Avoid Women who are Materialistic

I have to give credit to the ladies on this one. I believe in women when it comes to controlling the day-to-day expenses of the house and home. I used to work at PWC one of the big four accounting and audit firms. I was struck by the disproportional number of women in audit. At one point, I actually had ten girls in my department when I was and accounting manager at a Boston insurance company. A whole department of women and me. I did the hiring.  Maybe subconsciously I just like girls or maybe there are just a lot of female accountants in the market. To this day I am not sure which one it was?

My point is, you would think accounting is man’s work, because it is money and business.  Not so, women have a passion for details and this includes tracking the movement of money.  In contrast, when I worked as a stock broker, with rare exception the trading floor was dominated by men. It seems men like money jobs that involve a high risk/reward utility curves.  In contrast women like to be on top, of controlling the flow of money that is.

There is a lesson in all this for dating, avoid women that consider obtaining money and lifestyle though the dating process. The whole key is the word ‘obtaining wealth’.  The verb to obtain, or hunt is a man’s characteristic, while to harmonizes and manage is a female characteristic.

Women focused on getting wealth girls as a side benefit or perk in the dating process have the wires crossed in their brains. They are messed in the head. If a woman is going after money like a man, good for her, but I would not date or marry her. Not that I have a problem with women who pursue money, job, career, just the ones that are sharks and pursue money like a man, or let wealth and success (theirs or his) factor into the dating process. And believe me women do.

I am not talking about out right gold diggers or sugar babies mind you, rather who want love and a nice lifestyle though their choice in mates. I have had many girls tell me this, not in all too may words. I dropped them like a bad habit and let some other fool meet the slack.

I think I not have as much problem dating or marrying a call girl. At least there is some honesty there and I prefer honesty.

Dangerous women to date

On match.com like many online dating sites there is a screen for income as well as a profile

If a woman is focused on obtaining money in the dating process her brain is messed up. I am not talking about ‘working girls’ who do it for other reasons, but I am talking about girls you might meet on match.com or some other dating site or generally in the USA or the UK or anywhere mind you.

For example, this girl in Boston who was a PhD in psychology told me right out her friends will go on a date with a guy if they want to try a new nice expensive restaurant. Another one wanted to know my net worth before I date her and yet another my income. Most women size you up in a more subtle way.The worst thing is they do not even think there is anything wrong with it. They are sick.

  • Read my lips, if you want love tell women you are poor.

I have written about this before on a few of my women and money  and girls money and  careers posts. Women who are looking for a good man with a good job or career or income are not looking for anything else than a meal ticket. Women who seek love and money are not women.  There is even a website seekingarrangement.com which outlines such arrangements in a non-direct way. I think it is wrong and do not recommend it.

Where to look for love not based on money

You want to find a girl who does not date for money, try areas where faith is strong, this includes parts of the south in the USA, or Poland, or Western Ukraine or Romania or India or Pakistan. Not Boston, MA for example, maybe there are nice girls there but few and far between. My simple answer for girls who date for money, take the UK and the USA off your dating search locations, off your radar and find your real one and only true love  somewhere else. If you need ideas or recommendations or have had a similar experience just ask with a comment.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

2 thoughts on “Avoid Women who are Materialistic”

  1. Finding a woman that does not marry for money or any other shallow quality like looks, social status, popularity is rare to find

    1. Focus on your spiritual center and connect to people who are like minded. I think you will always find people that are materialistic, in life, just avoid those people and surround yourself with religious and authentic p[people who are walking the walk.

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