paper work you have to do of course, but you’re a EU citizen so it’s not that much. If you are getting married in Ireland, then again normal amount of paper work since Poland is a EU country. However, once you are married you are married everywhere in the world. Nothing else is required, in fact its illegal to get married legally twice in most places, althought a sperate civil and church wedding is allowed.
It is wise after to register in the other person’s country if you have an intention of staying connected with that country. For example. I am an American that was married in Poland. We live in Poland. But I will at some point register it in the USA just in case we would ever want to live there (USA requires visas) or we have kids (for dual citizenship) or just generally it could make things easier. But even though we were married in Poland, in a Polish church and in Polish and I have not got arround to doing anything with the USA in terms of paperwork, we are married in the USA in everyway, as marriage is an international universal thing and universally recognized.

@Keith you are both EU citizens, this makes it alot easier. Because you are an EU citizen you can get all your paperwork translated in Ireland, but it needs to be with an official translator that will give you a stamp. If you do not have one in Ireland, your wife can connect you with one while in Poland. Not just any, translator but an offical one. They can do it by mail. Which city? If your are going to be married in Krakow easy, there is where I was married. Warsaw or a big city easy. Basically you need all the birth and legal documents in Polish. Good news! The church is very easy, they are not the government, they do not have the same laws, they just need to see your church documents and do not need an official translator and in most cases do not care if its even translated. So do not worry about the church as much they will work with you. Its the government because they have to go right exactly be the law. Poland has Roman law so its all about what is on paper. No exceptions. And if they do not give you an approval, even if the church does, there will be no marriage. End of story. So do not delay. Get everything translated – basically you whole goal is a marriage licence. All the other stuff before the marriage licence, is not important ultimately. It is all about whatever, it takes to get the licence in hand. So my task to assign your wife while in Poland is 1) go to the Polish office and clarify what they need from you. I think I know, but make sure, as you are a EU citizen, I think will will be birth documents translated and an application. 2) connect with an offical Polish translator. Do these two simple things and you are on your way. Also talk to the Priest. If you are in Krakow I can guide you further. I hope this helps you to get married in Poland

I am a Irish Man who will marry a Polish girl in July in Poland.

Can I get all the paperwork done here and then translate it to Polish or do I need to go to Poland with partner. She is over there now for a week. Is there anything that she can do without me there.

@electrichijiki Renewing wedding vows have nothing to do with civil proceedures. You can not get married twice. Once you are married you are married and that means anywhere in the world. In fact I thought it would be fun to have a vegas wedding after our real wedding in Poland, if we were driving to vegas for our honeymoon. But I called the USA and the State of Nevada ,and they said if you are married in Poland you are married. It is illegal to married twice and no civil paperwork can be done, anywhere in the world. So according to Nevada, renewing vows has to do with promises between two people and nothing to do with the state. The church will do with for you. You can have a real church, the whole 9 yards, the whole shebang, – not just a renewal as the church is different than then the state, and according to the church you were not married. And if her family is religous as most Poles are, it would be meaningful to them. But your faith is atheism and if you are strong in this leap of faith to “no”, then a sacred ceremony is not an option for you. I do not know how to go about renewing non-religious vows, I think in this case you have to use your imagination and do it privately with the person who presides over your ‘wedding’ being someone you respect. I think its great you are doing this.

I am writing searching for information regarding the renewal of marriage vows in Poland.
I am an Australian and British Citizen. My Wife is a Polish Citizen. My wife and I were married in the UK during 2001. Now we wish to renew our marriage vows with our family and friends in a cermony in Poland. My wife and i both are atheist.

Therefore i am seeking the following information:
Is it possible to renew marriage vows in Poland?
or is it possible for a civil celebrant to conduct the legal marriage service again?
And will this service need to be conducted at a registar office. Or is it possible to conduct this service anywhere we wish.
And which documents will i need to provide?
Thank You
Kind Regards.

Actually we would prefer to conduct the whole service again. Sign books. Everything.

Thanks Markbiernat,
For your infomation.
This is proving to be a tricky situation. As some member of our guests are unaware we are actually married.

Im actually a little confused with the following you wrote.

“The church will do with for you. You can have a real church, the whole 9 yards, the whole shebang, – not just a renewal as the church is different than then the state, and according to the church you were not married.”

So our options are.
1. get married in a Polsh Church. And they wont register to the Polish Government our Polish legal church wedding. But have to adopt catholic religion. (When i said aethesit above i mean i have no religious views.) My wifes family are not really religious either.
2. renew vows through a local civil celebrant whom decalres we are married and will not registar any legal documents but still conduct the service anyway. Do you think we would still get to sign the documents, get certificate etc. But the civil celebrant would not file paperwork.
3. renew vows with our own personal service.
kind regards

Hi Mark,

We are both British, living in England, and are getting married in Krakow in August 2008.
We have been advised of different processes to enable us to marry in the Catholic Church there. Our Parish priest has said that we need to fill paperwork in, attend wedding lessons and provide our christening certificates. The priest in Poland has said that we need various other documents all translated into Polish and that we also have to have a civil ceremony and get married in England prior to the Church wedding in Krakow. Ideally, we don’t want to marry here first as it defeats the point of getting married in Poland. Would you be able to offer any further advice?
Many thanks

@Tereska You do not need to get married in the UK first. What you need is a marriage licence, this is your main civil document. This is not the marriage but just a licence. We were sent in 20 different directions as everyone told use something different. So ask many people.

In Poland the Church and the government have an agreement that the Church wedding is a legal wedding. However, certain requirements are needed to be fullfilled first that is paperwork. But you are EU citizens and it will most likely be less then the paperwork I did as a US citizen.

About the church wedding lessons, you can do that anywhere. UK or Poland. In any Church. I did it in Poland. I understand Polish but I am not a native speaker. The church lessons are fun and the least of your worries. Translating things into Polish is no big deal either. Not matter where you get married you will need these church douments. Go to Parafia Wszystkich Swietych ul. Kanonicza 11 012-442-6573 by the Franciscan Church.

So it all comes down to the civil documents. You have to go to the office in Kraków near Nowy Klepasz. Do it quick as I think you need a judge to approve you eventually. Everyone will tell you something different. But if you want to get married in Poland you can do it. I did. The thing is they have so few foreigners get married in Poland, so most people have mis-information. But think about the USA and the UK it happens all the time. My my advice is if you want to get married in Poland go to the places I recommended and ask many people.


Were you able to make any progress with your wedding plans? My fiance and I are planning to have an outdoor wedding ceremony in Krakow this summer, one that is no legally binding, as we are planning on having a civil wedding once we return to Chicago. We have tried the Consulate, friends in Poland, etc., and no one seems to know where to direct us. I have yet to contact the krakow Urzad Stanu Cywilnego, but have heard that in other cities they simply laugh at the idea of leaving their offices and marrying a couple on the beach or in a grass field.


@Dorothygo I think the idea you and electrichijiki have is grand. I am very romantic I am creating pages of love phrases just for fun in different languages on my site. So if anyone knows of a solution I am very interested. I think civil marriages not in an office, renewing of marriage vows and non religious wedding are rare in Poland. But Poland is an exotic romantic country and I would love to know if such types of non binding marriage ceremonies exist. Please let me know if anyone finds out. I live in Poland and I am not sure if marriages like this exist in Poland.

I am in austria and have an Austrian woman (citizen) as a girlfriend and i like to have my marriage in poland. However i do not know the requirements for such a wedding in Poland. What do I need to have with me when I come to Poland. I want to know if my wife Tobe also need anything. Is it the same as marrying a women from Poland? thanks.

@EHIS My first question is will be be a church or civil wedding? I think if its a church wedding the priest can guide you pretty good with even the civil documents as they have church experts in this matter they can consulat. The church and the state of Poland have a treaty regarding marriage. Now from a pure civil point of view I am not sure. You are an EU citizen and I think if two EU citizens want to be married its very easy, however, I am not 100% certain. I think you can do it in think Austrian consultant and then do the church wedding etc. See even though we are in the EU each country only has records of their own citizens. Their own birth certificates etc. So to be married in a Polish office you would need to go through the paperwork, registering there. You can do this but its work. If your objective is to have a beautiful, simple, less expensive, exotic romantic wedding in Poland. Perhaps you get the paperwork done in your consulat and then get a Priest to marry you in a beautiful Polish church, in the English, Polish or German. My wedding was in Krakow, Poland in English and Polish. And it was 1/5 the cost of an American wedding and in my opinion the most beautiful wedding I could have ever had. So I would recommend a wedding in Poland.

@Maria Thanks for commenting on How to get married in Poland. I am not a lawyer so I can only give my opinion. But this is what I think. Poland and the UK are two separate counties. Each one knows nothing of the other. So I think keep both citizenships if you want. If Poland does not know anything about your marriage and divorce and your name is the same as when you left Poland just get a new doword. I do not think you need to complicate things and say too much or they will ask for alot of paper. Why would anybody come after you about paper and stamps? I would not worry so much, you are a UK citizen and legal in the UK. You are a Polish citizen in Poland even without an ID card. ID card is just and ID card, not the right for citizenship or you come on your UK passport. Many of my friends in the USA are US citizens and have no ID what so ever. Now regarding laws of inheritance, its more complicated. I think nationality has little affect on your right to inherit something, you can get property or money if you are included in the will. But from a tax perspective its important. If its a lot of money I would see advice as tax laws are very complicated. Each county will want to take as much as they can. You need to figure out what is best for you. If you are living in the UK you could ask advice from a Polish lawyer as it will not be that much compared to UK prices. But marriage I think has little to do with it at this point.

I have a bit of a dillema. I came to the UK in 1991 on a working visa, and got married to a UK citizen in 1997. Had a baby, registered in Uk with british passport – and in 2004 got naturalised myself and hold a british passport. Problems started when I wanted to change the name on my polish passport – procedure seemed complicated, costly and impractical, and as officials in Poland told me I didn’t have to do it, I left well alone. My polish passport has maiden neme on it,has now run out, and marriage was never officially reported in Poland. I live in the UK and have no plans of returning. I’m also divorced.
My parents reported to me, that since all citizens had to get new id cards (dowod) there was a letter at home asking why I didn’t replace mine. Hmm. They will allow me to state my reasons in writing when I next go there.
Am I breaking any laws by leaving things as they are? According to British law, everything is legal. And will there be any problems if I inherit in Poland? Should I renounce my polish nationality?

Thanks so much. The complication arises mostly from the name – I kept the married name because of my daughter. I’ve used UK passport for everything so far, but wonder, in case of inheritance, if they’d accept it without quibble as ID in Poland. Especially as I figure with my married name in their official books. You’re right about consulting a lawyer in Poland, might do that next week when I visit. If we get to fly that is – we woke up to heavy covering of snow this morning. And everything stops for snow here 🙂

missed out ‘don’t’ in 4th line, of course I don’t figure in the books in married name. My English is affected by snow.

If you are in Krakow I know a trustworthy lawyer, but I am sure you have one of your own. But like I said I think the only issue I would worry about is taxes as I do not think anyone would come after you for paper or deny you of your rights of inheritance, this is why a lawyer is a good idea. In Poland a lawyer is like 30 GPB.

hi there. im an irishman looking to marry my polish girlfriend in pozan, poland. im not catholic though i was raised one, so im baptised and have been confirmed. i heard of two people whom i know that got married (church wedding) in poland, both polish, one being a catholic and the other not. the non believer had to sign a document which said that he would not interfere with the mother bringing up the children in the catholic faith. is that true? is that really required for a church wedding between a catholic and non catholic?

@dbaz, Hi- My own advice, do not worry. I think you are right. You have to sign a paper if you want to get married. But if you do not want to get married in the church you do not have to. It is 100% your choice.

You can get married in a Polish office by a beaurocrat and have to sign another set of papers, or even in Vegas. Why be a fake and get a Church wedding if you just want the pictures – a Halmark moment – but it means nothing and you do not respect other peoples rules? Being an authentic person is what living a good moral life is about.

The church wedding is an optional thing, and if you want all the nice things that go with it, you should play by the rules, this is only fair. Again the church wedding is your choice. It is between you and your future wife.

So if you are a believer you do not have to sign anything, but if not, play by the rules. Try to see it with respect and humility. It is something that is between you and your future wife. If she is a believer I think it would be a great show of love to respect her beliefs, but only if you are sincere and not spiteful about it and bring it up latter with distaste.

If I was to marry a Jewish person (I am not Jewish) I would respect their rules and be honored that they would consider me. But I think Jewish, or any major religion has the same type of rule.

Ghandi said “you are your religion”. How sincere and loving towards others is how we will be judged. So my own advice would be,- it is your choice- if you want to get married in a Church wedding, do it with love, if not, that is is ok too it is your choice. If your choice is a Church wedding than with love and respect honor the people of that religion, or just do it in Vegas by a velvet picture of Elvis.

About marriage in Poland and marriage in the Church to a Polish person:

u think its ok for me to sign a piece of paper that gives up my rights to raise my kids the way i want?

“The church wedding is an optional thing, and if you want all the nice things that go with it, you should play by the rules, this is only fair.”

abide by rules which are of course not fair, and u c no problem with signing a piece of paper that says i cannot interfere with my partner raising my children as catholics?

“So if you are a believer you do not have to sign anything, but if not, play by the rules. Try to see it with respect and humility. It is something that is between you and your future wife. If she is a believer I think it would be a great show of love to respect her beliefs, but only if you are sincere and not spiteful about it and bring it up latter with distaste.”

a great show of love and respect to her beliefs?

@D baz
Sorry to offend, I only write what I write because I take marriage seriously. I take honesty seriously.
Most important thing is God does not care where you get married. IMO. God does not care about little things like this. So its not about that. God sees the good in every person, regardless of faith or even lack of faith.

However, I am less then perfect and dishonesty does bothers me.

The fact is, one can not be an honest person if one wants to sign a paper which is a testimony that one will do something with the intent not to do it. That is called a lie. That is perjury. That is called fraud. That is called dishonest. It is called being a phony.

Symbolism over Substance
I said that, where you get married is all your choice. Many of my friends get married in an office or dream of a vegas wedding. But I respect them because they are honest. You might get married not in Poland but in a field in Cork. Your choice. I think as long as everyone is honest this is the best. Today people love symbolism over substance. That is fake. If you promise something with no intention of doing it in your heart, that is wrong.

I would not marry someone who says one thing, but does another, because if you can not trust a person in small matters you can not trust them in large. But that is something between you and your wife. I am just saying I would not be with a person who has anger or dishonesty in their heart. Marriage in Poland is taken seriously. Children in Poland are very important. Children learn by example.

Relax man I am not saying that you will do something that low, as sign a paper with no sincere intent. Even if that is what you wrote about marriage in Poland above. I think you would never do something like that, as I am sure you are a polite peaceful respectful honest person. I am sorry you got so upset. (yes I delete your rude angry comments) You asked a question about marriage in Poland and answered the way I felt was honest. I know many foreigners do not respect the Poland or the Church and just want to a beautiful Polish girl. I get many comments I delete as they are foreign guys trying to find and marry a Polish girl and are not respectful in any way towards the Church or Poland.

The Church means a lot to people here in Poland. If you are marrying a Polish person you know that. Faith to a Polish person is usually the most important thing along with family. I was born in America from 10,000 miles away and I know this, and respect the church and the greatness of Poland and the Polish people.

ps how is your Polish coming along? Can you speak Polish? Its a beautiful language. Do you speak Polish or English together? I wish you luck in your marriage in Poland.

@ Agnieszka – I think all he need is a letter from his embassy which says he free to marry. This means he is not married now. Usually the embassy does not even say he is free or not, rather they have no information in that regard. And that is ok too because then it falls back on his word and promise that he can now get married.

Therefore, when in a Polish court he has to simply swear that he can get married according to the laws of where he is from, if the embassy has paper that says they do not know. Its all based on his word and honesty. For example, I got a letter from my embassy that said they have not information, and the judge accepted that when I swore I was not currently married.

Further they looked at the state of CT in the USA where I am from to make sure I can legally get married. All they are looking for there is age, that is that I am old enough to get married and you are also. Further they want to make sure you two are not related by blood. It seems silly as I am a tall blond from America and my wife is a dark exotic looking Polish girl.

These are all formalities of Polish law which you should not have to worry about, all you need is that paper from his embassy that says they do not know, or he is free to marry. Either way. The rest is more based on what you say in court, your word. Polish court will honor your word. Powodzenia. and ask if you have any questions.

1) His passport. 2) letter from the embassy saying “they do not know if he can marry” or “he is free to marry” 3) His birth certificate translated to Polish by an official Polish translator. 4) maybe a letter from the embassy which says he has not been in trouble with the law or does not owe any taxes etc to this country. (I did this for my green card but I do not recall if it’s part of the marriage court. ) 5) If he will live in Poland they may be interested in proof in his ability to support himself (not required but they will ask about his work and educations). He can be an Arabic teacher etc. Main thing do not worry, I did it as many of my friends. If you are in love than just try your best to get the paper together. IMO Polish people like foreigners and are helpful to them and I think if you want to get married you can. After you get a civil approval for marriage you are free to get a civil or church wedding. If he has no interest in a Church wedding than if you want you can get it blessed by the church. I am from the USA, I see every type of marriage from Islam and Catholic to Jewish and Catholic to Baptist to atheist. As long people are loving and honest it all works.

Hi ,
How are you?
My boyfriend and i we want to get married next month. We want to get married in poland im polish citizen and my boyfriend is libyan citizen. I want to know if we need permission from his country that he can marry a foreign woman to get Court decision that says you can marry a Polish person or we need only his marital status?

Best regards Agnieszka

Thank you for the answear. Maybe you know if in court they will want any documents from my boyfriend ? If yes can you tell me what we need to collect? Pozdrawiam

In Poland there isnt Libyan embassy. Im wondering if paper which says that my boyfriend isnt married which will be confirmed by the Libyan Goverment translate to polish language plus the criminal record will be approved by the polich court to give us the certificate that he is free to marry ?

He has to get it from his own consulate or government at home and translated by an official Polish translator. That you should be able to do. The main thing is that he can get married and is not married. I do not recall if the criminal thing was for marriage or greencard. Also I am an American with a strong connection to Poland my name is ‘Biernat’ , and I live here in Poland and work here in Poland and I speak Polish, self taught, however, the judge asked me a lot of questions to make sure the marriage is real. They want to make sure if a Polish citizen marries a person from another country it is real. Even when I was applying for my visa the Police would interview me and my neighbors etc. So do not take offense if your boyfriend is asked those questions also. They are just making sure that everything is honest and real. But you know if you get married in the USA they do the same if not more. So do not take offense, they are just following specific procedures outlined in Polish law as is the law of every country to get married or get a visa.

@Anna, Hmm that is a very hard question. You have to ask the Polish embassy about that one, as I do not know. However, I think if you can get a divorce in the UK. Than it might be legal for Poland if the UK is your place of residence. Just like if you are married in one country you are married all over the world. But I am not sure. There was no divorce in Ireland for many years also. If you want to get married in Poland I would talk to the Polish embassy. I am a Polish American and for even me, who had a green card before I got married because my family is Polish, the Polish government did a very detailed check of me. Why? Many people want to marry EU citizens for citizenship. This is very illegal and will put all parties in prison if found out. I think I should warn people about this. If you are thinking of getting married in Poland, just for citizenship/money, people go to jail for this.

I’m from Philippines, My fiance is from Poland and we’re here in UK, we plan to get married in Poland, after my divorce here in UK, we dont have divorce in Philippines, that’s why I get my divorce here in UK. Will that be ok? I’m not sure if I can get a statement from Philippine embassy since we dont have divorce there. Will the divorce paper not enough to prove that we can marry?

@ Karrie Hello and welcome. I am an American and I got married in Poland and I highly recommend it. Why? It is very romantic, exotic and beautiful and if you do it right about 1/4 the price. And if you have a connection to Poland that is great. But if you do that is ok too, many people get married in Poland even though they are not Polish citizens. Ok, now here is the bad news. Most are EU citizens, however, I am pretty sure US citizens get married here to other US citizens also, I just do not know the rules on this. I think I have to look around as I get a number of requests. 1) Are you going to have a church wedding? That is actually the easy part, many English speaking priests and they are very helpful. I can even help with this. 2) Reception and hotels and part and even dresses are not as pricey as in the states, very classy places, if you needed any ideas just write. 3) It all comes down to Polish civil law. I do not know the law on this case. I am pretty sure its possible, and I have a good ideas how to do it also, its just that I do not want to tell you wrong about how to get a civil document in Poland for marriage if you are not Polish. I think its exactly the same way as a citizen would, that is you need everything in Polish and the main thing is a marriage license. Two ideas a) I think you might be able to get this civil marriage (which is required for any church marriage via the US embassy with no translations require or b) go though the Polish offices. I know that companies provide this service. If you want and are serious I could look into it, but only if you really want to get married in Poland.

I would like to know how two american citizens could get married in poland and everything it would take to do so


Me and my future husband are from sweden, and want to get married in Krakow, where do we begin?? help!

@Elina, I got married in Krakow, Poland it work out very well. I can recommend Krakow for a very romantic beautiful wedding. First tell me what kind of wedding are you thinking? Church or civil? I think I can guide you a bit and how to start.

Hey! Hope you can help us, or give some information on what we have to do in order to have a civil wedding in Poland. We are both scandinavian citizents (Norwegian and Swedish). Do you know anything about what documents we need, do we need a temporary stay card?
I really hope you can give us some help/guidance! Ewa

@Ewa, Like I said I had the most romantic wedding in Poland, and it was a fraction of the price of back home in the USA, so I recommend it.

Further you are both European citizens and there is no visa or green card or anything required to stay. I think you can stay as long as you like. The only thing that I think is complex is the actual paperwork through the Polish offices.

If you do it in a church then you can get the license for marriage in your own country, then a church will marry you here. But as much as I want to help you at this time I do not have clear information on how a foreigner can get married in Poland if neither one is Polish, in a civil marriage only. –> I think its the same way as I did (I had a church wedding, but still had to get the civil paperwork done), that is go to the Polish office for getting a marriage civil paperwork first license, which means getting things translated to Polish etc.

I think some people get civil paper work done in their own country and have a church or other service here. I can help you with any ideas for the reception, location etc, but the actual paperwork you might have to talk to the Polish embassy, or have someone help you in Poland. —> but I think it is the same paper work I listed at the top of this post ‘how to get married in Poland’.

i am a polish girl and i am going to married an Indian boy in india.Later we wont 2 go 2 Poland and we wont 2 get civil marriage there as well! So i would like 2 know if we can do that and which documents we need to get register marriage in poland!!!!!!

Thank you

Kinga, if you are married in India than you are married in Poland and all over the world, you just need to translate and registar in Poland.

Yes he needs a visa. Marriage does not change citizenship or the need for a visa. Many people think it does, but it does not. You have to apply for a visa at your Urząd. You need a lot of papers. Marriage documents etc translated, birth documents translated all by an official translator, his CV and life story I think letters from his embassy saying he is ok with the law in India and maybe a police interview. I had to have all these and more. I am Polish, my grandparent are all from Poland and I have family here but the police interviewed me and my neighbors etc. But do not worry, if you are married to a Polish citizen they really do not give you a hard time at all. Its all just because its in the law. If you are in Krakow I can tell you were to go. But basically yes he needs a visa and citizenship will take years. My parents were Polish citizens, I am married to a Polish citizen and I have been waiting almost 5 years for my case to be herd for citizenship, Warsaw has a huge backlog of cases. By the time I have citizenship, if approved, it could be six years. So go for the visa first and about 5 years + he can get citizen even if the law says 3 because of the backlog. Its like a black hole applying for these things. Ask any question you want as marriage is an important thing, a once in a life time event so ask questions.

Thanks for yours replay!!!!
i have one more quastion when we will get marriage in india and later want to go to poland, which type of documents my partner will need? do he need any type of visa????

@Kinga, You must be very happy about your baby :). Ok here is what I know. If he is married to a Polish citizen, that is you, visa is not that hard actually, I think they give him a temporary visa. All done through the Polish embassy if you are not living in Poland. If you are in Poland and in Małopolska got to ul. Sebastiana Krakow. They will really help you out. I know Polish people like to complain about this but on Sebastiana despite the long lines they are nice. I made it sound a little harder in my first reply to you as many people are not marrying Polish people for visas, I think they get 10.000 Euro. As this will get them in the EU. And every day on my blog I get comments from people who are looking just for this visa, I do not reply usually. So to be straight. I think your child will have UK citizenship (if born in the UK) and Polish for sure, you Polish and your husband will get a visa to live in Poland. The baby does not affect his visa. There is not father visa. There is a marital visa but not a parent visa. If you are married and get everything translated by and official translator he will get a temporary visa while he is waiting for the long term visa. I think if I were you I would go to the Polish Embassy.

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