Body or Face for Physical Attractiveness on Girls?

If you ask most guys, they would reply hands down is a woman’s body is more important for physical attractiveness than her facial features.

  • I would say character and moral virtue is the most important. Yet ones ability to moderate oneself and exercises influences your body. Arguable this is an external manifestation of disciple or self control and the ability to postpone culinary gratification for a greater idea, beauty.

That is actually good news as your body, you have more control over in terms of reshaping than your face. Many famous movie stars and models have mediocre looking faces at best, but are beautiful. To illustrate this point consider, Sarah Jessica Parker or Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie, these ladies have strange-looking faces, but their bodies are stunning and many men have fantasized about these women.

In contrast, someone like Oprah has a nice face, proportional and classic, but I would never be attracted to her because she does not strike my fancy in terms of body. I can not imagine too many teenage body with an Oprah poster over their bed, the clown face looking Anne Hathaway, yes she is so cordial because of her shape.

I am sorry if I speak the truth, I think this is the way most guys would think. I know I am a guy and have been around guys talking about women, my whole life.  I have never heard a guy say ‘she has a nice little nose’, rather, I do hear, she has ‘a cordial rack’, ‘a caboose that will not stop’  or ‘imagine what she could do with those legs’.  Guys do not talk about a woman’s skin quality or their face, only girls do. Girls obsess about their face and they have no need to. All they have to do is eat moderately and join a gym or walk a lot and men will naturally be attracted to you.

It is one million years of evolution that has determined that men go for a woman’s body and further at this point, every woman can be physically attractive.

  • Beauty has more to do with body than face. Your body is an empty canvas and you can paint and shape it anyway you like. It is also your temple and to be respected as it is the vessel that carries you through life to do the things you want.

Why is a cordial body more important? When you come down to it, men look for healthy men to carry their genetic material. Sorry it is instinctive. If you do not have a healthy body do not fret, you can. Chest size by the way is not important, it is the whole, if the girl has good proportions naturally. This equates to a healthy level of fitness like a yoga or pilates girl would have.

Face you do have control over, but your body shape you do. With your body you can reinvent and change your curves no matter if you are a pear or an apple.  Further, you do not have to be perfect with your body. In Italy, there is an expression ‘corpulent is half the beauty’.  All you have to be in a reasonable range and nature will do the rest.

A reasonable range I have defined as size 8 American or under, basically if you do anything to condition your body you can be beautiful.

  • If you are out of control with your body image consider, weight lifting or strength training. This is because it is on of the best exercises for girls when they need a sense of control over their bodies. In fact, I think it is a good counter to anorexia because the objective is not to simply lose weight but to gain control and strength. Women do not have to worry about building too much muscle because it will not happen because they do not have enough testosterone. A good substitute for this is Pilates, yoga and swimming. Anything that focuses on body mastery rather than just losing weight.
  • If you are not out of control consider walking or yoga or something fun and you can do all the time. My wife and I shoot baskets (basketball) in the back of the YMCA when our daughter is in daycare, but most of the time we walk and bike as we choose not to have a car, and yes I live in the USA.
  • We all take vitamins and anti-oxidants and eat mostly fish and chips and things we like but moderately. Eat to live not live to eat, there are more exciting things than food.
  • Women fantasize about food a lot maybe because it is part of their programming as mothers and caretakers of the human race, but the key idea with food is it is not to be ‘either/or’.  ‘All or nothing’ thinking is not healthy in life. Unlike a bad habit you can not give up eating, you need to go under the principle of moderation. Read about the philosophy of moderation and temperance. If you have trouble with this, get coaching or help from your friends or others. Hire a trainer at the gym if you need help, it is worth the investment.
  • Visualization helps reshape your body on a holographic level. This is too complex to go over here, but it would suffice as to say it is powerful. Be honest with yourself about how you want your life to look like. Do not say, ‘I accept my size 18’ if you know it sows the seeds of your own ill-health or keeps you from dating the man of your dreams. Just be honest with yourself, you can jump up and down and be upset with me and call me names, but the truth is I am trying to just tell you one man perspective. Nothing more nothing less. What you do with the information is your responsibility not mine. Think of the story of the emperor with no clothes.

Body types and allure

There is a lot written on body types any woman’s magazine talks about them, most people are a combination. I am an eco-meso for example. I am thin and athletic. I have always been painfully sensitive about my life and take myself too seriously.  Know your body type and maybe some psychological weaknesses. What are you and what are your weaknesses? ectomorph,mesomorph or endomorph

  • Ectomorphic girls tend to need more love and support and are sensitive. They do not have an overweight problem, but are sometimes too thin. They are more introverted and really need to learn not to wage war with their body. Most eating disorder people, men and women tend to be ectomorphic and it is connected with lack of self-love. Love yourself, it is very hard but important for happiness. Remember you are not in competition with anyone. Who are you competing against, God will love you either way. There are no wrong choices in life, only learning experiences and do not worry about what your parents think. These ideas helped me at least. But I am 48 almost 50 and still over coming these issues. We are all set up with issues in our life and it takes a lot of love and patience to over come them. But waging war on your body is not the answer. I destroyed parts of my body with self dislike as I worked myself into the ground.  Do not make my mistake,  love your body and relax life is long and you might be surprised how life changes natural. Trust the life process. Just take it easy and enjoy your life a bit.
  • Endomorphic girls tend to need to moderate and learn acceptance and engage in more cardio type programs. They look in the mirror a lot and their issues is to over come self loathing about their shape and use it to their advantage. Set realistic goals of being a size 8 rather than a size 4. Girls with curves can be the cordialtest, just take it easy and read up on nutrition.
  • Mesomorphic girls, need to learn their balanced shape only lasts until about 23 before they lose their shape, so develop the habit of fitness. The models and stars in highschool I know, I look them up years later and they look the worst, as they relied too much on their natural genetic balance and let themselves go down hill. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Understand the human component that we all grow old and our bodies goes down anyway. Do not worry, find someone who loves you and it will not matter.  Read the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and develop your mind and spirit and your body will not matter as much.

There is nothing more to it. Every girl has the chance to be an 8 (both dress size and rating from 1 to 10)  if she wants, there is nothing more to it. You are beautiful and the things you worry about are not important.  Just focus on your life, languages, music, travel and be moderate. Once you have your other half your life will change so much all those silly things you worried about when you were single will fade away. But first you need to be a contender for a prince by looking good and in my view that is having a healthy, toned body.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

12 thoughts on “Body or Face for Physical Attractiveness on Girls?”

  1. I wish it was true that face is less important than body but I think it’s the other way around. Yes, I’m a girl but this is just my experience. Look at this singer Adele – she’s big, but still gorgeous because of her face. I noticed that no matter how cordial a girl’s body is no one will call or consider her pretty if her face is not pretty. I think a corpulent girl with a pretty face is more likely to have a mate than a skinny girl with a face that is far from good looking. But if most guys think the same as you it’s good news for us girls because like you said, it’s not that hard to control the way your body looks.

    1. Hollywood tells a lot about beauty if you read into it. Lets look at the face vs. body issue some more.
      To think face is more important than body is a total girls perspective. Girls examine every little wrinkle and line on their face under a bathroom mirror wich shows every ‘imperfection’. This is crazy, if I was a girl I would be neurotic. Guys do not care too much as long as the body is OK. I cited some examples like Anne Hathaway or Sarah Jessica Parker vs Oprah Winfrey. Do you think a cute elf looking girl like Emma Watson would have half the number of guys in love with her if she was a size 16? Her face is just normal or average but she is cute because she is elf like. The same with Evangeline Lilly, would any guy put up with her tom boy antics if she was not lithe.
      Girls do not have to be skinny, just fit.
      What girls think is good-looking on a face is not what is good-looking. You ask 10 girls who is attractive you will have a different answer than from asking 10 guys. Also the same goes with the opposite gender. People are poor at judging the attractiveness of their own gender.
      Looks is more about developing your mind and spirit with a fit body and good style.
      I think girls if they have a fit body can wear anything, and look good. I was watching Natalie Portman in Star Wars III with that think body she looked nice but she is short and if she porks out she would not get anyone interested. Look at Carrie Fisher. when she porked out or Sally Struthers, they porked out and boom, everyone lost interest.

      Some girls stayed fit and have guys chasing them their whole lives. I think face is important but not in the way people think.

      Look at the huge variation in cultural interpretation of faces. Some guys like eye brows like Brooke Shields look, some guys like long noses like classic Neapolitan beauties from Pompey, some guys like freckles other guys like Asian or Middle Eastern facial features. A face will attract someone based on culture. But a fit body, not corpulent or too extreme in the other direction, that is Boney, will attract men from every culture.

      Jennifer Aniston was a normal girls with a normal face but one heck of a body. I respect her becaue she did not use articial things to make her face better but just yoga and healthy living.

      Look at that matrix girl Carrie Ann Moss. Guys were in love with her and her face was normal. It was her body in that tight suit and a cool attitude they fell in love with.

    2. This has been tested already.
      Participants were given a choice between uncovering the face or body box of a coveredphotoof the opposite friendship when choosing for a short term relationship (one night stand) or for a Long Term Relationship.

      The Men:
      For the STR: Men chose the body box 51% and face 49%of the time.
      For the LTR: Men chose the body box 25% and face 75%of the time.

      The Women:
      For the STR: Women chose the body box 34% and face 66%of the time.
      For the LTR: Women chose the body box 27% and face 73%of the time.

      So, overall, the face is more important. The body approaches equality only for men looking for a quickie.


      Original Paper:

  2. I agree with EvilOne (and the studies). Men only really pay attention to body when they’re looking at the woman as a friendship object.

    And I also agree with Kinga 100%. A large girl with an absolutely gorgeous face is going to have far more interest than a skinny girl with an ugly face. Face is important.

  3. I am a normal fit girl. I have good proportions and a small waist. You can even see my collar bones which I really like. My hair is blonde and I am very natural. I have a face shape like Florence Welch with small lips and a hard face form.

    I have never had a boyfriend and I am 18. My cousin has a amazing face. Her body is awful. She is big. But her boyfriend is cordial. He likes and thinks he is the cordialtest. I am very jealous even if my body is nicer her face is better than mine. I am single and she has a boyfriend.

    1. It is because you are 18 years old and God is protecting you from guys who will mess you up and are not right for you. Do you understand that? If not try to meditate on this as I mean it with all my heart. God is watching out for you and watching over you. I do not care if you do not believe it, it is true.

      Do you understand how many girls mess their lives up because they are beautiful and get involved with the wrong men because they do not have the wisdom to discern good men from bad men? For example, Brittany Spears, Whitney Huston or many you do not see, ordinary girls that get a cordial guy than live quiet lives of desperation, waiting for the end of time. God is protecting you from something or someone. Try to be strong in your loneliness and see this as a ‘desert crossing’. A time of spiritual growth. Read books and develop and refine your mind so it matches your beauty so when your prince charming comes he will see your mind and spirit is greater than your beauty and this will win his heart.

      I do understand jealously. I am human like you and suffered great pains of life, wondering why I was alone? It was I was waiting for the right one. I thank God that I did not marry or date girls in my past. Everyone would have been less optimal, than my wife who is perfect in everyday for me. Anyone but my Kasia I would not be happy with. I had to be patient and wait.

      For your other half to find you in this world develop your inner self so you become a beacon for him to find you. Only a great inner light can call out to him, as physical beauty is for those around us. What if he is on the other side of the world like my partner was. Only with patience and development of your inner qualites can he find you.

      So congratulations you have physical attractiveness that most girls can only dream of. Read my lips, develop your spirit and mind. Read like twenty good goods a year, and while your waiting for your prince. I recommend start with Jane Austen’s Persuasion or Louise Hay.

      Let me know what you are thinking.

      1. Never thought this way. Your words gave me strength. I always felt like God wants me to suffer because of my situation. But you showed me the other side. Thank you so much. I will start to write poems again and read a lot. Thanks for your book advices. I think I should visit a book shop again. I’ll wait and develop my inner beauty as you said and finish my a-levels. May God bless you and your beloved. Thanks so much.

        1. It is only obvious after the fact, that is when you are married and you look back on your life and realize what it was all about. When you are married all those years of loniness you can barely reemember, like out of a dream or a movie because your life is filled with such joy of being with the person you are ment to be with.
          Heal your life – Louise Hayes, Creative vsualization – Shakti Gawain are some more books, if they are not your style let me know, and I can recommend others. I use to work in a bookstore for many years.

      2. Well you are right. I hope I will also enjoy a good relationship ;). I am a big fan of english literature. Not this Harry Potter or Twilight or whatever stuff. What would you recommend to someone who is interested in philosophy and history?

        1. These are my personal recommendations but they are based on what I like and might not be your style as they are pretty deep. If you tell me what you are looking for in terms of questions about life or your more specific interests I can help. I was a book slave for many years.

          Hans Kung: What I believe (or better Does God exist – (really a history of thought) – my favorite, read it many times)

          Ellis Peters:Cadfael – Historical mystery series with a lot of wisdom – If you have not read this I recommend it.

          Mortimer J. Adler: Six Great Ideas – Truth-Goodness-Beauty-Liberty-Equality-Justice – Clear thinking rationalist.
          Thomas Kepmis: The Imitation of Christ – Deep and emotionally powerful
          Martin Gardner: The Night is large – science + skeptics + something else.
          Viktor Frankl: Man’s search for meaning
          Gerald Jampolsky: Love Is the Answer: Creating Positive Relationships (Light stuff)
          Henry David Thoreau: Walden – at least I like the idea of a different drummer. I am from Boston too and that sparks my interest.
          A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russell – I enjoyed reading it as a kid, but did not a believer.
          Nietzsche I always like as a boy – but complex, he was not talking about political power but over coming barriers, artistic and intellectual expression taking things to their corrosive end.
          Other books:
          William Deresiewicz: A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me About Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter – Skimmed it but could not finish but great title.
          Plato’s Republic – Pretty heavy stuff and not easy reading, but I loved it from philosophy class in school where I was taught using the Socratic method. Maybe I like the method more than the book.

          History I love. I love American history and Russian History and pretty much any history of the world. Tell me what you are interested in and I can tell you what is good.

          1. These books are pretty high level and left brain. If you feel they are beyond your ability or interest or style, please let me know. These books explore the questions of life and how to live but from a highly analytical approach. I buy books used by the way, its cheaper, or I get them via the library.

  4. Oh they sound so interesting. I will get some of them. Just did a list for next time shopping. Thanks for your recommendation. I love buying books no matter how much they cost because it’s a great feeling to have a suitcase (can I say suitcace, sorry I am middle european) full of books 🙂

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