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Do you want to have a beautiful face?  I have some good news for you, read on, it is not what you think. I have written a lot on how to be attractiveness for girl. Most of my writing is connected to developing your mind, spirit style and being thin (sorry but its true, thin is in). These are personality or physical characteristics that can be changed. One aspect of beauty that can not be changed too much is a girl’s facial attractiveness, or can it? And this begs another question, are the experts and judges of looks right?

Reality check: Facial attractiveness on a woman has been written about and studied ad nauseam by PhD psychologists who are trying to justify their existences in academia. However, the truth is most of them would not know what do if they walked into a Moscow disco full of cordial Russian girls who do not match their concepts of facial attractiveness. Here is why.

Facial beauty is like architecture

There are two views on attractiveness, one being classical facial beauty and one being romantic facial beauty.

Some people like symmetry and classical Dorian style. This is the classical conception of an attractive face and is connected with proportion. I find this boring. I mean do you like homes which are perfectly symmetrical and in Roman style? Really, those are nothing to write home about, a column on the right the same proportion as a column on the left. Yawn. Delicate and cute is not a stunning as enchanting.

I prefer the romantic or baroque disproportionately.  Think of the striking facades of old Europe. This makes my heart flutter. Similarly,  a face that is a combination of symmetry and asymmetry is much more interesting and will hold someone’s interest longer, maybe just long enough to make them fall in love with you.

Being unusual it is much more striking, do you not think? Every Hollywood or Bollywood actress has a feature that is striking.

  • Look at Anne Hathaway and her big nose and mouth, but I do not see that holding her back.
  • I prefer girls for example with thick eyebrows like supermodel Gisele from Brazil.
  • What about all those countless runway models with funny looking faces, for example, girls with large noses? Check out super model Carolina Pantoliano sometime, I think it would be a hard argument to say she is not gorgeous.

I could go on and give countless examples but no need to.

What about acne? If you take my metaphor about buildings, do you like steel and concrete like a clean Manhattan office bank or do you like rustic grunge like an old refurbished mill? I think girls are way to critical of their own facial imperfections. They have some conception of what a face should look, and they believe it needs to be like an Ivory girl, wrong.

News flash, all girls are attractive, as long as they are not a size 10 plus , have excessive piercings and tattoos and know how to be stylish will have no problem attracting a mate. Facial beauty is the last think you should worry about. If you do not find yourself attractive do mirror work.

One side note: It is interesting to that through adolensece, girls faces do not change as radical as boys faces, which when bathed in hormones become more pronounced to protect themselves in combat and competition. Girls to women are not as radical change as boys to men.

Mirror work until you are beautiful

One of the most painful things to do is look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. Do it until you believe it. If there is something you do not like about yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are one of God’s creations and you are perfect the way you are.

Cosmetics and facial creams for attractiveness on women – just for the fun of it

Basically all you need is some natural soaps to clean your face and maybe a few subtle accents if makeup is fun for you, but not too much. Do not feel you need to hide every imperfection. Do not cover anything up, rather use a little natural lipstick from time to time but do not hide too much. There are such cool shades of red or fruit colors or whatever.  Better is to let your skin breath, spend the money on vitamins and good food and your skin will glow naturally, than a few accents if you want to have fun. I personally like girls without makeup better than girls who cake it on.

If you are interested in a guy’s conception of beauty and attractiveness beyond facial beauty here are a couple of my other articles.

Let me know what you think about my conception of facial attractiveness on a woman.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

4 thoughts on “Facial beauty on a girl”

  1. I have noticed that men are more attracted to bodies than faces. I do not know what research says, but in my experience women with a curvy body and know how to dress, get more attention than some girl with a little turned up nose and a symmetrical face.

    There is an adage in beauty that you have to give something to get something and often women with great faces have not super bodies. There is another saying and that is you do not ‘play chess with’ to a woman’s face. Sorry but I could not resist to put that in. So I would rate body shape more import than eyes, nose and mouse and high cheek bone structure.

    1. Katya has a point, admin. I don’t know why you wrote this article. I have never heard any of my guy friends in the past say “Gee, look at her nice face.” Personally, I would notice the hair style and body proportion at any first glance. That is just how us guys are wired after all. The facial beauty would come as a secondary feature. It is far too subtle to me to pay any close attention to it.

  2. It’s like you are trying to help women by insulting them. Lovely.

    1. On the contrary if you read what I write over an over, it is not to hurt or insult anyone, but just a perspective. Why would you say that? I think to be a chauvinist is a grave sin as men and women are equal. I do not want to insult anyone. I think beauty is found on every woman’s face. I have not seem one female who was not beautiful in my life and I reject the stereotypes of symmetry being beautiful.

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