Do you want the cell phone number of a beautiful Indian girl? Does not everyone? Many guys dream to simply sit back, find the mobile number of an Indian girl and start to SMS her, texting her from some phone directory or some number found on the Internet, and see if something works. It might even lead to true love. What is the issue?

  • I know this article is long but in here are specific websites I researched that will help you, including one that tells you how to look up or trace Indian girls mobile phone number, take the time to read this. Leave a comment if you ever SMS a random female and started a relationship.
  • This page will teach you to get from ‘no’ to number with any girl. How to contact them and win their heart.
girls from India vs mobile apps

Get off your mobile apps and just go over and say hello.

How I won my wife – It all started with her cell phone number

My salient point is technology is a tool, not a replacement for an authentic tête-à-tête and interrelationship bonding in the real rather than virtual world. Trust me I am married and have traveled from Asia, Europe  with years of dating experience.

Girl next to a phone booth

There are girls just waiting by the phone hoping they get a text.

I met my wife in the city center of a busy city in Europe. She was a University student. I met her face to face, chatted her up as we walked. Somewhere in the conversation, I wrestled her phone number from her. I did not write it down but committed it to memory. I have kept that piece of paper to this day. It was the start. I would have to be very patient and charming in my written correspondence with her via the phone. I was careful to give her space and time and chose my words carefully.

Romance like Jahangir and Anarkali

Pull out your mobile phone and get ready to start texting. There exists an Jahangir and Anarkali romance for you.

The issue is ladies make you work for them, especially from a traditional country like India. It is the female nature to build trust and make you wait. Therefore, mobile phones, the new virtual relationship venue, is not always quick and easy.  For example, I could not get a date with my wife for a year after I met her. That is how it is if you want a good girl. I did and I am happily married to this day.

Indian beaches Golarna Varkala for meeting women

Forget the high priced cell phone plans, get a mobile app like whatsapp, and hit the beaches from Gokarna to Varkala to meet girls in person. Then chat them up when you have a list of numbers stored for a future chat when you get back home. That is what I always did.

You have to be radical in your actions and idealistic and romantic in your words. Just do not tell her you love her or you want to date her. That is too much cream not enough sugar. Learn to subtlety wrap you words in a text that contains specific references to your situation and hers, and describe it poetically and if you can reference classical Hindu text even better. For example do not text her you want to see her again. If she wore new shoes, do not make comment on it during your meeting, rather, the next day mention something in a text her new shoes and say something cute like:

You have intoxicated me by just your glance (Amir Khusro Hindi poet) – and your new shoes (embellish with specific adjective connected to her shoes). – What you might SMS.

This surprises her you were paying attention and you know how to be romantic and you care about things like classical Hindu culture, all in a concise written SMS.

Indian girl number reverse look up

This is my wife, when she initially gave me her phone number I used a mnemonic technique to remember her cell number as I did not have a pen and there were no reverse look up searches for phone numbers way back then.

I did something radical to find true love. I had to leave the USA, the country wear I was born and raised. I left my career and life behind.  I moved to the town where I met my future wife Kate and tried to be friends. Before we dated we would walk and in the evening exchange text messages before we went to bed. It really helped me learn the language. We both spoke English, a but to learn her language was something endearing.

Expect to do the same, really do something radical if you like her. Do not just be one of countless guys that turn their heads as she walks by. Be someone who proves themselves as worthy of winning her hand in marriage.

For example, I wrote her countless text messages on a simple flip phone (over 3,000 the first year and some were love phrases and poems and the best were original, not only copied from Hindu romantic historical writers, but classics work well too). Work in a few quotes in your text messages from Indian female writers like Shobha De or Namita Gokhale. Show them you have some class.

I would ignore her some days and keep her waiting. Remember the ‘course of true love never did run smooth’ and you need to add a little drama. Even if you do not think so they are checking their iPhones ten times a day. Do not be needy or desperate, play the dance and entice her.

Girls numbers for friendship posted online – Platonic first – Romantic if you can win her

The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas one way or another to get Indian girls mobile numbers for friendship. If you really want to try to find out where and how here are some ideas. I will give you one very good website for you to explore in this regard, but first read my view on telecommunication dating.

Indian girls numbers lookup

Get a pretty Indian girl to share her phone number. I did and it worked. Explore my website and you will read my story and how you can too.

Indian women and their relationship with giving the a ring (on the phone not their finger)

I teach languages. I can not say that my female students are better with verbal communication, but I can say, they do like to talk more in class. I think this is because their brains have more connections in the verbal and audio centers than men. Broca’s  and  Wernicke’s area on PET scan confirm this. Why? Because they often are the ones responsible for transmitting language and speech to their children. Hence the term mother tongue.

What does this have to do with getting mobile numbers from a Bangalore girl? Everything. Women like verbal communication in the same way men like surfing the Internet. Women like to talk and love cell phones. Men do not talk as much and prefer to think about the next steps and strategies in life and think in abstract way. Men use phones for business, unless then are talking to a lady of course.  Men are simply not as chatty. For example, I do not even own a cell phone, I just use a Skype. On the other hand, how often are you driving along and you see a girl talking her mobile walking down the street?

I remember once I told a girl I barely knew that I would give her a ring after yoga class. She freaked out, as she thought I meant a ring on her finger, I meant a buzz or jingle on the line.

Russian girl in India cell no

Why restrict yourself to seeking Indian girls on your mobile phone when there are plenty of Russian females have telephone numbers online, Indian girls tend not too. Ask me if you want to know where to look them up. This is my friend Aneta (Anihita).

Even though I write cautiously and conservatively, I have polled lots of Larkiyan and they all secretly dream of a mysterious encounter, OK maybe not all but many.

Indian women secretly do not mind using the telephone for a mysterious connection with some guy. The telephone is a natural invention for them.  I have had women friends say they had this happen to them. Some random guy sends them and SMS and they reply innocently or naively. They build a rapport and then even chat.  However, I have never heard of two people really meeting this way. Maybe they do not confess.

Trace Mobile Numbers in India

  • Random wrong numbers –  Sometimes lead to relationships but do not spam girls numbers, trace an Indian girls number etc. I would not use this as the your main arrow in your quiver to strike like cupid at her heart, but it has worked. I remember when I was a sixteen I called this girl by mistake and we talked for hours. We were both lonely, she was from Iran. I wanted to ask her out, but if you can believe it I too shy. She lived in my same town mind you. I was thinking why did I lose courage.
  • Reverse girl number look up – If you still really want to find to reverse search a girls number in India, and use it for moral purposes, I will give you a hint. The Department of Telecommunications has divided up the country into cellular zones or service areas.  There are twenty-two telecom circles. The country code is +91 then all prefixes are 7, 8 or 9. You can start to pinpoint locations and lookups if you are clever. AB-XYZ-12345  ten digit numbering format. AB- access code, XYZ- MSC Code. The 12345 is the subscriber number. The MCC-MNC Codes are dizzying and for me confusing but if you really want to, you can put one and one together and based on her carrier and region (Andhra Pradesh  to West Bengal and Andaman Nikobar). The main issue is 73% of the numbers are prepaid phone cards in India. There is number portability and this makes it more elusive than fixed numbers. Also I can image a self-respecting college girl posting her personal information online. Do not believe all those websites out there, you can not really get the exact number online, just pinpoint the region and carrier.
  • Trace and Indian girl with an image – Another way to do a reverse search on a girl. If you are chatting with her on your mobile ask her to send a photo. From there you can do a reverse image search using a website called With this website you might be able to find information on her Facebook page or university website. Although I tend to think a lot of social sites do not index profile imagines.
  • Indian mobile number trace and software – Here are two online resources to use: and – Use at your on your own responsibility. The best is just ask her where she lives with honest communication.
  • Whatsapp for chat in India – Is a pretty good resource to chatting with single females.

I have had guy friends find numbers of women and begin to SMS them under the pretense of a wrong number and strike up a rapport. I think at the end of the day women will not accept this as a reasonable way to meet a long-term partner, but maybe. I wrote a similar article here on Pakistani girls mobile numbers

There are mobile phone dating sites. I have even thought of starting one, but I think it would be too much work, and not my style. I do not have any dating sites by the way.  Besides not being my style, you would have to moderate thousands of cell phone no. from Indian girls and guys to make sure they are legitimate. I use to even worked for a company that did something like this, that is mobile phone dating  and profile moderation for dating sites. I like real better than virtual.

Getting mobile numbers in person is best and do not make it a virtual relationship

The best way to get a girls from Kolkata mobile numbers (for example) is go there and meet them in person. Meet them in dance class, or take yoga or a literature class, or meet them on the street by talking to them. Then ask them for their phone number and then arrange a date at a coffee shop.

If you can get their number call them up on the phone and directly ask for the date –  read how I asked for e-mail when I should have asked for a phone number.

Many times with girls I tried to get to know I use to have great courage and be able to chat them up on the street.  I would charm them and then ask for e-mail. What am I crazy? I asked for their e-mail, not their phone number.  Why did I do this? The reason is I am on the Internet a lot, working and writing e-mails. I though this was a better way to build a rapport.  But this was a huge mistakes, I learned this latter. If I had the girl laughing and chatting with me in person, why would I regress to some virtual relationship?  I do not know, maybe I am a geek or think girls do not want to really date me.  They did not like it at all. They wanted a call on the phone and a date, not weeks of Internet banter, no matter how witty.

In a word, I blew it. I could have called them but I e-mailed them.

One more point,  do not keep asking for their photo, chicks are into works like men are into visuals. Focus on verbal communication, ladies do not want to think their pictures will be plastered on your computer like a Bollywood screen saver download, unless she is your wife of course.

Ways to get mobile phone numbers women from India for chat

I think a lot of Indian guys are Internet geeks and shy, like me and would rather find a SMS a girl or find them virtually. This is OK but remember this is a guys way not a female way. Whether they are Kerala girls or Chennai girls instead of finding their mobile phone number on the Internet, go to these places in India and meet them in a coffee shop or a bookstore. Take a train and travel from New Delhi to Hyderabad or Prune.

Lines to use on someone your want to date

Then after chatting them up, ask them something like this:

‘Would you be terribly offended if you meet sometime on a cordial basis.’  Say those exact words. Say them with a smile.  It sounds cheesy but it works. If they say ‘well, uhm, I do not know you’… tell them: ‘please just say maybe’.  If they like you they will give you a ‘maybe’ and that is really a yes. They will give you their telephone number, then you make them wait. Do not SMS them.

Oh, yes you better believe they will be checking their text messages and voice message, every ten minutes, wondering.  Read my lips, make them wait.  Then when you are ready, call them.  Make the telephone conversation up beat, light and breezy.  Suggest a date, a walk in the park, for example. After that you are on your own. But if you did this, just like I said you will have no problem getting a date.

Indian girls mobile numbers for friendship

  • Therefore, my point is the mobile phone is a tool, not an end in itself. I know man, I have been there myself, working long hours and no way to meet girls other than with technology.  Go national culture and travel site and consider a trip. In incredible India and you will meet women for friendship and communication and come back with a phone book full of numbers and you might even be an expert on local area codes.
  • If you really still want to try use Foursquare. It is social networking with your mobile phone and if you find an Indian city you can socialize with Indian girls on your mobile phone.  List of numbers it is not, but a very good website it is. It is getting popular in Asia.

Did you really think I  would recommend any less than legitimate ways of getting cell phone number from girls from Delhi. If you are looking to call a girl in Mumbai it is better you know here in person first. Telecommunications is evolving to mobile communication, this includes Skype on tablets and proliferation of smartphones. These replace landlines. However, with all this world-wind of technological change, remember I met my wife face to face. We establish a rapport over a long period time. Technology was only a tool that enhanced our dating process, but not the key to it.

Irony of wireless cellular communication during courtship

One of the reasons that mobile devices is so appealing is all the things you can do with them on an actual date. You can find a Rajasthan Girl mobile number or a Jharkhand woman’s phone number, and then use your phone on the date to entertain and charm her. You do not have to spend money for a date if you can use your imagination. I never try to impress women with money, rather do it with your creative ways to pull at her heart-strings.

7 ways to use mobile phone device on a date

  1. Watch TV – For example go to Yupptv is an Indian TV on your mobile phone. There are scores of interesting programs, that you can watch. Can you imagine taking her to a park and you sit on a bench and watch TV on your mobile, I bet she never did that before with a romantic companion. What an innocent and quirky way to win her heart.
  2. Watch a movie – Alone the same line as the above point and does not need to be explained other than this hint. Women on dates are stressed. I do not know why, they just are. Comedies or romantic comedies are the best to watch.
  3. Gaming – Something about the female brain loves arcade games. Guys like shot them up games, women like fantasy or simple games. You take her on a date somewhere nice and play games on your phone and do it in a charming way, she will fall for you. If her adrenaline is going than other hormones might kick in as well.
  4. Maze running. You can try to locate with maps some obscure point in the city using interactive maps and GPS navigation. The idea here is it is team work and solving something together, this builds fondness. The reason is being married as husband and wife is about being a team against the world working out challenges. If you found your Indian princess in Arunachal Pradesh with a mobile platform of Northern India, or a Madhya Pradesh telephone number in the center, woo her with an amazing step around.
  5. Music – Women are more into music than guys, it is very important to them as music tunes into their primal need to express themselves with their body and attract a mate. How else can you explain the reason women are obsessed with dancing. So no matter where you are on your date you can listen to or create a play list of amorous music on your digital phone. If you got a Maharashtra girls mobile number for friendship or love, music is the way to unlock the limbic areas of her brain connected to deeper feelings at a subconscious level.
  6. Browse women’s things, as girls clothes or houses on your mobile browser. Women love to look at styles. I often look at dresses with my wife and I do not hear her complain.
  7. Take photos together of each and use moble app to make funny doodles and layers. Use this if it is not a first date. The chick might get weird on your if you do not have a bond or affinity based on dating over time yet.
Baga girl phone number

Use your imagination to win the hand of a woman with your mobile device. You do not need money to date this beauty, just creative ways to get her number and use your phone to entertain her like the list above.