Romantic Krakow – what to do in Cracow on a date

Where to go on a date in Krakow

It is no scecret that Krakow is a romantic gothic city. It is a city that dates back actually about 50,000 years if you include pre-Slavic history. However, the golden age was in the Middle Ages. The time of castles and knights and damsels. Therefore, if you have any romantic notions or ideals, it is an excellent place for a date.

I actually meet my wife in Krakow and we were married here in a small church at the base of Wawel Castle. So if you want to know where to take a date in Krakow, I know a place or two.

If you are traveling with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, Krakow is the place. Krakow’s wandering streets were almost designed for romantic walks, flowing like paths through the city rather than traditional linear grids.

Here are some romantic ideas to explore in magical Krakow.

Take a date in to a real castle. In Krakow on Wawel hill is an ancient castle. You could spend the whole day there seeing the  Royal apartments and the cathedral. Stand on the top and you will see most of the valley.

You can explore the dragon’s cave or sit in outdoor cafe’s. There is even an ancient energy plexus, that is connected to the second Chakra.

The Castle was the center of power for hundreds of years in Europe and the Polish sphere of influence extended from Russia to Western Europe. It was where the Polish kings were crowned and married. Today on any Saturday you will see beautiful Polish lady friends taking pictures there. I took my lady friend there on our wedding day.

Walk with your girlfriend along Planty – the park around the old town is another romantic walk. Remember Krakow was a walled medieval city and in the walls and underground caverns and tunnels are more magic than any Harry Potter book.  Although most of the city walls were taken down over the centuries there are still traces left. The walk around the city is actually a beautiful circular park, these walls and countless historic sites are part of the walk called the “royal way”.

Find a nice Polish girl in a cafe. If you are hip and cool, I am not, Kazimierz is the place to hang out if you want to escape the tourist scene.  The Polish Jewish quarter was once an island but not part of the city as the river Vistula has changed course.

Polish Jewish population lived here for hundreds of year and developed an interesting culture. The traces of this culture can be seen everywhere and give the area a bohemian feel.

The cafes in the old center of Krakow are frequented by the German and UK tourists. The pubs in Kazimierz are where the young Polish hipsters and Krakowians go. It is the Tribeca of Krakow, artsy and trendy. The focal point is the club which is a club with no lights, only candles.

Enchant a girl along the river. Another activity I do is, stroll along the river Wisla (pronounced Veeh- in Polish transliteration).

This is a walk for all four seasons and as many times (maybe over 100 times), I do it and it still enchants me.  In Europe you see couples, in the USA I do not see many. For example, most of the people walking the Vistula are couples arm in arm. I do not see that in the USA.

Along the walkway are numerous views floating coffee shops and even a beach as well as flowers, trees and benches, and magnificent bridges the newest being only for walking, it is the one I use everyday to go shopping.

However, the best spot to hang out is to simply sitting along the river’s grassy slopes reading a book and watching the sun go down, some even drinking wine.

The Wisla river spins and weaves through the romantic city of Krakow, separating it from the ancient fishing town and now of Podgorze.

The river Wisla actually flowed directly though the middle of Cracow in the last century; however,  clever Polish engineers shifted the course and flow of the Vistula to save the old town from potential flooding which happens every ten years. Next to Hala Targowa there is a bridge which crossed the river’s old flow.

Nature is always romantic as it is instinct. Las Wolski is the large green area in Krakow. In this forest you can find wild animals and even boars as well as a Zoo and historical monuments.  There are endless paths to saunter along.

Deep in the forest the Kamedulków monetary are some holy shines and peaceful chapels.  However, girls can visit only a few days a year.

In a room  if you whisper something on the other side of the room someone will hear you because of the dynamics of the way it was built. It has whispering walls which will take the expecting by surprise.

Real love comes from God and spirit. A place to go on Sunday for Church for acceptance and unconditional love is the Dominican church-Although not romantic in the Cosmo or friendship in the city meaning of romantic, it is in the Medieval sense. It is a church that dates back to the 12th century.

It is an example of gothic architecture which is maintained and shines. It is a monastery from another time and place. The church has magnificent architecture and gothic spirals. If you want a look around be aware that during mass times it is standing room only and out the door on a Sunday, go during an off hour.

The Monks and priests in this community are legendary in Cracow for their wisdom and kindness as well as making you laugh.

If you want to know how to find a date in Krakow just ask

Let me know if you are coming to Krakow and I can recommend the insiders tour and things to see. Just leave a comment and I can give you ideas as I live in Malopolska.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. My wife and I are on our way to Krakow for one leg of our honeymoon. Is there any place we could learn how to and experience Polish traditional dancing?


      1. Thanks so much for your quick response! Do you know of any place that will actually teach us to dance as well and let us join in on the party?


  2. Kopiec (Mound) is a tribute built in commemoration of someone important. It is pretty much an artificial hill with symmetrical paths leading to the top. There are four of these in Kraków, the oldest ones are Princess Wanda Mound and King Krak Mound (the legendary founder of Kraków)and they were originally meant to be graves built by the thankful residents of the town.

    The Story of Kościuszko Mound

    Kościuszko is a Polish, Lithuanian and Us military hero. He was a Polish general who led the Kościuszko Uprising against Russia and Prussia. He was also involved in American Revolutionary War as a colonel. In short words, he was and still is a quite special guy to the Polish Nation, so they decided that he deserved his very own mound. It was built three years after his death, on top of St Bronisława Hill (Polish name: Wzgórze Swiętej Bronisławy), also known as Wzgórze Sikornik.
    It is visible from a lot of spots in Kraków, I can even see it right now when I look out of the window. You can see it when you walk along Piłsudskiego Street, which has very nice architecture by the way, so it is worth taking a walk there.

    Tickets & opening hours

    It costs 10 złoty to enter the mound area, there is also a chapel of Saint Bronislawa and some exhibitions every now and then. A couple of times a year it is free of charge. It is normally open from 9 till dusk and between may 1st and Sepptember 30th it is open until 11pm but only on the weekends and holidays. It is magical at night with the lights along the path- great place for a date in Kraków.

    How to get there

    There are 2 bus lines that you can take, 100 and 101, but it is more more fun if you walk as you can see the landscape along the way. The easiest way to do it is take a tram or bus to the Salwator terminal (trams 1, 2, 6, buses 109, 209, 229, 239, 259, 269, 409) , then head up the hill along St Bronislawa Street (Ulica Swiętej Bronisławy) and then Washington Alley (Aleja Waszyngtona). You can also rent a bike and ride it all the way to Kopiec, there is a place to park it and they even provide free locks.
    Make sure you take a camera with you, the view is amazing.

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