Why relationships succeed

Relationships succeed for one very simple reason:

  • The people are similar in their world view in a radical way.

That is, religious or philosophical ideals that crystallizes their vision of the world and modus operandi in the world, this is  manifest in each person humbles and submits themselves to the other, this is love.

Once you get past physical attraction a relationship, is really about home much you can let go of ego and pride. I think women often use their looks to get what they want. It does not set a good precedent.

Make a relationship work

Once you get past physical attraction a relationship, which have no illusions about is central, it is really about home much you can let go of ego and pride. I think women often use their looks to get what they want. It does not set a good precedent. The woman has to be irresistible for you, but have the virtues of a prayerful person.

Therefore, to make a relationship work, do not listen to every advice column on the web. Do not even listen to psychologists or your girlfriends. You do not need to take compatibility tests all over the web or check each others signs. All you need is a world view that is the same in a radical way.

Why relationships succeed – be on the same path of self purification in life.

How to choose your wife or husband

  • What you do need to is ask the other person right in the eye, what they believe about life and the reason we are here. It has to be face to face and honest.

If you or they cannot answer that, or have a divergent view, this is an issue that you have to think about. As you will be spending your life with a person who has a different idea on what life is about. Ask this once you get to know them of course, dating is not a business interview.

Why relationships succeed at first then have trouble

Ego is the opposite of love. Pride always comes before the fall and ego is what causes pride. People are not willing for be submissive. Women today think being a submissive girl is a bad thing. I believe anyone who can not humble themselves and drop their pride everyday can not love and certainly not forgive.

People with pride cannot see their own faults and only find faults in others. Why would I ever want to be in a relationship with a prideful, egotistical girl? Any guy that does not see this does not have wisdom and will be in for a very painful life.

The converse is also true. If a guy does not put love above job, other girls and friends, it is better this guy stays single. I think if a guy is in a relationship he should ideally not even look at other girls. Yes casting your eyes on other girls beside your wife is not the way to live your life.

  • I believe in all or nothing.

If you think I am old fashion, I am not, look at my blog and what I write about. I love girls and think women and love make the world go around. Girls are just pure fun.

Why relationships succeed

Relationships succeed because of the similarity of world views in a radical way manifest in actions not words.

  • Why relationships succeed – two souls who look at the world in the same direction.
  • The reason relationships fail is because ego

Meeting a nice girl or having things in common does not do it for me. I am talking about love.

Love is as if you and the other person are the only two people in the world.

Love is as if it is you and the other person against the world.

Love is all or nothing when it comes to spirit and soul. If you do not believe in this, than do not get married and waste some poor girls time. Go for the real thing, love that will last a lifetime. You have this twin soul who you share your life with, it will succeed.

Why do I know more than others?

  • My parents were together for 70 years.
  • I have been married happily many years.
  • I spend my life studying, life and happiness and no matter what the media tells, you, I am telling you the truth. Love is based on a deep spiritual connection manifest in a fusion of ideals.

What about opposites attracting?

Many people think opposites attract. Maybe physical opposites attract for a while, but moral similarities and general character is what keeps a relationship happy. In fact, you should be two peas in a pod. So similar that you might even look similar. See psychologists have studied this and I believe it. The best relationships are relationships that have the same social, religious, ethnic and educational background. The most important is religious or philosophical ideals.

My relationship

I am American married to a Polish girl. But I am also Polish, catholic and we both have master’s degrees. We have similar world views and interests. We have a lot in common, and I am talking about world views and ideals more than a list of interests you might find on a dating site. Most of our conversation in life is about life and family. Yes we do a lot of fun things together like play chess, homestead and travel but our relationship is about love and God.

In fact, I spend 24/7 with my wife. I work at home as she does and we like to be around each other 24 hours a day.

Some people say, ‘wow’, that is strange. However, my reply is, I think that is they way it always was in history. Man’s evolutionary history was as follows: man and women were be together all the time. It was only in the modern corporate world people are gone 14 hours a day from each other because of work and friends.

The way of all of humanity was you spend your life with your family and your people. You support each other and do not leave the other. Life is about a struggle to exist and perpetual your people and this is done best within the context of a loving relationship centered on God, or at the very least and overriding human ideal.

I believe something eternal and transcendent needs to be the ethos of your relationship. If you let the Divine into this transitory world, miracles will unfold in your life.

How to live happily ever after

If you want a happy relationship find a humble person. Then find someone who you could spend everyday all day and night with.

  • Of course be hopelessly attracted to this person.

If you ignore the above then good luck. If you have consider the above than your relationship will be a fairy-tale.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

One thought on “Why relationships succeed”

  1. This is an excellent site. I found it on the forums at happierabroad.com and subscribed too.

    What you wrote is very true. I am mixed race and my parents are on the verge of splitting up. My father is a European Jew and my mother is a Chinese Protestant. He is typically conservative, but my mother was a career woman, an executive for the telephone company. They used to fight when my sister and I were kids about her not spending enough time with us. They just have different values and outlook on life. They don’t even sleep in the same bed anymore.

    When they got married my mother’s side did not attend the wedding. My grandparents even sent my uncle to talk my mom out of it.

    Actually I think my father had a poor relationship with his own mother and that made him not like women in his own race, so he married outside. This isn’t so bad, but my parents aren’t alike at all. When they were fighting recently my mother accused my father of being a racist and not caring about her culture. He accused her of marrying him out of rebellion instead of love.

    I don’t like divorce, but in some cases I think it might be better. My parents probably shouldn’t have been married in the first place.

    I agree that families should spend as much time as possible together. Only in modern times has this changed. The best girl I knew in high school was Polish.

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