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This post is about yoga dating. In class every new comers eye’s pop out, at least initially. Even me when I first started (when I was single), I could not believe what skimpy clothes, steamy temperatures and let’s be honest, open yoga poses will do for the libido and interest in the opposite gender. However, I learned not to look and gawk as you can not focus on excercise. You do not want to give someone else your power. But you can still meet them after class on the way out the door.

You have a good chance to find your date and wife in yoga. Why?  The number of girls to guys who do yoga are at least 2 to 1. You will have your pick.  However, more important is the girls are different from mainstream American women. The reason,  I recommend dating girls who do yoga is, the girls are pre-qualified. To find random girls in a club or on an online dating site who are pre-qualified is a little more tricky (but not impossible).

What is a pre-qualfied girl?

If it sounds kind of strange to pre-qualify a date, consider this, ladys to it all the time just based on appearance or job or fraternity. Such trivial things. What about considering the following factors? For me a pre-qualified girls are already:

  • Yoga girls are attractive – Fit or at least gravitating towards their women who stretch and elongate instead of compete.  These women not just aerobics at the gym fit, but lithe and graceful and most likely into a natural diet. Yoga people are beautiful as it cleans you from the inside out, without making you obsessed with looks It is more about the experience.
  • Yoga girls are peaceful – A large part of yoga is focused on awareness and harmony. Yoga girls try to balance out their emotions and be at peace. Sure I have met some flakey girls in yoga but the vast majority are pretty easy-going and spiritual. For me this is almost synonymous with compassionate. There are a lot of nice loving marriages that come from yoga dating. I know them personally. Basically everyone I know who takes their practice seriously has met their mate in yoga class. For example, Rolf Gates, one of the most amazing yoga instructors in the country did. The people who run Boston Yoga did and the person who runs my yoga studio in St. Augustine did. I can mention more, but those are people I personally know. They did not go to yoga to date and be in a relationship. However, they came out finding their other half maybe because the universe brings like-minded people together, people’s whose hearts are open. It just happened.  Yoga accelerates the process of removing rigidities from one’s life.
  • Yoga girls have brains – I have yet to meet a girls who goes to yoga class who is not interested in the world around them. Intellectual curiosity is important.

Cons about dating a yoga girl

Often times dating girls in yoga class will result in a non traditional relationship. These gals sometimes are not traditional and will not cook and have crazy liberal ideas about love and relationships. However, most of the women are pretty cool and maternal and would take care of a family and support their husbands because it is the compassionate thing to do.

On the other hand, I did not meet my wife there and she rarely goes to class. She has more a natural beauty. Further, she is more churhy and I like this. She does not need to go out and find a new ‘way’.

Obviously it is not the end all solution for everyone. Even be I am off and on about it. It cost money and is a little trendy. Sometimes I go and sometimes I prefer to be at the beach.

I am obviously getting you interested in the idea of vinyasa and downward facing dog (nice position) can help you, but it is not for everyone.

Pros about dating girls from yoga class

I think there are few form of exercises that make someone attractive like yoga. Yoga girls are basically it in terms of looks, even if they do not have a perfect shape. Yoga is praticed by people from Indian girls to Eastern Europeans. It crosses culture.

Guys that are not into traditional religion can find women here.

There are dating sites about yoga dating but I think it is better to just use a dating site and screen for it or better yet go to class.

Relationship retreats

  • Try Kripalu or Baron Baptiste, chances are you will meet someone.
  • I remember my studio in Boston has a valentines class. It was not planned but they just ask you to talk to a person next to you (a girl) and see what happens. The person I talked to was sincerely nice, but I just escaped as I was too shy at that time.

Let me know what you think about the idea of yoga dating?

Author: Mark Biernat

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