Date your fairy-tale princess

Finding your princess is a rescue mission. Do not ever think it is anything else. Every girl no matter how smart, strong and confident she is, is living in a dark dungeon with no exit. She has somehow lost her way in life. If you are her prince, it is your task to find her. You have to slay her dragons. You have to drag her out, even if she is kicking and screaming and calling for the guards. If the guards come, take no prisoners.

I promise you that if you believe your princess is out there she is. If you do not find her, you condemn her to live in this banishment and exile without you.

The girl above was sitting all alone under a medieval tower if you can believe it. I took thephotoin Kraków, Poland where I live. Note the shackle on her side.

Me, I met my princess in an underground stone cavern beneath the ancient market square.

One more thing, if a girl does not need to be rescued and saved do not bother with her. Most likely her societal programming has made her more trouble than she is worth.

Instead of reading countless weak dating tips and ideas on how to meet girls focus on the whole, that is this powerful myth that is in each of our subconscious.

Steps to find your fairy-tale princess

  • If you want to find a fairy-tale princess you have to believe. That is it. That is all that is required of you. People will tell you that you are naive or a  Don Quixote jousting wind mills. But I am here to tell you, it is true. I have seen countless guys who almost have given up on love, romance and dating, find the princess of their dreams and live happily ever after. Love conquers all.
  • Visualize or at least dream of her – The seat of the divine resides in your imagination. This is why you have to be careful you use you use this for good. Dream and imagine in your mind your princess. Call for her in your mind, seeking her out and finding her and rescuing her. If you already are dating her, try to establish a connection to her. I think the best time to do this is as your drift off to sleep. You will see real results with this technique.
  • You have less than 1% chance that the girl next door is your princess, you have to travel the world – Guys who thought they were confirmed bachelors are married in six month after going to Eastern Europe for example. American and UK women are not all bad, but the society which they were raised in programmed many to live contrary to their nature and they will make you pay for it. Better is to meet a Polish, Ukrainian or Russian girl who dreams of meeting their princess who they will cherish and love.
  • Be prince charming – Charm is getting what you without having to ask. Know how to charm a girl. It is different from picking up girls. To do this you need to:
  1. Optimize your looks – Everyone can be at least an 8 if they try. If you do not know how, start with throwing out most of your clothes and buy some good jeans and tight black hiking shirts or nice t-shirts.  I only get hair cuts from barbers that user scissors, no buzzers, spike up your hair a bit and use little or no cologne. Understand no one is ugly, girl or guy, just non stylish people. You are better than any so-called lame alpha male that hits on girls in clubs. The girls they are getting are not the ones you want to attract.
  2. Work out and develop a good body, there is no excuse.
  3. Charm the pants off them (figuratively). If you do not know how to make a girl laugh watch The Office and other shows and the humor will eventually sink in. Jim in The Office is actually witty, girls like this or Micheal who is crazy but still funny, try to learn from them. Do not be Dwight, learn from his mistakes.
  4. Good eye contact and smile. For girls this is very important. I mean look at the girl in the above picture her eyes and smile is have her beauty, but do not lean into girls, let them come to you.
  5. Talk about idealistic romantic things like myths, fairy-tales. Do you remember in Last of the Mohegans when Daniel Day-Lewis how he wooed Madeleine Stowe with a fantastic tale from Native American legends? Women love stories and ideals and dreams. Do not ever cheapen your relationship, always take the high ground. Buy a book of fairy-tales like Grimm’s and read it to them on a park bench. Do this and you will melt her heart. Do not do dinner dates or anything like that unless you really have quick wit, dinner or coffee to a girl is too safe and she sits back and is looking for reasons not to date you during this time. Better is take her to a park and read to her. This might not fly with a materialistic programmed American or UK bot but it works like a magic spell in most other places in the world like Eastern Europe or Latin America.

Types of Princesses to date

  • Ice Princess – Could have mental problems or really needs to be rescued, I have seen both. Melt her frozen heart is the goal here, by showing her unconditional love.
  • Problem or depressed princesses – Unless they are a scammer, really nice girls, just need a man to help them in life-like we all need someone. Just be aware most of their life will be like this, mildly depressed unless they are able to do the whole Zen thing and transform.
  • Prima Donna royal blood and good family – better to find Cinderella from a village as nobility comes from character not from bloodline.
  • The monarch materialistic, career woman mogul or troubled empress and the likes – Drop them like a bad habit, they will just spin their webs and chew you up and spit you out.
  • Gothic theatrical fair maiden – Good in my book, lots of nobility beneath these dark clothes, they just need to awaken.
  • Innocent princess – You will only find these in Eastern Europe (I recommend, Krakow, Lublin, Lviv, Ternopil) and traditional societies. Muslim culture also has a lot of these as well as Indian. Some guys dream of only these girls, my advice is see the humanity in everyone. Read books like: The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden: Understanding the Wounded Feeling Function in Masculine and Feminine Psychology or She: Understanding Feminine Psychology or We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love by Robert Johnson. He is a Jungian who puts things in perspective. That is, you do not need to have the perfect girl for her to be an innocent princess. Perfect when out the window with the garden of Eden.

The human brain is complex, we are somewhere between animals and angels. Understand the power of the collective unconscious in dating and love and this is better than any pop culture ‘how to’ or critique on attraction.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

8 thoughts on “Date your fairy-tale princess”

  1. I love this post. I had problems with depression and other mild mental issues until my husband came along and rescued me. Plus, he’s Russian, so he knew how to really court a woman. 🙂

    1. Like Rilke wrote ‘love is the work for which all other things are but preparation’.
      I am a guy and although we are the ones who do the courting, storming castles and rescuing, however, I can tell you that love and marriage is no less transformative for us. From a guy’s perspective it changes your life just as much.

  2. Nobody is a prisoner, unless they are literally a prisoner.

    What do you mean by dark dungeon with no exit? What if she wants her problems to be solved in another way, like a another woman, a friend, silence, art, poetry, introspection? Why are men answers to our non-existent problems? I really don’t get what we should be rescued from.

    Fairy-tales are a bit unrealistic. You’re right; if someone sat me down on a park bench and read me fairy-tales, I’d think you’re a little soft in the head. Witty is fine, fairy-tales have been outgrown by most women. Don’t you think royalty is overrated?
    Categorising every sort of woman as a princess is interesting. Would I be the Bat-Outta-Hell princess?

    I don’t agree that women suffering from depression should regard a man as a cure. I myself suffer from depression, and the only thing that helps me cling to life is the next painting I create. If I couldn’t create art, my life is done. At the moment I don’t feel any emotions of any kind, except empty desperation, but I digress. And what kind of mental problems do you think the Ice Princess suffers from?

    1. I am truly sorry for your depression and darkness. I do not want to critique this point as it is personal to you and I am sure it is painful. The only thing I might hint at is Jung talked about the idea that in all his patients he saw, after a certain age all his patients suffered from a spiritual problem. Victor Frankel took this up and wrote more about it in the book, ‘unconscious God’ and “man’s search for meaning’. If you like to read, they are enjoyable books.

      Yes every women needs her prince.
      Everyone needs love. It is one million years of evolution that has programmed us to desire a mate and raise children. It is also part of the spiritual plan, so we will not suffer so much here and it free’s us of our own self-made purgatories.
      Omnia vincit amor – Virgil.

  3. I can’t feel much, I’m emotionally stunted at this point, so I can take a lot of critique. Maybe I’ll wake up again someday.

    I don’t think it’s spiritual problems most people suffer from. It’s corpulentigue, and our fast-paced lives are to blame for that. It sounds odd to say this, but doing academic work is a hundred times more exhausting that toiling kilometres up a mountainside. Last year I was in Germany for a month, I didn’t have to do any schoolwork, just run and eat and experience. Best month of my life.

    Maybe some women need princes, others need princesses, some nothing but time. I don’t think we all need love – I like to love but I don’t like being loved in return, I don’t know why.

    1. I am 100% certain you will fall in love and and your world view will be radically altered. You sound like a student than and you just have not experienced the big fall. Maybe guys and girls and dating are nice or cute, but maybe you have not experienced it.
      All I can say about that is:
      Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye.

      1. Keep in mind friends that saving a woman from lousy circumstances is a very cool, manly endeavor, its great being the knight in shining armor, But beware, never, never try to save a woman from herself, i.e. if she is in bad straits, emotional baggage, turmoil, addicted, full of drama, etc that is of her own making, and often it can be, Run like heck.

        Another way to say this as admin. put its out there, she has to have character and integrity and good values.

        Be careful boys, because failure to make this distinction has been very, very costly to many men. It is in our nature to rescue, fix, solve problems, but for a woman who creates her own problems, you can try and fix and rescue, and guess what, she will never turn into a princess and you get burned in the process

        1. All women have problems and need saving. It is just you need to discern what the problems are. Are they existential or at they monetary or are they from bad experiences they put themselves though. The women most worthy of saving are those with faith in God and truly want to be good but have lost their way. We all lose our way, it is part of the human experience. A real princess is not a woman who has lived in the woods her whole life, but one who has faith in God and ideals despite the gloomy, surrealistic landscape she may live in.

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