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This post is about dating tips for guys. The focus of this is catch a girl from Eastern Europe (Candy Land). However, the ideas can be applied to any garden variety Cinderella you want to transform into your princess. It is no secret that women in Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Russia and Poland have that, je ne sais quoi, and make great wives.

How do I know? I live in Eastern Europe as an expat and married my princess. I found my one and only princess, captured her and despite her numerous attempts to flee, I pursued her until she had no choice but to surrender and be my lady friend.

Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give guys specific ideas to win a girl from Eastern Europe or generally the girl of their dreams. It will be a no nonsense dating tips for guys. It will not be any recycled ideas on dating tips you see elsewhere on the web as these are based on my personal experiences.

Finding the girl is easy

The finding part was easy. To find my wife, my eyes did the work, or maybe it was destiny. In fact, when I first saw her I walked away. I said this girl would never talk to me. Then something made me turn around and go back.

To find your wife, you need to have this same irresistible attraction. If you do not what is the point, and after seven years you will get bored. For example, if you like long legs, find a girl with disproportionately long legs. They could be freakishly long in fact. Find what would give your real joy to admire for many years to come.

Getting her to date you – Once you find her the challenge is to get her to date you. For me the winning her heart was even easier. OK that is a lie. About nine months after I meet her, I really had my first real date. Between that time she hung up the phone 37 times, slammed the door on my face 2 times and just did not show up for a planned confirmed date 1 time. I was left standing with flowers in my hand, checking my cell phone incessantly.

Besides that was smooth sailing. Oh except when we were in Vienna on my birthday and she just took off. Or the time we were even on national TV together on a program about life in Poland, holding hands and smiling, only later that day she broke up with me, and in her words it was for good this time. Or the time she had a cast iron skillet in her hand and throw it at me. You get the point.

After that first date and perhaps two years later she was still running away. I many times was literally chasing her down the street. One time she was wearing my boots as I through her shoes off the balcony so she would not escape. But alas love conquers all.

You might think this all is crazy, but it is not. It is true love. Shakespeare wrote:

The course of true love never did run smooth.

You need to have the wisdom to discern what is going on. With girls it is all about fear. Usually they are testing you at a subconscious level to see if you are a guy that will really stick around. They do not even know they are doing it.

Are you a freak for chasing your date? In the USA it seems strange. In Eastern Europe women like flirt and to challenge the guy. This is all part of the testing process as they are playing for keeps. In the USA, if you try twice with a girl to get her attention, you are a freak., or they will use the word stalk liberally in a war party with their friends when they talk about guys.

In Europe if you are not a hopeless romantic, you are the freak. I would never be married it I did not make a total fool of myself and literally chase my now wife until I caught her. She told me this is what ever girl dreams of.

I finely got her to marry me and we are living happily ever after. Since then I work at home we spend 24/7 together and on the occasional odd hour we are apart, it does not feel good for either of us. She thanks me so much that I was persistent and did not give up on her. This is what a woman wants. A man that believes in the relationship when everything seems wrong.

If you are persistent, courageous, patient, calm and captain of the ship, you will capture your lady friend, steal her from her village, sling her over your shoulder and bring her back home. In a short time she will be barefoot and pregnant cooking soup for you.

But how did I get there?

I played to win. After I met her I basically moved to Eastern Europe. I had a great career in Boston making over 100k and I gave it up so I could be with her. Or at least chase her down street.

Mark’s dating tips to get your princess to I do

Red bed – When a girl looks at you the first thing she should think of is red bed. They have to take one look at you and their heart needs to flutter and even be a little bit wary. When they look at you, and in no uncertain terms they should feel attracted to you. In no uncertain terms they should understand what you are about. They have to see you as someone who owns a red bed. If they are shaking a bit or they are thinking boom-boom even better. You need to invoke this in the most decent innocent damsels. Why? They are pro

Now you could have the morals of St. Augustine or play your life by all these silly boy scoot rules, but when you are talking about the birds and bees, mating, reproduction, self replication etc, try to jazz it up a bit. Set a honey pot trap with your look. Here is how:

  • Know that most anyone can be 8+ on a scale from 1 to 10. There is a big difference in being beautiful and being attractive. Beautiful is Marry Poppins, attractive is Angelina Jolie (let’s say).
  • Buy five black tight mountain climbing shirts. These are the ones that can be worn in 3 seasons, have a neck and look very cool. Solid black is the best color for attraction. Think of a girl in a black dress. They should be skin tight to show the contours of your body. They are the male version of women in black fishnet stockings. If you step off the plane with clothes from Banana republic at the outlet mall, do not bother doing anything but hanging out at the sports bar with the other expats.
  • Do not cut your crowing glory too short, unless you are going bald. Grow your hair a little long, cut it shorter on the sides and spike it up like a rock star. At least a little. You want to almost look like a freak, someone that stands out. You can put some highlights in it if you want. The American crew cut is nice if you are meeting the boys with a blue sports coat for drinks after golf, but does not get girls, unless you are going for the afriendshipual country club socialites in New England named Penny. Don’t you love a girl with wild hair? It is a secondary friendship characteristic. Be aware that attraction is a two way street.
  • Keep following the same line of thinking with other small types of style transformation above until girls start smiling at you as you walk down the street.
  • If you do not have a great body, do not worry. If you want to improve it do something. It could be abs or hiking or 100 push-ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats in your underwear in the morning. I used to do that when I was a consultant and lived in a hotel 4 nights a week.
  • Do not wear cologne or very little. Sorry. My personal philosophy about pheromones are more powerful than petrochemicals. However, clean is important. I use a natural soap, with no scent. For girls attraction is almost synonymous with not dirty.
  • Eat really well, raw carrot juice, raw pineapples, raw garlic and vinegar baths (just joking on this one), anti-oxidants etc. It will be reflected in your glow. Eat yogurt everyday or else you will stink. There is good body scent and bad. Bad is when you do not eat yogurt everyday, make the connection.
  • Listen to, or at least tell them you like cool music like house music and music which girls like to dance to. Know the music girls like. Music is really important to girls. They will judge you based on music.

Be strange or eccentric

Girls do not like guys that are too cool. Be the eccentric that you are. Think Jim Carrey. Guys that are too cool are perceived as players or not marriage material. If you have some strange interest, intellectual or spiritual do not be afraid to let yourself be who you are.

Along the same lines if you have base interests like football and brew, do not mention them or drop them. For the greater good, try to prune these away or tone them down. For example, one of my friends transformed his interest in malt and wheat based drinks into being a connoisseur of European brew. That spin on it made girls think he was interesting. He knew everyone and would drive to different European cities with them to show them.

In the end I think women civilize men. If it was not for women we would all be living in caves.

High ideals – the most importing dating tip

The Middle Ages was a time of ideals. If you are not a knight you will not get a princess. If you do not have the courage of your convictions than there is not a chance you will get a woman who is your equivalent. See women need to be protected from corruption. If you do not understand this I can not explain it to you.

Why guys get dumped by girls who appear to flake out

The ideal prince is someone who combines high ideals with red bed. Think of any harlequin romance cover. It is some dashing prince with a red bed.

These two contradictory elements are the key. I cannot tell you the number of Polish girls for example, that out of the blue dump their British boyfriends. Just out of the blue and the guys are saying wow, these Polish girls are really difficult.

I have the insiders view. The girls are not difficult. They do not flake out for no reason. They perceive something that would not mean a normal life. This is the heart of dating tips. Girls want a normal family life. They get some vibe from the guy that this man is not a man of high ideals.

From what lady’s convey to me it is things like: lack of faith in God in their boyfriends, not wanting to have a traditional family or some other feeling that they will not be a guy with a feeling of something higher.. Since I teach English and I have talked to countless Polish and Ukrainian and Russian girls. What was conveyed was basically the guy lacked ideals. The thrill of dating a foreigner got old fast if there was nothing more. Maybe the girl was not even aware of it herself, but this was the deal.

Where to meet girls and the best women to date for marriage

Meet them anywhere. On the street is a great place. Internet cafes or normal cafes, waitresses, clubs, online dating it does not matter. On trains, buses in shopping malls. It is the one thing about being a guy, you get to choose. If you have heed what I wrote about the style and red bed, your approach should be about 50%. If you wing it with average clothes and hair, you will be about 10%. Which is just OK.

Develop the ability to chat with potential dates – If you are a coward. Set a goal of 100 girls a week you will ask their numbers. This will get old fast, but it will break down your barriers and you will perfect your game. Then when your real Juliet walks in front of you, you will have the words of Romeo.

Genetic love match – When you go out meeting girls make sure she is super cordial for you. Not someone who does not do it for you 100%, or years later you will be bored. She does not have to be flashy or wear makeup, but cordial for you on an instinctive level. It has to do with exchanging DNA. There are even dating sites based on DNA dating. I think it is easier to use your own eyes and heart.

Domestic woman are the best – I am not talking about domestic like the country but woman that will not make an issue out of cooking and cleaning. People might balk at this comment. But hey, I spend 100% of my time with my family. I put my family before my work or life or friends. I would do anything for my family. Why would want to marry a girl who makes a big deal out of cooking.

The good news is most girls I know in Eastern Europe take pride in the fact that they like to stay at home.

A note on dating career women – Girls want to reproduce just like you do. If you meet a career woman, I personally would walk away. Meet some woman who has a job or is in school, but not someone who is not married to their work. I know women will protest, but hey, this is dating tips for guys. If a woman puts her boss before her family, it is not something that really excites me. She might be good for making money, but this site is about love. I put love before money so should you if you are serious about finding your one true love.

If you cannot meet women, try online first to get your confidence up. I recommend many specific sites on my site that are not traditional online dating sites per se.

What if she already has a boyfriend? If you think this is your girl, play to win. Ignore her comment or say, we can just be friends and work it from there, or to practice English. Or to play hardball, ask her when is the last time your boyfriend gave you flowers. No matter what the answer is, look disappointed.

See many girls have a guy for now. But many are not truly thrilled. For me, you want to find the one you will both be thrilled with.

How to chat up a girl you take seriously

Let’s say you are sure this one is the one for you and you have gotten to know her. To chat her up to the next level use key terms and words that go directly into their brain. Words like ‘destiny’, or ‘forever’ worked into the conversation goes a long way with the right girl. They will equally repulse girls of the wrong nature. If you start to talk this way, any normal girl that has a heart and soul will start to respond in a positive way if you are sincere.

This is critical. If you are a foreigner at this point you are not longer as much of a novelty item than the heady days of the 90s. You need to be a man who believes in the dream of marriage and love. Do not talk about it directly but rather tell stories of other people you know and admire, personal or famous that have had successful marriages.

How do you know if someone is your destiny

A lot of people say they thought someone was their true love but it was a false light. The person who is your one and only is the one you walk down the aisle with. Not some past boyfriend or girlfriend. If you have been married before, then maybe you made a mistake, but your one and only is the one you spend your life with on your way to eternity together.

Being single is the worst. It is neurotic and not natural. If you are single remember your real life does not being until you meet your other half. The problem is it is so hard and painful to find your other half.

If you have any question, ask, be specific or general. Browse my website for other ideas as this site is packed with dating advice you will not find anywhere else. Subscribe to my feed and there will be more pictures to come.

Last dating tip

If you are not courageous and strong it will be a painful life for you. My advice is this. You can suffer for a few years while looking for your one and only or the rest of your life, because you let her pass you by. Being shy (which I am or was) is really a form of selfishness. Not willing to risk stepping out of your imaginary world and meeting your princess.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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