10 girls to avoid marrying

Ten women not to marry

I tell it like it is. Below is a list of ten girls you do not want to marry under any circumstance. Do not walk, but run away from them and hide. Look, I know how it is out there; you want to have a beautiful queen, but you just meet and date base women. Almost every American girl I have ever met had several of these characteristics.

My message is if they have even one of the following characteristics, drop them like a bad habit and avoid further contact. They are dangerous.  Why put your life in danger?

You need to rescue a princess, not negotiate love. For example, my friends have dated girls who wanted to go to couples counseling before marriage. Yeah right. The girl you marry needs to  be so wowed and in awe of you that,  her heart skips a beat when you come into the room. This is the girl you marry, not the following:

  1. Girls that believe in divorce. Did you know that in the UK, in a survey of lawyers in 2004, 93% of the people who file for divorce are women? In the USA, I have read it is 90% of college-educated women and 60% of non-college-educated women. This is not a statement about women of course, I love women. However, in Western materialistic society, the flight factor is too high a risk to get married to some whacked-out female who has issues.  It is much better not to get married if you will be held hostage by the fact they might just walk out on you from a marriage like it is some high school relationship. Yes after they walk out on you they will have their cry. Also when it is over and their war party with other girls to bad mouth you and say how bad you are, and then find some other fool guy to into their life drama. If a girl believes in divorce then it will happen. That is why only 51% of adults in the USA are married (all-time low), and single-mother or multi-parent homes are now the norm over two-parent homes. Read my lips, do not marry a girl who says anything other than she will be with you all the days of her life. Humans are full of emotions. I have ups and downs all day long and emotions and the dark side clouds the decision-making process. That is why you need ideals to guide you rather than a knee-jerk reaction.  Love is patience. Love is understanding.
  2. Girls that make you their last chance guy – These want to make your their last chance guy. I know countless girls in their 30s who went to school, even graduate school, and are now looking for a man. Now in their life plan they want to get married and have a child.  You are an aspect of their life, not their whole life. You fit into their life plan. It is not love without limits, but you are a well-thought-out component of their life.
  3. Girls that are into girls night out – Yes even after marriage, they will continue to have ‘girls night out’ where they check out other guys and giggle. I was in Pilates class the other day, and these married women were talking about that, and I thought I would not want to be these girl’s husbands. I mean, I have zero desire to go out with the guys like I was single. I do not know why, maybe I just love being with my family and call me a this or that. But a nights out are like college frat mentality. Nothing is more exciting for me than to be with my family.
  4. Girls that have conditions – This group of girls are actually the least offensive as they simply have misconstrued notions about what love is.  These are conditional lovers. They want their man to have dark hair or be a certain age or have this money or a career to a certain level. Sure we all have preference notions in mate selection. I am happy that my wife is a brunette for example. You have every right to marry the person that does it for you, but do not let the love of your life pass you by because of some silly preconceived notion of the way your mate should look like or be. The word ‘should’ sounds a little like the word’ sh__t’ (sorry). There are no shoulds in life and no rules. Girls that have all kinds of fears and preconceived notions either need to be rescued or cast back into the pond.
  5. Girls that believe in love and money – No money no problem. Like the beatles song goes ‘all you need is love’. Money is an opposite of love. Many girls tell me that they want to marry a man for love and money. I call this a call girl. I mean come on, money comes and goes. I know many out of work bankers and in contrast plumbers doing well. If you size a man up based on career path and earning potential you will have a rude awakening when real life happens. And yes life happens.
  6. Girls that resent the idea of humility – Perhaps this point invokes the strongest reaction from women I know. They have the idea that submission or humility is a sign of weakness. I believe, humility is necessary to control ego from running ram pit and destroying everything good in a loving relationship. I am a dude and I submit to my wife like she submits to me. Love is not about ego or a war of the will, it is about giving your life to love.
  7. Women that do not say they are sorry or hold a grudge – Until I met my wife I can could the number of times a woman ever said they are sorry on my left hand. Maybe it is the USA or maybe it is our culture in general. But to admit you are wrong with sincerity and no ‘but’s is a rarity. I make mistakes all day and play chess with up. I have no problem admitting this and saying with all sincerity I was wrong, with no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it. For some reason my friends do not date women who apologies, rather it is a war of the wills. This might be stimulating during the dating process, but no one wants to live in a constant state of war. Only fools fight in a burning house. Life is hard and the general idea is unity, not competition.
  8. Career girls –  I do not think career girls are bad. I could marry a career girl. What I do mind is when they do not realize what it means to be a women. Being a woman means you have to protect and care for an innocent child, not service your boss at work.
  9. Girls that talk about their past boyfriends or compare you to others –  ‘My past boyfriend was so smart or rich or something’. Why are you not with him then? ‘We had something special and it was between him and me’  – Super I suggest you go find him. ‘You know how intense love feels when you are young, it’s not the same.’ Know I do not know.  I would drop that type of girl without even an explanation. Cut your losses and move on.
  10. Girls who have been there and done that – These girls think they are so smart because they have experienced all the good things money can buy. Nothing you can do for them would impress them. Move on.

Why not be a chooser in your relationship, rather than a compromiser or a settler. Why not marry a model who things you are amazing and will be loyal to you and cook and is supportive and warm to be around? Or whatever your conception of a princess is. For me my wife and I are of the same faith and see the world in the same way. I never meet anyone like her before.

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Do you not believe we are part divine? Then why do you date girls who are less than worthy of your love? Why settle for something less than divine in love and marriage? If you think you can not find true love in your own country I highly recommend you look beyond the girl next door. Why not consider a lady friend from India or Russia or Poland to find someone? What is so wrong with a cordial South American wife?  What does it matter if your one and only does not have a blue passport? You need to get real about your dating life by watching out for these red flags in dating.

Ask me if you have any questions, I can help you find a wife.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

6 thoughts on “10 girls to avoid marrying”

  1. Points 4, 5 ,6 7, 9 and 10 man just floored me, thanks. I don’t know but for some reason I must have been looking for you page in all these years (4 years).

    I just feel redeemed, thanks mate, somebody out there thinks like me.

    Have a lovely day wherever you are. I will be visiting Dubai in the winters conducting my public speaking workshops. man it’s tough to move on but you sealed it with your points. There’s more to live than one girl. it’s hard but easier to stay happy away and alone than together and miserable with the constant bickering around points 4, 5 ,6 7, 9 and 10.

    God bless you folks.

  2. I dated this beautiful girl in perth who was bosnian I thought she was the one. Well we had an argument about drugs. I did not want her to do them anymore ( what a bad bloke i must be ) So she dumped me.

    I felt terrible for a few years but now I realise she was not marriage material. She was a party girl with a bad history and I would not want her being a mother to my future daughter.

    My advice is to get a woman who has not slept around Been into drugs or the party life. These women are no good and are the product of media brainwashing. Real men like me want a real woman who is family oriented and respects herself.

    1. Like attracts like, my friend. Maybe you too were messed up that time, honestly check yourself. I too have been there. But I’m glad you’re out of this situation, and the best is yet to come, no fingers crossed.

  3. Point 8 truly expose your cultural background. Taking care of an innocent child is also the man’s responsibility.

    1. Bjoern, I fully acknowledge we all have cultural influences that determine our world views. I think because of evolution of humanity and the unique role women play in raising children from breastfeeding to physically caring the child and giving birth, females have a little more role in taking care of the young. I personally would love to stay home with my daughter and give up my career if money allowed. I have no ego in that regard. However, in my experience women that drop their newborns in daycare to chase a career and please their bosses demands instead of their own child’s something is off there. I am not saying all women have to give up their careers, I am very open minded if a woman wants to be a career woman.

      I just recommend to guys who are like minded with me not to marry them. I want someone I can share my life with and someone who focuses on the family like I do, not some women who puts more energy into her bosses’ desires then her child’s.

  4. I agree with them to varying degrees but the guy has to look at himself also. Lots of guys make lousy husbands. Party guys keep partying, greedy guys are still greedy, etc. All those rules apply to men also. Men will marry for looks and when they start to wane, they wander. To me marriage is like a marathon. First, you have to train for it, really focus. Everything you do, from food to sleep to stretching and training everyday impact your performance. Anyone can sign up for a marathon, buy the shoes and shorts, etc. but if you don’t prepare for it, take it seriously, it won’t work out. When you are running the marathon, it is hard but satisfying. Relationships can be hard and satisfying; they aren’t about great physical relations all the time, about blowing off your spouse to party with your friends, etc. You have to prepare for marriage, all the partying, the debt, the drugs, sleeping around, etc. make having a good marriage that lasts hard to impossible. Karma, marriage requires respect, if you don’t prepare for it (like a marathon), you won’t finish it.

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