Chakra in Krakow Poland on Wavel hill

Where is the famous Chakra of Krakow, which often times official tour guides do no like to talk about and many people ask me where is the Chakra of Cracow? It is in the Castle in the court-yard in the East corner.

location of the chakra of Cracow

Here is aphotoclose up of the Krakow chakra. The energy is from deep within the earth and radiates up.

Krakow chakra

What is the Krakow chakra

There are seven energy plexus in the world, one of them being in Krakow, Poland in the Wawel castle.  It is the second chakra connected with passion and life generation.  It is an inter dimensional portal that has existed before recorded time.  Humans have lived on Wawel hill about 50,ooo year maybe as long as 100,000 years but I think more like 50,000 years at most, this is based on archaeological evidence.

Map of the location of this Hindu energy center.

Wawel hill was a center for Pagan worship and mythology with idols along the Vistula river.

I do not believe in all this new age stuff, but I do believe in archaeology and science and religion in the ultimate meaning of the universe.  I think there is a reality  deeper than our brains can perceive.  In fact, like Hegal argued there is a complex stratification of reality.

I point this out as the Chakra of Krakow is interesting and important part of some Eastern Religions.

You can see people meditating and touching it all year around.  So many people are there the walls are worn.

History of the seven Shiva energy stones

The seven places,  chakras, are: Krakow, Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem,  and Velehrad. This is according to Hindu religion. Look up lord Shiva, he is seen as the transformer.

God caste seven stones into the world and the energy radiates from these points. Some people say studies confirm this.

It would be cool if an inter dimensional time space portal plexus did exist there on Wawel hill.

7 energy centers, Cracow is the second from the bottom.

Energy nexus in Eastern Europe causes mixed reactions

Having an energy nexus in Krakow means something different culturally for someone from Eastern Europe then the USA.  It is because the Eastern Europeans have a love/hate curiosity with anything outside of the orthodoxy of Roman Catholicism. Whereas in other cultures particularly in South America magical and supernatural elements from pre-Christian times are part of their understanding of Catholicism and classified as mystical or spiritual. This is connected to the history and demographics of conversion.

In contrast, a person from Poland is often either more Orthodox, or they reject everything about the church and even arrogantly ironic. In the West, which is a melting pot of ideas because we did not have the experience of communism closing our world for fifty years, there is more of a fusion or dilution, depending on your perspective.

Therefore, the mention of an energy nexus will invoke either total skeptical sarcastic remarks or warnings that this is outside the realm of something that should be discussed or considered.

I personally think it has more of a historical significance than a metaphysical reality. It could be seen as a Jungian thing on a massive world wide scale but I never felt anything when I was there.

However, just because my experience was nothing special, does not mean it is not a reality as there are other people who experience something.

The hill where the Chakras exists is known as Wawel hill (pronounced Vavel and means ravine)) and it was formed in the 25 million years ago in the Miocene epoch and is rich in limestone from the Jurassic Oxfordian age about 160 million years ago.

Archaeological remains indicate there were pre-Slavic cultures and a pagan worship area. Polish culture were relatively late comers.

Author: Mark Biernat

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11 thoughts on “Chakra in Krakow Poland on Wavel hill”

  1. i want to know more about these shiva chakara as i beleve in it

  2. I wish to know where I can gather with like minded people about worship and meditation in Krakow. Are there any yogis or Yoga studios in Krakow or people I can connect with? And lastly how can I learn Polsh?

    1. It is a city of a million people so there are many Yoga Studios and a number of places for meditation, basically you can find a home for your beliefs. To learn Polish, you have to get start learning Polish words, that is my recommendation.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you know of any published material on the seven chakra? I’m interesting in learning about when this belief arose, when pilgrims started visiting the sites, etc. Why is Wawel the second chakra? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated

    1. I have seen it mentioned in books. Tour books give it a superficial overview and Poland is a catholic country so does not really care too much about this. However, I think it is connected to an ancient mythology. If I recall Wawel hill was a settlement that is one of the oldest in Europe and pre-Slavic. Literally 100,000 years or something by archeological evidence and there were religious ceremonies on the hill as well as ancient archeological monuments. If you find out more please let me know. I do not the settlements were very ancient and I was surprised that humans in our forms even existed that long ago.
      I think some who the mythology of Indo-European picked up on this and it was transmitted across the ancient world.
      Krakow is a spiritual center regardless. It could also be connected to when the historical rise of the Polish nation was at its zenith, that is very early in the development of the nation, and hence the second chakra.
      Another theory is Krakow’s geographical location in the world and it could be an alignment thing.
      However, my theory is it is connected to an ancient sacred area, which is was and this mythology grew to be included in a more formal understanding of the area from a Hindu type perspective.

  4. Shiva to komet który w tedy w przechodzeniu w atmosfere ziemską zaczoł się rozdzielać w 7 ( równo odmiarnych? ) częśći. Skąd, kiedy, jak, i.t.d. niewiem

    Kosmiczne Czakramy Świata to jusz w tych Centrach
    W Kolorach Tęczy, rezonujące z Czakrami ludzkimi:

    1. Kraków = czerwony (( Korzeń )) → Kathedra pod Kathedrą pod podłożem wawelskim
    2. Velherad = pomarańczowy (( Bżuch )) → Ałtaż? w Klasztorze w Velhradzie
    3. Rzym = żółty (( splot słoneczny )) → pod pópą Papierza ( pod Vatykanem )
    4. Delfi = zielony (( Serce )) → w Biblotece z napisem “Poznaj samego siebie”
    5. Jerusalem = jasnoniebieski (( Gardło )) → pod Świątynią nad Górą
    6. Mekka = ciemnoniebieski (( Neo Korteks )) → w kostce czarnej w końciku kostki
    7. Delhi = fioletowy (( Korona )) → wielka Świątynia ( prosze poszukać )

    Połączone są zawsze o kolorze komplementarnym:

    Kraków z Jeruzolimą ( czerwony / j.n. )
    Velherad z Mekką ( pomarańczowy / c.n. )
    Rzym z Delhi ( żółty / fioletowym )
    Delfi z Krakowem ( zielony / czerwonym )
    Jerusolima z Velheradem ( j.n. / pomarańczowy )
    Mekka z Rzymem ( c.n. / żółty )
    Delhi z Delfi ( fioletowy / zielony )

    ((( Kierunek jest ważny! )))

    Paletty kolorów komplementarnych są aktywne i pasywne ( proszę sprawdzić )
    Kierunek funkcji czakrów w ludckim organiźmie jest taki sam ( proszę sprawdzić )

    Bo otwarcie korony jest otwarciem na wiedze, hindusi mają ją naj bardziej ukwitniętą, polacy naj bardziej utumioną ( energie )

    Puki Energia nie Płynie z kożeni do korony cyrkulując, przes wszyskie centra, człowiek nie będzie mjał spokoju? 🙂 pokoju

    jak i w ciela tak i na ziemi

  5. I live in Cracow and I can feel during the meditation that its is the crown chakra. Does any one now different scheme of qualification? I am in Rome now and I’m wandering what chakra is in here. Maybe it can be the third eye chakra, what do you think?

    1. Rome is a planetary center I just do not know which one it is. What do you feel there. I could make speculation but I am curious what you think. I do not know if I really believe in these world planetary centers but it is an interesting idea to think about or meditate on.

  6. I know that God is not a fool. He knows very well where he threw ( send ) these stone on Earth. It could have been in some other places, but no. it was in some specific places.
    If we look at the history of these places then we will understand Why?
    I have been in Krakow recently and I can confirm how energetically it was. Very, very, impressive.

    1. How interesting,

      I stumbled upon your site while researching EU citizenship. But this has really piqued my curiosity. I remember reading about Chakra years ago and have completely forgotten about it.

      Even though, I was born and raised in Poland I visited Kraków for the first time last year. I can truly attest to the fact that the city itself has a unique energy. How do I know? Not sure that I can explain it well. Was it the architecture, topography, people or perhaps the season? I can’t say, but it certainly left a very positive impression on me.

      I’ve been to many cities in Europe and live in the US, but our multi-day stay near the Wavel was strangely rejuvenating, and this was towards the end of our three week European vacation, with a toddler no less. One would’ve thought that corpulentigue would be a factor, but it was completely the opposite, there is something definitely there.

      Thought I would share my experience.

  7. I am Polish. My friends just love idea to go on visit to Krakow, many people hope to find a job here and be able to move on because of this special energy of this town, they getting excited about everything in this city. Looks like I am the only one who really doesn’t feel in Krakow well. No idea why,this is just boring to me I prefer cities like Katowice, Warszawa – here I feel some special energy. Maybe because I was growing up in very similar architecture places. No idea.

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