Easiest language to learn

Easiest language English– no cases, no gender, no word agreement, arguably no grammar. The language is everywhere and can be heard, absorbed and used anywhere.  Short words, verbs change only in the third person. Native speakers are very forgiving of mistakes as so many people speak it as a second language. This makes English the …

Fyodor Dostoevsky-If God did not exist – the real story

This post examines the quote: Без бога всё позволено or translated If God did not exist, everything is permitted – Is Ivan’s in The Brother of Karamazov’s by Dostoevsky philosophy in a nutshell. Dostoevsky did mean to convey this, contrary to revisionist misinterpretations on the web such as Andrei I. Volkov’s secular article which is …

Free Russian dating

Free Russian dating is about not using an online dating service or a pay dating service to date Russians. It is free Russian dating and this is what Russian people use.

The Polish word for yes is no

One of the most confusing words for me in Polish is the shortest.  The Polish word for ‘Yes’ is ‘tak’.  The Polish word for ‘No’ is ‘nie’.  Ok that is easy.  However, more common than ‘yes’ or ‘tak’ ,I hear, the word ‘Yeah’, which in Polish is pronounced or said ‘no’.   If I would ask …

Hardest language to learn

Hardest language to learn might not be what you think. Polish is the hardest language to learn. Why is this not common language uncommonly hard to learn? Read on.